30 03 2012

I have been thinking again and that is always a mistake.  But I started wondering about all the liberal demands upon our time and money. I think I probably heard something on one of the talk shows about how the proposed budget by the Republicans – which I am all for by the way – would take money out of the coffers that pays  for some of the free stuff that those liberals want.

I think  I remember that God said in the Ten Commandments ‘ Thou Shalt Not Covet Thy Neighbors Goods’.  Now, as usual, maybe I am wrong, but isn’t that exactly what those liberals are trying to do – covet our goods? Aren’t they actually asking for what belongs to us?  I think God also says somewhere that He helps those who help themselves.  So, to me, that is the final answer to everything.  Those liberals can get out there and help themselves and then they can also learn that God will  help them.

I heard someone say recently that they felt sorry for all those street people and all those in the Occupy movement.  I find that ridiculous.  I am all for helping those who definitely cannot help themselves.  But for those who can help themselves, they need to get a job and start now to take care of themselves.

My husband and I got up every morning of our lives around 5.  We got ready for the day by bathing, combing our hair. brushing our teeth, and dressing for the occasion of another work day.   Then we worked throughout the day and finally finished up sometime around 11 at night.  That is how we accumulated enough money to pay for rent, groceries, utilities, and clothing.  And that is how we afforded to raise all those numerous children that God gave to us.

That is what we thought was expected of us every day in our lives.  Isn’t that what we were taught in our growing up years?  Didn’t our parents do exactly that in their lives, too?  Mine sure did.  And they taught me well.  If I found myself out of a job at any time, then I immediately knew to clean up, dress up, go to the employment agency and get another job.  I was never out of work very long.  My husband got into sales by doing exactly that.  I typed until my fingers were nubs, but this was o.k.  We were progressing.  We were living our lives the way we thought we should.

And we were never asking anyone for anything.  We were responsible for our own lives.  No one needed to feel sorry for us.  We tried and learned and tried again.  Such is life in the fast lane you know.

So once again, I give thanks to my God for everything in my life and always for showing us the way to live a good, honest, decent life.


29 03 2012

It is so hard to hear God knocking on my door sometimes.  I get so busy with so-called important things every day.  Have to get this done early in the morning.  Then have to get something else done before time to fix lunch.  And then something else before the kids are home from school.  And another chore before time to start dinner.  So, no time to listen for God knocking on my door.

But then, I remember that I have to make that time.  I have to learn to listen to those subtle little things in my life that tell me God is knocking on my door.  He is there waiting, always waiting for me to acknowledge His presence.  He wants to come into my life.  And when I remember to open the door for Him, He makes things just a little easier. He helps me with the chores I MUST get done today.  And He helps me to sing and laugh instead of fuss when things get rough around the edges.  And He helps me to remember those forgotten little things I need to do for everyone in the house to make them happier and more comfortable in their lives.  And then He is the One who helps me get those precious little things done.

I used to never even think about Him in my life.  I was too busy driving the car and taking everyone everywhere and trying to fit into my life all those people and all those chores.  But when I finally had serious medical problems and was forced to stop – then I learned to listen. I found that all that being so busy  really wasn’t that important.  It was the little things of life, the belonging to each other, the family visits, the family conversations around our table, those were the important things of life.  And God was still standing at the door waiting to be invited in.  Only when I learned to open that door wide and include Him in my daily life, did I learn that He was the most important element of all.

It was His coming into my life that changed everything.  He gave me the mental and physical strength to overcome everything that came my way.  I learned to stop and listen to what He was telling me in my everyday life.  I learned to wait for His answers before tackling everything on my own. I learned to give Him my hand and let Him lead me instead of just bulling my way through every situation.  And I am so glad I did.

I still listen to Him every day.  I still have that door wide open so He can come in anytime He pleases.  And I have a great life to show for it.  So, if you remember today, open your door to God and let Him come into your life.  Learn to listen for those little subtle things He whispers in your ear.  Learn to hear Him in spite of all that is going on around you.  Let Him lead you along your way in life.  You will be so glad you did.


