29 07 2011

I am not being judgmental in any way at all.  A friend of mine committed suicide this past week.  Everyone said the same thing when they heard.  They all said that it just made them sick.   They could not assimilate this information at all.   I had heard about it in the afternoon and that evening I called a friend and asked, ‘is this true?’  She answered that it was.  I was so in hopes she would tell me it was just a rumor.

But he is gone now.  No one can bring him back.  In an instant his life was no more for anyone of the many who were stunned.  It has been said that God never gives anyone more than they can handle.  I believe that.  God loves us and He takes care of all of us.  He asks more from some than from others.  But then how do you really know what God is asking of someone.  You cannot see on the inside and know what that person might be experiencing in his life.

My friend had some mental problems, depression, etc.  Could not handle his own affairs much anymore.  And he was fairly young for all this.  And then he developed some physical problems lately.   But then if he could have just waited a little longer, perhaps God had a plan for him.  Maybe God had something really special for him to do when he got a little better.  Who knows.

But then the homilist at the funeral said ‘Only God knows what he was experiencing at the time he shot that gun’.  So who really knows about any of that.  I just hope my friend knows that all these people are really sorry he is gone and will miss him dearly a lot of the time.  He was a very good person and helped a lot of people in his life.

I am so sorry he is gone.  I just wish he could have remembered that God never gives anyone more than they can handle.

What a waste!


25 07 2011

Do you know what is really going on with your money these days?  No, it’s not the scare tactics about the Social Security and the Medicaid.  In the first place, these things will not happen because for one thing if we are to be turned into a socialistic society, we must keep our Social Security and Medicaid.  Those are guaranteed to make everybody happy and that is the point right now.  You must be satisfied customers in order to vote the way you are supposed to in 2012.  So, you will be treated pretty nicely until after the election time.  But after that, better watch out if the same administration is still in power.

Right now, the squeeze is on about the interest rates being paid everywhere.  Simple economics will tell you that in order for this to be a capitalistic country, you must base it on capital.  That is the ultimate answer to everything in this country.  Like it or not, we run on money.  And that has been a great thing for everyone for many, many years.  But now you have the federal monetary people who know better than all those who came before them for over 200 years.  They know what is best for us.  Bull!!!!

They have cut the interest rate to absolutely nothing and that is supposed to save us all.  Only it won’t.  It will just cut out the capital in our capitalistic country.  If we don’t have investments, then we have no infrastructure to this country.  Our cities and counties and states cannot be build buildings, roads, schools, community projects, etc. etc. etc.  Without funds invested in the movings of this country, there is no progress.  Without a reasonable amount of interest paid on these investments, there will be no progress.  Period.   So we are at a standstill and it is not because of the debt ceiling or whatever they are calling it today.  It is because they have shut down all the supply of private money with which we fund everything that goes on.  No private money.  No progress.  No capitalistic country.  No nothing.

Jobs are being lost daily and the administration is still blaming George Bush.  In the first place, George Bush was a very good President.  The media harped on  him constantly for the last two years in office.  They did the same to his father.  Watch the media.  They pick and choose the candidate they want to win and then they ignore the others except for slaps now and then.  And they would have you believe the person they have chosen to win is an absolute saint.

Getting back to the money issue, when funds dry up, the whole country dries up.  Offices are closing at an alarming rate.  Banks are in trouble.  Groceries are ever higher.  People cannot buy automobiles, houses, clothing, etc.  Prices continue to rise while we have less and less money in circulation.  Now I am not talking about the printing of dollar bills.  That is being done at an alarming rate, but they have less buying power  all the time.

This is what Hitler did in his time.  Only he did it with inflation.  But the point was and is today that the money is worth less and has less purchasing power all the time.  When people can no longer buy groceries or pay for gasoline, then we will see a complete shutdown.  And it won’t be because of the debt ceiling.  It will be because the government has dried up all the funds in this country.

Watch how you vote next time.  Pay attention to what is being done to your life.  Pray and Pray some more.  And by all means vote when it is time in any election.  Make sure you know what the issues are and what the outcome will be in your life.  And then pray and vote.  Thanks.


21 07 2011

I’m sure you have heard of the Fair Tax.  If not, Google it on the internet and find out what all it can do for us all.

