Let God Decide

24 06 2009

Well, i guess jon and kate are finally calling it quits.  it just amazes me how they ever managed to get into the mess they are in anyway.  who would want to spend all their days inside a daycare situation.  Every time I turn on the television set, I get to see how jon and kate are having problems.  i can only imagine.  You know, there should never have been a problem  in the first place.

If people would just go back to letting God decide how many children they have and when they are born, everything would fall  into place pretty quickly.  The old practice – before all women had to have  salaried jobs – was to have a child and nurse it for a reasonable amount of time.  The nursing was a natural birth control.  After that baby was weaned, then if God intended it, you would have another child.  Sometimes people had more children  and sometimes they did not.

In my particular case, I had 4 children in five years.  It was quite a chore to take care of them, feed them, and have the patience to get through a few rough years.  And then when things settled down somewhat, God decided we should have 2 more. And that was a great blessing.  I enjoyed all my children when they were growing up.  And I still enjoy all of them now that they are grown and have children of their own.  God truly blessed me many times over.

I didn’t feel like it was necessary to plan my life away. I didn’t have to carry that heavy burden of   deciding for myself when and if I would have children.  God made the decisions at our house and it worked.  It will work today for anyone who has enough Faith to live with that Trust in God every day.  If God gives the children and the parents accept them lovingly, God will also provide the means to support the children  and to have the patience to raise them to be responsible adults.

Classic Double Speak

16 06 2009

On May 17th the President of the United States of America spoke at the University of Notre Dame, he said that the people on both sides of the abortion issue need to find a common ground on which to discuss the issues, but one which will not cause problems with a woman’s choice. Great example of double speak.

In the first place, once the woman becomes pregnant, she has no choice in the matter.  It is God’s choice after that moment, not hers.

In the second place, there is no common ground whatsoever.  How can there be?  There is either  life or there is death.  There is no in between on those two issues.  Either a person lives or he dies.  Period.  End of subject.  Anyone with any common sense knows there is no neutral ground here.

It’s the Little Things We Do

15 06 2009

Just thought I would tell you of something I do to make people happy.  It does not cost me much and takes very little time.  But it makes a whole lot of people very, very happy.

I received a calendar from a local children’s charity last year.  On it were listed the birth dates of the children they take care of.  Some months have 1 or 2, other months may have 20 names on it.  I went to the local dollar store and bought several boxes of birthday cards.  Each box cost only $1.

Then around the first of each month, I address a birthday card to each child who is on that month’s list.  Then I also enclose a $1 bill.  I usually mail all of that month’s cards at one time because otherwise I might forget to mail them later and I would not want any of the children to be disappointed.  I have received several thank you notes from children telling me how happy it made them to get the card and the $1 bill. And also telling me that it is something they all look forward to.  Total cost is very minimal.

I also send birthday cards from my retarded daughter to all her friends at school.  I follow the same procedure.  I have a list of who has a birthday each month.  I let her scribble her name somewhere on the card.  Then I enclose a $1 bill.  I address the card on the outside saying who it is to and that it is from my daughter.  Then she carries the cards to school and a teacher distributes them to the children.  Again, I send them all at one time.  The date does not matter much to the child and they are extremely happy with the thoughtfulness of the card and the excitement of receiving the dollar.

I have a friend who takes the time to stop by and read the newspaper to a friend who is bedridden.  Another friend calls the local senior citizen center and makes arrangements to take lunch to a friend once in awhile.  Then she stays and visits for a few minutes.  The visit is far more important than the meal.

One of my neighbors likes to bake.  But she and husband cannot eat a whole cake.  So she  keeps wrapped cake slices in her freezer.  If someone is ill or needs a boost that day, she takes a piece of cake to them.

It is the thought that counts you know.  It doesn’t take much money to make others happy.  Just a willing heart and a helping hand.  Give it a try.  You will be the happiest of all!

Much Sensationalism, Little Action

15 06 2009

The poor street person used to be taken care of in a hospital.  There were hospitals in every state which provided food, warmth, and clean, decent living conditions for anyone who honestly was not capable of working.  Then the liberal element took their cases through the courts and got all those hospitals closed down, turning the people out onto the streets.  Who won on that issue.  Certainly not the person on the street.   Now they walk the streets day and night.  Most do not even know where they are walking to or from.  They have no shelter, no food, and no place of comfort.  The city and county governments along with volunteer groups try to feed them, clothe them, and help them with whatever they need.  It was better before when they knew where they belonged and were taken care of properly. I know that some people abused the system, but then someone always does.  They do it today with those who are on the streets just like they did when they were housed in the hospitals.  They were not in the majority in the hospitals and they are not in the majority today.  The abusers just made more interesting copy for the story writers.  So it was sensationalism at its best.

