Be Vigilant

25 08 2009

HealthcareYou can be assured that the democrats and Mr. Obama have not given up on their health care plan for us all. They are just laying low so people will calm down and not pay attention to what they are doing next. They will still try to pass that bureaucratic mess using other language and other tactics. Pay attention to the health care situation because it is definitely not over yet.

Who attacked our economy?

20 08 2009

bad economyIn February of this year, there was an article in my local newspaper entitled ‘Who attacked our economy? Why does no one care?’  The article was written by Diana West of the Washington Times. The article states that there was an interview aired on January 27 on CSPAN with Rep. Paul Kanjorski, D-Pa. It has received no coverage in the mainstream media.

Kanjorski states that in the middle of last September, he was there when the Secretary of the Treasury Hank Paulson and the Chairman of the Federal Reserve Ben Bernanke came and talked to members of Congress and told them that on the previous Thursday around 11 A.M., the Federal Reserve noticed a tremendous drawdown of money market accounts in the U.S. Within an hour or so, $550 billion was drawn out. The Treasury  pumped $105 billion into the system and realized they could not stop the drawdown. There was evidently an electronic run on the banks. Instead, they closed down the operation, closed the money accounts and announced a guarantee of $250,000 per account so there would be no panic.

Kanjorski said if they had not done that, by 2 P.M., $5.5 trillion would have been drawn out of the money market system of the U.S. and would have collapsed the entire economy and within 24 hours, the world economy would have collapsed.

Rush Limbaugh talked of this on the air, but no one except a couple of blogs has covered this story. It is reportedly available on youtube.

Paul Kanjorski is chairman of the Capital Markets Subcommittee of the House Financial Services Committee so I would think this story certainly has credibility. On the CSPAN report, no one asks who or what was responsible for that electronic run on the banks to the tune of $550 billion plus the $105 billion that was put into the system.

Since we now have a stimulus package that is going to cost everyone in this country much, much in the way of taxes over the next couple of generations, I would like to know where the money went, who got it, and where is it now. I would like to see it put back in the Treasury to help pay for some of this reckless spending we are seeing every day.

I am going to write all my congressmen and ask them to look into this story and to give me an answer in return. Maybe we can all make enough noise to at least get a congressional hearing on the matter.

Diana West has a blog at Her email is if you want to check this out.

Write your congressmen!

Woodstock and Protests

19 08 2009

FlashbackI heard on the television news reports recently about the 40th anniversary of   Woodstock. The news reports all seem to think this was something to be proud of, something to remember. I thought it was something to be totally ashamed of, something to revile for everyone who had any sense of decency. But those who attended were the element of change at that time. They had no experience with life and yet they were making all sorts of noises all over the country for change, change, change. We all had to change to meet their standards which were immorality in its truest form.

I grew up on the Ten Commandments and revered them always. That element of change wanted nothing more than to tear down those Ten Commandments. They advocated God is dead, no one needed to worship a dead God. Steal anything you can get your hands on. The whole point is just don’t get caught. Adultery and all sorts of sex in any form is ok. No respect for the parents at all. No respect for the law or any sort of authority. Lie about anything  as long as you don’t get caught. Envy everyone, but make no efforts to have a better life. And these were the creeds that that element of society lived by during those years. Now they have reached the point where we are supposed to do whatever they tell us once again. They still make the mistake of thinking they are in control.

They do not realize that we conservatives who during their protesting days were busy raising nice families, going to church and worshiping God, while setting a good example every day with our honesty and respect for authority, commitment to our spouses and families, and teaching respect and dignity for our families and fellow men, we were and are still in charge. We are the ones who have taken the torch from our forebears and continue to build up and love our free country.

Now that we, the conservative element, have begun to raise our voices and protest the health care program being advocated by the current administration, we are being branded as radical, out of line, liars, and nazis. My, my, how the tables have turned.

