Mother’s Day (part 2)

9 05 2009

From the book, In the 1940’s, Page 96

I handed Mother the pretty wrapped gift and told her  ‘Happy Mother’s Day’.  I was so proud to give that gift to my Mother for her Mother’s Day.

I had never made my own money for a gift before.  Mother just looked at me with her mouth open.  I guess I really surprised her.  In fact, I think she was in shock.

It was a very nice Mother’s Day that year.

It is very easy to  make an issue of discrimination.  Anyone can do it.  And these days, a lot of people do.  Claiming discrimination on any issue is nothing more than a cry for attention.  It goes back to that adage that the wheel that squeaks the loudest gets the oil.    It is the person who feels left out who is going to claim  discrimination.  But why bother.  Not everyone CAN be included in everything.  Not everyone WANTS to be included in everything.  There are different paths through life for each one of us.  Each person has to find the spot where he fits in best. That is where he will be happiest.  Really has nothing to do with discrimination.  Our happiness actually depends upon each of us finding our own niche.  There is where we will also find our heart.    Who needs to make a squeak over that.

Mother’s Day (part 1)

8 05 2009

From the book, In the 1940’s, page 22

Mother cooked, cleaned, sewed, and shopped for us.  While doing that, she also taught us all the morals we needed to know in order to live a good, honest, decent life.

We listened to what she taught us.  We did not refuse her discipline nor her teachings.  Gradually, she formed us into the people we would eventually become.

Hers was not an easy task.  The job of a Mother is not always appreciated.  It sometimes takes years to understand all the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle that a Mother so carefully fits into her children’s lives.  If done right, the Mother’s job is a very precious commodity and one which simply cannot be done by anyone else.


1 05 2009

Many years ago, I figured up how much it would cost me for sales tax on a dollar if I didn’t pay any of those other taxes that are stuck on everything. I came up with the figure of $.16 per dollar bill. That sounded like a lot, but when I thought about it, I knew I could certainly live with that if I didn’t have to pay taxes on gasoline, income taxes, real estate taxes, etc. Of course that was a long time ago and I’m sure it would take more than $.16 per dollar today. But I’ll bet I would rather pay a flat sales tax on anything I purchased rather than these hidden and disastrous taxes on everything in my life. Have you looked into the Fair Tax that Mike Huckaby is promoting? Worth your time to read about it.