END OF 2011

30 12 2011

Boy am I ever glad this year is about to end.  It has been absolutely terrible.  All I read in the newspapers is violence, death, robbery, and trouble, trouble and more trouble.  Don’t think that is the way it is supposed to be anywhere.

One war after another.  People talking now about another war about to start.  The way I feel is forget it.  Let people live their own lives clear across the world and leave us alone.  And those comments about big business all the time and how rich everyone is – those that work that is.  Silly stuff.  Everyone is supposed to get out there and get it best they can.  May not be a million dollars a year, but anyone can make a living if they will just be willing to work.  People will not get hired if they show that they are not willing to work.  Period.  End of subject.

But the way I feel about everything is that God will provide.  Always has, always will.  But most people forget that it is said that God helps those who help themselves.  Always true and always will be.

Right now, I am hoping that God will send us someone to lead this wonderful country.  Haven’t seen anyone yet who can do that.  Seems that all of them have a strike or two against them.  Just have to wait and see who comes out on top of the stack and then I will vote for anyone who is running against Obama.  Period.  End of that subject, too.

2012 is going to be a great year.  Just wait and see.  Best year we have ever had.  All that violence and problems in the world are going to be much better.  And everyone is going to have a good life.  I’m sure that will happen if we will just trust in God and try to live a good life.  2012 Here we come!!!


29 12 2011

Well, I warned you that I would give my opinionated opinions just as soon as I got around to it.  So here I am.

Went to the post office this morning to get my mail.  Ha!  3 letters, more advertisement than letter.  Almost no one working at my local station and lucky if we get any mail on some days.  Never on Saturday anymore.

I see on the television and in the newspapers that this is due to the internet. Not so!!!  The internet may have cut down some on the volume but not much.  Instead, the reason why the post office is in such bad financial shape is because of all those many, many benefits they promised to the workers many, many years ago.  For instance, when I was a younger person, the only way to go was to get a job with the government or the post office.  Both are in financial straits now as a result.

The post office was a prime job.  Took a long time to get a steady job there.  Had to be bumped and bumped over and over again, but if you kept at it, you would eventually land that prime job.  Then you were set for life – and I do mean life.  You could retire after 20 years and still be a young person and have a whole new life while you were  being paid that grand and glorious retirement stipend.  Many, many people did just that and are still collecting.

Not only did they get the retirement pay, but while still working, they got the vacation pay, the sick pay, the long vacations, (longer each year).  This was long before everyone else even dreamed of having all these benefits, but after all, the postman was the link to the world for a lot of people.  So they were glad their postman had such a good life.

The postal union raised its head all these years and made sure the employees got ever more and more benefits.  After all, no one ever goes down in pay or benefits.  Instead,  when contract time comes up, it is always time to ask for more and more salary and benefits.

Meanwhile, there were lots of people working for the post office.  Took a lot of hands to sort and deliver that mail.  After awhile, there was a post office on every corner and the mail was guaranteed to be delivered by early in the morning  My husband ran his business for years, always having his mail in his postal box by 9:30 in the morning.  Just watch and see what time you get it delivered nowadays.  It sure isn’t 9:30 in the morning anymorel

One of the employees told me recently that they are so slow because people are retiring or quitting and are not being replaced – anywhere.  So, guess what.  The taxpayer pays and pays again.   The stamp costs more and there is less service to everyone.

Now, I don’t know about anyone else, but I really don’t think it is my fault that the postal workers got so many benefits and salary raises over the years.  I really thought that was o.k. at the time.  But now – in this financial crisis – be assured that the reason is NOT the internet.  It is because they bit off more than they could chew many years ago and promised what they could not deliver.

They should have known better.  They were the delivery experts.


7 12 2011

There is so much talk against our wonderful Country these days.  Seems some people think this Country owes them a living.  The only thing anyone is entitled to is an opportunity.   Sure, you have to open the door to opportunity and in some cases, kick it open, but the opportunities are there for everyone.  You just have to find them for yourself.  That is the whole point in living in this free Country.  You can become whatever you choose to become.  Up to you.

But getting to Social Security – there is so much yak yak yak about how it got to the point of having problems and how to correct those problems.  No one seems to think much about how it got started and how it was set up.  According to the politicians, they are always going to fix it.  Only they never do. They just talk about fixing the problems.  And in so doing, they never face the real problem.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt was the President who devised and set it all up.  Remember, he was the one who fixed almost everything by putting a lot of people on welfare during the Great Depression years.  And then took credit for solving the Depression when it was actually World War II that solved the Depression.

I remember when Mr. Roosevelt set up the Social Security system and I remember my father fussing and fuming about all of it because he said – ‘When people live longer than 65, it won’t work.’  And he was right.  Can’t work.  Not enough money in to take care of all the money going out.