28 03 2012

I was proofing my book In The 1940’s again today.  As I said before, I am going to put it on a flashdrive so my children can have it when I become famous.  Today, I was reading about the end of World War II.  So many people nowadays think we were wrong to drop the atomic bomb.  They don’t realize the situation as it was at that time.

Roosevelt had died and Truman  became President.  The War in Europe was now over and everyone was waiting for Japan to surrender.  My father was in the Philippines and  had written that the men were  being trained for an assault on Japan.  Now, my father had sight problems and was 40 years old.  He said he was being trained for hand to hand combat including weapons such as a  bayonet.  He couldn’t have found the enemy without his glasses.  So obviously they were planning to use all the men on an all out assault. He also said there was talk that the men from the European conflict were going to be sent directly to the Pacific Front as they would also be a part of this massive drive into Japan.

The United States asked Japan to surrender.  The answer came back an emphatic NO.  They would fight until the last man was dead.  They were then asked once again.  Again they refused.  So the first atomic bomb was dropped.  It was a horrible thing, no doubt about that.  And one which no one who remembers anything about any of that time would ever want to happen to mankind again.

After the bomb, the  United States asked once again for Japan to surrender.  This time, the answer was another emphatic NO.  So the second bomb was then dropped.  And that was the end of the War.

We have wars now and the reports are in the papers every day about 3 or 6 or possibly 10 people killed.  At the time of World War II, the numbers were in the hundreds every day and sometimes in the thousands.  The Okinawan invasion had just occurred and it was reported that the Ocean was turned blood red from the conflict.  So no one wanted to see anymore men die.  Not from the United States nor from Japan.  The world was through with that War. It was time for it to be over.  And it finally was – but only because those bombs were dropped.  If it had not been for those bombs, we might have had thousands and thousands more men killed.  And for what- to prove how important someone was.  Or how important they could become if they could just conquer the world.  Same things are going on today.  There are always people like that out there, just waiting to cause more trouble for everyone else.

But with today’s technologies, things are not quite the same and hopefully never will be again.  Instead of blaming the United States for dropping those bombs, everyone should be grateful that we had such a weapon in order to put an end to that terrible, horrible carnage.  As Americans, we all still pray to Almighty God to Grant Us His Peace, Please.  We all long for that peace in our lives.

This book of mine is very good and tells a lot of the history of the War working it into everyday life.  It is also full of humor as all my books are.  Remember, my books are only $10 each plus $2 postage or a grand total of $25 for 3.  Look them up on or on Amazon.  #2503 tells of growing up in the 1930’s and 40’s.  In The 1940’s tells of the life at that time in an ordinary family including father goes to War and all the ramifications of that.  Then The Wonderful 1950’s tells of the challenges of this changing world.  All of these books are suitable for anyone from 8 years old to 100.  Very enjoyable and fun to read.


27 03 2012

Makes no difference who is in charge in your home, the main ingredient is the love that is felt by everyone in the house.  You don’t have to be rich or even poor.  You don’t have to have all those material things that everyone talks about.  You don’t even have to have a very good place to live.  The most important ingredient – to say again – is the love felt in that home.

And it must be felt by everyone.  Each person should feel wanted and needed every single day of their lives.  Even if you get irritated or tired or sick, you should still be comfortable right here at home.  That is where the heart is as the saying goes.  And it is a true saying.  Home is definitely where the heart is.  So, when you get a chance beginning tomorrow, let everyone in your household know that you really do love them and you are glad they are there.  It may be your spouse or your children or a different relative. But make sure that everyone around you knows that – in spite of the world’s many problems and in spite of that blaring television set or that leaking faucet or whatever else is going on in your house – that everyone is loved and wanted every day.

