29 04 2012

My mother sewed beautifully all my growing up years.  My sister can sew perfectly.  I am a real mess when it comes to sewing.  Just never could manage to do any sewing or needle work of any kind.  When I finished it, it looked like I had done it for sure.  Some people just can do things and others cannot.  I tried.  I really did.  I darned my husband’s socks when we first married and he threw them in the waste basket after they hurt his feet all day at work.  I took Home Ec like all the girls did in my age group.  The teacher hated me by the end of the year.  You can read all about that one in my humorous and pure fun book entitled In The 1940’s.  Remember, all my books are $10 each plus $2 postage and they are well worth that much.  True fun and lots of living history.  Great!  Can order from me anytime at P.O. Box 2249, Benton, AR  72018.  Just send check and I will send book – gladly.  My storeroom is getting full.  Thanks.

Anyway, getting back to my lack of sewing ability, I have all these wonderful kids and by the way, I am also a great cook and can do just about anything else except sew – So?

So I decided to make each of them a quilt.  Now, I know that most people don’t decide to make quilts, but I did.  I figured I could do that one easy enough.  I bought 2 flannel sheets,  each one twin size.  Then I drew a picture on one of the sheets.  This was all free hand drawing.  Starting with a big clown and balloons, I painted the picture. Then I joined the two flannel sheets together.  After putting on the binding, I embroidered around the picture.  This attached the two flannel sheets to each other with the padding in the middle making it a quilt.  It was really pretty and I was duly proud.  By the way, that quilt is still in use today and it is really old so must have done a pretty good job.

Then the Fair came to town and I decided I would enter it just to see what happened.  I carried it proudly to the judging booth and presented it.  The lady looked at me and looked at the quilt and then she fingered it all over and looked at me again and asked me what I wanted to do with it.  I told her I wanted to enter it in the Fair.  She said, ‘But honey, it’s not quilted’.  I just looked at her and started to sputter a little bit and then the lady in charge of the booth came by and said ‘take it anyway.’  So the lady did.

Now I was so excited.  I had actually made something and it was entered.  Hot Dog!  Then when the judging was over.  I somehow missed out on the judging part, probably by intent as I didn’t want anyone to know that it wasn’t really quilted like everyone else’s.  But I didn’t care anyway.  That evening, my husband drove me to the fairgrounds and I hurried inside to pick up my quilt.  Sure enough, there was a ribbon on it.  An actual ribbon.  Of course it wasn’t first place by any stretch of the imagination.  But I still got a ribbon.  I think I still have it somewhere.  And I also had an envelope with $.40 in it which was my prize money.

After that, I was so proud of my quilt forever.  And I continued to make  a total of 16 over the years.  Each one has a different picture on it. Everyone still uses them.   I had kindergarteners who took theirs to show and tell.  Some have taken them to camp.  Others wouldn’t dare spend a night without their quilt.  One of my daughter-in-laws suggested I make them and sell them.  She said I could sell all I wanted to. But that would defeat my purpose.  I just wanted to make something that I could be proud of and I have done that.  It was fun but I sure wouldn’t do it for the money.   It is a lot of work and takes a long, long time to make one.

But, it was fun.  And I would do it all over again if I had a reason.  But all my reasons already have a quilt.  And besides, it isn’t quilted.  That lady at the Fair just didn’t know that I had made new rules about quilting.  Mine was quilted just fine.  Wasn’t my fault I didn’t know how to really quilt.  My way works o.k. anyway.   I have proof of that since all those quilts are still being used today.



27 04 2012

I am always having goofy things happen to me.  Not my fault either.  No way!  Just happens to me when I’m not looking.  Anyway, I washed my everyday sneakers and put on another pair out of the closet.  Some of them are very old.  I have been buying the same kind for years and wear them for everyday stuff.  It doesn’t matter which two I pick out because they all match.

Anyway, after I washed the shoes I put them in the garage to dry as usual.   Then I went on about my business.

After a few days, I began to notice that things just weren’t right with me.  I stumbled around a few times.  And dragged one foot occasionally.  I noticed this but didn’t put much emphasis on it.  Then I had some pain in my heel and the ball of my foot, not anything spectacular, just a small twinge now and then.  I also had some pain in my ankle.  This disturbed me a little more because I really began to notice it.  When I was a kid, I was always turning my ankle when I played outside.  This felt pretty much the same.

