A Special Lunch

31 07 2009

For many years, my lunch consisted of feeding one in a high chair, trying to help one in a junior chair, and watching squirming kids while they ate. All this  while trying to carry on a somewhat intelligent conversation with those who were old enough to talk intelligently. There was a span of 13 years between my oldest child and my youngest. So there was always a diversity in the  conversations. There was also a diversity in the foods consumed. From baby food to junior food to grilled cheese sandwiches, hamburgers and hot dogs. So no wonder I looked forward to the day when I could at last, at last, eat lunch by myself. When the last one started school, I planned my first lunch time very carefully. I was really looking forward to eating in a quiet atmosphere. I had even been saving a particular book  to read at that lunch time.

I also planned a lull in my usual chores so I would have ample time to eat before I had to pick up a child at 1:00. Oh, I was so excited. I even took the phone off the hook. I didn’t want anything to disturb this special lunch.

I usually just ate whatever fell out of the refrigerator. But today I prepared my favorite sandwich of roast beef on rye with horseradish sauce. I set my plate on the table, got a napkin, a drink of water, a few chips and settled down to read my book. I took one bite of the sandwich and started reading. Oh, such a relaxing lunch. I remember thinking how wonderful, so quiet, so relaxing.

And then I fell asleep at the table.

I jarred awake when my head bobbed. It was time to pick up the child at 1:00. I grabbed my purse, wrapped the sandwich in the napkin and raced out the door. I would eat on the way.

We Don’t Need Your Health Care

30 07 2009

One of our Senators recently made a speech where she said that the worst thing we can do is to do nothing. I would like to tell all the Senators and Representatives in Congress to PLEASE DO NOTHING!

We have a great country. We have a great health care program just like it is. The worst thing we can do is to try and mess it up.

We don’t need more government programs. We need fewer government programs.

There are lots of scare tactics being used today. We are all going to hell in a hand basket if problems are not fixed immediately! Immediately! Must be done right now. In a hurry!

Well, I remember the words that Haste makes Waste. And that is usually true. I believe it is true regarding the government programs of today.

The simple supply and demand will fix most problems. Where there is ample supply to meet the demands, there will be self governing prices and programs. If the insurance industry is allowed to run on a supply and demand level, then the health care will fix itself.

People who need health insurance should purchase it for themselves. When I was younger, I had to pay $7 a month for health insurance and this only covered getting into the hospital. If I didn’t have that, I could not get into the hospital because they did not accept those who would not pay their bills. And while I was there, they came around and made sure that I was going to pay my bill in a timely manner. Nothing wrong with that. You owe the bill, you pay it. Period.

Nowadays, of course, there is nothing for $7 a month, but there are health plans offered by almost every insurance company that are very affordable. Since when did you have to have insurance to pay a doctor’s normal office visit bill. I see no reason for that. No wonder insurance premiums are high if they have to cover everything imaginable. I can certainly see where a physician should be paid by the insurance if the patient is in the hospital and the bill is for a specialty there. But otherwise, why is it necessary that the doctor’s bill be paid by the insurance company. Surely people are capable of paying something for themselves.

It took me years to pay off the Pediatrician bill for all my children. But I did it. And I paid off every other bill that I owed. And I didn’t look to the government to do that for me.

I was responsible for myself and my own life. Personal Responsibility is the answer to most of the problems of this day.

The government cannot supply that one. Everyone has to do that for themselves.


29 07 2009

Hooray for Sarah Palin!!! It is such a treat to hear someone on the television who stands up for what she believes in and speaks with honesty and integrity.

There is no doubt the media tried to ruin her in every aspect of her life.

The politicians also did their dead level best to ruin her.

Hooray for her and for whatever she sees in her future. More power to her. I am looking forward to voting Republican and voting for Sarah Palin when I get a chance!

I still think a ticket of Huckabee and Palin would be great!


28 07 2009

By the time Bill Clinton ran for President, I knew exactly what was going on and why it was. I paid attention to the news of the day and watched while the current President, George Bush Sr. was maligned every day by the press. We who knew  about Bill Clinton tried our best to tell the national press what he was really like, but they would have none of it. He was the young, vibrant candidate and they were going for him, no matter what his past record had been. For instance, he had raised Arkansas taxes 148 times while he was Governor. He had promised the people that if they would vote for him as Governor, he would NOT run for President. He broke that promise almost as soon as he was sworn in as Governor.