At the time Social Security was set up, most people were dead long before 65.  Almost no one lived long enough to retire.  So what they ‘contributed’ to Social Security stayed in the fund and built up over the years.  And then people started living longer.   Only the system did not change to accommodate this.  And so now we have people living to 100 and over and drawing on what they contributed many years before.

I don’t have the solution to the problem.  I just think it would be nice if we heard the truth now and then from the politicians instead of them acting like they can solve this problem that they didn’t cause to begin with.

Social Security will survive.  If and when someone looks at it honestly and comes up with a solution that will be fair to everyone.


5 11 2011

Sometimes opportunity knocks and knocks some more and no one hears the sounds.  Other times, opportunity knocks so loud that it almost knocks the doors off the hinges and no one wants to hear the sound.

No one was ever promised a great life nor lots of food in the kitchen, nor even a kitchen.  Everyone has to get out and get it for themselves.   This is the good old American way.  This is how people are able to raise their standard of living over and over again over the generations.  When I was younger, it was thought that each generation should try to raise the standard of living for the next generation to come.  Instead, these days some people are   happy going downhill further and further.  They even drag those poor children along and teach them that this is the way to live.

In a normal company, after many years, a man might make a pretty good salary with all kinds of benefits.  Then if he gets laid off because the economy gets bad,  he might still think he is worth that large hourly salary he was making after 20 years with that former employer.  That cannot be.  He must go back and start over again with beginning salary and fewer benefits.  But many people are not willing to accept that.  They draw a line and say anything less than what they were making before is an insult.  So he collects his unemployment and time passes with no progress.  The longer he is without a job, the more it will hurt his future. Pride has to take a back seat.  Opportunity gets the front seat on the bus.

If the responsible man has saved some of his money and not spent himself into debt, then he can survive until he finds that prime job he is looking for.  Otherwise, he better take whatever is offered.  It might be a cut in pay, yes, or a cut in benefits, yes, but a salary of any kind keeps the wolf from the door.  It provides the money for that rent or house payment and puts groceries on the table.

And then if he is open for opportunity to knock, there will be other opportunities over time and he will once again progress to that larger salary and more benefits.  But he has to work at it every day.  He has to do all the things that make for a good employee.  That means he gets along with his peers, arrives to work on time, and puts in a good day’s work for that day’s salary.

It doesn’t take an economics professor to figure all this out.  It is very simple.  You take whatever opportunity knocks on your door.  You work at it and progress in your life.  You make the best of a bad situation.  But you don’t live on the street and you don’t sleep in a tent on the concrete, and you don’t have to beg for food.  Not if you have allowed opportunity to be heard over the years.  Listen and get on with a good life!  That is how Americans do it.  And have done it for many years in the past.

And don’t kid yourself or anyone else.  There are lots of jobs out there waiting for employees.    And that will be another blog to come.  Meanwhile listen when opportunity knocks on your door.  And open that door to a better life.


28 10 2011

Might sound goofy, but I am so glad I am me.  I have such a nice life and enjoy almost every minute.  If I don’t, then I will search in my goofy mind until I come up with something that once made me laugh.  Then I can laugh all over again.  Such is my goofy life.

Today, I was changing the sheets and airing out the covers.  While I was re-making the bed, I started laughing to myself about an incident several years ago.  I needed a new pillow, so made a trip to Walmart and bought  one.  When I got home, I tried it out and sure enough, the pillow was too  high and uncomfortable on my neck.  So- I could not jump up and down on it as that wouldn’t make it much smaller.  I could not walk on it to make it smaller.  Then suddenly, it came to me – I could roll over it with my car.  Now, only people with Goofy Minds  would think of that one.

I carried it down to the garage and pushed it carefully under the back tire.  Then I raised the garage door and proceeded to roll my car over the pillow, going back and forward a couple of times.   Sure enough – that made it just exactly the size I needed.  But – I had forgotten one minor detail.  I didn’t think to cover the pillow in a plastic bag.  And sure enough, there were tire marks on my new pillow!

Later on, I  was hospitalized.  (not for my goofy mind).   When I came home, I needed to have a caretaker for a couple of weeks.  Everything was going fine, but the caretaker could not find my pillow. I told the caretaker to just go in my closet and find the pillow with the tire marks on it.  She looked at me as though I had lost my mind.  And I guess I had.  What else can you expect from someone who has a truly Goofy Mind.  Always good for a laugh.

Still have the pillow and it still has the tire marks on it.  I laugh about it pretty often.  Makes me happy every time.


