29 02 2012

I was just thinking this morning about things in general.  I really  think too much.  Gonna’ wear this brain out sometime.  But I’m always thinking about something, either something to write about or something I need to do, just stuff.  And I’m always remembering things, too.  That’s good most of the time.  Have good memories of all kinds, lots of funny ones and lots of simple ones.

Well, this time, I was ironing as usual in the afternoon.  With a houseful of kids, there was always lots and lots of ironing to do in the afternoons.  I never was one to watch the TV much, so I was usually just thinking.  I was about 35 years old and realizing that I never seemed to satisfy everyone although I tried all the time.  And I really did try to keep everyone sane, satisfied, and on a normal track.  And believe me, that ain’t easy sometimes.

So, here I was, 35, thinking about how I just couldn’t seem to get things right all the time.  But then, it crossed my mind that I really was not in charge of keeping things perfect all the time anyway.  I tried and that was what was so important in all our lives.  As long as I was trying, I was open to ideas and changes.  And then I thought to myself, ‘you know, I really like me.  I like the person I have become and I like my ideas and my ideals.  And I like everyone around me, too.  All these little kids and big kids running around here and my husband who tries every day just like I do’.     And then I was thinking some more along those same lines and I thought, ‘you know, I like the way I dress and the way I look and the way I act and all the things I manage to get done every day.’

‘Yep, I like me just fine.  Just the way I am.’   For some reason, that ironing chore went really fast that day.   And ever since that day, I quit worrying about what someone else might think of me or whether or not they agreed with my ideas or my ideals.   I never let any of that worry me again.

I really do like me.  And I still do all these years later.  I have never seen any reason why I should change much.  I just like the ME to the core.  And that’s nice since I have to live with me every day.


28 02 2012

To me, this is one of the most important things in life – the right to make up our own minds – about everything.  Almost nowhere in this world do people have this right.  And it is one we take for granted every single day.  We can like a product or not.  We can choose to buy it if we like it.  Or we can simply forget all about it.  We can decide who we want to like and who we want to talk to and who we want to be friends with and how deep that friendship might be.

For instance, I may not like my neighbor and I don’t have to feel bad about that.  He may not like me either and it doesn’t matter.  We can still be friendly.  That is our right.  This is one of those God Given Rights, the right to be ourselves.  And we have the right to live by our own convictions.  W don’t have to agree on politics or even the weather.  This is strictly up to us as individuals.  Be thankful you have this right.

I really did like George W. Bush as our President and thought he did a very good job considering what he faced both in his earlier years and after 9/11.  But then I was talking to a lady who was more liberal than I am.  I could not believe the venom that leaked  out of her mouth as she talked about George Bush and his Presidency. I could not believe the trash she had heard from the media and had believed. I searched and found the truth for myself.  So I could make up my own mind.

The day the Democrats took over the Congress was January 3, 2007.  That was the start of the 110th Congress. The Democrats now controlled a majority in both chambers, the House of Representatives and the Senate.  This was in the middle of George Bush’ second term in office.  After that time, everything went downhill.  George Bush had set a record of 52 straight months of job creation!  The DOW Jones closed at 12,621.77, the GDP for the previous quarter was 3.5% and the UNEMPLOYMENT RATE WAS A MERE 4.6%   I haven’t heard anyone blame that on Bush!

But then, Barney Frank took over the House Financial Services Committee and Chris Dodd took over the Senate Banking Committee.  And that was the end of prosperity as we knew it at the time.  After Barney Frank and Chris Dodd got their hands on the financial and banking, we went straight down to a crisis.  They dumped at least 5 TRILLION Dollars of toxic loans on the economy from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac since they were in charge.

Meanwhile, Bush asked   17 TIMES  to stop Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac because they were becoming financially risky for the U.S. Economy. But the Democrats did not listen and the country fell on hard economic times.  The DOW Jones fell dramatically.  The Unemployment Rate shot up to almost 10% at one time and the GDP lost its footing.   The banks were pushing people into loans they could not afford.  For instance, if a couple wanted a loan for a $100,000 house, they would be told they could afford one for $200,000, so why not.  They could do all this with no money down and live that good life beginning today. Everyone could qualify, too.  Just ask and it is yours.

We bought our first house for $10,000. In order to get a loan from the FHA, we paid $1,500 as our downpayment. This made us more appreciative of what we were buying and believe me, we weren’t going to take on more payments than we could afford.  We were lucky to be able to do that much, not more.

