Kids Today

29 12 2009

Kids always want, want, want something. Especially during the holiday season. They want whatever they have been shown or told or heard about that they really, really should have. Then this will make them happy. Just like grownups, they sometimes think that whatever they can obtain in the way of material things is what will make them happy. But if you will note a small sleeping child hanging onto a stuffed toy, you will see that toy is what is making him happy right now and that is because the stuffed toy is close and huggable and warm and fuzzy and all those things that really make him happy. To make him truly happy and comfortable and content with his life, he needs just one thing and that is you, his parent. He needs you to hold him and tell him that you love him. Do this sometime during the day. Make a point of just hugging him quickly or stroking his back, or kissing him on the cheek. Do whatever is appropriate for his age. But tell him that you love him. This is what he wants most of all. He wants his mother and father to love him no matter what the day brings. He wants to feel that. He wants to know that for sure. He wants to always be comfortable in that love. That is what the children of today need and want most of all. They want to know that they are loved with a love that will last forever. They want to know that no matter how much they mess up, no matter how many times they seem to do everything wrong, they are still loved unconditionally. For truly happy children, just  show your children that you love them.  That is what parenting is really all about. Successful parenting, that is.

“The lady doth protest too much, methinks.”

21 12 2009

I hear a lot of comments made these days about how technology is absolutely ruining the English language. Well, I am sure it is, but then I am sure it has been ruined a few times before. I’m sure during Shakespeare’s times, many people were concerned that the English language was going to be a thing of the past. But it wasn’t. And it won’t be ruined this time around either. As long as the children in school are taught the proper use of grammar, everything will remain as it should be. Children should be taught how to write a sentence, how to form a paragraph, and how to write a decent letter. Those were things I was taught in school many years ago. Even if all children these days and up into the future use their phones and text all the time, the English language will still remain intact if those same children have learned how to properly use the English language. I am constantly amazed at the shorthand communication used in texting. But then I have learned to use it myself every day. It really isn’t so bad. It just makes it easier to write in a hurry. Nothing wrong with that. I still know how to speak a sentence.I still know how to communicate properly and this is what I am actually talking about. The phones are excellent communication devices these days. One of my grandchildren and I were discussing the baby boomers the other day. He searched on his phone and immediately told me what years the baby boomers represented. I find that amazing. In another case, a religious friend brought up the source of her daily prayers on her phone to show me. Isn’t that marvelous, though, that there is so much information right at the fingertips. Literally.

Personally, I would not want to be talking like people did in Shakespeare’s time. I can just imagine how the conversations would go these days. It might be said, ‘Wow! Thou dost appear just awesome these days, actually.’   Doesn’t sound all that wonderful to me. I’ll just stick with the language as it is today – texting, messaging, e-mailing and all.

Inconvenient Truth

17 12 2009

I notice on television a lot of commercials regarding the abuse of animals.  These particular commercials play for quite some time with captions such as ‘why did they abandon me’, ‘come play with me, please’, etc.  They show these poor animals with long faces and lots of whiney music in the background.  Wonder what sort of reaction there would be if these animals were replaced with babies who were saying such things as ‘wonder why they abandoned me’, ‘where is my mother’ or perhaps even with a caption that says ‘God says Thou Shalt Not Kill’.  But guess that would never make it onto the television screen because it is too basic and too truthful. Might stir up somebody’s conscience.

Abortion Is Not Healthcare

16 12 2009

When Roe vs Wade became law, the feminists and other liberals were overjoyed to think they had won one of their most important battles. They identified the murdering of those still in the womb as freedom for women, freedom from being chained to their reproductive systems. I never quite understood any of this. To me, with all the means available to avoid pregnancy, why in the world would someone become pregnant if they didn’t want to. It was so easy to avoid becoming pregnant. Just simply take the birth control pill or use condoms or make sure the male partner had a vasectomy. Simple answers. But those in charge, those feminists and other liberals, were determined to destroy human life. They wanted to run everything from their perspective, their viewpoint. And so they won that important battle. Of course since that time, it has been documented many times over just how many millions of innocent lives have been destroyed in the wombs of their mothers. And, at the time of the ruling of Roe vs Wade, it was said of those pro-lifers – ‘they will go away’. After time, they will just disappear. They will give up their battle.

