30 01 2012

With one of the gift certificates I got for Christmas from my children, I  bought an American Flag.  It wasn’t expensive and is truly beautiful.  It is now hanging on my house and I am so proud every time I see it blowing in the wind.  I am proud to be a citizen of the wonderful United States of America and I find myself singing the National Anthem at times.

I have traveled all over the world and no one, anyone,  anywhere has the wonderful life that we as American citizens enjoy.  Why do you think all those aliens want to come here?  It is because we have the very best life in the world.  I don’t see anyone leaving to go anywhere else.  Never has been the case.  We have the greatest opportunities offered to common man anywhere in the world.  It is up to us to take advantage of those opportunities by working hard and building a decent life.

We can choose to be a baker or a typist or a writer or a machinist or a bus driver or anything else we might decide  suits our talents.   And everyone has talents, you know.  We  just have to learn to recognize them and feed and water them a little over the years and Bingo!  we have a job that suits us just fine. May not be the president of a bank or a securities whiz, but it will be a job we are proud of and one we can enjoy all the days of our working lives.

I do not understand why people complain about this country or anything in it. It is truly wonderful here!  Every time I land in the United States whether it is Los Angeles, or Atlanta or New York, I am filled with pride that I am a citizen here.  This is my country!  This is my home.  I truly love my country.  And I Thank God every day that I was born here.  What a wonderful blessing!

Now, if all the idiots in Washington will just leave it alone, we can all have a wonderful life in this great country of ours.  Hooray!  Gotta’ go look at my flag again.  It is so pretty.


26 01 2012

I read just yesterday where someone somewhere said there was no reason for that creepy, crawly feeling that some people experience.  Don’t have any idea what they were talking about. But evidently some test had been done and had thrown out the idea that creepy, crawly was real.  Well, I beg to differ on that one.

I’ll have to tell you what happened to me and those creepy crawly things.   A few years ago, I started just itching like mad, particularly on my legs.  In fact, it seemed that something was just determined to eat me up, a bit at a time.  And I kept seeing things like they were flying in the air and yet I could not really see anything. And occasionally, it would seem like something black ran across a white tile cabinet.  But again, there was nothing there.  I was about to decide that I had finally lost it all.  About ready to go to the looney bin.

Then, the bug man came for a quarterly spray of my house and I mentioned to him that it seemed like something was after me.  He said, just as casually, that if I could catch one of those things, he would take it to the state laboratory and find out what it was.  By this time, it seemed like something was in my hair and even my eyebrows, but again, I really couldn’t see anything and just had this creepy, crawly feeling.

I took a roll of scotch tape into my bathroom just in case something went whizzing across my white tile cabinet ever again.  Sure enough, a couple of days later, I saw what seemed like something racing across the cabinet and I slapped it really hard with that scotch tape.  And behold, I had caught a thing whatever it was.  I called the bug man and he came right out and got the sample.

A couple of days later, he called me and said I had a spring tail mite in my house and that was what was biting me.   But, he said, the laboratory technician told him that these spring tail mites absolutely do not bite humans.  By this time, I could have shown that technician my half eaten red legs, but didn’t bother to  mention it.  The bug man went on with his explanation.  These tiny, tiny black bugs look like a grain of black pepper.  They are so small that they really cannot be seen.  And they are a part of the environment.  They eat rotted wood and vegetation.  They are in the mulch in my flower beds.

He even mentioned that I probably had about a million in the flower bed right outside my garage door.  These spring tail mites use their tail to crawl, hop like a flea, and fly.  So that was why I had seen those mysterious figures in the air and yet could not swear that I was seeing anything.  They can also get in  my hair and  eyebrows as well as everywhere in my home.  He came back and sprayed the house really good once again.  For the first time in awhile, I felt some peace that evening.  At least I wasn’t itching quite as much.

That week, I had all the mulch removed from around my house.  When the men pulled the mulch out of the beds around my front door, they called to me.  I ran outside to see  a fog of bugs rising up from those flower beds.  That was those lovely creep, crawly things. My flower beds may not look as pretty without mulch,  but I am happy with them.  I still get bit occasionally when I go outside, but it is nothing like it was.  I keep bug spray in the house and use it regularly as well as having the quarterly spray done.  And I put pest control granules in the flower beds.   The bug man had told me it would take years to get rid of all of them.  I believe him.

