15 09 2011

Remember:  Purty is as Purty does!  My Nanma told me that almost every time I left the house when I was growing up.  This was her way of telling me to behave myself, be kind, be nice, and make everyone like me.  I have always appreciated that Purty advice.  It has held in good stead many a day when I wanted to bite someone’s head off.

After all, I am human just like everyone else.  And I get so tired of all the same old, same old bites in this world of today.  For instance, as I have already written in one of my blogs, I got so tired of teachers always telling me at the teacher’s conferences that ‘He could do better if he would just try.’. As far as I was concerned, she was the one who was supposed to make him want to try and if her classsroom was interesting, he definitely would have tried.  But then, I  had to hold my tongue and be Purty once again.  Or else be sent to the principal’s office.

And then the latest instance.  I ordered a medication from the drugstore this past week.  I had an infection come up on my leg and it was a real dilly, so had to have some pretty strong stuff to get rid of it.  I went by the drugstore and the doctor’s office had not called it in yet.  But the druggist wanted to know my date of birth so they would be looking for the prescription when it came in.   I ran some errands and then stopped by at the window once again.  The lady had never heard of any of this and she wanted to know my date of birth.  Then she disappeared from the window and I’m sure took her friends and relatives to lunch before coming back.  Then she informed me that if I wanted to wait, I would have to park in another parking lot and they would let me know when the meds were ready.  I said no thanks and went home to fume for awhile.

Next I called to ask if the medication was ready yet.   That lady had never heard of me either.  She wanted to know my date of birth.  Then she put me on hold and I heard all the advertisements at least once and was going around the second time when she finally came back to the phone.  Then she put me in touch with someone else who might know what I was talking about.  By this time, my leg could have fallen off.  But the lady assured me that they would have the medication ready soon.  So I started up the car once again and made another trip to the drugstore.  Then I had to wait in line behind four other cars.  When the front car didn’t move for a long time, I pulled around and parked and walked into the drug store.  There were about 40 people in front of me, but I guess I looked pitiful so the lady motioned for me to come forward.  By this time, I was ashamed of the way my leg looked and was pretty sure that was the reason I was summoned forward – so they could get rid of me.

After the lady went back into the pharmacy and evidently talked to everyone there, she finally came back and asked me my date of birth once again.  By this time, I was ready to lunge over the counter and tell her my date of birth in case she had not heard it before.  But then a pharmacist appeared with the bottle of pills and I just smiled and acted purty once again.

Then the medication made me feel really bad for the nest 8 days.  Think I’ll just give up, take to my rocking chair and try to be purty for the next 20 years.  Maybe then, someone else will take care of me.  Especially if I’m purty every day.  They might even ask me my date of birth.


10 09 2011

When the television stations first came on the air in my area of the country, it was probably late 40’s, early 50’s.  I am sure everyone has heard of the dancing toothpaste images with the jingle that went with them.   It was really something to see.  In fact, we were invited to my brother’s boss’ house so we could see television for the first time.  No one had a set then.  Just those privileged few who had dared to purchase one of those ‘things’.  And it was considered a real folly to do so.

The television set was very small, probably a 9″ size.  It was on top of a cabinet and all their family and all my family sat in the dark room in order to see it because with the light it generated, it was possible to see the images through all the snow.  And there was definitely a lot of snow.  It was very hard to see through it all sometimes.  And then the television set might start with those diagonal lines that were all too frequent and we might just miss seeing anything at all.

But this night at my brother’s boss’ house, we could see well enough to make out the dancing toothpaste images.  And we were all properly impressed.  I think we were probably watching the Ed Sullivan Show at the time.  Of course I had no idea who Ed Sullivan was nor what the show was all about.   But I was very impressed with those dancing tubes of toothpaste.   I had never seen anything quite like that!

Later on, my husband and I, being newly married and without any children on the way, bought our first television set.  Ours was small, too, but it was larger than what we had seen before.  And there was not quite as much snow anymore.  Besides that, you could actually make out most of the people on the shows and actually keep up with what was going on.  That was a big plus at the time.

We had so much company then that we almost had to make appointments for people.  It got so we couldn’t even go to bed on time at night because someone was watching the Dave Garroway Show in our living room.  But it was o.k.   We were young enough to take all that and still keep going.  And we were both working and making enough money to afford all the popcorn and colas and other snacks that we were serving every night.

After that ‘new’ phase passed though, we had less company.  Most of the people decided that this new fangled thing wasn’t so bad after all and they were buying their own sets.

I went to work for a firm of accountants in the early fifties.  None of my bosses had a television set.  But that Christmas, they all got one.  It was the happiest bunch of people I had ever seen.  They were all talking about having the sets delivered to surprise their families and how exciting it was watching their first shows and how the kids were enjoying all the kiddie shows.

