27 04 2011

Life too full of ups, down, and all arounds?  Mine sure seems that way sometimes.  I was laughing today that I had not been spending enough money lately so I now have a huge tree which fell down due to the high winds.   And I have two others that are dead, so guess I will be spending some money with a tree removal company.   Have to keep on doing something, you know.  Of course I was just grateful that it was only a tree and not the roof off my house or a more serious problem.  Storms bouncing all around us the other night, but we are safe.  And for that I am always most thankful.

Getting back to problems, though.  It is always a foolish thought for me to believe that I can solve all my problems, each and every one.  Just like that tree.  I couldn’t have stopped that from happening.  It was completely out of my hands.

Sometimes other things are out of my hands, too.  So I just have to hand all the problems over to God and tell Him that He will just have to take care of them.  I am only human.  I can only do so much.  I try very hard in my life to always do what is right and good and necessary, but sometimes, there are problems just too big for me to handle.  I can’t very well go out and move that tree or fill the gaping hole it left in the yard.  Same way with other things that happen in my life.

I just can’t go around solving each and every little thing.  So God will just have to do it for me.  And He will in his own time.  He will take care of each and every single problem if I just remember to ask Him to.  That is the whole key.  Just asking for Him to help me.  Sometimes I forget and think that I can just take care of everything myself.  And of course I cannot.  So I have to remember – always remember to ask for help.

That is not always easy to do.  Sometimes I don’t want to admit that I can’t handle something.  But it is absolutely necessary if I want a good and true answer to a problem.  I must ask for help.   Sorta’ goes like this – ‘HELP!   Remember me?  I am asking for Your Help once again.  HELP me.  I really need some help right now.’  And I know God will answer in some way.  He always does. He always has.


24 04 2011

Teens seem to always be in crisis mode.  I think that is what they call it in today’s world.  Didn’t used to be called much of anything.  I think we were just blamed for being in a bad mood that day.   Such as – Watch out – stay away from her – she is in a really bad mood today!  I raised quite a number of children and never had much time for teen crisis in my household.  I mean that exactly.  There just never was time for all that upset.

Teen boys do not have nearly the drama crisis that the girls have.  But they do have their share.  Only they do more about it.  They drive too fast, eat too much, hit things, etc.  Teen girls just collapse.  They just simply go to pieces.   Fall apart.  Cry, pout, and need lots of support doing all this.

At my house, if anyone thought about doing all those things, they just found themselves a new job.  Whatever needed to be done at that moment, they could do.  The boys might be cutting the grass or sweeping the garage or running an errand for me.  And the girls would be helping me cook or clean or watch the younger children.  Worked like a dream most of the time.  Can’t have a crisis if you are busy.  As I said, I was too busy for those kind of crisis anyway.

One mother once told me that her oldest daughter ruined many a day by pouting.  I would never have even considered putting up with that even once.  If a child even thought about pouting, they might have painted their room.  Only kidding of course, but it was that way at my house.   No crying, no pouting, no extra drama of any kind ever.  All that drama becomes a habit to get their way.  And it usually works.  Not at my house.  If they started in on the drama bit, I would just have told them to get over it.  Won’t get any sympathy from me.

After all, teens are just big little kids.  You don’t put up with temper tantrums out of little kids.   Why would you do that with a teen.  Little kids don’t demand all the attention and get it. Why should a teen get all the attention.  Think about this.  And then don’t give in to that drama or that teen crisis.  Set your rules and then live by them.  We did and we never had much in the way of teen problems at our house.

If they got yelled at, they knew they probably deserved it.  If they were grounded, they knew they deserved that one, too.  My boys all said they got to play basketball a lot because they were confined to the house and yard.  Didn’t hurt any of them.  Just kept them safe and sound.

Remember you are the one in charge at your house.  Keep your voice, cool, calm and collected.  Keep your manners cool, calm, and collected.  Say what you mean and mean what you say.  Works almost every time.