Next time I went to my regular doctor, I mentioned all this to him.   He listened politely and then said that maybe I wasn’t human after all.  Maybe I was a humanoid.  We laughed about that.  But the whole experience really wasn’t very funny and I hope I never have to live through that one again.

Maybe those in the know about creepy crawly feelings might reconsider.  If they want, I can send them some spring tail mites.  I’m sure I can find a few in my flower beds.


25 01 2012

I was just wondering if anyone has thought the subject of traditional marriage all the way through.  We all know that God created man and woman.  Everyone should know this story.  If not, read it in the Bible in the first part of Genesis.  We all belong to God, like it or not.  It is a fact.   No one but God can create man and woman.  Period.

So, then the devil comes along and causes all the problems that we still face today.  This, also, is very well known.  The devil wants to and strives to discredit and actually win over God.  This has been his plan forever.  If he can destroy this humanity that God created, then he will win over God.

Now, we have the issue of homosexuality.  Did it ever occur to anyone that the destruction of traditional marriage between one man and one woman would also result in the loss of humanity?  Without the one man and one woman of traditional marriage, there will be no children.  This will result in the devil winning  over God.  The devil will  destroy all that God created.  The devil will destroy the procreation of all humanity.  No children, no people, no man and woman, no God’s  world.

Think I will stick with the one man, one woman of traditional marriage.  Certainly makes more sense to me.  I don’t want to live in a world that belongs to the devil.  I want to continue to live in God’s world.


23 01 2012

It’s been cloudy, foggy and wet all day here.  Makes me remember when I was a kid.  My father was gone to the big War and it was always cloudy, foggy and wet every day that year.  Or at least that was the way it seemed to me.  Seemed like every day was dreary.  I remember standing on the corner waiting for the city bus and being cold to the bone  And it wasn’t a whole lot different at home.  Mother tried very hard to make us all happy all the time.  But some days it was just a losing battle.  We all smiled and laughed and tried to have a good day or a good week or whatever.  But it was still hard.

We all missed Daddy a whole lot.  He was always the happy one in the family.  He sang and whistled until he just drove us all crazy.  And he could really tap dance and would do that occasionally. We missed Daddy and his smiles and his fun all the time.  But we really didn’t talk much about it.  Didn’t do any good anyway. Was still cloudy and rainy and foggy outside.

I remember a lot about those days and the challenges of the family unit.  Not only in my family but in all those around us.  Everyone was involved in that War.  It wasn’t just a War of a few people.  It involved the whole country and in fact the whole world.  Mr. Roosevelt talked on the radio and we all listened.  We read the newspaper until it had almost no print left.

If you would like to know more about the 1940’s times and what it was like then to be in the middle of that family and that War and that life, then by all means buy my book entitled In The 1940’s.  Only $10 each with postage included.  Great book. Have had lots of good comments about it.  Everyone seems to enjoy it a lot.  Can order from Amazon or from me at P.O. Box 2249, Benton, AR  72018.  Just enclose that check or money order and I’ll get your book right out to you.  You will definitely enjoy it!  You can look up my books at    Thanks, Bet

By the way tomorrow would be my father’s 106th birthday!


22 01 2012

When raising a house full of kids, you soon learn that you have a choice.  You can either laugh about things or you can go crazy.  And the choice is strictly up to you.  I choose to Laugh and Laugh and Laugh some more.  No wonder I’m half crazy. But it is o.k.   I don’t care if people talk about me.  Everything is o.k. every single day.

Just this week, I was missing a bath mat from a bathroom.  Could not find it anywhere.  Now, how does anyone lose a bath mat.  I asked all the children and all the children denied knowing anything at all about that stupid bath mat.  So, after looking through all the house, up and down and around, I finally gave up.  Decided the bath mat had just finally had enough and walked away.

I kept mentioning it now and then though and finally one of the children said, ‘Stop talking about the bath mat, Mom.’  This told me she probably had something to do with its disappearance.  I finally asked her if she threw it away.  She said, ‘Yes, I did.  It was about worn out.’  The garbage truck had just come yesterday, so I knew the bath mat had gone to that never, never land of the city dump.  Oh well, guess I would have to replace it when I get around to doing so.