The result is what you see now.  Those who have nowhere to bathe, no clean clothes, no money in their pocket, no one to care where they are, where they came from, nor where they are going.

Those on medication are told where to go to get their pills.  If they don’t show up, it is said, ‘he stopped taking his medication’.  Perhaps they don’t know where they are that day and cannot find the place for their medication. Sometimes you read in the newspapers, ‘he stopped taking his medication and beat someone up, or he killed someone’.  Wouldn’t it be better if they were provided a safe place to stay?

In my community, there was a  woman, probably in her 40’s who sat on a bench on the service road of a major highway.  She wore a heavy coat, and wrapped it tightly around her all the time.   This was the middle of the summer, probably 100 degrees every day.  She sat there for hours and hours.  I finally called a local organization and asked about her.  I was told – we cannot touch her.  She says she can take care of herself and so we cannot provide her with anything.  Regulations do not permit us to interfere in any way.  Isn’t that a shame.   Obviously, the woman needed help badly and no one was able to see that she got it.  I don’t know what ever happened to her.  But I hope someone was able to give her the help she needed.

Maybe the liberal element really did not know what was best.  Like with most things, they only bought the sensationalism and did not really know the issues involved.

More Americans Pro-Life

14 06 2009

I heard just today that a new poll is showing that more Americans are now Pro-Life.  I never could understand why anyone would be for murder in the first place.  Why would anyone anywhere want to kill an unsuspecting, tiny, sweet human being.

No matter how inconvenient it might be, it would be much better to have life than death.  And if need be, the child could always be put up for adoption, thus giving the child life and the new family a whole brand new life also.

I have never had the opportunity to work in any of the pro-life offices in this country, but some of my friends have done so.  I asked them one time what were the major reasons for abortion.  I had always thought it was the poor young unsuspecting girl who could not afford to raise the baby.  But my friends assured me that was not always the case.  Sometimes a parent will insist that this young girl have an abortion over the young girl’s wishes.  But they said the primary reason for abortion was because the mother could not afford to have the child, but not for money reasons.  Either she was too busy.  Or she already had all the family she needed.  Or she just couldn’t stand the thought of the inconvenience of caring for a child, especially if she was over 30 and had a very important and busy social life.

And then there was the final and surprising reason.  They told me that a lot of the women who came in looking to have an abortion were those who were in the midst of an affair and had accidentally gotten pregnant and could not take the chance of having a child.  Either because their husbands would be suspicious or because their social circle would be suspicious.

Isn’t that sad, though.  To think someone would commit murder for those reasons.  Pray for them.

The Auto Industry

12 06 2009

I do not like the fact that the government has butted its nose into the auto industry.  Since when did the government have any right to tell any manufacturer how to run his business.  Frankly, I did not know that politicians knew anything about running businesses at all.  Most of them have never done anything like that in their lives.  What gives them the right to tell a business owner how to run his business, no matter what that business might be.

A business owner is in business for only one reason. It is not for his health, nor for his social stature, nor just to have something to do with his life.  A business owner is in business to make money.  Period. And he has to learn how to run that business so that it makes a profit which will allow him to make some money to put in his pocket.  He has the same desires as every other human has.  He wants to make enough to provide for his family.  That means to buy his children clothes, put them through school, put enough groceries on the table every week, and have a decent home in which to raise his family.   And of course he pays an inordinate amount of taxes to the government just for the privilege of working 24 hours each day trying to stay in business.

If he really watches his finances, he might even make enough to take a vacation this year.  After all, all his employees do just that. They all make enough to provide for their families, put groceries on the table and have a decent home in which to raise their families, plus vacation time, sick leave, etc.

Now I am not talking about those bonuses we have all read about recently.  That is pure greed.  We all can recognize that.

But I am talking about the average everyday small businessman.  He wants to provide a good income for all his employees.  In return, he wants them to give him a day’s work for a day’s pay.  Simple as that.