When he ran for President, Clinton had a backup core of young men who knew what they were doing and why they were doing it. Clinton seemed to spend an awful lot of campaigning time in the wrong parts of the country. No one could  understand that. I certainly did not. Why was he doing all his hand shaking and talking in the manufacturing states in the upper midwest. Didn’t make any sense to me. But then when the votes were counted on election night, Clinton won before California had even closed its polls. Not much was ever said in the national press about this occurrence.

What these young advisers had planned  came true that night. They had figured out that the electoral votes which would elect Clinton could be obtained within the first few states that voted. All they had to do was have him win in those early states and he would be proclaimed the winner before the votes were ever counted in the other half of the United States. So those votes would not even count.

Now I’m sure others had figured out this manipulation  over the years, but no one had ever dared to put it into practice. We were a country 200 years old and no one, no one, had ever attempted to manipulate the votes in this manner.

This is typical of the Democrats way of doing things. They are not about to break the law. They will just bend it until it is double. This is what they did that night. They bent the odds in their favor. They used every angle possible. And then they walked away as victors. Smart people. Very smart people. But just a little bit too slick to suit me.

I want to see things done the way the United States of America had done them before. I want honesty and integrity in all that goes on in the government. I don’t want a slick campaigner. I don’t want a slick politician. I want someone who will lead us on the straight and narrow path. I want a good, honest person who says what he believes in and then acts on it. I don’t want rhetoric that keeps on being rhetoric and means absolutely nothing.

In other words, I don’t want Obamas in the White House ever again. I don’t want programs crammed down the throats of the working people. I don’t want taxes raised. I don’t want hidden agendas salted by lobbyists. I don’t want rushed and hushed legislation enacted.

I want the Republican way of doing things. I want honesty up front. I want someone who says what he means and means what he says. Even if we don’t like what we hear. Integrity. Honesty.

Vote Republican the next time around so we can take our country back.

THEY May Think THEY Know, but THEY Don’t!

27 07 2009

The liberal element in this country has been trying to change things to their way a long time. They came out in full force during the 1960’s and have been going strong ever since. THEY want to tell you that you and your daughters and everyone you know should have an abortion. THEY know what is best for you.

THEY were the ones who hollered loud and clear about the population explosion. I still see lots and lots of land for expansion. It has been 50 years since they first hollered about this issue and I still see no problem with the population explosion. None whatsoever!

THEY want to tell you that we are having an energy crisis. THEY want to be the ones to tell you what kind of car you can drive, how far you can go each day, and what kind of fuel you can use. And yet, THEY are the ones who have stopped the production of oil in this country. THEY are the ones who won’t let the oil companies drill in certain areas. We have lots of oil, but cannot get to it because the liberals say we cannot. So we have to remain dependent upon oil from the other side of the world because THEY say so.

Well, I have been through many a clunker in order to get to the automobile I have now. I do not intend to feel guilty because I drive a nice automobile. I do not feel bad about the amount of gasoline I use each week. I do not intend to feel guilty about the way I live at all.

THEY are the ones who are now hollering as loud as possible about global warming. And yet, this has been the coolest summer we have had in years. According to the local weather report, there were over 200 records broken this past week because the weather has been so cool for July. No global warming in my part of the world.

THEY say  we will soon run out of electricity and water and coal and natural gas and everything else we need in this world. And yet, all around me, I see progress by the electrical companies who  invest constantly in new technologies. There is ample water for everyone. Scientists have known for years how to tap the oceans and rivers for more water if we need it. Coal is beginning to make a comeback and has been doing so for the last several years. Natural gas is plentiful everywhere it is needed.

And just look around at the new technologies coming out every day. New ways of communicating, new ways of doing research, new ways for progress in almost every area.

And yet the liberals continue to preach doom and gloom at every opportunity.

And now THEY are preaching about the ‘green’ world we should all live in. THEY know best as usual. Or they think they do.

THEY don’t seem to understand this is God’s world. And He will take care of us just fine. I have no doubts about that.

THEY are just simply not in charge of this world. It is high time THEY realized this.

Change We Can Believe In??

