END OF 2011

30 12 2011

Boy am I ever glad this year is about to end.  It has been absolutely terrible.  All I read in the newspapers is violence, death, robbery, and trouble, trouble and more trouble.  Don’t think that is the way it is supposed to be anywhere.

One war after another.  People talking now about another war about to start.  The way I feel is forget it.  Let people live their own lives clear across the world and leave us alone.  And those comments about big business all the time and how rich everyone is – those that work that is.  Silly stuff.  Everyone is supposed to get out there and get it best they can.  May not be a million dollars a year, but anyone can make a living if they will just be willing to work.  People will not get hired if they show that they are not willing to work.  Period.  End of subject.

But the way I feel about everything is that God will provide.  Always has, always will.  But most people forget that it is said that God helps those who help themselves.  Always true and always will be.

Right now, I am hoping that God will send us someone to lead this wonderful country.  Haven’t seen anyone yet who can do that.  Seems that all of them have a strike or two against them.  Just have to wait and see who comes out on top of the stack and then I will vote for anyone who is running against Obama.  Period.  End of that subject, too.

2012 is going to be a great year.  Just wait and see.  Best year we have ever had.  All that violence and problems in the world are going to be much better.  And everyone is going to have a good life.  I’m sure that will happen if we will just trust in God and try to live a good life.  2012 Here we come!!!


29 12 2011

Well, I warned you that I would give my opinionated opinions just as soon as I got around to it.  So here I am.

Went to the post office this morning to get my mail.  Ha!  3 letters, more advertisement than letter.  Almost no one working at my local station and lucky if we get any mail on some days.  Never on Saturday anymore.

I see on the television and in the newspapers that this is due to the internet. Not so!!!  The internet may have cut down some on the volume but not much.  Instead, the reason why the post office is in such bad financial shape is because of all those many, many benefits they promised to the workers many, many years ago.  For instance, when I was a younger person, the only way to go was to get a job with the government or the post office.  Both are in financial straits now as a result.

The post office was a prime job.  Took a long time to get a steady job there.  Had to be bumped and bumped over and over again, but if you kept at it, you would eventually land that prime job.  Then you were set for life – and I do mean life.  You could retire after 20 years and still be a young person and have a whole new life while you were  being paid that grand and glorious retirement stipend.  Many, many people did just that and are still collecting.

Not only did they get the retirement pay, but while still working, they got the vacation pay, the sick pay, the long vacations, (longer each year).  This was long before everyone else even dreamed of having all these benefits, but after all, the postman was the link to the world for a lot of people.  So they were glad their postman had such a good life.

The postal union raised its head all these years and made sure the employees got ever more and more benefits.  After all, no one ever goes down in pay or benefits.  Instead,  when contract time comes up, it is always time to ask for more and more salary and benefits.

Meanwhile, there were lots of people working for the post office.  Took a lot of hands to sort and deliver that mail.  After awhile, there was a post office on every corner and the mail was guaranteed to be delivered by early in the morning  My husband ran his business for years, always having his mail in his postal box by 9:30 in the morning.  Just watch and see what time you get it delivered nowadays.  It sure isn’t 9:30 in the morning anymorel

One of the employees told me recently that they are so slow because people are retiring or quitting and are not being replaced – anywhere.  So, guess what.  The taxpayer pays and pays again.   The stamp costs more and there is less service to everyone.

Now, I don’t know about anyone else, but I really don’t think it is my fault that the postal workers got so many benefits and salary raises over the years.  I really thought that was o.k. at the time.  But now – in this financial crisis – be assured that the reason is NOT the internet.  It is because they bit off more than they could chew many years ago and promised what they could not deliver.

They should have known better.  They were the delivery experts.


28 12 2011

When I was a senior in high school, my father had great plans for me.  At that time, being a secretary was a prime profession.  And I was already a great one.  In the 9th grade, I could type 120 words per minute on an old time typewriter.  And I could take shorthand very well and transcribe with the best of them.  So I was going to make a great secretary no matter what.  My father decided that I should go to Washington and work for the government.  That would be the ultimate job as far as he was concerned.  He had talked to a couple of career government secretaries  in our hometown and they had told him for me to take the civil service test for stenographers and then apply for a job in Washington.