23 04 2011

Hope everyone has a very Happy Easter and a great summer ahead.  Looks like it will be a busy one with all the political rhetoric already being spouted out on the airwaves.  Should be very interesting.  Hasn’t been this interesting since Bill Clinton slid into the White House.  Makes for good news reports you know.  Something to write about all the time.  One crisis after another and if it isn’t really a crisis, it will be one when the media gets through with it.  Oh well, such is life nowadays.

And speaking of life nowadays.  I’m so glad I don’t have to buy outfits for 3 little girls and take them all to church on Sunday morning.  I enjoyed doing all of it when it was my turn.  But I am glad my children are doing all that now.  I love seeing it all, but don’t want the responsibility of doing any of it anymore.  And I’m glad I don’t have to plan and prepare that big meal tomorrow either.  Enjoyed doing all that for years and years and years, but don’t want to do it again.  When I invite my children and their families, we have ice cream and cake or cookies.  And lots and lots of fun.  Easier that way. And a lot more fun for me.

And I’m glad I didn’t have to boil and dye all those eggs either.  Was fun in its day, but no more.

Oh well, guess that shows my age but I really don’t care about that part either.  Just sit back, relax and enjoy the show.  Watch all the little kids finding their Easter eggs and being all dressed up in their frilly clothes.

I am just glad to be able to take the time to visit with Jesus in the Most Holy Sacrament of the Altar tomorrow and have the time and the sense to thank Him for dying on the cross and rising from the dead just for me and you.  How wonderful!  What marvelous thoughts those are.  Never can I say enough thank you’s for all that.  Who can.  And I look forward to beginning another year with Jesus to tell Him thank you a million times all over again.

Happy Easter!


22 04 2011

I was looking through a stack of old bed sheets today, thinking of giving some of them away.  I ran across one that had flowers and some squiggly figures on it and it jogged my memory.  I had bought that sheet, just thinking it was sort of fun patterns and would look nice on the bed.  I took it home that day, washed it, and put it on the bed.  Next morning, my husband said, ‘please take that sheet off the bed.  I didn’t sleep all night.  It kept me awake.’  I thought that was the strangest thing I had ever heard, but I didn’t answer.  I took it off the bed and never used it again.

I cannot imagine that something like that would keep a person awake.  But then, I also remembered that I bought a red bedspread one time for a child and the child had a terrible night.  He finally asked me to take off that new cover.  I never thought anymore about it, but today I did.

I hear on the tv all the time about sleep problems.  Could it be like my husband said and the sheet plays a part in this?     I know I never heard anything about any of this before.  I have my eyes closed while I sleep so nothing bothers me.  But everyone is different.

Just thinking.  Never know.


21 04 2011

All businesses are in business for one reason – to make money.   If they do not make a profit, they are no longer in business.  And it doesn’t take long to completely bury them.  So, all businesses, both small and large must make money in order to keep their doors open.   This is just plain old simple arithmetic or Money #1.

Obviously, everyone must balance their checkbook or keep their household money matters in line.  If you do not, you will eventually lose all credit ratings, have to file bankruptcy and may even find yourself out on the street with nowhere to go and no means of getting there.  This again is just plain old simple arithmetic.  There must be more money coming in than going out.  Works the same in business as it does in the personal life.

So, all these loud people who are hollering to soak the rich and make them pay and tax them more are just being plain stupid.  Obviously, if the so-called rich business owner has to pay more, then he will have to collect more on his products.  So prices go up and the more he has to pay, the more the prices rise.  This, then leads to inflation which we all know is a dead end street.  For in inflation, everything costs more and so everyone, even those who do the hollering the loudest get to pay more for everything.  This would mean groceries cost more – and they are right now.  Gasoline costs more – and it is right now.  Utilities cost more – and they do right now.  So, you see, in the lesson Money #1, the liberals who want to soak the rich and make them pay and tax them more are just being more stupid all the time.

