6 04 2012

I have read so much and heard so much lately about our rights that are being affected by the mandates with the insurance plans directed at us, that it makes me wonder just how everyone must feel.  As I have stated before, women have been targets for a good long while now.  My mother and grandmother were able to stay at home and do their primary job of taking care of family.  They also took care of neighbors if necessary and other families if necessary and all their relatives if necessary.  My father and grandfather and all uncles and other male relatives expected to go to work every day and make a living for all those at home.

Those at home might have included mothers, fathers, aunts, cousins, wives and children.  No matter, it was a way of life.  Women stayed home and took care of their primary jobs and men went out into the world and took care of their primary jobs.  And for the most part, everyone was pretty happy.

I have always blamed part of women’s problems on the automatic washer.  When that came out, women were no longer expected to spend a whole day a week doing the family wash.  And after the permanent press fabrics arrived, she didn’t have to spend another whole day a week ironing all those clothes for the family.  This left her with enough free time to actually watch that new fangled television set or to take her children for a walk or even to visit with a neighbor down the street.  This was a new freedom for most women.  And it was truly wonderful. Because, you see, the woman in the home is her absolute and positive own boss.  She can decide every facet of her life just to suit herself.  She might not decide to get dressed until noon if she wants.  And she might not have to wash dishes until she wants to.  And she can make up her own mind as to when and what she needs to do that day or the next or the next.   The results are all that matter.  As long as her home is clean and her children are clean and everyone is well fed and happy, then she is doing a great, grand and wonderful job as the wife and mother in her particular family.  She is free to cook what she wants to when she wants to.  And she can grocery shop when she wants to also.

Nowadays, some women are so cramped for time that they have very little choice about their lives.  They MUST cook this because of the time element.  They MUST grocery shop when they can squeeze in the time.  They MUST get up and at it early every morning, having no real time for themselves.  But then, they have been told and trained to be career women.  And someone forgot to tell them that they really had a primary job at home that should have and would have come first if they didn’t have to have a career.

But then, that is the way the world turned back then.  And now all young women think they have to  have a college degree in order to run out and get that all important job.  Then they can hurry to work every day and do whatever and whenever someone else tells them what to do.  At home, they could have done whatever they wanted to do whenever they wanted to do it.  But then, they wouldn’t have had that all important career.  Oh Darn!   Who cares anyway.

Except that the women of today think they must have that self -esteem packed away all safe and sound.  They have to have that competing language and that all important position in life.  I just wonder to myself how many young women would really rather stay at home and do their primary job.  How many of them would really rather just be a wife and mother if they had the chance.  I just wonder if the truth were known how many of them would gladly choose that primary job of caring for their husband and children over and above all that career choice.

Wouldn’t it be fun to  get up every morning and just be yourself every day all day long.   Wouldn’t it be fun to watch your children grow up instead of hustling them off to a daycare so that someone else can have this great lasting joy.  It would not be necessary to have a field trip every day.  Nor to be constantly hovering over your children.  It would be so wonderful just to let them be children and you be a mother and a friend and a wife to your husband.  Oh, that would be just great.

If only the truth were known.


13 03 2012

I am quoting here – ‘Liberals always think their ideas are the only ideas. They think whatever they want is what everyone else in this world wants, too.  They ‘assume’ everyone agrees with them.  Typical conquering attitude.’  You know what that word ‘assume’ means?  Makes an ass out of you and me.  Never assume anything.  Go with the facts.

‘In today’s world, the leading liberals usually make their point by talking too loud, too fast, and too often.  The would-be conquerors who started World War II also talked too loud,making constant speeches.  Some of those speeches lasted for hours.  They talked too fast for most of us to understand, usually to mask over their discrepancies of thought. And they certainly spoke entirely too often.

Those two wannabe liberal leaders attracted the same kind of  ‘always ready followers’ that the liberals of today do.  The follower is usually hungry to join up with anyone on any subject and the leader who espouses extreme ideas always attracts his attention.  The idea itself does not really matter.  It is the charisma of the liberal leader, the speech, the inflection of his words, the almost hypnotic effect of his behavior that attracts the ‘always ready follower’.  When the liberal’s words are analyzed, it becomes instantly obvious to anyone with common sense that his ideas are completely ridiculous.  However, by the time common sense enters into the picture, the liberal has already attracted quite a following of those ‘always ready followers’.’

