Three Remedies

30 04 2009

When I was a child, no one in my household ever got sick.  We knew better.  My mother did not tolerate sickness.  Period.  If I complained, I was told, ‘Go outside and play.’  If I still complained, I was told, ‘Hurry up and get ready, you will be late for school.’  These two remedies worked miracles.  Very soon, I would forget I had even thought about being sick.  If I did complain a third time, though, she had that special remedy called Castor Oil.  She would give me a spoonful of that miraculous medicine and I would be very sorry I had ever mentioned being sick.  When the Castor Oil finished sandblasting my insides, I was more than happy to be well once again.  Such was life.  And it was a truly great life.       Read all about it in my books.  Thanks.