30 12 2010

My mother’s mother, my grandmother,  was a very superstitious person.  She had all kinds of beliefs.  I never knew her very well as she was very old by the time I remember being around her much.  In fact, I was really afraid of her.  She sort of barked at me when I came in the room, always wanting me to be quiet.  I got a doll buggy one year for Christmas and when I rolled it up next to her, she slid her eyes over towards me and told me to take that thing out of the room.  So I never got to know her very well.

But getting back to the superstitions, she believed that a man has to come in your front door first on New Year’s Day.  That supposedly brings good luck to the household.  If a woman enters the door first, beware!  Bad things ahead.

And she said that whatever you do on New Year’s Day, you will have to do all year long.  My mother would not do any work on New Year’s Day.  She prepared the Black Eyed Peas and Ham Hock, but that was about it.  I remember that my sister and I washed and dried the dishes.  Sure enough, I have been doing dishes  every day since then.  Guess that’s the reason.  I should have known better than to wash and dry dishes on New Year’s Day.

So watch out!  Be careful on New Year’s Day.  Be sure a man walks in your front door first.  And don’t do anything unless you want to do it all year long.



29 12 2010

Hope you have a great, grand and wonderful 2011.  Just remember to keep your head on straight and your feet on that lighted pathway.  Then you will do great, grand and wonderful.  Always put God in your thoughts first.  This only takes a little practice.  As you feed the kids, Thank God for the food.  As you wash the dirty dishes, Thank God for the fact that you can do that, that you can stand in front of the sink and use your hands to wash those dishes.  

Thank God for the clothes you are washing every day and for the clean sheets for the beds and for the light switch on the wall that illuminates your world.  Just make a habit of thanking God for all that you have.  It may not be enough some days, but if you thank God enough, it soon will be.  No matter how dark and dreary your life may seem, there is always a sun shining behind that cloud.  

When things were really tight, tight for us, I was ironing one afternoon and looked out the window.  Then I thought to myself, ‘Well, things couldn’t be too bad here.  There is no one starving in the gutter in front of my house.’  So always remember that.  ‘There is no one starving in the gutter in front of your dwelling place either.  Be thankful for that one, too.

Have a Wonderful New Year!!!!

HAPPINESS IS – – – – –

24 12 2010

We all know what happiness is supposed to be, or we think we do.  Real happiness is not wanting anything that you don’t need.  Then you are satisfied, deep down satisfied.  I know it is important to buy whatever is shown in the latest advertisements.  But if you don’t really need it, then don’t even think about buying it.  This is called the difference between wants and needs.  If you don’t buy what you don’t need, then the credit card bills don’t go up, the house payment gets paid, the car payment doesn’t break you, and the grocery list is considerably shorter.  Give it a try.  Cut down on everything that you ‘think’ you need and just purchase what you really do need for the next 30 days.  And then see how much better your financial situation can be.  After awhile, it becomes a habit not to want so much.  

As long as my living quarters are warm in the winter and cool in the summer.  As long as my car runs. As long as I have clothes on my back.  As long as I am healthy, what else do I really need.

 Oh, and by the way, have a really Merry Christmas!  The New Year  will be even better.

Visit with Jesus

20 12 2010

Catholics believe a Priest actually changes bread and wine into the true Body and Blood of Jesus Christ during Mass.  This is not just a symbol.  This is the True Presence of the Body of Jesus Christ in the wafer of bread and the True Presence of the Blood of Christ in the cup of wine.  The proper name for the wafer of bread is The Most Holy Eucharist.

Many Catholic Churches in the world have what is called Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration.  This means Christ is truly present in the Eucharist on the Altar in that Church.  If that Church does not have this Perpetual Adoration, then Jesus is still present in that Church, but He is in the Tabernacle beside the Altar.  His actual Presence is the same in every Catholic Church all over the world every moment of every day. 

Even if you are not a Catholic, you are welcome to come and visit with Jesus in any Catholic Church in the world.  You might want to just come into the Church, kneel down or sit down, and rest with Jesus for a few minutes.

Tell Him your problems, your wants, your needs, your everyday experiences.  Ask Him for help if you need it.  Thank Him for what you have. 

He is listening to you.  He knows you are there with Him.   He is always there for you.

Take a few moments from  your busy life to just Visit with Jesus.  You will be glad you did.