I normally don’t have much in the way of aches and pains so I really began to notice all this.  And then I started having trouble with my balance.  I was getting very concerned and felt like old age had finally crept up on me.  But surely not.  I am not that old and wouldn’t be having all these things relating to old age.  But, as I said, I was getting just a little bit concerned.  I never related any of this to each other though, so didn’t see any pattern specifically.

Then my sock slipped down into my shoe and I sat down in a kitchen chair and pulled my shoe off to straighten the sock.  When I did, I noticed that I had written in big letters on the inside of the shoe – 9-1/2.   I normally wear a size 9. I remembered getting the wrong size a long time ago.  I guess this was one of those shoes.  I thought I had given them  away.  But here was one that says clearly 9-1/2.

Then it dawned on my goofy brain that I had been wearing a shoe too large and that was why I was dragging my foot, having trouble with my balance and stumbling around.  It was also the reason for the aches and pains I had been having.  I was very relieved and glad I had written in my shoe.  I guess that was to tell me not to wear it as it was the wrong size.  Wouldn’t think that a little thing like that would make me so lopsided that I would have all those seemingly unrelated problems.

Oh well, never know with me.  Just another of those goofy things that seem to lurk around the corner and jump on me when I’m not looking.  Really not my fault you know.  Never is.  Don’t know who to blame it on but I’m sure I’ll think of someone.  Meanwhile, another goofy thing out of the way in this life of mine.

I’ll put that one size 9-1/2 shoe in the rag bag and I’ll just bet that anyone who gets that will wonder why in the world there is one size 9-1/2 shoe.  They will think someone is goofy for sure.  And I usually am.





25 04 2012

Just in case you might be interested in this little tidbit of news, thought I would pass it along.  Read in my local newspaper the other day that there are 565 BILLION BARRELS of undiscovered conventional oil out there in the big world – excluding any that the United States has.  A barrel is 42 gallons.  And the world has 565 Billion barrels not counting what the United States has.  Just think about that for a minute.  How much oil do you think you might use in your lifetime.  I am not going to try to figure it up, but I’ll just bet it won’t be any number resembling those.  And I don’t think we will run out of oil anytime soon at all.  By the time we do, God will have provided something else to take its place.  This is His world and He will provide for everything here.

And, as I said, that is EXCLUDING the United States.  So, why in the world are we saving our oil all the time.  I remember when those dumb democrats decided we didn’t need to explore and use our oil because we could use what someone else had first.  Then we could save ours.  Why!!  Why in the world are we doing any of this.  I am quite sure that we will have all the oil we could ever use in this world – ever.  We don’t need to be conserving our oil or anyone else’s as far as I am concerned.

What is the big deal in this world of ours.  Do these ultra smart people in this world today really think that they know what is best for all of us?  I don’t think so at all.  I think they are all pretty ignorant and don’t know which direction they are heading at any time.  Why are we supposed to live this half life where everyone has to save oil and electricity and water and everything else around.  Why not just enjoy what God has provided and get on with our lives.

I was at a gas station one morning filling up my tank and this hippie type came up to me and asked if I felt guilty about driving an big car.  I told him of course not.  Why should I.  Then he said I should be worried about using all that gasoline.  I told him I wasn’t worried at all and would let my grandchildren worry about that one. He stomped off as though I had insulted him.  And then he got in this raggedy old worn out station wagon with a raggedy old worn out trailer hitched to the back of it.  As he drove out towards the highway, he had smoke coming out of the exhaust of his car.  Who is causing the most damage here.  Me with my gasoline guzzler or him with his oil guzzling old rattle trap.  Makes you wonder just how smart those people are.

Also, the newspaper article said that according to the U.S. Geological Survey, the world has 5,606 TRILLION cubic feet of natural gas.  And just in case you were worrying about running out of that, the United States alone has 388 TRILLION cubic feet of gas on and off its shores.  The agency also estimates that right here in the United States we have approximately 27 BILLION barrels of oil and 388 TRILLION cubic feet of gas on and offshore.  And on our continental shelf alone, there are 398 TRILLION cubic feet of gas and 81 BILLION barrels of oil.