4 09 2011

Hi again:  when I was growing up which has of course been quite awhile ago, we did not have shampoos as such.  I guess there was something around because there were beauty shops but I don’t know what they used.  At our house, we used a bar of ivory soap and rubbed that in our hair and then scrubbed with our fingers until we were clean.  This was done in the kitchen sink.

Then we rinsed until we were sure all the ivory was gone.  After that, we rinsed our hair with a combination of vinegar and water.  Probably about 1/3 vinegar to a cup of water.  Then we rinsed more with water and we were through.  The vinegar worked like a combination  of conditioner and rinse.  Anyway, it worked beautifully.

To this day, I have used many a shampoo in my time and  some I liked and a lot I did not.  But in the last few years, I have gone back to the soap, using liquid dawn most of the time.  Then I scrub my head with my fingers just as I have always done.  Then I rinse with that same combination of vinegar and water.  Then I rinse again with plain water and I’m done.  Not expensive, not hard to do and my hair always turns out o.k.  Don’t have a lot of tangles and never have any oily or fine type problems.

When shampoos first became popular, it was advertised on the radio every Sunday night with the girl singing of the shampoo.  I am sure you have heard the jingle many times.  My grandmother who lived with us believed in all the commercials.  So she insisted my mother pick us up some of that new, wonderful shampoo.  But don’t think any of us liked it much.  My grandmother went to the beauty shop every week anyway, so didn’t matter to her.  When she went to the beauty shop, she usually came home with blue hair.  But we all told her how nice she looked so she was happy with blue hair.

I hated beauty shops because I only got to go there to get that terrible, awful permanent wave every year before school started.  The last one I got was so fuzzy that my date called me fuzzy bear when he picked me up to go to the movies.  After that, I was permanently through with fried permanent waves.  But then home permanents came out and that was a whole new story.

Meanwhile back at the shampoo story, earlier in the century, my husband’s grandmother lived in the country and she combed kerosene through her hair to make sure there were no bugs.  At that time, women washed their hair in soft rain water which was caught in a cistern.  Didn’t want to use that hard well water.  So, see, things really aren’t so bad after all in this world of today.  At least we don’t have to worry about having our hair catch on fire because we have just combed through it with kerosene.

If you like this sort of story, you will love my books.  #2503 (my address when I was growing up) tells of growing up in the 30’s & 40’s.   In The 1940’s is the name of the next one and tells all about those War years and living at that time and  The Wonderful 1950’s is all about that time.  Each book is $10 with no postage or order all three for $25.  Just send check or money order to BET   P.O. Box 2249, Benton, AR  72018    You will love them!



29 08 2011

HI:  Was just  thinking about those good old days today.  You know, the ones you always hear about that were so wonderful and we should all go back to them.  Bull!!  Things are so much better now.  Or at least they were before you know who came along and started messing with everything.  But that is another story for another day.  And believe me, I will write those when I am ready.

Anyway, when I was a younger person, there was no air conditioning at all.  And on those 100 plus days, it was pretty hot.  But as kids we didn’t know any better anyway so we were perfectly happy with our lives.  We played all over the neighborhood, running as fast and hard as we could.  We skated on the sidewalks and rode our bikes and sat on the porch, swinging with our friends while we visited.  It was a very nice life.  We sweated a lot, but I don’t remember anyone ever having any problems with heat prostration or having to drink water all the time.  When we got thirsty, we just ran into the kitchen, grabbed a drink of water and ran out again.  We drank out of the same glass all the time because there were no dishwashers except us.

We had oscillating fans that kept us cool when we were really hot.  But they didn’t do a lot of good.  I can still see my mother ironing in the front bedroom with an oscillating fan blowing on her legs.  The fan couldn’t blow higher than that because then it would dry out the sprinkled clothes.  The sweat would run down her legs because ironing was such a hot job on a hot day.  But I don’t remember her ever complaining about it.  She listened to the radio while she ironed and that seemed to make her happy.  That was just life in those good old days.

When attic fans came on the market, we were fortunate that our attic could accommodate such a big monster as that.  It took every relative we had to get that fan up in the attic and wired properly.  And it took  a full day for this to happen.  Meanwhile, mother cooked a big pot of spaghetti sauce and all the fixins to go with it.  We had a real feast that day – eating in the big dining room instead of the kitchen – and then the men went back to work while the women and children cleaned up the dishes.

It was a fun day and we all enjoyed it a lot.  But the best part was that night when we opened the windows about a foot, just enough to let that air blow on us while we slept.  It was wonderful.  And I remember it as still being wonderful.  The whole day was lots of fun for us kids.  And just the thought of that blast of cool air coming in that window and blowing the curtains is enough to make me sleep really good even to this day.

Guess those good old days weren’t so bad after all.  Maybe they really were the good old days.  Will write about some more of those.