Gift Giving

17 12 2010

I know this is the season for giving.  I hear it on the television all day, the radio in the car, and from everyone I know.  And I agree wholeheartedly with all of it.  But, you know, giving should not be for just this time of year, but for all during the year.   It doesn’t have to be much in order to make someone very happy.  Why not try my suggestion in the year to come.  

I’m sure there is a nursing home near you or a school for handicapped, or even a public school with a handicapped department.  And these are only two suggestions.  The recipients are up to you.   Go to the store and get a small box of cards for the occasion.  It might be birthday cards or Christmas cards or Valentines. Then sign them wishing the recipient a great holiday.  You don’t even have to put your real name.  You might want to call yourself the Elf or something like that.  Put a $1 bill in each card.  Seal it up and take them  to the place you want to give them out.  Speak to the person at the desk, telling them you want to give a card to someone who has no family or who doesn’t get any mail, or someone who is very lonely.  And then leave.  It is not necessary for you to be involved in any way.  

Some of the places want you to give out the cards yourself, but most do not.  The point is that for $1 and a cheap card, you are going to make someone very happy today.  

For myself, I have a list of  birthdays at a handicapped center.  I make sure that every child who has a birthday that month gets a card with $1 in it.  And I also send cards to a home for neglected throwaway children.  After a year of sending cards, I received a birthday list for each month.  Now I can send to individuals.  But they still don’t know who I am and that is not the important part anyway.  

This doesn’t cost me much and it gives a great deal of pleasure to the person who receives the card.  Try it.  You can do this all year long or just at certain holiday times.  

You might want to read my blog from some time ago entitled The Power of the Dollar.  Make someone happy today!

Getting a Job

14 12 2010

Trying to get a job?  There are still a lot of employers out there looking for good people to fill their jobs.  If  you really want a  job, you can usually find one.  No matter what job you are seeking, the qualifications are always the same.

All employers are looking for  a person who wants to work, is willing to learn and will work.  This means the person shows up on time every single day.  He doesn’t cause trouble in the office or in the field.  He listens well and learns and learns all he can about what is expected of him.  And then he performs to the very best of his ability. This means he is not watching the clock all day to see if it is time for a break yet or time for lunch or quitting time.  

When applying for a job, it is important to be truly interested in  the job and not just in the benefits.   Some applicants have been known to ask as soon as the interview begins, ‘what can you offer me in the way of benefits?’  One employer always answers that question with ‘what are you going to do to make me money?’  After all, the only reason the employer is in business is to make a profit.  Without a profit, he is immediately out of business.  The person more interested in the benefits rather than the job is the one who will never get the job.

Most employers are very fair.  He probably has been in business for a number of years and knows what it takes to run his company.  He is the one with the job.  He makes the rules. He also provides for all the people who work for him.  They, in turn, provide for him with their daily tasks.   A  lot of people are under the impression they are doing the employer a favor by coming to work.   Not so.    If  you want a job, you have to understand that it is exactly that – a job.  You work for the employer, you get paid by the employer.  

Do your very best.  Show the employer you are eager and willing to learn and to put in a full day’s work for his dollar.  Then you will have no trouble finding a job.

Going To College?

14 12 2010

When we graduated from high school in the 50’s and before that, we were well prepared to step out into the real world,  get a job, provide for a family, and have a good life.  Then the 60’s came howling into our lives and it was no longer adequate just to have a high school education.  Now it was in vogue to change the world, demonstrate, and live off Mom and Dad for years to come.  No reason to get out and get a job.  No reason to grow up.  More fun just going to college forever.  In fact, I talked with one student at a basketball game.  Seems he had been going to college for 15 years and loved it!  Planned on going for a while longer, too.  As long as the money from home held out, he would just keep on doing  that.  And by the way, he knew all the cheers for the game, too.

After that came the 70’s and all the young women were told that if they didn’t have a college degree, they could not get a job.  And since the women’s movement had been pushed into our lives, it was absolutely  and positively necessary that all women had to have a job and help provide for their family.  By the time the 80’s and 90’s rolled around, this was a way of life.  In spite of that college degree, though, most jobs were of the hum drum variety.  And not everyone is happy with their life.  This can be attested to by the number of divorces in our society of today.

Whether you be male or female, don’t make that momentous decision about college until you have thought about all the issues involved.  What field are you really interested in?  Does it pay well?  Will it provide you with an income for the rest of your working days?  But most of all, will you be happy working at that job day after day after day.    I know of several instances where the person went to college, got the needed degree, and then hated working in that field.  One, an accountant, had all the necessary education and went to work.  After two weeks, she could see this was not what she really wanted to do. She had wasted four years of her life for nothing.   She had to go back to college and get another degree  in order to become a principal in a private school.

