Americans and Change

28 04 2009

We are Americans and Americans can do anything.  This was what I believed as a child  and still believe today.  Given the right reasons, Americans will fight the good battle and win because ‘right is right’ and ‘right will out’.  And we as Americans are always right.  Therefore, if we all pull together on any issue, we will win.  No matter what.

We can change the face of America today.   We can become the good example for everything morally good.  We can fight against the murders of babies, fight for marriage between a man and a woman, and fight the good fight for all our families.  We can demand safe schools and a good education for all our young people.

All we have to do is live that good moral life and show the example to all those around us.  We can put God first in our lives and always set the good example for others to follow.

God is always with us.  We have but to ask Him and He will show us the way.