26 07 2009

Promises! Promises! Where are the promises Obama made to all of us. He was elected on promises. He promised to fix the economy although it really was not that broken. He promised to fix everything that was wrong in the whole wide world. He was going to make peace everywhere so guess that’s why we are not leaving Afghanistan although he has never told us why we are there. But I suppose that is in the peace promise – somewhere.

And the economy is in terrible shape, much worse than it was when he was elected. His extreme deficit which HE – not George Bush – has created. And the jobs – where are they! More jobs lost now than at any time since the Great Depression. More homes lost than ever before. More businesses closed than ever before. When is he going to ever stop.

Maybe we didn’t really need his sort of promises after all. Maybe we would have been better off staying with what we had, and knowing where we were headed. Maybe we should have all voted Republican last time around.

Hope you will vote Republican the next time around. We sure do need that CHANGE that Obama promised. Wonder what it was supposed to be.

They decide, We Foot the Bill

25 07 2009

When I was younger, early 20’s, I could have been called a liberal for sure. I had heard about the people who needed clothing, especially shoes, food, and shelter. After World War II, the whole world needed something. And my young mind accepted all this and thought of ways I could help – some day when I got older. Then the true liberals started talking about other things, like the population explosion where each person was only going to have one square foot to stand in. Why, we were not even going to be able to lie down or sit down. And then they started making lots of noises about everything THEY wanted to do in this world. WE were all going to save the world. WE were going to provide for all those poor souls who could not provide for themselves. Of course, I thought of children when they said these things and I knew that children could not provide for themselves. But then I came to realize they were talking about people like themselves. People who were not interested in working to have a better life. They were just simply going to hold their hand out and someone would provide for them. Later, we went on a picnic to a national park. While there, we watched as a young family taught their children to wash in the pond and brush their teeth in the public water fountain. They were all unkempt with hair that not seen a comb in many a day.

By this time, I had been married for several years and had children of my own. I taught them to brush their teeth in the bathroom at home and to wash in the tub each day. I combed their hair and provided clean clothes for them to wear. I fed them three solid meals every day. And I considered this to be my job. I was their mother. I did my part to care for my family. My husband went to work each and every day and did his part to provide a comfortable home, a nice car, food, and clothes for all of us.

By that time, we were literally surrounded in this world by those liberals among us who wanted to care for the world and yet not bother to care for themselves. Someone else was going to do that.

As I have grown older, I still see these same liberals who, in the name of compassion, are going to fix the world – on someone else’s dollar bills. THEY will decide what to do and WE will pay for it.  Health care, car industry, banking industry, welfare, educational opportunities. You name it, YOU can pay for it. THEY will make sure of that.

Open your eyes to what is going on!

24 07 2009

Pay Attention! Your President now has his hand in the auto industry, the housing industry, the banking industry, and now he is trying his dead level best to take control of the health care industry.

And I read in the papers today that he has a plan – which he has presented to the proper committees to take over the federal money industry. He wants to endow the Federal Reserve with unheard of new powers which could duplicate and even overrule other regulators and regulations. He is suggesting this new power to make the Federal Reserve the ‘super cop’ of the whole U.S. financial system as well as create the new oversight council to boost coordination among regulators and raise capital requirements for financial institutions. In other words, he, through his plan, would be able to say who could stay in business in the banking industry and who would be gone. How much power should this president have. Already too much for me. And I’m sure he already has a czar in mind for this position also.

If he has his hands on all these parts of our lives, that will just leave us with the power to go to walmart unless he takes that away also.

Pay Attention to what is going on!

Tell your Senators and Congressmen that you do not like any of this. It is very important that you speak up now. And continue to speak up. I wrote all of mine last week and told them that if they vote for the health care program that Obama is putting forth, or if they support any of his programs, I will do all I can to make sure they will not be elected again. And I will do just that. I will be happy to write letters, make telephone calls, send emails or whatever is necessary to see that these liberal congressmen and senators are no longer around. Ever again!

Vote Republican next time. And consider voting for Huckabee. We need him. He has a conservative program consisting of lowering taxes or even getting rid of the income taxes. He is very supportive of the anti-abortion agenda. And he is for everything that I am for and that means he is not for anything liberal. Hooray! We badly need someone like him.

Cash, Clunkers, and Timing

23 07 2009

Cash for Clunkers! the latest rage with the government. As usual, I am a day late and a dollar short. I sure wish  I could have benefitted from Cash for Clunkers in years past.

