Three Remedies

30 04 2009

When I was a child, no one in my household ever got sick.  We knew better.  My mother did not tolerate sickness.  Period.  If I complained, I was told, ‘Go outside and play.’  If I still complained, I was told, ‘Hurry up and get ready, you will be late for school.’  These two remedies worked miracles.  Very soon, I would forget I had even thought about being sick.  If I did complain a third time, though, she had that special remedy called Castor Oil.  She would give me a spoonful of that miraculous medicine and I would be very sorry I had ever mentioned being sick.  When the Castor Oil finished sandblasting my insides, I was more than happy to be well once again.  Such was life.  And it was a truly great life.       Read all about it in my books.  Thanks.

The Clock and God’s Holy Will

29 04 2009

I never know what God will ask of me each day.  I just have to do whatever it is.  Simple as that.

Early in the week, my  husband called the clock repair man and made an appointment for him to come out and look at our grandfather clock.  My husband dearly loved his clocks and took great pride in them.  The big one wasn’t keeping correct time and he was happy that he had finally found someone to work on it.  Meanwhile, he went for his regular heart checkup on Tuesday.  They found something to be concerned about and he was told to come to the hospital on Wednesday  for further tests. He reminded me once again to be sure to be home when the clock repair man came next Saturday.   He wanted his clock fixed.

He checked into the hospital.  They ran the tests and determined he needed surgery.  On Friday afternoon, he finally had the surgery. I left the hospital that evening to go home and take care of my retarded daughter.  I called about midnight and the nurse said my husband was doing fine.  I called again early on Saturday morning and the nurse said he was not doing well.  I called  my two sons and asked them to go to the hospital early to check on their father.  I would get there as soon as I could.

The clock repair man came at 9, repaired the clock and  left about 9:45. I was to take my retarded daughter to the babysitters at 10. I had promised my retarded daughter that if she was good while the man repaired the clock, we would stop at the drive-in and pick up a treat.  I pulled into the parking slot at the drive-in and ordered her treat.  My cell phone rang and I answered.  My son said, ‘Mom, Dad is gone.  You need to say if you want them to intubate him.’  I answered, ‘Can they do it just one time  so he is alive until I can get there?’  My son answered, ‘No.’ I said, ‘Then I don’t want it done.  I want him to be at peace.  He was too good a man to do that to him.’ My son said,’Then you have to tell the doctor.’ The doctor came on the phone and I told him the same thing.  I said, ‘My husband was too good a man.  I want him to die peacefully.’ He answered ‘Yes Ma’am’ And that was that.

Our order was delivered.  I took my daughter to the babysitters house.  Then I called the local Priest  and left word that my husband had died. I then drove the 20 miles to the hospital. My son was waiting for me outside and took me to my husband’s room.  My other son was waiting in the hospital room with his Dad’s body. I sat down in a chair beside  my husband’s bed and held his hand until he was no longer warm.  Our daughter came to the hospital after being called by her brothers.   The local Priest arrived in a short time.  We all said the proper prayers together. Then my sons took me home.

My husband and I had a very good life together. We raised a nice family and did all the things people do in their lives.

That is what God asked of me that particular day. Perhaps I could have changed something about that day, but I doubt it.  I did what I thought was right.  I never have had second thoughts about what might have, could have, or would have been. My husband was very ill and did not know if I was there or not when he died.  He was comfortable.  And I knew he was at peace.  Besides, the act of dying is something everyone does alone.  I could  hold his hand, but he actually went on his journey to God alone.

And so I continue each day to ask God ‘What would You have me to do for You today’?  And then I try to take each issue as it comes along and do the best I can. Hopefully, I will do the right thing.

Americans and Change

28 04 2009

We are Americans and Americans can do anything.  This was what I believed as a child  and still believe today.  Given the right reasons, Americans will fight the good battle and win because ‘right is right’ and ‘right will out’.  And we as Americans are always right.  Therefore, if we all pull together on any issue, we will win.  No matter what.

We can change the face of America today.   We can become the good example for everything morally good.  We can fight against the murders of babies, fight for marriage between a man and a woman, and fight the good fight for all our families.  We can demand safe schools and a good education for all our young people.

All we have to do is live that good moral life and show the example to all those around us.  We can put God first in our lives and always set the good example for others to follow.

God is always with us.  We have but to ask Him and He will show us the way.

Excerpts from My Book Entitled, In the 1940’s

27 04 2009

From Page 19

Sometimes society indicates that the rich man is the bad guy if he lives well. But if anyone stops to think that thought through, it is the so called rich guy in the private sector who provides the jobs to put the other people to work.  Nobody ever worked for a poor guy, you know. And not everyone can work for the government.

From Page 9

Way back when, Mr. Roosevelt put people to work by forming Government Programs and thus providing jobs.  This is a very good idea except for the fact that eventually someone has to pay the bills for all these programs.  This usually means a tax or two will soon be added for ALL of the working people to pay.  It is better to support the small businessman so he can provide jobs for others. It is better for  people to work than to provide give- a- way programs through the government.

From Page 10

One result of having a decent job is the dignity it provides for the worker.  Every worker needs this dignity in his life.  The  income- an honest day’s pay for an honest day’s work,  gives all members of the worker’s family a dignity, too.  Their dignity comes from being able to pay their own way and not having to be dependent upon others to provide for their needs.

Christian Country

26 04 2009

Our President made the statement that we are not a Christian Country. I found that to be sort of strange. I sure thought it was. I know I was brought up to think that we lived in a Christian Country. I believe the Founding Fathers based all they did on God’s Laws. And I believe those who fought for our freedom at the Alamo thought we were a Christian Country. And how about those who fought during that horrible World War I. They all thought they were fighting for the freedom to worship Our God as we pleased. And I certainly remember those millions who died in World War II. I remember they all believed they were fighting for the right to live in a Christian Country. I remember very well those men who struggled to raise that flag at Okinawa where the water was red from the blood of their comrades. They definitely thought they were fighting for a Christian Country. Perhaps our President needs a history lesson. Or perhaps he is just practicing some more of his ‘change’. I’d better make sure I know exactly what I am voting for in two years when our next election comes up. And I certainly am going to be voting for an even more Christian Country.