It takes only one person to begin this feeling.  If you show that you love everyone, then others will follow in your footsteps.  This does not mean that you have to hug and kiss them all the time.  It just means that you smile often and talk nicely and make sure each person  knows they are needed in your life.  The other members of your family are the ones who make up that family.  So let all your family know that you love them.

And then Thank Your Dear God for the fact that you have a family to love in spite of whatever else might be going on.  Thank God that  you can tell them that you love them and that you are glad they are here with you.

And then Thank God for Loving You, just as I Thank Him for Loving Me.  His Love makes everything in my life o.k.  No matter what.  And for that, I am truly and absolutely most grateful.


26 03 2012

Since I brought up the subject of the Federal Reserve and their terrible plans for all of us, thought I would continue with that just a bit.  People usually do not pay too much attention to whatever the Federal Reserve is doing because they don’t think it applies to them directly.  But it really does.  You just have to get used to the terminology and read between the lines like you have to do on everything these days.

We live in a Capitalistic Country.  Thank Heavens for that!  But – and this is a big but – if you take the capital out of the system, then you slowly but surely destroy the system by just simply starving it to death.  It is a long, drawn out death, but it will definitely occur unless something is done to stop it.l

Our administration such as it is these days is backing the Federal Reserve System while it does just this.  If you have no monetary interest being paid on money that is loaned out, then you stop the system from loaning – over time.  As I said, this takes a long time, but after awhile, no one pays any attention until all the Capitalistic System is gone.  What comes next. Have you ever even thought of that?  Remember the countries in Europe when they had no money at all?  I do.  I remember when they had to rely on us for their very existence.  But we were doing well since we had administrations that understood all of that and could control their actions.  Remember we could all go to the bank and buy a C.D.  And we made a little bit of interest.  This is what most people aimed to do as they got older and saved their money.  This was called their nest egg.  No interest on nest eggs any more.

Nowadays, the Federal Reserve says they pay no interest to keep inflation down. Well, as I said previously, just take a look at the prices that are slowly but surely creeping upwards on everything you buy.  Not in great amounts at once as it did under Jimmy Carter, but those prices are beginning to take a toll on everyone.  Clothing costs just a dab more.  Schools have raised their tuitions just a dab.  Groceries are inching up every week.  Gasoline is over the top already.  And everyone these days has at least one car and some have more than that.  And they cannot drive much because the gasoline is so high.  Oh, My!  Could that be the start of telling us where we can go and how we can get there?  Pay attention to your freedoms to go and come as you please.

If the people in the Country cannot invest and make a little interest on their investment, then there will b e no investment.  Period.  End of that subject.  People will just hold onto the money they have and sit it out.  This means the Country will eventually come to a standstill.  Who are you reading about that is investing now.  Why, it is our Government.  They are the ones who are going to build the new roads.  They are the one with the stimulus cash.  They are the ones who are in charge.  Watch that!  They are in charge?  Why?  Usually, it would be up to the local people to invest in their own issues, schools, roads, etc.  Not now.  All the money comes through the Government. And remember, you are the Government and you are the one who is going to pay those taxes forever and ever to pay for whatever the Government chooses to spend your money on. Only you don’t have anything to say about it.

Please pay attention this year.  And don’t vote for anymore dishonest politicians.  Study up on each of them and find out exactly where they stand.  If they are not honest and above board on everything, then find someone else to vote for.   And by all means, Vote Republican!  It is very important this time around.  After this time, you may never get the opportunity again.  Just look at the disasters of the last few years and remember what can happen in the next four years.

Vote Republican!!!!


25 03 2012

The Federal Reserve keeps announcing that they will keep interest rates at the lowest rates – EVER – in order to keep inflation down.  Well, hate to tell them but it isn’t working.  Never has, never will.  The head of the Federal Reserve has been saying this same rhetoric for several years now and it still isn’t working.  Have you bought groceries lately?  Someone needs to tell him what a box of cereal costs now or the price of a bag of chips or any other of those regular groceries.  And take a look at that gasoline price today.  More today than yesterday or the month before or even several years before.  Wonder why if keeping the interest rates down avoids all this inflationary jump in prices.  Maybe we need a new head of the Federal Reserve.  One who knows what is going on in this world of today.