You recognize any liberal leaders here?  You recognize any of those ‘always ready followers’?   Take a good look and see your government at work today.  And those  people who follow along as though they were following The Pied Piper.  Just listen and watch.  Same scenario.  Same speeches. Same everything.  Promises of anything and everything mankind could ever want.  And you only have to be one of those followers to become that clone.

Hitler did it all.  Mussolini tried to do it also.  The Japanese leaders did it.  And look what they caused in this world.  Just search out any World War II landing or beach or island in the Pacific or country in Europe.  See what they did.  And then make sure it never, ever happens again in your lifetime.  Never, ever vote for another Democrat who espouses that same kind of scenario to get your precious vote.

By the way, the quotes are from my book entitled  IN THE 1940’S .  If you want to know what family life was really like during the 1940’s, then by all means order this book.  You will definitely enjoy every word.  All my books are only $10 each or any 3 for $25 plus $2 postage.   Great reading.  Full of history and humor.  Order from —-       BET   P.O.Box 2249, Benton,Arkansas 72018.


8 03 2012

It is raining pretty hard today.  And I am so glad.  I have been waiting to hear the rain for a long time.  To explain – I recently bought some new hearing aids and guess what — They Work!!!   I am so thrilled with this.  I haven’t heard some things in a while and rain is one of them.  Oh, it is so beautiful to listen to the rain.  I saw it was raining pretty hard so I opened the door and stuck my head out just in case I could hear it.  Then I shut my eyes and it sounded just like the rain is supposed to sound.  All the way back to my childhood.  I could imagine hearing the rain so many years ago, too.  So, Dear God:  Thank You for That.  I am so grateful to be able to hear the rain again.

And then, I have heard all week about Rush Limbaugh’s famous words regarding the college student and her birth control pills.  I agree with Rush completely except that I would not have used that particular word to describe her.  I might have said nicely something about a lady of the night or something to that effect.  But what he said was true – she is requiring that we pay for her birth control pills so she can live this immoral life.  I do not agree with her that this is a woman’s issue.  This is not about women.  It is about her.  Other women do not and would not expect for these pills to be paid for.  She can just pay for them herself.  And so can all the others like her as far as I am concerned.  And I am sorry that the liberal element has such a strong phone bank that they can push hard enough for Rush’s sponsors to be intimidated to the point of dropping their sponsorship.  That is a shame that any element of society can do that.  I have seen those phone banks work on all sorts of issues and I do not agree with that stance at all.  That is called being a bully.  Read my blog about bullying.  You might just recognize that element.  They recently used it for Planned Parenthood. Always the bully.  Like a child who throws temper tantrums on a regular basis and always gets his way.  Same element.  Same results.  Terrible shame.  But Dear God:  Thank you for that element and their bullying ways also because they show the rest of us how we do not wish to live and remind us why.

And, Dear God.  Thank you for all those who stand their ground and insist that the President and his cronies have no say whatsoever over our personal lives. I realize they are trying every day to destroy our way of life.  I understand completely how they are going about all this.  It is a nick at a time on our armor.  Just a tad here and a nudge there.  Thank you for the Catholic Church making it clear that we have the right to follow our conscience and they have no right to tell us how to live.  Thank you again for that.  And thank you for all those who write their congressmen about this issue.  And thank you for those who continue to live by Your rules.  And thank you for those who remember You and how to follow You.  Thank you Dear God.




1 03 2012

Do you remember Adolph Hitler?  He was the monster of the 1940’s.  One of them.  And he was truly a monster.  I remember him well.  Read about him, saw him in the newsreels, and heard all about him over and over again.

After the war was over and I was a young mother, I lived across the street from a really nice Jewish woman.  Her family had managed to get out of Germany right before Hitler did all his horrible things.  I visited with her occasionally as we both had children the same ages.  But I wish now that I had listened to her a lot more.  She knew of a life that I can only imagine and not one I would ever want to follow.  She and her parents had slipped out of Germany with  money sewn into their clothing.  They actually risked their lives in order to get away and come to America for a far better life.