So now we have come down to that all important issue regarding the paying for abortions by the government run health care system that is being debated in the congress today. And, again, one of the feminist spokespersons recently said that she could not believe that the feminists are still having to fight the same battle over abortion that they had successfully fought so many years ago.

Wonder why they thought we pro-lifers would go away. Wonder why they thought we would just disappear into the woodwork. We will never go away. We will fight until we win this battle for those millions of innocent lives that have been snuffed out in their mother’s wombs. And when we are gone, our children will continue to fight that same battle over and over again. And we will win.

Evolution and oh, how I love my Swiffer!!!

11 12 2009

Dear Mr. Swiffer, whoever and whatever you are – just want to tell you about my experience with your products. I have been keeping house for many, many years, too many to count. I began when there was nothing else to use except a broom, a dust mop, and a terrible, heavy wet mop. I did my part, though. I swept the whole house very single day, I dust mopped in between sweeping, and I mopped whenever and wherever it was needed. It was not an easy thing to do to wring out that heavy, heavy mop. I would not say I was really good at housekeeping, but then with much practice, I got better. And the products also got better. Next came the big, heavy, lug around vacuum cleaner. Everyone had to have one of those monsters. I drug it all over the house several times a week. In between, I used that old dust mop. But my house was clean. Or at least it looked clean. Of course I could not run the vacuum when the children were asleep because the overwhelming noise woke them up. And I could not run it when they were awake because they were all afraid of it. So I cleaned house whenever they were gone somewhere or outside playing.  The noise is probably one of the reasons I can no longer hear well. Next came that whirling vacuum that spun around all over the house.  It had a big hose that got caught around every chair leg and under the tables. And the whirling vacuum got caught under the bed. I usually tripped over the hose at least once a day. But my house was clean, so no complaints. And my children were not afraid of the whirling vacuum and it didn’t wake them up when I ran it during naptimes. So things were better.

Along came the central vacuum system. This was wonderful except that mine did not work very well. I was always having to go back around with that handy old dust mop and pick up whatever the vacuum had missed along the way. I also tripped regularly over the hose. But this was progress, no doubt about it.

But then, you came along. I have never had so much fun cleaning house. I just push that combination broom, dust mop, vacuum, and wet mop  throughout the house and everything looks cleaner all the time. And then I dust regularly with those magnetic dusters that are on the market today. Well, I’ll just have to tell you, I think I have died and gone to heaven for sure. This product even gets the dust out of the corners and nothing ever did that before. And besides that, I no longer have to drag that heavy, dirty old mop around, trying to clean and then rinse and then wring it out over and over again. Nope, not anymore. Now I just put that mopping cloth on this apparatus and mop my kitchen.  No problem, no trouble, and besides it will also mop the bathrooms. All I need now is something that will push this combination broom, dust mop, vacuum and wet mop around my house while I read the paper and have my cup of tea. I would appreciate your working on this upgrade as soon as possible. Thanks again.

The Influence of Advertising or Just Plain Hype

10 12 2009

I tried to watch one of the children’s television programs tonite with my daughter, but it was impossible to stay with the story line because of all the interfering commercials offering all kinds of products, not only for the children, but also for the adults who would be watching with their children. Everything offered was something that ‘you must have’. Not only do you want this, but you absolutely, positively need it.

When I was growing up, my mother used to talk of  Christmas at her house when she was growing up. There were 9 children and no father, so they had very little money for anything, much less for items they might want. On Christmas morning, all those 9 children got up and were thrilled and surprised to find an orange that Santa had left each of them. Later on, I read in the 50’s about a minority woman who was moaning that that was all she got for Christmas when she was a child. But she failed to mention that this was the norm for many of the families over the years. My mother never moaned nor complained about this. She thought that orange was a great and grand surprise to have for Christmas. Depends upon your attitude I guess. And on what you think you need to make you happy.

Nowadays, everyone expects to have everything imaginable under the tree on Christmas morning. And why? Because someone says they not only want this, but they need it in order to be happy in their lives. Everyone needs to step back and take a good hard look at their lives. What you need and what you want are two very different things. I might want a lot of things, but I really don’t need them. When I was growing up, I never realized that I didn’t need so many things until my parents told me so. I have heard the words, “You don’t need that” many times in my lifetime. Of course I thought I did need something because my friends all had it, or because I saw it in a magazine or heard about it on the radio. But that didn’t mean that I needed it. And thankfully, my parents taught me not to always want, want, want. They taught me well. I have never had the desire for ‘things’.