At that time, the Congress was voting the DEMOCRAT way.  And those Democrats fought against reforming Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.  If it was hurting our country, so what.  We can always blame it on Bush later.  Meanwhile, we can act like we don’t know what happened.  Well, what happened was a lot of crooked, under handed foolery that cost a lot of people their homes and their livelihood.

The media was falling in line as usual, too, praising the Democrats and bullying President Bush. When President Bush left office after two terms, the deficit in this country  was the lowest in five years, and we had low, low  spending. After that, the Democrats took over the spending and you can see where we are today.

Yay!  George.  Wish he was back again.  Maybe then, we wouldn’t have to contend with all this economic mess we have had to deal with since the Democrats took over.  Maybe we wouldn’t have to put up with any more people like Barney Frank and Chris Dodd.  Maybe, just maybe, there could be a time again when people are honest and forthright in their dealings with each other.

I sure hope so.  Meanwhile, Thank You, Dear God for allowing me to make up my own mind.




27 02 2012

I really try to keep my mouth shut and not be too opinionated.  But I am, so there!  Anyway, today I was trying to watch the television news and they came on with whatever the children are supposed to eat today. Now, I have studied in depth all there is to know about good eating habits and optimal health benefits and all that good and wonderful stuff.   And I can tell you from my expert advice that no one knows what really makes up a good diet.  That depends upon the person and how much he eats and when he eats and all his heredity, etc.  So, I really do try not to intervene much.  Most people would not understand all that.

But — now we are being told how to feed our children.  And this is being done by the latest in experts.  Whoever they are.  But the children are the victims of this latest craze.    Not only are we being told what to eat, but our government is telling us what light bulb to use.  And this is only the beginning.  With the price of gasoline now, they are in that way already  telling us how far we can drive and next will be what we can wear and how we can walk or talk.  As I said, this is only the beginning.

Pay attention when you vote this year.  It is extremely important that you not follow the latest fad or the latest interest.  Keep your mind open and learn from all the rhetoric.  The media will do all they can to convince you to vote for the Democrats.  For one thing, they provide more and better news.  Just look at the past and you will see that.  Newspapers and magazines are full of stories about the latest problem with a Democrat somewhere.

Now, of course, they are hyping up the story about the birth control.  No one is telling anyone what to do with regard to that.  But the news media is already blaming the Catholic Church and Bishops and anyone else who comes down that pike.  They are harping on the birth control when the real problem is the fact that the government is trying to tell us how to live once again.  I thought we the people were the government.  What happened to that one.

Value your vote.  Vote for a Republican, no matter who it is this year.  I would vote for Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck myself if they were Republicans.  Would be better than the government constantly telling us what to do and how to live.  Pay attention!!!  Very important!!!


25 02 2012

I don’t know if anyone else pays much attention to the details of politics.  But I do.  Guess it was handed down to me by my father as he was always very interested in politics.

But to get to my point for the day, do you remember the debates between President George H.W. Bush and Clinton?  I do.  Prior to this time, the Democrats had mastered the issue of Gridlock.  They had locked up the Congress so that President Bush could not get any of his agenda through to the people.  No matter what the issue was, Bush was stopped.  He could not manage to get any of his ideas nor his bills nor his programs through Congress.  So he spent the last years in office trying to get some of his ideas passed through Congress and was stopped on every front.  The only thing that went through was an increase in taxes.  And that made him look stupid because he had said – No New Taxes.  But he couldn’t get any cuts through, so he was stuck with the taxes. Then the media set out to make him look like an idiot. No matter what he said or did, they slanted the stories to make him look stupid.

And then, those wonderful debates. I remember watching one of them for sure.  The stage hands brought out a high stool for George Bush to sit on and one for Clinton.  Both men are tall and the stools were going to work fine for them.  Then Clinton sat down and everything was just fine with his stool.  But when President Bush sat down on his stool, it wobbled quite a lot.  The stage hands came out again and tried to fix the wobble.  But you know what?  Couldn’t be done.  Wonder why. And so once again, he was made to look like a fool while he tried to balance himself on that wobbly stool and answer the questions he was asked.  Try that for yourself sometime.  But again, no one in the country seemed to even notice that.  And the media never even mentioned it.  Isn’t that strange though.  I was sitting in my living room watching the debate and I saw it all.  But I must have been the only person to notice that small issue.