But then, I remembered the rule of the lost items and it is that they almost always reappear when you least expect them.

That brought to mind when I lost a baby shoe many years ago.  And on the doctor appointment week, too. Could not take that poor baby out in the cold without a shoe, so tore up the house looking for the shoe.  Everyone helped but we never could find that shoe.  Had to buy another pair in order to take the baby to the doctor.  I could not afford it at the time but had no choice.  Then a week later, the shoe showed up in the toy box in the kid’s bedroom.  Now, we had torn that room apart and certainly had looked in that toy box a dozen times.  But, as I said, lost items almost always reappear when you least expect them.

And then there was the time my son lost his Sunday shoe on Saturday.  He was walking home from the local swimming pool and made it home with only one shoe.  Now, tomorrow was Sunday and he had to have that shoe to wear to church.  People might frown on a boy with only one shoe.  So, after discerning that he was carrying it home from the pool because he had left his tennis shoes in the pool area the day before and had worn the Sunday shoe to the pool and was carrying it home, then we set out to find it.  Sure enough after driving slowly along the area where he had been walking, he remembered dropping his items in a pile of leaves while he tied his now- on-  his -foot tennis shoe. Then he fished around in the nearby pile of leaves and sure enough, there was his Sunday shoe. See, like I said, those lost items always manage to show up when and where you least expect them.

So, I have learned to laugh and laugh and laugh some more at incidents like this one.

And sure enough, just yesterday, that bath mat was right there in the pile of dirty clothes.  Now, no one knows where it came from nor how it got there.  But, that bath mat knows.  It is a shame it cannot talk and tell us where it had been.  Such is life.  Laugh about it.  Why not.  Laugh or go crazy.



20 01 2012

Just let things get to going really good and some idiot comes along and tries to ‘fix’ it.  Always.  Just like this bill that was in all the news this week about the piracy on the internet.   Leave it alone!  The internet is working just fine!  Leave it alone!  We all enjoy it and everyone seems to benefit from it.  Leave it alone!

Here goes this 99% thing again.   The figures are ridiculous but for the sake of whatever, I will use them.  99% of the people in this country are honest and responsible people.  So why are the 1% trying to ruin everything in this issue.  Just like I said before in my recent blog, you cannot legislate morals.  Period.   People will either be honest in their dealings in this world or they will be dishonest.  Which one are you?

I know for myself, I try to be honest in everything that I do.  And that includes buying movies and music.  Why would anyone want to steal?  It is not theirs. Period.  If they can’t buy it, then they don’t need it.

Morals are instilled in a person while they are growing up.   Or they learn them the hard way after they are an adult.  There is only one way to live a decent life and that is with decent morals.  So, normal people don’t steal on the Internet.  Leave the Internet alone!

Instead of ‘fixing’ everything, Congress needs to instill morals in their own lives.  Parents need to instill morals in their children’s lives.  And each of us needs to make sure we live a moral life.  Then nothing would ever need ‘fixing’ again.


19 01 2012

Hi again:  been busy the last few days, but been thinking just the same.  I was in the grocery and bought a Powerball ticket when I checked out.  A man behind me stepped up and said, ‘oh you shouldn’t do that.  That is gambling’.  I turned to him and said ‘I don’t see anything wrong with that.’  Then he just laughed and said ‘Neither do I.’  We both laughed and went on our way.

People try to tell other people what to do all the time in this world.  But one thing for sure is that ‘You cannot legislate morals.’  Period.  End of that subject.  You can tell people what they should or should not do.   You can suggest other avenues.  You can try to help them along their way.  But absolutely, positively, you cannot legislate morals.

Having a moral life is up to the individual.  Only he can decide how he wants to live.  As long as he follows the law, it is up to him what he might choose to do.  Gambling, for instance, is a good example.  As long as the individual can actually afford the dollar for the ticket, there is nothing wrong with his purchasing that ticket. When he needs that dollar for groceries or to pay his bills, then it is wrong for him to spend it on gambling.  Same goes with any other moral issue.

Remember, ‘Moderation in all things’ still determines what is immoral or moral in a person’s life.  That covers just about everything including eating, drinking, and gambling.  Too much is never a good thing.  ‘Moderation in all things’ – no matter what the issue.