31 05 2011

In the 1950’s when the television became very popular everywhere in the nation, we only got the news.  strictly news. no comments, nothing else.  Then towards the end of the 50’s, we began to get commentary along with the news.  At first this was very welcome and really interesting.  Then it became opinionated commentary and the more time has gone on, the more opinionated it is.  Most people do not realize how this has progressed over the years.

In today’s media, we are only getting part of the story most of the time.  I get a lot more truth from the newspaper than I do from the television set.  If the media is not in favor of someone or something, then it is not reported.   Also, it must be newsworthy in order to be hammered into our brains.   In other words, most people do not realize or do not really know but the media is in charge of  twisting and turning your mind until you agree with their point of view.

Mr. Clinton is an excellent example.  He came along, not known anywhere in the country and managed to get elected President.  Know how?  Because the media recognized him as their candidate.  He was young, vibrant, interesting, and had a style that wouldn’t quit.  He was news!  He was just what they needed. They turned this nobody into the most desired candidate in years.  John F. Kennedy was another example.  Interesting, young, vibrant, had that charisma that everyone was looking for.  Nixon didn’t stand a chance.  And only what is good is ever reported about the media’s choice.  No matter how much bad the candidate may have done, only the good is ever seen by the public.  Unless and until they cannot hide it anymore.

Donald Trump is a more recent example.  They made fun of him at every turn, set him up several times and ridiculed him.  I don’t think that had anything to do with his dropping out of the race, but if he had stayed in it, he would have had to overcome all that constantly.   Not sure I could have done that myself.

Sarah Pahlin is another example.  No matter what she says or does, she is ridiculed.  Her family included.  Either the press is completely ignoring her one day, or they are ridiculing her another day.  No good reporting about whatever she says or does.

I am anxious to see who the press picks out for the Republican candidate.  Because they will do the picking for all of us by touting that person’s abilities.  And it won’t be pretty.  Unless it is someone they are backing, they will only report what is ridiculous about them and then we will be hung with Obama once again.

Pay attention to how much the press changes your mind about everything.  Pay attention to their attitudes and their remarks about everything.  They have it down really good.  And unless you are constantly aware of this, you don’t stand a chance with your own opinions.  Think about it.


28 05 2011

Everyone who knows me knows that I am a very devout Catholic.  So, sometimes I get comments or questions which I try to answer to the best of my knowledge which really isn’t much.  But a lady asked me recently why Catholics worship Mary.  I have had this question before from Protestant friends.  I will try to answer it once again.

Catholics do not worship Mary, nor do they adore Her.  They also do not ever put her above Jesus Christ.

Mary is an intercessor for all who would pray to her.  When we pray to The Blessed Virgin Mary, we are simply asking her to ask her Son to do something for us.  That is the reason why we pray the Rosary.  It is a repetition of prayers to Mary asking her to intercede for us for whatever it is we want.  Or need.  Or would like to thank Jesus for.

That is the reason we pray to various Saints also.  We are just simply asking them to intercede for us with prayer to God for whatever our request might be.

As example, if  I had a friend that could  loan me money,   I know that if I went to his mother and asked her to intercede for me, she probably would.  And this would make it easier for me to ask my friend for the money, and easier for him to loan it to me.  This is all that we are doing with Mary.  We are asking her as Jesus’ Mother, to please ask him for something for us.

Catholics do not ever worship or adore Mary.  We just know that if we ask her to intercede for us, she will answer our prayers and ask her Son on our behalf for our request.  And for that intercession, we are most grateful.



26 05 2011

I have had another of those fun filled days that I look forward to so much.  Just one laugh after another.  I thought I was being so smart.  As usual.

I have this braided rug that was  getting pretty dirty and I was sick of looking at it.  Have been trying to find another one like it and have had no luck so far.  So – since we have had so much rain lately and the weather man said it was supposed to rain again this afternoon, I decided what I would do.  I would just wash the thing.  So I put it on my deck and found my scrub brush and mixed up some detergent in some warm water and I was all set.  Got down on my knees and scrubbed it with the soapy brush.  Both sides.  Then, the weather man man on the television set assured me – again – that we would have lots of rain this afternoon.  I was planning on the rain to rinse the rug and then I would hang it across the bannister to dry in the sun and wow! a brand new clean rug.

Know what?  It rained about three drops and that was it.  The wind blew a lot and blew those dark clouds right out of sight.  Now, the weather man on the television says it won’t be raining for at least a week or ten days.  Meanwhile, my rug is lying on the deck all filled with soap I’m sure.  I don’t have any way of rinsing it and getting the soap out of it.  So guess it will just have to lie on the deck until it rains.  The whole country has rain, but not my deck.   Oh no, not here.  Not after I scrubbed the rug.  No way.

Oh well, I’ll just have to live with it like it or not.  No rain.  No rinse.  No finish rug.  Meanwhile, I’ll just laugh every time I think about how smart I am – again.