Wake up!  Look who is causing all this.  And vote Republican and get us out of this mess.  And never vote for another Democrat ever, ever, ever!  Democrats do not understand money.  They never have.  They never will.  They only understand spending and the more THEY spend, the more YOU get to pay. Works that way every single time.  Soon, there will be shortages again also.  Worked that way before.  Because when the businessman can no longer raise his prices, he will stop producing his products and then there will be shortages.  So stop it now before the ball rolls any faster or any further.

Wake Up!!!!  Vote Republican!!!!


20 04 2011

My husband’s grandfather was what was called a dirt farmer back in the 1920’s and 30’s.  He grew mostly dirt or mud.  But he tried.  If a crop was bad, they  almost starved that year.  They lived in a tent one winter and when my husband’s grandmother was 80, she was still talking about how cold she was that year so long ago.  If the crop was good, they had a good life.

When I first married and was trying to learn to cook, my mother- in- law gave me a great big round thing called a garlic pod.  My mother cooked a lot, but I had never seen a garlic pod so large.  I was thrilled.  I used that same garlic pod for about a half a year I think.  There were lots and lots of garlic cloves on it.  And I learned how to be a pretty good cook.  Some of the credit has to go to that garlic pod.

That was my husband’s grandfather’s claim to fame.  He grew them in his garden and everyone appreciated his garlic pods.  He gave or sold them to all his friends and neighbors and everyone waited each year to get theirs.  I came to expect mine each and every year,  too.  And I was so thrilled to have it.  Such a treat for my kitchen.

When my youngest daughter married and she was learning how to cook, I got my usual garlic pod.  By this time, I didn’t need it so much so thought I would share it with her.  I proudly presented it to her with the story of where it came from.  She smiled sweetly and said, ‘what in the heck do you do with this thing?’

It would have taken a lot of explaining so I just took the garlic pod back and smiled sweetly myself.  Her garlic came from a container in the spice section of the store.  Mine does too nowadays.  But I still miss that great big garlic pod that I used every year.  Probably  because I knew what in the heck to do with that thing.

Want to read more about what life was really like back when?  If so, check out my books at   Guaranteed enjoyment and lots of living history.   Or read excerpts at my website     As one lady just told me, the book 2503 is habit forming.  Said she couldn’t put it down.

Thanks, Bet


19 04 2011

Just heard some professor on tv talking about what makes people happy.  Big deal.  Anyone can be happy.  Happiness is a state of mind  It is also a very good habit. Everyone can make themselves happy just by concentrating on smiling, laughter, and nice thoughts.  No matter what the problems are today, it will only get better – or worse – tomorrow.  So why make a big deal out of everything.  Why make anyone else unhappy just because you might be. It is far better to make another person smile or laugh or just feel good about themselves.  Costs nothing to do this.  Just make a point of smiling when you go into the store today or into the post office or the fitness gym.  You will be surprised that after awhile everyone will be waiting for that smile and will always smile back.

Happiness is contagious.  But then so is unhappiness.  Are you going to grow into that old person who sits around and complains all the time?  I’m not.  I’m going to make a point of being someone that people want to be around and want to talk to.  Couples who have lived together for years tend to start picking on each other as they grow older. This is nothing more than a very bad habit.  And the more it is practiced, the more it is practiced.  My parents made a point of not doing that with each other.  And they stayed as far away as possible from other couples who did do that.  No one wants to hear all that bickering.  No one wants to see those frowns.  No one wants to be friends with people like that.  I sure don’t.

I want happy friends, those who laugh about the world and all is problems.  And our world definitely has lots of problems.  But it is much better to joke about something in a nice way  than to sit with your head down and bitch.  What can anyone do about the world’s problems.  Actually nothing more than pray to Almighty God that He might change things for the better.  So after you have done that, then just laugh about the world and about your own problems.  One thing for sure, something will happen somewhere about some matter.  And it probably won’t be because of you.  So why make an issue of it.

And remember, when you get old, you don’t have to be lonesome.  Just get on an investment mailing list and a charity mailing list and a religious mailing list and you will have mail, lots of mail every single day.  Add a couple of catalogs to that and you will soon have a box full of mail. Then you will definitely have something to smile about.