At that time, we only had television during the evening hours.  So we all turned on our sets in the late afternoon and watched the test pattern until the shows came on.  Oh, we were really hip at that time!  But it was all a lot of fun.  And I wouldn’t have missed it for the world.

And speaking of the world.  Our world was never quite the same after that.  Such is life.  Progress, you know.



15 08 2011

Well, today was the first day of the school year around here.  All those big yellow busses were just scooting right along this morning.  And the traffic was terrible.  Now, I live in a small town and the only time we have a traffic jam is when school is either taking up or letting out.  When I first moved here, that was absolutely wonderful.  I had been fighting traffic while running carpools for many years at that time and I would take that school rush hour any time over what I had been driving in.

I hope all the kids had a wonderful start to their school year.  All the little girls looked so proud in their new uniforms at the school where I saw them.  And the boys were playfully shoving each other around.  Looked typical to me.  Seems like I remember a few of those first days myself.

And of course, I remember a few of them with my own children. In fact, I didn’t think I would ever get through with those first days of school year after year after year.  I dearly loved each and every one of my children, but I did not dearly love each and every one of their schools nor their teachers, nor their friends sometimes.

So, I don’t miss the first day of school.   In fact this morning I was much relieved not to be in that parking lot line of traffic.  And I was relieved not to have to walk another child into his classroom and meet his new teacher.  Oh boy, I sure did not miss that one.

And I’m glad I was not there to pick up children when they got out of class at 3 this afternoon.  Again, I didn’t miss the waiting in line to pick up my child.  Nor did I miss the ‘hey Mom’, I’ve got to go by the store this afternoon.  My teacher says I need a poster board for tomorrow’.   Ugh!!!  I will never miss that one, especially if I have ice cream in the car or have to pick up another child or whatever might make a big difference in my afternoon on that first day of school.

I am definitely not an old grouch nor an old prude nor any of those descriptions that describe someone hard to get along with.  But I can sure get along without that first day of school – ever again in my life.  I’m so glad I’m old today.


19 07 2011

Every person is entitled to being treated with human dignity.  That includes those who are unfortunate enough to require care in their daily lives.  This includes those elderly, infirm, babies and the handicapped. I read every day in the newspapers of someone mistreating a child or an elderly person.   Sometimes it is those who cannot defend themselves who are the most mistreated.  I think that is a terrible thing.

People should be more mindful of each other and help those who need help.  Why would anyone want to harm an innocent child or an elderly person who has lost his way through this life.

In my case, I have had to depend on caretakers or babysitters a lot over the years.  Sometimes, I could tell when the person had not been kind.  Or if my child had been ignored or mistreated in any way.  My child requires a lot of assistance from time to time, but mostly she just needs to have some attention paid to her.

The last babysitter I had fed my child her dinner at 3 in the afternoon and then had her in bed before 7, telling her she was too tired and needed to go to bed.  This then gave the sitter the whole evening for herself.  I consider that to be absolutely disgusting.  My child did not know what time it was or when she should have gone to bed.  I would not have known about this except that one of my other children called and was upset over this.  Should not have happened.  To add to this story, then when my child could not sleep, he was blamed for staying awake all night and keeping the sitter up.

Another time, there was some problem and the sitter told other people that she was knocked in the floor. When I heard about this – from others – I checked into it.  Come to find out that was not the case at all.  My child had been pushed and she was the one who ended up in the floor.

On another occasion, my child had ‘acted up’ while sitting in her chair and had fallen to the floor.  Come to find out that she was acting up, that’s for sure, because someone else was allowed to go into her room and pilfer through her things and she had to sit in the chair while all this was going on.  I probably would have ‘acted up’ too.

When a person takes a job as a caretaker/babysitter, they should plan on doing  good job and taking proper care of their charge.  Or not bother to call themselves a caretaker/babysitter at all.  And it most certainly is not fair to spread stories about their charge.  This just adds insult to injury, lies, lies and more lies.

Needless to say, I no longer have that sitter and do not plan on hiring another one.  But I still maintain that a person is entitled to be treated with human dignity, no matter what their  problem may be.  As is said, ‘Whatever you do to the least of these, you do also unto Me.’   Would do well for the caretakers and babysitters of the world to remember that.


11 07 2011

For those of you who might be interested, I have a new book published on Kindle.  My other books are all on there, too.  I  think I have 6 altogether.  Anyway, you might want to check them out.  All under the name of Bet Hampel.   There is Bet’s Cookbook, a great way to feed your family cheap, good, nutritious meals.  I know how to do that having raised a whole houseful of kids.  And they are all very healthy, so must have done something right.

And then, there is my series of books.  First one is  #2503 which is about the 30’s and 40’s and growing up in a middle class everyday family.  And then In The 1940’s which is the story of that same family – which was mine – living through the pre-War, World War II and post War years.  Interesting, lots of living history.  Very enjoyable.