It might be better just to skip college for a year and get a job in the field you think you want to work in.  If you like the field, then you can pursue the college later.  Worth a try.  Certainly seems feasible to know what it is you really want to do in your life rather than waste all those years pursuing something you maybe don’t want to do anyway. Sure, you can take tests to see what you are suited for.  But that is not the same as real experience.  Give yourself a fair chance.  Test the waters a little bit.  Then get on with your life.  You have years and years and years ahead of you.  Take advantage of all that is offered.  And then get on with your life.  Good Luck!

Made in China

12 12 2010

Well, I don’t know about you but I am about through buying anything that says ‘Made In China” .  The Slinky’s were not up to par this year.  The gift card purse holder would not snap. Today  I was wrapping the presents for everyone in my family and  the paper kept tearing when I tried to wrap it around a box.  Then the tape would not stick.  In fact, it peeled off faster than I could put it back on.  I finally looked on the box of tape and sure enough, there it was in great big letters – Made In China.

 So I’m through with that.  I will start looking for the tags that say Made in USA or Made in America or even Made in US.  Better to at least try to get something of quality.  

I may have to make my own paste of flour and water to make the paper stick together or use the comics as wrapping paper, but I am through with the  Made in China junk.

God Takes Good Care Of Me!

12 12 2010

I take my handicapped  daughter out for a short ride every Sunday.  On this ride, I heard a pop in the back of my car.  Within only a few feet, my dashboard told me that I had a flat tire and then within seconds, it read that I now had 4 pounds pressure in my left rear tire.

I had two choices.  I could pull over in this desolated part of town and hope I could contact help.  Or I could make a mad dash to WalMart, the only place open on Sunday.  I quickly decided to try to make it to WalMart, about two miles away.  I drove as carefully and as quickly as I could, pulling into the WalMart Tire Center when my tire was literally in ribbons.  The attendants started pricing tires for me while my daughter started crying and screaming as she was quite upset by now. 

 I asked the attendant to just put my spare on.  I pulled and pushed my daughter into the store where I hid among the sewing fabrics while I called my son. Fortunately he was working that day and  came immediately, bringing a friend with another car. My son said he would take care of everything and for me to just take his car and go on home.  I did this gratefully.  By now, I was as upset as my daughter and fussing to myself about how inconvenient this flat tire was  on a Sunday and in a desolated part of town.   I was glad we were home safe and sound.  

My son  purchased a new tire for me. Fortunately, the rim was not damaged and all was fine now.   But after the tire was on, the car would not start.  After testing, we were told the battery was dead.    Seems the battery had been gradually dying and was very weak.  The attendant said the battery probably would not have lasted another week. 

So that flat tire really wasn’t so inconvenient after all.  That was God’s way of telling me that He had protected me once again.  My battery might have died while I was on the highway, or late getting home for my daughter, or maybe a long ways from home.  Maybe, maybe, who knows.  But God knows. And I certainly believe that  God Takes Good Care Of Me!



11 12 2010

HURRY, HURRY, HURRY, RUN, RUN, RUN!  Christmas is coming!  So much to do in so short a time.   We all feel the pinch of too little time and too much to do.  Buy the gifts, wrap the gifts, set aside the time for entertaining family and friends, make the necessary phone calls, plan the menus, purchase the groceries, prepare the food.  So many things to do!  All this besides the normal hectic pace of life.  My normally hectic life would include all the carpools, shopping, washing, ironing, cleaning, and something more.

I have learned over the years to take a few minutes time just to be by myself.  This might sound impossible, but it can certainly be done.  I had a special hiding place in a corner chair in my seldom used living room.  I would prepare a hot cup of tea and head for my hiding place.  My children would be looking for me and calling my name and talking among themselves about where I might be.   They always knew I was around somewhere so they would then busy themselves with their own endeavors. That fifteen minutes meant a lot in my day.

You can do the same.  Set aside a few minutes to be alone, just to be by yourself.  Time to think or relax or just be.  Maybe you have a hidden refuge.  If not, then just shut your mind down for that few minutes and relax.  Drink that cup of tea.  Shut your eyes, relax your body, stretch your legs and arms, and feel the tenseness go away.  

Master this little trick of taking time for yourself every day.  You will feel much better and be better able to cope with your hectic schedule.

Then you can HURRY, HURRY, HURRY AND RUN, RUN RUN, with the best of them.