We have been here all along. We were  busy minding our own  business, working, and doing all those things we need to do to have a decent life. Now we have simply had enough of their radical viewpoint. We are finally tired of that element of society that wants to tell us all how we should live – their way. And yet they do not know how to live a decent life to this day. At the time of Woodstock, they had hair down to their toes, no shoes, no shirts, in many cases, no clothing of any kind, drugs, drugs and more drugs, sex without end. No thanks! We want a decent, loyal, moral United States. You know, like we had before that radical group decided to tell us how to live. Enough!


15 08 2009

farewellA friend of mine died yesterday. Not really a friend, but I had known her for years. I had watched her grow and develop into a very nice young lady, always doing what she thought was right.

She lived with her parents until her father died and then it was just her and her mother. They did really well for many years. My friend had an IQ that was right on the line, maybe just a little above the line that separates those who are considered normal from those who are considered to have  problems. She tried very hard to always mind her mother and go to church and look nice and clean and be a nice person to everyone. Then her world unraveled over time. Her mother passed away. She lived alone for many years in the only place she knew as home. Her brothers and sisters all passed away over the years. She had no one to really watch out for her. But she managed. She always managed.

Then the house began to fall apart around her. The roof leaked everywhere. But she could still manage. It was difficult to prepare a meal because the stove didn’t work really well anymore. And the refrigerator sometimes didn’t get things very cold. But that was alright. She could manage.

Then the electric lines to her house got blown down during a storm. And she had another leak. In fact, several more leaks.

Since there were no close family members anymore, friends tried to help. But the more they helped, the worse it seemed to be. She could do alright. If everyone would just leave her alone.

Finally, there was talk of her moving. But she just couldn’t do that. This was her home. She had lived here all her life. She just couldn’t leave. No matter what.

Then she hurt her back. And her legs didn’t seem right anymore. And she was having some trouble eating her food. Some things just  wouldn’t go down right.

Friends insisted she go to a doctor to see about her problems. She really didn’t want to go, but she finally had to. Her back just wasn’t getting any better. She couldn’t even walk to church anymore like she had done for so many years.

The doctor put her in the hospital and kept her there until arrangements could be made to move her to a nursing home where she would have proper care. But it just wasn’t home. Oh, if she could just go home. And she cried late at night all by herself because she was so lonely and so lost and she needed someone so bad. But there wasn’t anyone anymore. They were all gone.

And so God called her yesterday and took her home to be with her brothers and sisters and mother and father. And I’m sure when she met God, she asked Him why he had taken so long to come and get her. She had been ready for a long, long time.

Life is hardest of all for those who are almost alright; those who almost make it to normal, but just can’t seem to get there no matter how hard they try.

She was a really great person and I’m so glad I got to know her even a little bit. May God bless her soul abundantly. And I’m sure He already has.

Cash for Clunkers Revisited

12 08 2009

clunkerGuess you’ve read and read and read about the program Cash for Clunkers. We need to take a good hard look at this one. Cash for Clunkers sounds like a great program – until you look closely. I’m sure you know they ran out of money after the first month. Of course. So now they have funded more money into the program. With NO help from most of the Republicans who did not think this was a good program and would not vote to add more money to the sick program.

Most of the people who have been driving clunkers have been driving clunkers not because they wanted to, but because they had to. That was all they could afford. Some of these clunkers sell for as little as $150. They are sold at the junk yards every day. Or they were. Before Cash for Clunkers.

Since the program began, the car dealers have been more than happy to fit almost anyone into a new automobile. And those who were driving the clunkers are more than happy to be fit into a new automobile. They never had it so good! Down the road a bit though,  they will be unable to make the payments on their hot new car which was probably sold to them for an amount close to $16,000 to $20,000. Now, if they could not afford to buy this car to begin with, what makes the government people in Washington think they can pay for one now. So a few months from now, you will be reading how many of the car dealers are having to repossess their new, now slightly worn, Cash for Clunkers cars.

And the junk yards won’t have any more clunkers to sell for the cheap price, because there won’t be any more junkers. And of course, junk yards make most of their money selling parts for cars and now they have no more parts to sell because the government that doesn’t know beans about the car business anyway, has decided that all clunkers must be crushed, engines and all, so that there are no parts left for the junk yards to sell. Oh, I tell you,those people in Washington are really, really smart.