Mr. Huckabee sent me an email on his site that said he is going to Washington soon to testify before a congressional committee about the Fair Tax.  Hooray!  About time someone listened to some of that.   You can also look up Mr. Huckabee’s website and get on his mailing list.

The Fair Tax gets rid of the withholding from your paycheck.  Just think about that one for awhile.  What would it be like to actually get all the money you make in your check each payday.  I don’t ever remember a time when that was possible.  When I started  working, I was paying 25% of every dime I made because I was young, unmarried, and no dependents.  Sort of made a dent in that paycheck.   Ever since then, the withholding has always made a good dent in my paycheck.  And since the government is spending more than it is taking in, it seems to me  they are  pouring my money down a bottomless hole in the ground.

Nowadays, those in power and the media are touting the rich against the poor.  So anyone who has more than carfare in his pocket is considered rich and is hated by the poor and those who do not work and live deliberately on the poverty level are hated by the rich.  Some peaceful solution that is.

Support the Fair Tax after you investigate it.  It will help everyone and will put enough money in the coffers of government to pay all the bills without strapping our children and grandchildren and great great great grandchildren.  And it also will not destroy this wonderful country we have.

Maybe, maybe, maybe, someone will listen in that congressional committee and will actually promote the Fair Tax.  I sure hope so.  Would be wonderful for us all.  See for yourself.  And then make your opinions and comments well known.  All us citizens need you and your support.



19 07 2011

Every person is entitled to being treated with human dignity.  That includes those who are unfortunate enough to require care in their daily lives.  This includes those elderly, infirm, babies and the handicapped. I read every day in the newspapers of someone mistreating a child or an elderly person.   Sometimes it is those who cannot defend themselves who are the most mistreated.  I think that is a terrible thing.

People should be more mindful of each other and help those who need help.  Why would anyone want to harm an innocent child or an elderly person who has lost his way through this life.

In my case, I have had to depend on caretakers or babysitters a lot over the years.  Sometimes, I could tell when the person had not been kind.  Or if my child had been ignored or mistreated in any way.  My child requires a lot of assistance from time to time, but mostly she just needs to have some attention paid to her.

The last babysitter I had fed my child her dinner at 3 in the afternoon and then had her in bed before 7, telling her she was too tired and needed to go to bed.  This then gave the sitter the whole evening for herself.  I consider that to be absolutely disgusting.  My child did not know what time it was or when she should have gone to bed.  I would not have known about this except that one of my other children called and was upset over this.  Should not have happened.  To add to this story, then when my child could not sleep, he was blamed for staying awake all night and keeping the sitter up.

Another time, there was some problem and the sitter told other people that she was knocked in the floor. When I heard about this – from others – I checked into it.  Come to find out that was not the case at all.  My child had been pushed and she was the one who ended up in the floor.

On another occasion, my child had ‘acted up’ while sitting in her chair and had fallen to the floor.  Come to find out that she was acting up, that’s for sure, because someone else was allowed to go into her room and pilfer through her things and she had to sit in the chair while all this was going on.  I probably would have ‘acted up’ too.

When a person takes a job as a caretaker/babysitter, they should plan on doing  good job and taking proper care of their charge.  Or not bother to call themselves a caretaker/babysitter at all.  And it most certainly is not fair to spread stories about their charge.  This just adds insult to injury, lies, lies and more lies.

Needless to say, I no longer have that sitter and do not plan on hiring another one.  But I still maintain that a person is entitled to be treated with human dignity, no matter what their  problem may be.  As is said, ‘Whatever you do to the least of these, you do also unto Me.’   Would do well for the caretakers and babysitters of the world to remember that.


17 07 2011

Just a thought.   But if the government insists upon taking from the rich and giving to the poor, what happens when all the money the rich have worked for and saved all these years runs out.  Then who will feed the poor.  Who will provide for them.   They don’t want to work, or at least most of them have no interest in working for a living.  This can be seen because they are out protesting things like in Florida and Wisconsin, so I am assuming they don’t have anything else to do.