And then I read of the unemployment figures for the month or week or whatever it was the last time I read it.  These numbers are supposedly down.   Not so.  Not so.  Instead, that drop is just because so many people have run through all their benefits on unemployment and so they are not counted anymore.  The number of jobs is not up either.  Whoever makes up these figures evidently doesn’t mesh with the ones I see on the television set.

And how about that pipeline.  Seems it was stopped – permanently.  And now it is on go again part of the way and I understand from reading the papers again that the pipeline people are being told to hurry up and get this done.  What is it.  Go or not.  Hurry up or stop.  Hard to tell.  Almost like watching a fantasy movie.  Up and down, around and around.

It is also clear to me that those jobs that were supposedly manufactured for the anti-energy lobby have now disappeared also.  Oh, what are we to do.  When the windmills stop turning, are they going to hurry out  there and blow those blades around?  Sure makes you wonder about all this stuff.

Once again, those same people who put out all this rhetoric have forgotten that they are not in charge  anyway.   God runs this world and He will continue to do just that.  They can scurry around and act busy all they want.  I guess they call that walking fast and carrying a clipboard, but it just doesn’t work with most people anymore.  Either tell it truthfully or don’t bother the rest of us. We know better.   We can see through all this rubbish.

Just like the gas prices.  Watch and pay attention.  They are sky high now.  But before it is time to vote, the Democrats will somehow make those prices come down and then all their followers will be enthralled at how wonderful they are.    Of course those gas prices should never have been raised in the first place.  But now they will lower them just in time for the election.  Aren’t those Democrats just marvelous though.  Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire    Again and again.

And those jobs will just miraculously appear but only on paper.  And those unemployment figures will miraculously drop.  And that pipeline will be touted as the most wonderful thing that the Democrats ever did for us.  Just watch.  And then be sure and vote Republican.  Maybe then we can get some truth going in this country for a change.  I am sick of the lies.  Sure would be nice to know that we are being told the truth for a change.  Hopefully after the election, there will be a time of truth once again.




24 03 2012

Seems like I always have so many things to Thank You For, Dear God.  But I really mean it.  I appreciate all You do for me every single day of my life.  I have no complaints in my life.  Everything is always o.k.  Some days are harder than others, but so what.  You have always seen me through those dark times and into the light again.  So I Thank You over and over again.

Today, we finished lunch and my daughter went to her room.   She was planning to brush her teeth.  Then I set about sweeping the kitchen floor.   Suddenly, I heard this beautiful sound.  It was my daughter singing quietly, softly.  I think that was the most beautiful sound I ever heard.  Complete innocence.  Complete beauty.  Just wonderful to hear.  You see, she has had numerous problems since birth and this is the first time I ever heard her sing all by herself.  It is truly the most beautiful sound I ever heard.  She didn’t sing long, but I am sure I will be hearing it again.  How do I ever thank you enough for that special treat.

Added to that this week, we had a thunderstorm the other night.  It began about bedtime and I was waiting for it.  I have had hearing problems for years.  Got a new set of hearing aids recently and can actually hear again.  So I was waiting to see if I could hear the rain.  I sat in the darkened bedroom and just listened.  And I heard the hail hitting the house.   Then I heard the thunder as it rolled.  I could see the lightning and it all made sense with the thunder and the lightning together.  Then I heard the sound of the rain hitting the house.  It was truly wonderful hearing all these sounds together.  What a wonderful blessing to be able to hear the storm as it passed over.

So, You see, Dear God.  I have so much to be thankful for – and this is only the last few days. Just think of all the blessings I receive all the time that I never even notice.  Thank You, Thank You Again!