One year when I was a young teen, I insisted that I needed this particular kind of haircut. It was called a ‘feather cut’ and all my friends were getting this gorgeous haircut and they looked so beautiful that I just had to have one of those. My parents didn’t argue about it. They told me a couple of times that I didn’t need it, but I kept on insisting that I did. Finally, my mother took me to the beauty shop and I went in, thrilled beyond words. I sat down in the chair and insisted again that I needed this ‘feather cut’. The man tried to tell me that I would have to have a permanent also, but I insisted that my friends all had this wonderful haircut and I was getting one, too. And I was also going to be beautiful. Well, he did just like my parents had done. He didn’t bother to argue with me about it. He just set about cutting my hair. I watched in the mirror and the transformation just simply was not happening to me. I just looked the same. When he finished cutting, I paid the bill, but could not believe the way I looked. Sure enough, he was right. I didn’t need that ‘feather cut’. In order to have that beautiful hairdo, it was necessary to either have a permanent or to have naturally curly hair. But I had insisted until I won. And now I had chunks of hair all over my head. Instead of looking gorgeous, I just looked ridiculous. Where the hair was supposed to ‘feather’, mine sat like a clod all over my head. I was ashamed, but was stuck with the look for quite awhile afterwards. But I learned that just because I wanted that haircut didn’t mean that I needed it.

If you get a chance, teach your children they don’t need all those things they really just want. Teach them they don’t need things to be happy in their lives. Tell them they don’t need that until they learn the value of and the difference in wants and needs.

Hips, Ibuprofen, and Ducks

2 12 2009

If you are interested or even if you are not, thought I would tell you my long, sad story. I had a bad fall a few years ago and broke my hip and my shoulder. I always had one leg shorter than the other one and so when I was put back together, one leg is definitely shorter than the other one by another quarter inch or so. So, to make a long story short from the beginning, my good hip started hurting me so I decided to raise that hip up a little bit to sort of match the other one. I put an extra gel sole in that shoe. I walked on that for about a day and a half. Then my knee starting hurting pretty bad. So I took the gel piece out of my shoe and thought that would make my knee stop hurting. Instead, it just kept right on hurting all the time and it was really, really painful. Now, I could not walk right at all. So I was limping around and that made my bad hip start hurting. The good one didn’t hurt anymore.

I limped so much that my foot started hurting and over time it swelled up pretty good. This made my heel where I had broken it several years before, start hurting as though it was broken again. Although I knew it was not. And my foot was drawn up in pain because I could not relax it enough to walk right. I could actually feel my toes retract when I tried to walk. Then, in order to be able to live my normal life since I was in such pain in all directions by now, I had to take a couple of ibuprofen just to get through each day. And even at this amount, I was still in a lot of pain. After taking the ibuprofen a couple of days, it began to have an effect on my stomach which it always does. So here I was, with my knee just ruining my life and my foot hurting all the time and my stomach upset from the ibuprofen, and my other hip hurting sometimes. Oh yeah, by now, the ibuprofen was causing me to have a diarrhea, too. I would have cried but there was no one around to hear me, so why bother. No point in crying if there is no one to hear you and feel sorry for you. So I gave that one up.

But I sure did feel like it most of the time. It was an effort to just get up out of a chair and walk across the room. Of course I could have gone to the doctor, but there was not much he could have done for me except give me more medication and I didn’t feel that I needed that just yet. Not until I was to the screaming stage. Almost there now.

And then I was sitting in a chair the other evening, looking down at my foot that was hurting so much. I was trying to see if it was swelled as much today as yesterday.  Then the thought crossed my mind that maybe, just possibly, my shoe was too small. So I immediately changed shoes and put on a pair that I had in the closet that was 1/2 size larger.

Now, I’m still hurting some, but it is not nearly as bad as it was. And I note that my toe is at the end of this shoe, so maybe I even need a 1/2 size larger than that one. I will have to go to the store one day soon and have my foot measured so I can see if I have grown longer feet.

And besides that, I am at the age where I shrink occasionally. That is, I get shorter over the years. So wouldn’t that be something if I am shrinking from the top and growing longer from the bottom. If so, I will soon look like a duck I guess. Hope I don’t have to waddle like one.