All this rhetoric about the 2 Billion dollar jet airplanes that all the rich have.  Bull!  I don’t know anyone with any of those planes.  Do you?  Have you gone to the airport lately and looked around to see who has those planes.  I know when we used to go to the medical clinic, we would see all kinds of private jets parked at the airport.  But those belonged to princes and kings of other countries, mostly those oil rich countries.  They didn’t belong to any Americans that I ever heard of.  I know Nancy Pelosi has a jet.  Or at least that is what the newspapers reported for awhile.   And it was free, too.  She just got on it and flew home whenever she wanted to and it was all paid for by the taxpayers.  Wonder how she got on that list.

I remember seeing newsreels and movies about Russia.  I have also been there at one time.  They took all the money from the rich and distributed it to the poor if I remember correctly.   Only there wasn’t much to go around, so they ran out pretty fast.  So now, they live a 1920’s life there with no upgrades.  The people still depend upon the delivery man to bring milk to their neighborhood or bread or whatever.  They live in apartments with 12 other people, several families in each one.

But they had all the right ideas if you remember.  I believe their #1 issue was to distribute the wealth to everyone.  Except that a very few at the top seemed to have everything.  They had palatial homes and places by the sea, etc.  I read all about that, too.

Is that what the people here have in mind.  A perfect class structure where we are all the same except for that few at the top?  I think they usually call that a dictatorship.  That was what Hitler had in mind if I remember that one, too.  Oh Dear, here we are again, same old stuff, same old rhetoric, same old people, over and over again.   Better watch how you vote next time or you might find yourself getting your milk off a truck with no grocery stores anywhere.  Perfect regression.   Already on our way.



16 07 2011

I wrote you before, Mr. Swiffer, to tell you what a great invention you have come up with.   That Swiffer is just great.  Enjoy it almost every day.

However, I have another suggestion that would make housework even easier.  I have noticed that some of the dirt and dust and everything else gets shoved into the corners, especially around the door facings.  So, I was  wondering if you might try to invent a blower that could be used in the house. We could use this blower just like a leaf blower outside.  Except that it would have to be quieter so we wouldn’t wake up the whole neighborhood.  And, of course, it would have to have less blower output since we don’t want to blow the children out the front door or the plates off the table.

But, if you could come up with something like this, you might just have every woman in America buying the newer blower Swiffer.  Also, we need a bag of some sort on it so that when we blow,  the bag collects that dirt.

Then we can just blow our house out and go sit by the pool.  Or go to Walmart, Or take a shower, Or just goof off.

Think about this, please, Mr. Swiffer.  And invent it this year, especially for the Christmas Season.  Every woman in America would appreciate that for Christmas.  Just imagine how happy she will be  after she blows that tree and all the wrappings out the door.  Won’t that be great!  Can hardly wait. Thanks.


11 07 2011

For those of you who might be interested, I have a new book published on Kindle.  My other books are all on there, too.  I  think I have 6 altogether.  Anyway, you might want to check them out.  All under the name of Bet Hampel.   There is Bet’s Cookbook, a great way to feed your family cheap, good, nutritious meals.  I know how to do that having raised a whole houseful of kids.  And they are all very healthy, so must have done something right.

And then, there is my series of books.  First one is  #2503 which is about the 30’s and 40’s and growing up in a middle class everyday family.  And then In The 1940’s which is the story of that same family – which was mine – living through the pre-War, World War II and post War years.  Interesting, lots of living history.  Very enjoyable.

Then there is The Wonderful 1950’s which is the story of growing up and having a family of my own and all the changes, changes going on in those years.  Really great to know about all those wonderful things that came along during those years.

All these are full of humor and fun.  The Cookbook has lots of Tips for making things easier and cheaper.

I have another one called A Better World which makes suggestions for living life so that we can all have A Better World.  Not preachy, just interesting.

And now I have another one.  This one is called The Real Story and it tells the real stories behind what is often reported as the real story.  One of the stories tells about the 1957 Little Rock High School crisis – you know, the integration of the high school.  What is the real story and what has been printed are two different things.   Read all about it!

Second chapter tells about a recovering alcoholic and all the changes in his life and how successful he became.

Third chapter tells The Real Story about what has happened to our country and suggests remedies for changing things back to our normal, wonderful life style.

All are $7.95 on Kindle.    On Amazon.com you can order by mail.    All details about ordering are listed.

Anyway, give the books a try.  You will really enjoy them, I’m sure.  Thanks.  Bet