Results of Cash for Clunkers will be more debt to most of the people who cannot afford more debt, loss of jobs in the junk yard and used car business, more layoffs because this program will affect not only those mentioned but many other businesses such as other auto parts businesses. The small business man does not stand a chance with this government we have now.

By all means, vote Republican when and if you ever get a chance again. Then programs will make sense again. Meanwhile, you are paying even more taxes because of programs like Cash for Clunkers.

Change We Can Believe In?? part 2

11 08 2009

changeI note today that the White house is looking at overhauling the mortgage finance system. I guess it is because Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac both need more money, money, money. You know, we went for many years, ever since the 1930’s and these agencies did just fine all by themselves. You might remember some of those FHA loans that allowed us young people to be able to buy that wonderful new house in the 1950’s. My husband and I, along with quite a number of friends bought a home with a loan guaranteed by FHA. Originally set up to support mortgage lending during the Great Depression, it also  allowed the returning servicemen after World War II to afford to buy a home. They were building homes all over the place at that time. And selling all they could build. It was the time of the pre-fab industry and it was wonderful for everyone.

But Obama and others in the government including Treasury Sec Timothy Geithner are now busy having internal discussions over the future of the companies; if they overhaul, it would strip the mortgage finance giants of hundreds of billions of dollars in troubled loans and create a new structure to support the home loan market. The agencies were effectively NATIONALIZED  last September. The government has since pledged more than $1.5 TRILLION including $85 BILLION in direct aid, to keep them moving along. Why is the government suddenly the savior rushing to the rescue in every field? According to their usual doublespeak, the internal discussions over the future of the companies began earlier this year during the regulatory change planning process and now are entering a more serious phase. Oh dear! Seems National Economic Council has long wanted to overhaul the companies and now they have their chance. When the chief regulator retires later this month, he said there needs to be a good bank, bad bank structure. This would allow all those ailing mortgages to be placed in a bad bank where they could possibly be collected over time. And THEN  THEN, the government could create new companies that would support investors. Then the good banks would be consolidated into a single GOVERNMENT AGENCY. They are about to government us to death. Seems the major problem is that there are still trillions of dollars of existing mortgages and uncertainty over the size of future losses.

These agencies were created by the government originally but were actually owned by private shareholders. They are now majority-owned by the government. Is everything owned by the government now? Car manufacturers, banks, health care, and the mortgage industry. What is going on here? Pay attention. Except for a few conservatives, most of the media seems to be owned by the government, too. You can tell that by listening to the extremely slanted news programs.

Write your congressmen with your opinions on every subject you wish. But get those cards and letters in the mail NOW. Speak Up! Let Congress know what you want and when you want it, and how you want it. That is the CHANGE we need. We need to get involved and start running our own country. I don’t know about you, but I am tired of the government butting into every aspect of my life.

And by the way, if you like my writing, by all means buy one of my books. E-Books are only $4 apiece. They are great entertainment. I grew up when laughter was really fun. Life was fun. And Exciting. And  always promising. Where else can you get such great entertainment for such a low price. Paperbacks in the mail are only $7.  Enjoy!!!

Thoughts About That Elusive Birth Certificate

9 08 2009

certificateRight now, there is an effort being made to obtain a copy of Obama’s birth certificate, the long form, the actual certificate in the State of Hawaii. For some unknown reason, it is impossible to obtain this long form birth certificate. You know, the actual certificate that says he really, really was born in Hawaii. Instead of some far off place like Kenya. Isn’t that strange though that the form is inaccessible since it is possible to get other long form birth certificates for other citizens who were born in Hawaii. And yet, it has been impossible to get that piece of paper showing that Obama is actually, really, truly a citizen of our beloved United States of America. Wonder why that is. Wonder what there is to hide about that one. Seems there is a quickie short form available, but it really doesn’t tell much. The long form is what proves he is a citizen. And yet it is unavailable. Sure is strange.