So hurry right out and buy one of those teeny, tiny little cars that those environmentalists say we need to have.  You know, those that won’t go very far so you won’t be able to travel anymore.  And while you are at it, be sure and notice our landscape being covered up with windmills so we can capture the wind so we won’t run out of electricity either.  Of course this is because we are going to run out of oil and gas to run our generators and we all need to cut down on electricity use too.  Oh dear, what will we do.  What will we do.  Chicken Little is running around the barnyard wringing her hands because the world is going to crash any moment.  At least it is according to those environmentalists who make up all these stories all the time anyway.

I still want to know what they are going to do when God stops the wind.  Are they going to run out, pitch their tents, and blow those windmills around?  They are not in charge of anything ever.  Period.  End of subject!

Wish they would give it a rest, get a job,  and run their own lives and let God take care of the rest of us.  Otherwise, they would  have us all living in caves again so we wouldn’t mess up THEIR world.  Dear God:  Thank You for taking care of us.  We sure do need You in this world.  Thank You!



22 04 2012

This has not been an easy week, so much to do and my head full of problems and thoughts.  And so many errands to run and so many people to keep happy.  Don’t know that I am doing a very good job either.  But as always it will work out.  Always has, always will, I’m sure.  With God’s help, I keep telling myself that I can do anything, I can accomplish all this somehow.

And so when I got up this morning, I was already in the hole on my time.  Too much to do and too little time.  Hurrying to get ready to leave the house, I was lost in my thoughts of what all I had to do and how I was going to accomplish all.  Hurrying the kids along, I was getting irritated at everything and everyone.  Don’t need to start the day like that.  Never pays.  Lost in my thoughts as I brushed my teeth and combed my hair, I was surprised at one of the younger ones talking to me outside my bathroom door.

I opened the door and there she stood – with a Christmas sweatshirt on.  Looked beautiful as usual, but it really isn’t Christmas anymore.  That thought struck home and I began to laugh and then to laugh some more.  I could just imagine what everyone would think if she went out in that.  Oh well, such is life.  I convinced her that it wasn’t Christmas anymore and she needed to change her shirt.   She hurried to find another one.

But I am still laughing.  Dear God:  Thank YOU for a sense of humor.  I sure needed it today.  And it worked.  Have had a smile on my face ever since.  Thank YOU!


20 04 2012

In this supposedly enlightened world of today, our poor children are crying and moaning and hurting.  Dear God:  Can You Hear The Children Crying?  I can.  I hear them over and over again constantly.  I see them on television and I read about them in the newspapers and I get gobs of mail every day telling me to listen to YOUR poor children.  As You have said, ‘whatever you do to the least of these, you do also unto Me.’  But those people are not listening to You anymore.  They think they are in charge of Your world.  And the children are crying. All the time.

There are those that are slaughtered in the wombs of their mothers.  The poor baby has no one else in this world to protect him. He is completely dependent upon his mother.  And who is she that she would deliberately destroy his life.  Surely, she cannot mean to do this.  Surely, she cannot intend to destroy the very basic being within her own body.  Do those poor children cry throughout eternity?  Do their mothers cry throughout all eternity?  The only animal that destroys their own is the Guppy that eats their babies.   Surely, we have not descended to that level.

I read of other atrocities against children every day, too.  Just today, I read of a child only 3 months old who already had broken ribs and a concussion from being thrown around or mistreated in some way.  Why on earth would any human being do that to a 3 month old child.  I certainly remember that babies cry and it is hard to listen to them sometimes.  But no right thinking adult would ever hurt a tiny child like that.

In another instance, a child had actually walked to school and when he arrived, his teacher noticed something wrong.  By that time, the flesh was  falling off his bones because he had been scalded in a tub of water.  Why would anyone ever think to do that to a small child.  Oh, Dear God:  Can You Hear The Children Crying?

And then there are those whose parents do not feed them nor care for them in any way.  Why is this?  Why in the world would anyone not feed their children.  All animals feed their offspring.  I see pictures in my mail and on the television and in the newspapers every day showing small children who need a good meal.  Most of them also need a good home. Why has this happened in our beloved Country.  The government is not supposed to be feeding them.  The schools are not supposed to be sending food home with them to tide them over the weekend until they can come back for a meal at school again.  What is wrong here.  Why are those parents not being made to take care of their own children.  Surely there is something akin to responsibility within their hearts, minds and souls.

Meanwhile, Dear God:  Can You Hear The Children Crying?  I can.  Please help them.  Please wake those parents up so they will start to take care of their very own children.  Please Dear God Help Them.  YOUR children are crying.