She told me that before Hitler showed his monster side, he was a great leader.  He had come into that position with the full support of all the people because of his promises.  He was going to provide everything for everyone and all would live a great, grand, peaceful, wonderful life. Only he forgot to tell them exactly how he was going to manage to do all this. He just waved his arms in the air and made rousing speeches that mesmerized the people.  And they followed him like the children followed the Pied Piper.

She said when she was a young girl that all the schools had been taken over by the state.  They were fully supported by the government and provided everything for everybody.  She even got to take special dancing lessons all for free and transportation to those lessons was provided free.  Everything was free.  Everything except the people later.  For in providing all this free stuff to everyone, someone had to pay the bills.  So, some of those people got to pay and pay and pay.

By this time, almost all of life was free to all the citizens of Germany.  There was what we call health care today, and special homes built to take care of people who could no longer take care of themselves.  Everything was run by the state and it was truly a wonderful existence.  Nothing was left to the individual.  In fact, the individual had no say about anything anymore.  The prices had gone sky high and people either lived from and by the state or they starved.  And when they were fed, they learned how to say ‘yes sir’ to whatever was asked of them.

He even  began to weed out those he did not think were fit to belong to society.  They were put in those homes he had provided.  Anyone who was too old to work was put somewhere.   And those people who had disabilities were also put somewhere.  There were special places set up for them in order for all to be taken care of by the state.  But this was just a part of that promise of everything for everyone.  No one should object to any of this.  It was for the good of all.

Next, he shut down all the businesses and shops that he didn’t think should exist  because of the shop owners religion or their position in society or whatever reason he could think of.  By this time, everyone was living in peace and there were no guns around of course.  That way, no one could possibly protect themselves, their families, nor their belongings.   Soon, everything  else also belonged to the state.  Including all the people.  And no one objected because all was provided free and there were no obvious problems.  So they stood mute when arrested or humiliated, or mutilated or stripped of all their belongings.

Next, Hitler decided he would ‘manufacture’ the perfect society.  So, he killed off those he did not think perfect or he had forced sterilization performed on those so-called misfits. And then he forced into a sex slavery those he considered perfect specimens that he would use to manufacture this perfect society.   During all this time, he was also conquering other nations in order to promote his ideas and ideals.  A true monster.

If any of this scenario sounds familiar, remember it when you vote next time.   We don’t need a monster in office to provide everything to everyone.  We don’t need all those free services that take away the individual rights of every human being.  Remember those who stood mute because they had no way to protect themselves nor their families nor their belongings.

I will never vote for another Democrat in my lifetime. I hope you won’t either.  Hopefully, God will protect us from the monsters.



28 02 2012

To me, this is one of the most important things in life – the right to make up our own minds – about everything.  Almost nowhere in this world do people have this right.  And it is one we take for granted every single day.  We can like a product or not.  We can choose to buy it if we like it.  Or we can simply forget all about it.  We can decide who we want to like and who we want to talk to and who we want to be friends with and how deep that friendship might be.

For instance, I may not like my neighbor and I don’t have to feel bad about that.  He may not like me either and it doesn’t matter.  We can still be friendly.  That is our right.  This is one of those God Given Rights, the right to be ourselves.  And we have the right to live by our own convictions.  W don’t have to agree on politics or even the weather.  This is strictly up to us as individuals.  Be thankful you have this right.

I really did like George W. Bush as our President and thought he did a very good job considering what he faced both in his earlier years and after 9/11.  But then I was talking to a lady who was more liberal than I am.  I could not believe the venom that leaked  out of her mouth as she talked about George Bush and his Presidency. I could not believe the trash she had heard from the media and had believed. I searched and found the truth for myself.  So I could make up my own mind.

The day the Democrats took over the Congress was January 3, 2007.  That was the start of the 110th Congress. The Democrats now controlled a majority in both chambers, the House of Representatives and the Senate.  This was in the middle of George Bush’ second term in office.  After that time, everything went downhill.  George Bush had set a record of 52 straight months of job creation!  The DOW Jones closed at 12,621.77, the GDP for the previous quarter was 3.5% and the UNEMPLOYMENT RATE WAS A MERE 4.6%   I haven’t heard anyone blame that on Bush!

But then, Barney Frank took over the House Financial Services Committee and Chris Dodd took over the Senate Banking Committee.  And that was the end of prosperity as we knew it at the time.  After Barney Frank and Chris Dodd got their hands on the financial and banking, we went straight down to a crisis.  They dumped at least 5 TRILLION Dollars of toxic loans on the economy from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac since they were in charge.