I had some real clunkers. We went to a neighborhood gathering one evening and while there, my husband bought me a Jeep. He took it to the shop to have it checked and the block was cracked. Then we found out, it had no emergency brake, but that was alright, because I wouldn’t ever have an emergency anyway. The block was repaired and by now we had too much money in it and could not sell it, so I drove it for years. As long as I got a good running start at a hill, I could make it over the top. But I always had trouble starting the Jeep. I pushed, asked for pushes, and my children all grew up knowing how to push that Jeep. I always parked on a hill, had a good knowledge of putting it into 2nd and pushing on the gas so it would start as I rolled down the hill. The gear shift was on the steering wheel. One day, when I shifted, the gear shift handle broke and then I had a little bitty gear shift on the steering wheel. My husband finally sold it for $150. to some happy young man who was still driving it many years later.

Next, I had a big boat of a car that my husband had finally worn out. I drove it for quite awhile. And it wouldn’t start either. There was no way I could push that one or ask anyone else to push it. I went to buy weekly groceries with all my kids in tow one Friday morning. When I came out of the store, the car would not start – again. A taxi drove by about that time and I just got in it with all my kids and groceries and went home. When my husband  asked me where the car was,  I told him I left it in the parking lot. After that, we bought another car.

We had one of those gorgeous 1960 models with the big square windshields. It just squatted and died one day. We sold it for the price of the windshield.

It’s not always the old cars nor the cheaper models that are the clunkers. We bought a brand new station wagon and I drove it 50 miles. Then the carburetor would not work and I was stranded as usual. My kids got sick when they rode in the back because the gasoline  fumes were so strong. Never trusted that car. When we had a little more money, we bought a fancy sports car. Sometimes, it would only turn right. That was great if you wanted to go to the right. We sold that one, too. When we finally hit the big time and bought one of those super duper models that everyone envied, I watched my car being towed out of my driveway almost as much as I drove it.

Cash for Clunkers!  I wish I had known.

Jars, jars, everywhere and not an end in site!

22 07 2009

Old Canners never quit, they just hoard jars. I never knew how to can. I did not grow up in a family where canning was done. In fact, you can read about my mother’s try at canning in my book, In the 1940’s. But I married the son of a canner, so I learned to process with the best of them. And he and family kept me plenty busy all summer long. Every summer. For years. And years. And years.

When our third child was born, my husband took a week off from work to help me with the new baby. We also put up a bushel of green beans and a sack of sweet corn.

My mother-in-law was a great gardener. She could grow anything and usually did. She grew tomatoes like you cannot imagine. Beautiful, plentiful tomatoes. Every year. For years. If she were alive today, we would not have to worry about the world being a greener place. It would be green – or else.

She grew the vegetables and it was up to me to can them for my family. Of course since this was all given to me free, I could never refuse any of it. So I canned and I canned and I canned. Every year. For years.

I was busy raising 6 children, but believe me, I learned to can or else.

My mother-in-law would call and say she had another bushel of tomatoes for me. And I needed to come right now and pick them up. So no matter what else I might have planned that day, I loaded up the kids and drove to pick up the tomatoes. Then I canned some more. I learned to never, ever throw away a canning jar. You just never know when you might need that jar for another round of canning.

And when my husband traveled, he would stop at the roadside stands and buy surprises for me – like a bushel of squash or a box of strawberries. Oh what fun! I always smiled and thanked him. After all, he was doing this for me. Just think of all the fun I was going to have freezing squash and making strawberry jam. I could hardly wait. And I needed to count the jars to make sure I had enough for all that jam. Next it would be blackberries or green beans. What joy. How wonderful to get up in the early morning and face all that. And peaches. Oh Glory. How lucky I am. Plum jelly everywhere!

And those varicose veins in my legs? They don’t matter at all. Probably will go away just as soon as I finish up this next bushel.

But those jars just keep accumulating every year. For years. And years. Now we have jars stored under the porch, and on the porch, and in the utility closet, and in the coat closet, and next to the hot water tank, and in the garage, and behind the washer. I buy a certain brand of spaghetti sauce because it comes in a canning jar. Then I save more jars. You just never can tell when you might need a canning jar in an emergency. When I hear the word ‘process’, I get goose bumps and start counting jars. And I’m sure I hear that pressure cooker hissing in my sleep. Might need more jars tomorrow. You just never can tell.