16 04 2012

There are so many things going on in my life right now.  Makes me almost overwhelmed so I try not to think about all the individual things and instead focus on the big picture and just know that I will do the best I can in my life every day.  And I also know that God is always with me and holds me by the hand and walks with me all the way.   So I try to remember to Trust in Jesus and get on with whatever needs to be done.

Right now, there are too many issues to even remember.  One family member having trouble with his eyesight. Several grandchildren graduating this spring and more in December.  And they are all going their separate ways and beginning their own lives.  Several of my families are on vacation or going on vacation or just coming home from vacation.  It is hard to remember who went where and when they went and when they are coming back.

And then we have weddings coming up and that calls for showers and presents and all that good stuff.  In between all that is Mother’s Day and more birthdays and lots of family together times.  I love those.  They are always such fun.  We all have a great sense of humor and use it to our best advantage.  It is always fun and lots of laughter.  And we truly love each other and it shows through on our every occasion to be together.  God has truly blessed me in this family.

Right now, there are a couple of medical issues going on in the family and those, too, will be addressed when it is time and we have to live through them.   Once again, I try to make myself Trust in Jesus and put my hand in His and walk with Him every step of my way.  Always something going on.  I just try to keep my head on straight and my memory intact  (and that ain’t easy to do sometimes).

Meanwhile, I have been praying just as hard and fast as I possibly can.  Need lots of prayers just to keep going some days.  But I will do just that.  No matter what comes down the pike.

One particular prayer that I meditate on is the Chaplet of the Infant Jesus.  This is just a small Rosary.  The first three prayers are said with one Our Father for the Infant Jesus, one for The Blessed Virgin Mary, and one for St. Joseph.  Then a Hail Mary prayer is said on each of 12 beads while meditating on Jesus’ life as a Child.  I say the first one while thinking of Mary sitting in a chair holding her Infant Son, the second also holding  the Child but he is about 2 years old now.  The third one of Jesus about the age of 3 kicking his feet on the chair while sitting with His Mother.  Then the fourth one with the Child Jesus fidgeting just a little more.  At age 5, He is standing beside the chair swinging on the arm;   age 6, He is walking away but looking back at His Mother.  Then age 7, He is walking further away and no longer looking back.  Age 8, He turns once again to look back and then age 9, He is at the top of a hill hurrying to see what is on the other side.  The other side is all downhill with 3 figures waiting for Him.  I assume this is The Father, The Son, and the Holy Spirit.  The Child hurries down the hill towards them.  Now, I have no idea exactly where these pictures in my mind come from nor why I have them.  I just thoroughly enjoy the depictions while I meditate upon them and say those Hail Mary prayers.   And somehow, after I have been there and said those prayers, things are just a little bit better for me.

Years ago, when I was having some particularly awful difficulties an elderly lady at my parish church told me to pray to the Child Jesus.  She said that He would always answer my prayers.  I had a lot of occasions to do that and I always remembered her words.  And you know what – He really does answer those prayers over and over again.

So I am so grateful to pray to the Infant Child Jesus and to know that He does hear me.  Dear God:  Thank You for the Child Jesus.  What a blessing this is.


14 04 2012

I really do have to thank Almighty God every day for keeping me sane – if I am.  Seems like there is always something going on.  This past week has been one of those weeks and every day has brought new challenges.

For instance, I found out just this morning that it is not a good idea to put your blouse on  and comb your hair and spray it and all that good stuff and then find out that the blouse is on wrong side out.  Obviously, this called for me to have to redo my hair and turn the blouse right side out and get it on again.   Stupid!  But that was a good start to another interesting day.  As usual.

Also, just read that a clear conscience is a sign of a fuzzy memory.  Boy, is that one ever true.  If I ever have time before I lose all that fuzzy memory, I plan to sit down and think through my whole life and see just how many mistakes I have made.  There are a whole lot I am sure.  Some deliberate, some honest, some just plain mean, and some because it was always someone else’s fault.  That’s the best excuse always anyway.  Have to move that one up front and start using it again.  If the politicians can use that one, so can I.  Works for them.  Why not for me.  Always remember, it is someone else’s fault, no matter what it might be. Only problem is trying to convince myself and others that this is true.  May not use it after all.  Sounds like a lot of work to me.  My mother always said, ‘Tell the truth the first time and then you don’t ever have to worry about what to say the next time.’