With the automakers, the government is wanting to tell them how to run their businesses, how to manufacture their automobiles, and how to provide for their workers.  Providing for the workers is and has been the major problem for quite some time.  Every time the union goes to the bargaining table, they quite obviously are not going to say, ‘we have enough this year and are very happy with our arrangements with you, so we don’t need to ask for anything new this time.’   Instead, they all get together and decide just what they will ask for each year.  It might be more benefits, more retirement, more salary, more insurance benefits for their families, etc. etc.  But you better believe they are going to be asking for something.  Having been involved a little bit in seeing this done over the years, I can tell you for sure that it is like wishing for the moon.  Whatever we can think of this year is what we will ask for. And they do all this with a straight face as though it is expected of them.  And of course it is.  Everyone knows they are going to think of anything and everything they can.

Obviously, the price of autos and trucks cannot continue to go up to cover these new requests.  Eventually, the auto maker and his dealers will be out of business because people will buy a cheaper car.

My father was president of his union and was involved in all the negotiations every year for new contracts.  He was a printer by trade and their answer to the owners of the papers was that they could just raise the price of the newspaper which would cover all their new benefits.  But after he got involved in the management field many years later, he said how stupid that remark was.  That the owners of the newspaper could not just simply raise the price of their product.  People would not buy the paper if they did that.  The paper would eventually have to shut down and then all would be without a job.

Same way with the auto manufacturers and dealers.  They can’t just keep on raising the price of the product in order to fill the union’s requests.  So eventually, the union will price themselves out of a job.  That is what has happened today.  Some of the retired auto workers make as much or more money in their retirement years as they did when they were working full time.  This is ridiculous.  And this costs all of us because the prices of the autos reflect what it costs for the manufacturer to try to stay in business.

So today, the union is balking at requests for change.  They still want it all, whatever they can think of today.  Instead, I guess they are wanting to price themselves completely out of the picture.  The manufacturers will eventually have to file bankruptcy which will mean fewer jobs, less benefits for all, etc.

What is the point?  Why not work for a reasonable wage, the expected benefits of vacation time, sick leave, insurance, some retirement, and then give a full day’s work for a full day’s pay.  This is all any of us should want or need.  This just tells the story of the auto manufacturers today.

But what about the small businessman.  He is in the same place, only on a smaller scale.  The worker should not demand more than the businessman can pay.  The businessman is not out in the world to see how many people he can hurt.  He only wants to make money in his business, provide for his workers on a reasonable scale, build his business, and provide for his own family.

Why is the government  sticking their noses into the business world in the first place.

Vote Republican next time around.  And watch the economy grow and prosper when you give the people their own money back and everyone has a chance at a decent job – if they want to work.  That seems to be the major problem here now.  How many of those who do not want to work are we providing for today.  Too many.

Bataan Death March

11 06 2009

Do you have any idea what price  has been paid for your freedom?  Freedom is not just the flying of the flag, or the saying of the Pledge of Allegiance or even the singing of the Star Spangled Banner.  Freedom is Choosing how you want to live every day.  It is Choosing what town you want to live in, what house you want to live in, what clothes you want to wear today, what car you want to drive, and where you want to spend your working hours.  You are free to do all of these things plus Choosing how you want to worship your God, Choosing the friends you wish to be with, Choosing whom you wish to marry, and even Choosing how you want to act in your life every day.

A lot of people have died for that freedom.  I read just this past week where  an official from Japan apologized to the survivors of the Bataan Death March for the terrible atrocities which were inflicted upon these  survivors.  It has taken Japan 67 years to get around to saying they are sorry.  As human beings, we are obliged to forgive.  However, we cannot and should not ever forget.  All of the following facts about the Bataan March are verified in postwar archives including film reports.

The Bataan Death March was the forcible transfer of 75,000 American and Filipino prisoners of war captured by the Japanese in the Phillippines.  In April of 1942, against the specific orders of General Douglas McArthur and General Jonathan Wainwright, the general commanding the Luzon Force in Bataan, Philippine Islands, surrendered more than 75,000 men to the Japanese.  This was the largest surrender of a military force in American history.  There were approximately 67,000 Flipinos, 1,000 Chinese Filipinos, and 12,000 Americans.  These men had been fighting the Japanese in the Phillippines for 3 months.  They were starving and disease ridden men by this time.  When the general surrendered, he was assured by the Japanese colonel that the Americans and Filipinos would be well treated.  The prisoners were immediately robbed of all their personal belongings and then forced to march almost 60 miles from the Bataan peninsula to the prison camp where they would be held.