So I was on my way.  He even made arrangements for me to rent the typewriter for the test and drove me to the federal building where the test was to be held.

Well, I was a great secretary alright, except that when they gave the test, the lady was on a stage in front of us and I was on about row 24 or so.  There were two people sitting next to me with those new fangled machines that clacked all the time.   So when we began, I could barely hear the lady up front who was dictating the test.  As a result, I failed the test.  But then, I could take it another time if I pleased.

This one time sort of deflated my dreams of being a great secretary in Washington D.C. anyway.  I was sort of scared about going away from home when I was so young and being on my own and all that great stuff that teens dream of.  Of course I never said that out loud and I would have gone if I was supposed to.

But it seems that God had other plans for me.  Those plans were certainly not in my mind at the time.  I was still planning on being a great secretary and becoming important somehow and having a good career over the coming years.  The word ‘career’ had not even been invented yet, but I was all for it anyway.

But then, this young man came along and I worked another couple of years and then became a stay at home mom with is the only kind to be as far as I am concerned.  I gave up the dreams of career as I now had a greater career raising my many children.  I had a wonderful life and would never have wished for anything better.  But it still remains a surprise to me that I enjoyed being a mother so much.  I didn’t even like children when I was young.  They just always got in my way.  And now, here I was with all these wonderful little ones running in every direction and the house being full of laughter and fun every single day.

Everyone was here for Christmas this year and it was still a house full of laughter and fun.  There are almost 30 of us now and we thoroughly enjoy our visits and jokes and just plain being together.  What a wonderful career I have had.  What a wonderful life I have had.  I look around at all of them and thank Dear God for all that He has done for me.

He knew exactly what I needed in my life and I am Grateful Forever that He showed me His ways.  I wouldn’t have liked it in Washington, D.C. anyway.


24 12 2011

Hi and hope all my friends have a wonderful Merry Christmas.  Will be back with my opinionated opinions just as soon as I get caught up from the Merry Christmas I am having here with all my family.

And, hope all of you know that 2012 is going to be the best year we have ever had.  Yay!!!


19 12 2011

An article in my local paper today stated that the state had spent more than a half million dollars to outfit a building with solar panels, etc.  It is a state owned building and the hopes were that  these solar panels would provide – 2 Percent to 3 Percent of the building’s total electricity over the long term.  Now, read that again.  The state spent a half million dollars to provide 2% to 3% of the building’s total electricity.  That would be like me buying a pair of shoes for several thousand dollars in hopes it would save me money over the next ten years or so.  Makes absolutely no sense at all.

Suddenly someone has the idea that we should   spend more money to buy less all the time.  I know for myself, I am getting pretty sick of someone  telling me what to do and how to do it.  We seem to have people who have made themselves in charge of God’s World  because they do not believe this is God’s World and He will provide all that we need – all the time.  Just because they do not believe that doesn’t mean that others follow their beliefs.

Look out the window once in awhile.  Somehow, God provides that sun to come up every day and set every night.  He also provides the clouds in the sky and the air we breathe and the water we drink.  I have not noticed that God put anyone else in charge of any of these wonderful things.  He is in charge.  It is God’s World.  Leave it alone.

God has been providing whatever mankind has needed for many, many years now.  He provides that oil for us to use.  So why is someone else telling us we cannot use that oil that God has provided for mankind.  He provides the gas we need and so we should be able to use it.  God did not say that anyone was in charge of saving any of it. I don’t believe in plundering God’s goodness.  But I also think that God knows what he is doing.  He has provided animals for their fur for warmth and their meat for food and others are telling us we cannot use these animals.   He knows what we need.  He provides.

For instance if we need something else, God will provide.  He knew we could not all ride a horse around all the time so he provided people who invented the automobile.  He provided someone to invent the internet and all its ramifications.  He knows our needs before we do.   And He provides for all of them as we need them.

Wake up!  It’s time to recognize where all the great, grand and wonderful things come from.  They come from God and he doesn’t need for a particular group to designate themselves as guardians of His World.   Instead of trying to keep mankind from enjoying the gifts from God, we should all be on our knees thanking God for all that He has provided to us.

This World belongs to God.  It is God’s World.  He knows how to run it.  He has been doing just that for a long, long time.  Let go and let God take care of His World.  All He asks in return is that you recognize Him and thank him for his goodness.  Surely people can manage to do that.