Meanwhile, Bush asked   17 TIMES  to stop Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac because they were becoming financially risky for the U.S. Economy. But the Democrats did not listen and the country fell on hard economic times.  The DOW Jones fell dramatically.  The Unemployment Rate shot up to almost 10% at one time and the GDP lost its footing.   The banks were pushing people into loans they could not afford.  For instance, if a couple wanted a loan for a $100,000 house, they would be told they could afford one for $200,000, so why not.  They could do all this with no money down and live that good life beginning today. Everyone could qualify, too.  Just ask and it is yours.

We bought our first house for $10,000. In order to get a loan from the FHA, we paid $1,500 as our downpayment. This made us more appreciative of what we were buying and believe me, we weren’t going to take on more payments than we could afford.  We were lucky to be able to do that much, not more.

At that time, the Congress was voting the DEMOCRAT way.  And those Democrats fought against reforming Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.  If it was hurting our country, so what.  We can always blame it on Bush later.  Meanwhile, we can act like we don’t know what happened.  Well, what happened was a lot of crooked, under handed foolery that cost a lot of people their homes and their livelihood.

The media was falling in line as usual, too, praising the Democrats and bullying President Bush. When President Bush left office after two terms, the deficit in this country  was the lowest in five years, and we had low, low  spending. After that, the Democrats took over the spending and you can see where we are today.

Yay!  George.  Wish he was back again.  Maybe then, we wouldn’t have to contend with all this economic mess we have had to deal with since the Democrats took over.  Maybe we wouldn’t have to put up with any more people like Barney Frank and Chris Dodd.  Maybe, just maybe, there could be a time again when people are honest and forthright in their dealings with each other.

I sure hope so.  Meanwhile, Thank You, Dear God for allowing me to make up my own mind.




27 02 2012

I really try to keep my mouth shut and not be too opinionated.  But I am, so there!  Anyway, today I was trying to watch the television news and they came on with whatever the children are supposed to eat today. Now, I have studied in depth all there is to know about good eating habits and optimal health benefits and all that good and wonderful stuff.   And I can tell you from my expert advice that no one knows what really makes up a good diet.  That depends upon the person and how much he eats and when he eats and all his heredity, etc.  So, I really do try not to intervene much.  Most people would not understand all that.

But — now we are being told how to feed our children.  And this is being done by the latest in experts.  Whoever they are.  But the children are the victims of this latest craze.    Not only are we being told what to eat, but our government is telling us what light bulb to use.  And this is only the beginning.  With the price of gasoline now, they are in that way already  telling us how far we can drive and next will be what we can wear and how we can walk or talk.  As I said, this is only the beginning.

Pay attention when you vote this year.  It is extremely important that you not follow the latest fad or the latest interest.  Keep your mind open and learn from all the rhetoric.  The media will do all they can to convince you to vote for the Democrats.  For one thing, they provide more and better news.  Just look at the past and you will see that.  Newspapers and magazines are full of stories about the latest problem with a Democrat somewhere.

Now, of course, they are hyping up the story about the birth control.  No one is telling anyone what to do with regard to that.  But the news media is already blaming the Catholic Church and Bishops and anyone else who comes down that pike.  They are harping on the birth control when the real problem is the fact that the government is trying to tell us how to live once again.  I thought we the people were the government.  What happened to that one.

Value your vote.  Vote for a Republican, no matter who it is this year.  I would vote for Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck myself if they were Republicans.  Would be better than the government constantly telling us what to do and how to live.  Pay attention!!!  Very important!!!


7 02 2012

Since I wrote about jobs before, thought I would just continue that.  As I said, I definitely agree that not everyone needs to go to college.  There are lots and lots of opportunities in this world for anyone who really wants to work.

Examples:  My friend had children who grew up as children will do, you know.  She was bored at home and wanted to go to work doing something, but had no actual working skills.  She had been out of the job market for a very long time.  She opted to attend a nearby Community College and got a degree in nursing in a two year program.  Now has a very nice job in a nursing home and dearly loves it.  See, even an older person can do all this. And she said there were people older than her attending the classes.

The so-called Blue Collar Worker makes a lot of money in most fields.  With years of experience, he can draw more than that college educated whiz bang.