Decided to see about moving to another place  this past week.   Did all the research, talked to everyone about it and then asked God to please help me to make the right decision.  I knew that somehow because of the feeling I would have, I would know what to do.  I met the owner and walked through the house.  Then I walked through it once again.  So far, so good.  Then I went outside and walked around and still had a good feeling about everything.  Then I walked back into the house and immediately I had an overwhelming feeling of loneliness.  Don’t know that I ever had that feeling exactly like that before.  That is not a normal feeling for me.  I am always surrounded by people and never have a feeling of being lonely.  But this was what that house felt like.  I could almost touch the feeling because it was so strong.  I turned and just said I was not interested and left the house.  But it took me quite awhile to get over that strange feeling that I had experienced while walking through that house.  I just knew absolutely that that particular place was not for me.

The only feeling like that ever experienced by me was when I went to my grandparents house for a week when I was 4 years old.  My brother who was older  was also with me.  My grandfather worked for the railroad and we actually rode a train to their town and then they drove us back home a week later. I’m sure it was an exciting, wonderful trip, but all I wanted was to go home.  Back where I belonged.  I remember standing in the bedroom and crying to myself because of that feeling of homesickness or loneliness that I felt.  This was sort of the way I felt about this house I was looking at.  Except that this time, it truly overwhelmed me.  Just covered me up completely.

All this probably sounds stupid to some people, but I really trust in God to show me the way through my life.  I really depend upon Him every day to keep me on the path He has marked out for me.  And that new place was definitely not what He wanted me to do.  Oh well, just have to wait until He tells me what to do.

Meanwhile, I am still trying to remain sane in my everyday life.  Hope I make it.  Sometimes I wonder if I will.  First thing tomorrow is to watch for that tag on the blouse so I won’t put it on wrong side out or backward.  At least that will help get the day off on the right foot – if I remember which is my right foot.


11 04 2012

I read every day about how irresponsible everyone is in this world of today.  Especially the children.  Seems those children are coddled every day of their lives.  That means, of course, that they are not allowed to grow up.  They are always kept safe behind Mama’s apron and shielded from that horrible cold, cruel world out there.  As a result, they never have the opportunity to really cut those apron strings and grow up as they should.

People cannot learn to be responsible unless they have the chance to practice responsibility.  One of my children raised his children with the words – what is the magic word?  Responsibility was the answer.  That meant they were responsible for their own lives, whatever it might be that day.  When they were much younger, they were responsible for keeping their room nice and clean.  This was THEIR responsibility.  Of course, we all understand that responsibility must always be age appropriate.  This means that if they are 5, they can only understand responsibility on a 5 year old level.  And that means, try to keep the room clean enough so that no one trips and falls trying to walk through it.

Then by age 8 or so, they should take even more pride in a clean room.  By age 10, the room should be automatically kept uncluttered and pretty clean.  Then by age 15, it all starts over again.  They have forgotten what the words ‘clean room’ mean.  They do not understand anything said to them about any mundane subject such as that.  They hardly even know they have a room because they can’t find it under all that stuff they have. But they are in no hurry to clean it up because they have more important things to do like talking on the phone and eating a snack.  But remember, that will soon pass.  No doubt it will. Or you will.

When they reach the ripe old age of 18 or so, they will once again take some pride in having a clean room and return to a semblance of responsibility.  So don’t give up on them.   They will eventually get there.  And you know what?  They may even sometime thank you for making them responsible.  One of my daughters told me one time that she really appreciated me teaching her to keep the kitchen clean.  Seems she had gone to another’s house for dinner and the guests had to wait while the lady washed the silverware they were going to eat with because her dirty dishes were in the sink.  And had evidently been there for some time.

So, you see, sometimes it really does pay off.  Sometimes, they really do appreciate those little responsible things they were told to do as children.

Teach your children to be responsible and you will be truly amazed at what wonderful adults they become.  I know that from experience.  And I have had lots of experiences with my big family.  Mostly fun, by the way.  But they are all growing up to be very responsible adults, ones to be proud of.

Dear God:  Thank you for responsibility.  And Thank You for those parents who care enough about their children to teach them to be responsible in their growing up years so they can be responsible as adults.


10 04 2012

I wonder sometimes why people don’t just play it straight in this life.  Why not.  It doesn’t take a bit more effort to live a good life than it takes to live a bad one.  So why risk everything you own for nothing.  I was just  reading the latest sorrowful tale of a man who fell for a woman half his age and has now lost all he ever worked for.  Isn’t that just plumb stupid though.  Why risk it all for nothing.