16 12 2011

Well, it finally happened.  I got up this morning and looked in the mirror and there it was – a wider part on the top of my head.  My part was much wider than it had been when I went to bed last night.   This tells me just one thing.  It is a plot; a planned discrimination against brown colored hair.  No doubt in my mind about that.

After thinking about this all day, I have come to the conclusion that I will have to be the one, the instigator, of a new government program against such discrimination.  Just simply cannot have this in my life.  So, I have come up with a name and have planned some of my strategy.  The name will be Suspicion Of Discrimination of Beauties Undergoing Loss of Brown Hair.  The shorter version will be simply called SODBULB.  That shouldn’t be too hard to remember.

First, I will have to contact my congressmen and insist that they add this new government program to their list of earmarks in the next bills coming up.  Then I will most certainly have to hire lawyers to represent this important issue.  That shouldn’t cost much, only about 50k or so to begin.  Then I will have to hire people to conduct studies to see why only brown haired women are subjected to this terrible travesty.  I looked around today and didn’t see even one blonde or one red haired person with the wide part on the top of their head.  Even the dyed brunettes did not have this.

Next, I will have to have a petition to circulate so that everyone will be aware of this program.  This will require that I hire an assistant.  I can cover the position of CEO easily but I will need an assistant to dial all those numbers of people I will have to call.  Each state will have to be contacted you know. In just no time, SODBULB will become a household word.  Oh yes, this means I have to contact all the media too.  How am I going to keep up with all these lists.   I know, just need another new phone.  That should do it.  With a calendar or two on it and a place to put lists.  Oh dear, so much to do.

Well, it certainly looks like I have my work cut out for me in the next few months.  Have to set my salary also.  That will take some figuring.  And expenses to cover. I can readily see how that money gets spent.  Just 50k here and another 50k there.  And some of those employees will cost  even more than that depending upon how much they know about the Parting of the Waves. Plus benefits of course.

Need to run out now to the office supply store.  I’m sure I will need some computer software and a calculator to add all these figures up.  While I’m out, I will have to stop at the Garden Supply Store also.  Don’t remember what for  but it will come to me I’m sure.

SODBULB, SODBULB, SODBULB.  Has a nice ring to it.  Probably have to get that name copyrighted.   Everyone will want to be using it.


15 12 2011

There is not a day goes by that I don’t get something in the mail about the poor hungry children in our country.  Or I hear about them on the television  or see them begging on the newscasts.  Surely in this day and time, this is completely and absolutely unnecessary.  And it has absolutely nothing to do with the so-called recession.  This is a matter of responsibility on the part of the parents of these poor, neglected children.

Why aren’t the parents feeding their own children?  I fed mine. And I would have fed them before I ever had anything to eat myself.  Not so these days.  The children are dumped on the various government agencies and programs.  They are fed at school and food is sent home with them on Friday so they have enough to tide them over until Monday when they can come back for a free breakfast and a free lunch once again.  Where is the mother who is supposed to be cooking their food.   And where is the father who is supposed to be providing for the groceries in the home.   I know those parents are not all working 2 and 3 jobs every day.  That is very evident by their accepted standard of living.  So, why doesn’t the mother know how to care for her children.  And why doesn’t the father know how to provide for his family.

Something is badly missing from our society at this time.  The main word that comes to mind is responsibility.  These parents just bear children with no intent of providing anything for them.  The children come  to the daycares all day long.  This takes away any responsibility for raising  children.  They are fed at school and this takes away any responsibility for providing food for them.  They are given clothing from various agencies including a lot of volunteer agencies.  The family is given food to take home from another agency.  What do they do with the food?  Obviously someone eats it, but it doesn’t seem to be the children.

Is this the result of President Johnson’s Great Society?  You know, the one where everyone is given everything and they do not have to work or provide anything for themselves.  Seems to be working just great.  Except that it took away all the incentive to provide for self and your own family.

Surely there is some pride somewhere in these wasted lives.  Surely, some of these parents might wake up and realize they are the responsible parties and it is up to them to provide and provide and provide some more.  That is their job in life.  They need to get with it and provide for themselves and their  own children.

Then there will be no more Poor Children, Poor Starving Children, Poor Destitute Children, and Poor Children who are living in poverty everywhere every day.