Then there is The Wonderful 1950’s which is the story of growing up and having a family of my own and all the changes, changes going on in those years.  Really great to know about all those wonderful things that came along during those years.

All these are full of humor and fun.  The Cookbook has lots of Tips for making things easier and cheaper.

I have another one called A Better World which makes suggestions for living life so that we can all have A Better World.  Not preachy, just interesting.

And now I have another one.  This one is called The Real Story and it tells the real stories behind what is often reported as the real story.  One of the stories tells about the 1957 Little Rock High School crisis – you know, the integration of the high school.  What is the real story and what has been printed are two different things.   Read all about it!

Second chapter tells about a recovering alcoholic and all the changes in his life and how successful he became.

Third chapter tells The Real Story about what has happened to our country and suggests remedies for changing things back to our normal, wonderful life style.

All are $7.95 on Kindle.    On Amazon.com you can order by mail.    All details about ordering are listed.

Anyway, give the books a try.  You will really enjoy them, I’m sure.  Thanks.  Bet


8 07 2011

I have not followed the trial of Casey Anthony, but evidently a lot of people have.  I do not know if she is guilty or not.  Since I did not have to judge her, I have not.  I don’t even know the whole story.  But I have noticed how the television has railroaded her from the beginning years ago in order to have a story to follow.  I have said several times over the last couple of years that the television had judged her from the beginning and she really didn’t stand a chance.

But then she was acquitted of the charges and that was that.  Now I see the people demonstrating with their placards raised high demanding that she pay for her crime.  In the first place, she is  ‘innocent until proven guilty.’   That is the law in this country.  And then she is to be judged by her peers which was done.  They decided she was not guilty and that should be end of that.  If the prosecutors did not prove she was guilty, then she was rightfully judged to be innocent.  That is the way it is done.

Now I see where she might be offered a book deal and will be released from prison.  She has been in prison for almost four years I think and I believe that is long enough for someone who is judged to be innocent.     And as far as a book deal is concerned, who cares.  If anyone doesn’t want to buy her book, then just don’t buy it.  Nothing to that.

I heard one commentator make the statement that the ‘whole country is in shock’ over her being acquitted.  How silly.  How really ridiculous.  I’m not in shock.  I have just been wishing the trial would be over soon so we could get back to hearing the real news on the television during news time.  I was never interested enough to follow the trial anyway.

Whatever  happened, happened.  I am sorry, but remember anyone in this country has the right to be judged as innocent until proven guilty.  That is the law.  Period.  And for myself, I really am glad of that.  We are all subject to being judged sometime in our life.  Hopefully, our laws do protect the innocent and punish the guilty.


6 05 2011

Seems like every time I turn on the news,  someone is blaming someone or something else for their problems.  People think it is o.k. not to take responsibility for their own actions.   Don’t think that will work anymore.  I think I am not the only person who is sick and tired of hearing how hard it is for a person to get along since they have been brought up in a world with problems everywhere.  Everyone else is at fault all the time.  No one takes responsibility for his own actions.

For generations, there have been problems everywhere.  During the depression years way back when, there were people who did without everything.  They were hungry and cold or wet or lonely just like people have been forever.  And it wasn’t because someone else made them have all these problems.  No way!  I read  about a man in the depression years who walked barefoot to the only store in his part of the world.  It had been snowing and his feet were very cold.  When he got to the store, he literally begged the storekeeper to allow him to buy a pair of shoes on credit because he had no shoes at all.  And certainly had no money.  The storekeeper refused this request.  The man had to walk back home barefoot in the snow, still with no shoes.  What did it benefit the storekeeper to treat another human like that.  And whose fault was it that the man was barefoot to begin with.  Well, obviously, the irresponsible storekeeper eventually paid a dear price for that act.  And the man with no shoes did not blame someone else for his misfortune.  That was the way it was then for everyone.   He accepted that and learned to live with his problems.  He took responsibility for his own life.  He knew no one else was going to take care of him nor his cold feet.  He knew it was up to him to somehow be able to afford a pair of shoes.  He would.  And he did eventually.

The depression was a long time ago, but things are a lot the same right now.   If you listen to the news reports, you will note there is a lot of unemployment and a lot of hunger.  It is not everyone else’s fault that someone is without a job.  Maybe if they had worked harder before, they would still have a job.  But then, too, maybe the company was downsizing or moving or making some other changes.  The responsible answer, of course, is to get out there every day and apply for another job.  Something will come up eventually, IF a person really wants to work.  And that is the responsible answer.  A person has to want to work and that has to be communicated to the person who is doing the hiring.  Act like you want to work.  And then work for that money.  Then you can provide for your family and yourself.  Somehow, some way, if you are responsible for your own life and your own decisions,  your life will make a turn for the better.

But first, always first, you must take responsibility for your own actions and show that you want to do better.  Then you will.