10 07 2011

All this uproar about the debt crisis is going on in Washington.  I catch a glimpse of the news now and then and the debt crisis is running almost all the time on every channel.  The two political parties seem to have two different stories to solve our problems.  So the question is – Who is lying?  Obviously someone is.  Or else someone is really, really demented.

One party tells us that everyone will be very happy.   All we have to do is tax the rich, give to the poor and everyone will be smiling all the way to the bank or the post office or maybe even the lottery store.  They think tax increases are wonderful and good for everybody except they aren’t paying them themselves and they don’t look for anyone else to pay any except those so-called ‘rich people’.  I even heard the other day  a comment made about  those ‘rich people in their private jets’, etc.  I remember that Nancy Pelosi had a private jet when she was telling us all how to live.  Wonder what happened to that one.  Does everyone of those poor people in Washington, D.C. have a private jet?  Is that where they get all this good information?  Meantime, they want to tax the businessman so he cannot progress anymore and he sure as heck can’t provide any more jobs for anyone because he has to use all that money he makes to pay his taxes.

Did you know that during Jimmy Carter’s time in office, the so-called ‘rich guy’ was paying 90% – yes that’s right – 90% of his income to the federal government?  How would you like to work hard at your job every day of your life and give 90% – 90% of it to the federal government.  I sure wouldn’t care much for that myself.

I had a friend who won $50,000 in the lottery recently and his comment was – ‘I only got $30,000.  I won $50,000.  Not $30,000.  But I had to give $20,000 of it to the federal government for taxes.  That just isn’t fair.’  Of course not, nothing with taxes is fair.  We all should realize that.  The guy on the bottom of the tax rung is not paying any taxes at all and yet he is the one hollering loud and clear for all to hear that the ‘rich guy’ should be paying more taxes.  How would he know.  He is just taking in all the free money he can.  He is not paying anything in, only taking out.

The other party tells us that we should leave the businessman alone and let him do his job and that we should all be grateful for what we have and that we are supposed to take care of what we have managed to accumulate in our lives.  And I know that here come the takers once again.  They want even more this time around.  Now we have universal health care which is not going to help anyone, anywhere, anytime.  Remember Nancy Pelosi and her private jet and how she ‘felt’ for all those people who needed health care.  She also does not have to depend on health care.  She has health care built into her job.

As far as I am concerned,  if I work for the money I earn, then I am entitled to keep it or at least most of it.  That is only fair for all.   And I know from experience in this cold, cruel world that you cannot spend what you do not have.  Period.  End of subject.  That is a dead end street.  If you do not have the money, you don’t go out and spend it.  Never, ever, never.  If you do, you will end up broke and forsaken and eventually forgotten.  And  you definitely will not have any money.  Unless you go borrow of course.  And you can only borrow so long and that is over, too.

So, think about the subject.  Who is lying.  Obviously those who want something for nothing.  And those who want to spend and spend and spend and tell you that if you borrow, it will all be o.k.  Lying, lying through their teeth.  Liar, liar, pants on fire!