Life can be so nice for everyone if they all just play it straight every day.  Rick Santorum and his family are a very good example for everyone to see.  They may not be what you want in a politician, but they do live a very honest life.  They stand up straight and look you in the eye and tell it like it really is.  Most people don’t want to hear that these days, but it doesn’t make it wrong.  In fact, it makes it even more right.

God, Himself, is the One who set the rules for living in this world.  It is up to each one of us to live by those rules.  Period.  Can’t change anything about them.  Rules are Rules.  Period.  Have to get up each morning and do the best you can.  Or at least try.  And that is what is said – that it is the trying that counts.

I know when I was growing up, my mother and father lived a good, honest, decent life.  They didn’t cheat or lie or try to steal from someone.  If they didn’t like someone, they might talk about it to each other, but they didn’t blab it all over town.  In fact, my father was one of the very few honest politicians in our state.  And proud of it.  Everyone that knew him knew first and foremost that he was honest.  No matter the consequences, he was always honest.  And my mother wouldn’t even talk to people who were out to get someone else.  She would be civil and nice but then wouldn’t have anything to do with women who didn’t take care of their families right or raise their children right or treat others the way they should be.  And she took care of her own business without trying to take care of someone else’s.  I remember all these lessons and have tried to follow them myself over the years.

It takes very little to just remember to be nice and pleasant and live a good life.  I’m sure you do just that every day.  Maybe if enough of us persevere for morality and honesty, maybe, just maybe some others will follow along behind us.  Dear God:  I hope so.  Maybe people will eventually learn.


9 04 2012

There is so much talk these days about kids bullying.  Made me think of things that happened when I was in school a long time ago.  For instance, there were notebooks called opinion books.  They would be banned today I am sure.  It was an ordinary notebook with your name on the front.  This was so everyone knew it belonged just to you. Every kid in the class had a page all their own.  Then you passed that notebook around to all your friends.  They could then write anything they wanted to about you or your friends.   And then they would pass it on to someone else.  So if anyone did not wish to sign their name, you would not know who had written in your opinion book.  Eventually, your book would come back to you and you could then see what everyone thought of you and everyone else.   Sometimes, it could really hurt your feelings, but it was all o.k.  No one really seemed to notice much.  Just something kids did.

Then there was my algebra class in 9th grade.  The teacher put us in smart to dumb rows after the first couple of weeks.  If you made A’s, you were in the first row, B’s was the second row, etc.  The children who made D’s and F’s were in the final row.  When the teacher began her lesson for the day, she would stand right over the children in the dumb row.  That way, she could watch what they did on their particular sheets of paper during class.  The dumb row kids learned some algebra but it cost them to do so, I am sure.  Nothing was ever said about this one either.

Then I had a stupid, really stupid teacher who particularly liked the girls.  All the girls avoided him as much as possible because he was considered to be pretty weird.  For instance, he would tell a girl when she needed to shave her legs.  Or tell another one she needed to wear a different color lipstick. One day, he told me to go into the bathroom and look in the mirror and try to figure out what was wrong with my smile.  I went to the bathroom, looked into the mirror for the whole class time and never did see anything wrong with my smile.  When I came back to the classroom, he asked me about it and I told him that I didn’t see anything wrong.  He then laughed and said I had a crooked smile.  Really a weirdo.  I never have seen anything wrong with my smile yet and no one else has either evidently.  If so, they haven’t told me about it.  But he was allowed to teach for many, many years.

Of course there were always those bully boys that picked a fight with everyone.  They were on the playgrounds and in the alleys and on the streets around the school where there was always a fight in the afternoons.  Some boys went screaming for home after getting a black eye or a bloody nose.  And then the next day, it would all happen again with someone else.  My own children talk of the fights after school and how many there are each day.  But no one seems to do anything about it.  It usually just included the boys.  Very seldom was a girl involved.  Guess it is still the same according to what I hear.

Don’t like it.  Don’t think it is necessary and looks to me like the school officials or the police could do something about some of this.  Meanwhile, guess I’ll just get another opinion book going.  Haven’t done that in awhile.  Might be interesting to find out what people think about me now that I have grown up.  I’ll think about that one.  Maybe some of my friends would like to have their names in my opinion book.  That would sure enough be fun.