Also, did you know why the election was called and over before California ever got to vote?  It was because Clinton  and his colleagues figured out that if they got the right number of electoral votes from the states that voted first, he would win before the other states even got to the polls.  So they set out to do just that.  No one could really understand why Clinton spent so much time campaigning in the northeast, speaking to the factory workers and generally making himself known over and over again.  The media never mentioned the reason for this.   It was almost like the western part of the United States wasn’t even important – and you know what?  It wasn’t.  Because Clinton  and his friends had figured out how to do this legally but just a little  bit shady.  That was their usual format anyway.  And they did a good job of it.  But they were the first ones over all these many years since the foundation of the United States of America to take that road and be masters of a shady election.   Isn’t that a real shame, though.  But it happened and we all watched while it  happened.

Again, for some reason, none of the shady, slight of hand things were ever reported by the media.  But the Democrats knew what they were doing.  And they won again and again with their shady deals.  Watch out this year.  There will be even more of those shady deals.  Be careful with your vote and make sure it counts to elect people who are not shady nor underhanded in their dealings whether it be on the local, state or national level.

God has shown us the way to walk in order to follow Him.  Be careful when you walk this year.  Make sure you stay on that Right Path.



24 02 2012

You are always hearing the phrase, Call Your Mother.  Today I thought of that incident in my life and thought I would tell you about it.

One of my sons and wife had a new baby one morning.  I rushed to the hospital to see the new arrival and then i rushed home to call my Mother and tell her about this wonderful new great grandchild she had.  Only thing was that my Mother had died several years before this.  But, all that day, no matter what I was doing, I kept thinking that I needed to call Mother and tell her about that wonderful new baby.

I would be cooking or washing dishes or sweeping the floor or even driving the car and that thought kept pounding in my brain.  Later in the afternoon, I even went to the phone, picked up the receiver and started to dial her number when I realized once again that I could not call her.

I don’t know why I had such a compulsion to call her that day.  The baby was so exciting to me and I just knew she would want to know all about it.  But over and over again, I had to remind myself that I could not call her.  Not that day nor any other day.

Sure will be glad when I can talk to her again.   I have a lot of things to tell her about this wonderful family of mine.  She will be so excited. And it will be such fun to have that conversation.


23 02 2012

So many people, especially younger ones who have not traveled the world yet, do not realize what marvelous freedoms we enjoy every single day of our lives here in the United States of America.  As adults, we can choose to work at any job we please.  We can choose to further our education or not.  We can choose to live at home or go out on our own.  We are free to do all these things without having to get some kind of permit or license or permission from anyone.

Then we are also free to marry or not.  In many countries around this world, people are not free to do that.  And then we can choose to have as many or as few children as we want.  It is all up to us as individuals.  We never had to worry about a baby or an old person being slaughtered until the last few years.  Those are the most unprotected of our species and have no way of stopping that slaughter.  We can choose to hold that baby in our arms and promise him a future he cannot possibly imagine.  And we are free to help our parents as they age and make sure they have a dignified existence.  In a lot of countries of this world, these things are not possible.  In China for instance, you are only allowed to have 2 children.  I’m so glad I didn’t live there.  I have a wonderful family and would not want to have missed out on a single one of mine.

We can choose to live where and how we want to.  Even those who live on the streets have chosen that lifestyle for themselves.  We can choose to work hard, save our money, and progress in this life.  Or we can choose to do nothing and have nothing.  When we traveled to Russia, the guide told us that he lived in an apartment with 12 other people.  He and his wife had one child and they had to share everything they had with those  other people.  He talked of wishing he could have a life like ours.  He could not even choose where he would by his food.  He stated that the older the food was, the more valuable it became.For instance, the greener the cheese was,  the more it cost. And everything belonged to the state.  The people still had to buy their milk from a truck on the corner and their bread from a wagon on the next street.  I’ll take WalMart any day over a lifestyle like that.

We can get in our car, turn the key on, and drive to anywhere in this country that we want to go.  We don’t have to give our identification to anyone anywhere unless we are not a legal resident.  We don’t have to go through interrogation because we crossed a state line.  We are so fortunate.

We can also wear whatever clothing suits us.  And we can buy that clothing in any store we wish.  No one tells us how we have to look, where we have to shop, nor how many times we can shop.  We can send our children to any school we wish. We are free to make any friends anywhere that we please.  All these freedoms we take for granted each and every day.  But they are not available to most of the people in this world.