14 12 2011

Was watching the television latest news this evening and the newscaster said that teen use of marijuana is the most it has been since 1981.  I don’t happen to remember much about the use of marijuana in 1981, but I certainly remember about the use of the drugs during the 1960’s.  So, this makes me wonder —

Where are the parents of these teens and what are they doing.  Evidently, they are not raising their children.  If they were, they would know that their teen was high on marijuana every day or pretty often.  Since these parents grew up in that world, they certainly can recognize all the symptoms of use.

Maybe they are just not around.  Or maybe they are not paying any real attention to their teen.  Or maybe they are using the drugs themselves.   No matter what the story is, the result will be the same.  We will have another generation that cannot perform as they should in their everyday lives.  They will not be responsible as adults because they are not responsible as teens.

And, will we also have another generation that is only capable of sleeping in tents on the concrete and growing their hair long and not brushing their teeth and complaining all the time because they cannot find a job and cannot have a life because no one will give it to them.

What a shame that the parents do not care enough about their teen to stop this outrageous behavior now before it develops into more and worse habitual use of marijuana or other drugs in the years to come.

Time to wake up and come to the party that is known as adulthood and responsible parenthood.  Time to take the teens to task and shape them up while you still can.  Otherwise, just go out and buy a tent.



7 12 2011

There is so much talk against our wonderful Country these days.  Seems some people think this Country owes them a living.  The only thing anyone is entitled to is an opportunity.   Sure, you have to open the door to opportunity and in some cases, kick it open, but the opportunities are there for everyone.  You just have to find them for yourself.  That is the whole point in living in this free Country.  You can become whatever you choose to become.  Up to you.

But getting to Social Security – there is so much yak yak yak about how it got to the point of having problems and how to correct those problems.  No one seems to think much about how it got started and how it was set up.  According to the politicians, they are always going to fix it.  Only they never do. They just talk about fixing the problems.  And in so doing, they never face the real problem.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt was the President who devised and set it all up.  Remember, he was the one who fixed almost everything by putting a lot of people on welfare during the Great Depression years.  And then took credit for solving the Depression when it was actually World War II that solved the Depression.

I remember when Mr. Roosevelt set up the Social Security system and I remember my father fussing and fuming about all of it because he said – ‘When people live longer than 65, it won’t work.’  And he was right.  Can’t work.  Not enough money in to take care of all the money going out.

At the time Social Security was set up, most people were dead long before 65.  Almost no one lived long enough to retire.  So what they ‘contributed’ to Social Security stayed in the fund and built up over the years.  And then people started living longer.   Only the system did not change to accommodate this.  And so now we have people living to 100 and over and drawing on what they contributed many years before.

I don’t have the solution to the problem.  I just think it would be nice if we heard the truth now and then from the politicians instead of them acting like they can solve this problem that they didn’t cause to begin with.

Social Security will survive.  If and when someone looks at it honestly and comes up with a solution that will be fair to everyone.


6 12 2011

Tomorrow is a very special day – Pearl Harbor Day.  We live in the most marvelous Country in the world.  The good old U.S.A. is far and above any other place on this earth.

I have traveled to lots of places over the years.  Have been to Italy and Germany and Austria and Switzerland and all the Balkland countries and Finland and Holland and Russia and all points in between.   There is nothing to compare anywhere to our wonderful Country.  When visiting Russia it was like stepping back in time to the 1920’s.  Nothing was modern.  Everything was old and used and worn out.  Even the electric wires were strung everywhere out in the open like they used to be here when I was a kid.  Their museums contain almost nothing of any value.  And people watch the visitors like a hawk to make sure no one steals anything.

We have everything we could ever want here.  And we are supposed to be free to live a good life every day in whatever manner we choose.

No matter where I ever went or what I saw, I was always so happy when I put my feet down on American soil once again. Even if I had to wait in the airport in Atlanta for hours and hours in order to make connections to get home, I was still so glad to be here again.  It is just a marvelous feeling to be a citizen of this great country.

So tomorrow, if you think of Pearl Harbor, say a prayer for  all those who gave their lives in that horrendous war and thank them once again for all they have given to you.   As is said, Freedom isn’t Free.    And it most certainly is not.  Treasure it.  Thank God for it.  We are the most blessed people in the world.