That Blue Collar Worker may be a machinist drawing an average salary of $75,000 annually.  Or he may be working in the oil or gas fields drawing even more than that.  The new machinery makes it mandatory for on-the-job training.  Although the job may   include engineering or geometry or even cutting tool technology, all this can be learned at a Vocational Technical School. See if you can find one in your area and check it out.

Auto companies are hiring again, too.  There are numerous openings in the auto industry both on the factory level and on the local level.  Not everyone can or will work on  automobiles of today.  These are highly skilled jobs now.  So are airplane and agricultural mechanics and all are in much demand. Even printers are highly skilled now.  And that field offers on the job training for most.  Same with pipe fitters and earth moving workers.  There are opportunities everywhere.

So, take that step and look for a Vocational Technical School or a Community College in your area.  You can learn a skill in a fairly short period of time.  And at a much lower cost than a regular college.

Remember, those Blue Collar Workers are the ones who are making the big bucks these days.  Everyone always needs electricians, plumbers, factory workers, and mechanics.  Check into it and get on with your life.  If you are willing to work and learn a skill and stay with a job, you can have a good salary and live a good, debt free life.  As a Blue Collar Worker.  It is a very good life these days.



26 01 2012

I read just yesterday where someone somewhere said there was no reason for that creepy, crawly feeling that some people experience.  Don’t have any idea what they were talking about. But evidently some test had been done and had thrown out the idea that creepy, crawly was real.  Well, I beg to differ on that one.

I’ll have to tell you what happened to me and those creepy crawly things.   A few years ago, I started just itching like mad, particularly on my legs.  In fact, it seemed that something was just determined to eat me up, a bit at a time.  And I kept seeing things like they were flying in the air and yet I could not really see anything. And occasionally, it would seem like something black ran across a white tile cabinet.  But again, there was nothing there.  I was about to decide that I had finally lost it all.  About ready to go to the looney bin.

Then, the bug man came for a quarterly spray of my house and I mentioned to him that it seemed like something was after me.  He said, just as casually, that if I could catch one of those things, he would take it to the state laboratory and find out what it was.  By this time, it seemed like something was in my hair and even my eyebrows, but again, I really couldn’t see anything and just had this creepy, crawly feeling.

I took a roll of scotch tape into my bathroom just in case something went whizzing across my white tile cabinet ever again.  Sure enough, a couple of days later, I saw what seemed like something racing across the cabinet and I slapped it really hard with that scotch tape.  And behold, I had caught a thing whatever it was.  I called the bug man and he came right out and got the sample.

A couple of days later, he called me and said I had a spring tail mite in my house and that was what was biting me.   But, he said, the laboratory technician told him that these spring tail mites absolutely do not bite humans.  By this time, I could have shown that technician my half eaten red legs, but didn’t bother to  mention it.  The bug man went on with his explanation.  These tiny, tiny black bugs look like a grain of black pepper.  They are so small that they really cannot be seen.  And they are a part of the environment.  They eat rotted wood and vegetation.  They are in the mulch in my flower beds.

He even mentioned that I probably had about a million in the flower bed right outside my garage door.  These spring tail mites use their tail to crawl, hop like a flea, and fly.  So that was why I had seen those mysterious figures in the air and yet could not swear that I was seeing anything.  They can also get in  my hair and  eyebrows as well as everywhere in my home.  He came back and sprayed the house really good once again.  For the first time in awhile, I felt some peace that evening.  At least I wasn’t itching quite as much.

That week, I had all the mulch removed from around my house.  When the men pulled the mulch out of the beds around my front door, they called to me.  I ran outside to see  a fog of bugs rising up from those flower beds.  That was those lovely creep, crawly things. My flower beds may not look as pretty without mulch,  but I am happy with them.  I still get bit occasionally when I go outside, but it is nothing like it was.  I keep bug spray in the house and use it regularly as well as having the quarterly spray done.  And I put pest control granules in the flower beds.   The bug man had told me it would take years to get rid of all of them.  I believe him.

Next time I went to my regular doctor, I mentioned all this to him.   He listened politely and then said that maybe I wasn’t human after all.  Maybe I was a humanoid.  We laughed about that.  But the whole experience really wasn’t very funny and I hope I never have to live through that one again.