We are the most fortunate people in this world.  Remember that when you vote this coming election time.  Count up how many freedoms of yours are being threatened every day.  Put a list in your pocket to remind you.  Don’t let this election pass you by.  It is very important that you vote to keep your freedoms.

For instance, gasoline has skyrocketed in price this past year.  Think about that.  If the gas is so high that you cannot buy it, then your freedom of movement has been curtailed.  You cannot get in that car and turn the key and go anywhere. So you will end up living like the people in Russia or even England where travel is  restricted.  And soon, you will find yourself living in a ghetto like situation in old buildings, crammed together like rats simply because you could not afford the price of gasoline.  This would influence how you work, where you work, where you live, how you raise your children, where you shop, and what clothes you are able to buy.  That is only because of the price of gas.

Pay attention!  Be careful how you vote this year.  Be sure and vote for a Republican.  No matter who is running.  At least you will not lose your freedoms.  If you vote for a Democrat, you might just lose all that freedom.


22 02 2012

Our time does move on, but not nearly quick enough.  Next President after awful Johnson was Richard Nixon who finally won.  Nixon was a very good President at first.  He had promised to stop this terrible war in Vietnam and he did just that.  He dealt with the enemy and managed to not only stop the war but to bring all our men who were prisoners home, too.  In my mind’s eye, I can still see those poor men being carried across that line and into freedom once again.  Thank You, Dear God!

But Nixon got tangled up in that Watergate deal and that is all that people remember about him now.  It was a terrible shame, but it happened anyway.  Next we had Gerald Ford who became President after Nixon resigned in disgrace.  Ford was a very good President, too.  However, the media tried to make him look like a dunce most of the time. Then the next guy, Jimmy Carter, campaigned on the need for change.  Have you heard that one before?

So, we changed alright.  We still had the agenda of no work, lots of pay for everyone though.  And some people took full advantage of all that.  Still do.  He also created the Dept. of Education which is a disaster to this day.  If the government would butt out of education, we might be able to teach our children some actual academics.  Teaching really is not that hard.  Most children are eager to learn.  It only needs to be presented so they can learn effectively and then it is a done deal. But with the government monitoring all the textbooks and planning all the presentations, that is not likely to happen.  So, we now have an educational system that does not work for anyone.  But we have lots and lots of extra teachers and lots of expenses and of course that Dept. of Education to tell us all how to live.   Carter also introduced us to lots of inflation and high prices. And he even sent some of our men to a foreign country where they were captured and paraded for all the world to see with blindfolds on.

Then, Dear God, you sent us Ronald Reagan, a Republican who could read and count and make us proud of our country once again.  And boy, we really needed it at that time. Reagan actually cut taxes where we could see it and in doing so, he stimulated the economy so we could all live a decent life once again. He cut back on government expenditures and this was a real breath of fresh air.  He had made George H.W. Bush his Vice President and when Reagan did not run again, Bush ran on the promise to make this a kinder and gentler nation and said, ‘No New Taxes!’ and meant it.  But then, he was forced to raise taxes and that caused him to lose the election  when he ran against Bill Clinton.

Next, Bill Clinton was elected President after serving  as Governor of Arkansas.  On his last election as Governor, he promised the people that he would not run for President and then did just that.  Again, he ran on the need for change.  Here we go again.  We got change alright.  A complete publicly discussed moral change in this country.

By now, those disrespectful children of that earlier time were about through with their demonstrations.  Most of them had aged and could no longer sleep on the sidewalk nor walk the miles they had in the past.  So some opted to re-enter mainstream America and raise families like the rest of us had done for centuries. However, they forgot to hand down those little niceties to their children that had been taught for generations.  Most of them were never taught how to say, please or thank you and even to respect another man enough to say Sir.  During those years of demonstrations, it had been the norm to refer to others as ‘Man’ which does not sit very well with most people. Everyone has a name.  And everyone expects to be treated with respect and dignity.

Somehow, all that got lost in the shuffle.  Of course most of these younger children had been raised in the day cares or the after school cares or the pre-schools.  Very few of them had any actual training from their parents.  This was the way of the world now.  This was our resulting ‘change’.  Father must work, mother must work and in the two income family, monetary things are not any better than they were when only father worked and mother stayed home and took care of the family.  But then,  they were in charge.