There was extreme physical abuse.  Murder consisting of beheadings, cut throats and casual shootings were the more merciful.  If a prisoner fell down, he was subjected to being run over by Japanese trucks.  Or sometimes the Japanese riding in the trucks would stick their bayonet out and cut the throats of all they passed.  If a prisoner protested in any way or even if he attempted to help a fellow prisoner, he was subjected to disembowelment, rifle butt beatings,  rape, or bayonet stabbing.   Some were forced to carry heavy packs.  Others were beaten randomly for no reason, many were denied promised food and water.  The roads were littered with dying men and those who were begging for help.

The prisoners had to march constantly for almost a week without food and without any water in the extreme tropical heat.  Prisoners were beaten to death for refusing to take another step when they simply could not.  By that time, some prisoner’s feet were devoid of all flesh and nothing but a bloody mass.  If a prisoner could not walk another step, he died at the hands of the Japanese.

Approximately 25% of those forced to march died.  Even more deaths occurred once they had reached the internment camp.  I knew one of the men who was forced to march in that horrible Death March. He shook all over constantly all the rest of his life.  He worked as a salesman, supporting his wife and family for many years while he shook.  It was said he suffered from Beri Beri.  He never talked of his terrible sufferings, but I know he must have tired of shaking every moment of his life on this earth.  His shaking was not comparable to someone with Parkinson’s.  It was more generalized and more constant.  It was a pitiful thing to see.  But he endured until his mid-fifties when he passed away.

So tonight when you lay your head down to get a peaceful night’s sleep, remember those prisoners who gave their life on that horrible, terrible Bataan Death March tor you so  that you can Choose where and with whom you wish to live.  And tomorrow when you put on your shoes, remember those prisoners whose feet became a bloody mass and they  could not take another painful step.  When you step into your car and turn that key on,  remember those who were forced to walk for a week without food and water.  When you go to work where you Choose to work, remember that man who shook all over every moment of his life while he tried to earn a living for his family.  And when you get an opportunity, go by your Chosen church and say a prayer of thanks to Almighty God for those brave men who have given their lives for our freedom.

Long live the U.S.A.

Respect Our Country and Stand Proud

10 06 2009

All the time I was growing up, I was taught to be proud to be an American.  I stood proudly with my hand over my heart when the Star Spangled Banner was played or when the American Flag was raised or lowered.  I was always proud of being who I was and where I was from.  I have traveled all over the world and never, ever was ashamed of being an American.  I knew I stood out sometimes because I was ‘different’.  But I was always very proud to proclaim  United States of America when asked where I was from.

Then in the early 60’s, those in the media began making fun of America and the American ways.  It was really funny when they made fun of the President of the United States.  And laughter was abundant when they sang songs railing against our Country, our Families, our Values and our God.  Then it became the way of the land to have complete disrespect for all that the United States of America had stood for during all the  previous years.  Family values were laughable.  Morals were old fashioned.  Anything goes.  As long as you don’t get caught, everything is o.k.

I watched in horror some evenings as complete disrespect for all I had held sacred was trampled right in my own living room.

We have fallen a long way down that hill. Now it is time to begin to climb back up and reclaim our rightful place in this world.

We should be proud to be Americans whenever and wherever we happen to be.   We should hold our heads up high, stand tall with our hands over our hearts when our National Anthem is played or our beautiful American Flag is raised or lowered anywhere in this world.

We should work hard to reclaim our rightful public respect for our Country, our Families, our Values and our God.

Plant your feet firmly on the American soil and proclaim for all to hear that you believe in all the sacred values of our Land.  Turn off that media when it tramples on your beliefs.  Teach your own children to be proud Americans.  State your Values and stick to them, no matter who or what tells you that you are wrong.

Be proud to be an American!!!

God’s House Cleaning

9 06 2009

So much going on everywhere.  The media hypes everything up so we all think we are in a handbasket on our way to hell.  But do not be alarmed at anything that you see or hear.  God is just cleaning house in this world.  These Ponzi schemes for instance.  They have been going on for a very long time.  And the embezzlers got away with all their schemes for many, many years.  Then suddenly, they are at the end of their road.  Can cheat no more.

It has been said that ‘when he thinks he has it all won, it will all be taken away from him.’  This is speaking of the devil of course.  And he has had full rein over this world for the past century.  Now it is over.  God  will right all the wrongs.  He will bring to the forefront all those who have hidden their crooked ways for so many years.  Watch and wait.  More and more you will hear of those being caught for past wrongs.  You will be able to recognize those who have been so important as they fall from their flimsy thrones.

Just this morning, I saw on the television where a new Gallup poll shows that more and more Americans are Pro-Life.  See, God is righting all the wrongs.

Enjoy!  Enjoy watching while God cleans house in this world.