Maybe those in the know about creepy crawly feelings might reconsider.  If they want, I can send them some spring tail mites.  I’m sure I can find a few in my flower beds.


22 01 2012

When raising a house full of kids, you soon learn that you have a choice.  You can either laugh about things or you can go crazy.  And the choice is strictly up to you.  I choose to Laugh and Laugh and Laugh some more.  No wonder I’m half crazy. But it is o.k.   I don’t care if people talk about me.  Everything is o.k. every single day.

Just this week, I was missing a bath mat from a bathroom.  Could not find it anywhere.  Now, how does anyone lose a bath mat.  I asked all the children and all the children denied knowing anything at all about that stupid bath mat.  So, after looking through all the house, up and down and around, I finally gave up.  Decided the bath mat had just finally had enough and walked away.

I kept mentioning it now and then though and finally one of the children said, ‘Stop talking about the bath mat, Mom.’  This told me she probably had something to do with its disappearance.  I finally asked her if she threw it away.  She said, ‘Yes, I did.  It was about worn out.’  The garbage truck had just come yesterday, so I knew the bath mat had gone to that never, never land of the city dump.  Oh well, guess I would have to replace it when I get around to doing so.

But then, I remembered the rule of the lost items and it is that they almost always reappear when you least expect them.

That brought to mind when I lost a baby shoe many years ago.  And on the doctor appointment week, too. Could not take that poor baby out in the cold without a shoe, so tore up the house looking for the shoe.  Everyone helped but we never could find that shoe.  Had to buy another pair in order to take the baby to the doctor.  I could not afford it at the time but had no choice.  Then a week later, the shoe showed up in the toy box in the kid’s bedroom.  Now, we had torn that room apart and certainly had looked in that toy box a dozen times.  But, as I said, lost items almost always reappear when you least expect them.

And then there was the time my son lost his Sunday shoe on Saturday.  He was walking home from the local swimming pool and made it home with only one shoe.  Now, tomorrow was Sunday and he had to have that shoe to wear to church.  People might frown on a boy with only one shoe.  So, after discerning that he was carrying it home from the pool because he had left his tennis shoes in the pool area the day before and had worn the Sunday shoe to the pool and was carrying it home, then we set out to find it.  Sure enough after driving slowly along the area where he had been walking, he remembered dropping his items in a pile of leaves while he tied his now- on-  his -foot tennis shoe. Then he fished around in the nearby pile of leaves and sure enough, there was his Sunday shoe. See, like I said, those lost items always manage to show up when and where you least expect them.

So, I have learned to laugh and laugh and laugh some more at incidents like this one.

And sure enough, just yesterday, that bath mat was right there in the pile of dirty clothes.  Now, no one knows where it came from nor how it got there.  But, that bath mat knows.  It is a shame it cannot talk and tell us where it had been.  Such is life.  Laugh about it.  Why not.  Laugh or go crazy.



15 01 2012

I heard that some imported orange juice had strange ingredients floating around in it and people were advised not to drink it.  In the first place, why would it have anything dangerous in it.  If it was made in America, it would be clean and healthful I am sure.

But instead, the news reported that at least 60% of our orange juice which is consumed in this country is from Brazil.  Now, someone needs to explain why orange juice of all things should be imported from Brazil.  Surely, there are enough oranges being grown in this country to provide for the healthy breakfasts of people in the good old U.S.A.  If not, why not.  It used to be.

Could it be the cost of the products here that make importing the orange juice better for all of us?  Could it be the added government regulations that cause the price to be so high here that it is more cost friendly to import it all the way from Brazil.  Or could it be simply that the labor costs are too high?  Wonder why.  Someone needs to have a congressional committee investigate this one for sure.  And then perhaps a year from now, we will read a tiny notice in the newspaper that says it is because of the cost of producing orange juice in the United States due to labor costs, government regulations and other mandated costs that it is more feasible to import orange juice from Brazil.  Then I will know for sure.

This is truly ridiculous.  Maybe it would help a lot if we all just read the labels and only bought what was made in the U.S  Think I have heard that one before, but it really would work if everyone just took the time to do this.  I am sure that somewhere in your town and mine it is possible to buy orange juice that has been produced in the U.S    Certainly not imported all the way from Brazil. No wonder it has strange particles in it.