22 05 2011

Many years ago, I was working at my desk in my office off the kitchen.  I suddenly jumped up and ran as hard as I could downstairs and out the back door.  I don’t know what made me do that.  I wasn’t even thinking of moving at the time.  I was busy working on some writing and not thinking of anything else at all.  As I ran out the back door, I saw my youngest son trying to strike a match.  He was only about 6 at the time and was  working hard trying to get that match to light on the matchbook in his hand.  And right below him was an open gas can.  If that match had lit, he would have been blown up along with his friend standing next to him and me and that whole side of my house.

Fortunately, God had sent one of his Angels to knock on my head and make me suddenly jump up and run downstairs and out that back door in time to put a stop to this horrible scenario.  What if, what if, what if.  But God always takes good care of me.  I know that and I truly believe that.

I remember hearing my mother humming  and singing  the words  ‘He Will Take Care of You, God Will Take Care of You.’  I do that myself.  And God does truly take care of me.  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Dear God not only for that one time but for all the other times, too.


16 05 2011

According to the newsy news today on television, you just simply cannot depend on anyone anymore.  First it was Mike Huckabee who bowed out of the 2012 Presidential race.  And now Donald Trump says he will not run.  What am I going to do now.

I never even heard of some of those other people who say they might just run.  I like Sarah Pahlin a whole lot.  I think she has lots of good old fortitude and smart, but I’m not sure she can win.  Don’t care much for some of the others.  Mitt Romney just doesn’t sit well with me and I don’t really know why.  Of course his earlier problem with health care doesn’t help much.  

I just wonder who  will  come forward next.  I liked Newt Gingrich before, but he reminds me of McCain now.  McCain was a great man and a good politician, but he was just simply too old and too dated and too stodgy for the younger people.   Thus he lost.  Same would happen with Gingrich now.  Just doesn’t have any zip and zing.  And these days, gotta’ have lots and lots of zip and zing.  Thats why Obama is always shown jumping either onto or off a plane.  Note how he walks.  Reminds me of Jack Kennedy against Richard Nixon.  Kennedy had that zip and zing.  Nixon had none of that.  Although Nixon was the smarter of the two people and had a better plan for the country, he still lost because he did not attract people.  On television these days, the candidate has to have that attraction.  Otherwise he is lost.  

That is what is wrong with Ron Paul.  Great person.  Wonderful ideas.  But not going anywhere because he doesn’t have that charisma.  So who is it going to be?  Who is going to be sent to save this wonderful country of ours before it is completely destroyed by those in power.  Help us Dear God.  Help us please.

And He Will.  He always does.  


15 05 2011

You might have seen it plastered on all the news reports this morning that this Catholic professor at some college somewhere said that John Boehner is immoral in his plans to cut the budget. Well, in the first place, I would never presume to call anyone immoral.    And in the second place, that important professor was NOT speaking for the Catholic Church no more than I am speaking for the Catholic Church.  Although the news made it look as though he was, he most definitely was not.  And he wasn’t speaking for most Catholics either.

He stated that John Boehner’s budget cuts were immoral because we should all be obligated to take care of the poor.  Bull!  I do not feel that I have to take care of the poor anymore.  I am sorry that some people have a hard time, but it is time they looked out for themselves the best they can.  We all know that a lot of those so-called poor are not poor at all.

It is my contention that people all have the opportunity to work.  If they want to work, they can find a job.  Not what they want maybe, but they will find a job if they show that they are willing and able to work.  When President Johnson started this Great Society of his, he should have put some brakes on it somewhere.  I am all for giving opportunities to everyone, no matter what color they are.  Everyone should have the same chance to build their lives.

But then, I am also all for parents feeding their children every day of the year.  I am all for them clothing their own children and providing a warm place for them to sleep and making sure they are healthy and happy in their lives.  Doesn’t take a lot of money to do that.  Every animal species feeds their own.  But not humans anymore.  They get them up, push them out the door, and go on about their lives.  The children are fed at school. In some cases, they are even washed at school.  Some children never change their clothes.  They sleep in what they are wearing and get up and go again in the same outfit they wore the day before and sometimes have worn all week.  Some mothers even bring their children to the free daycares while still in their pajamas.   Then they go home to play all day while their children are fed by someone else.

Don’t get me wrong.  I would be in favor of always making sure children have good food to eat.  But I very definitely feel that it is the responsibility of those parents to feed their own children.  And I am all in favor of those parents getting a job and doing a full day’s work for a full day’s pay.  I knew of one man who complained for 50 years afterwards that he walked the streets during the Great Depression looking for a job.  He never could find one.  That was not true.  He didn’t want to work and that was why he could never find a job.  Instead, he would go sit on the bench at the corner or on the courthouse lawn and visit with whoever would visit with him.  Then he would go home and complain about how he never could find a job.  His wife worked full time and that was how they got by.  But he was still complaining all his days about walking the streets looking for a job.  Bull!

So for the professor who states that John Boehner is immoral because of the cuts he suggests being made in the national budget, I say Bull!  Those cuts need to be made.  If not, we soon won’t have a budget to cut anymore.  Time for everyone to tighten their belts a notch and say – ‘this is it’.  No more freebie life.  No more someone else taking care of your family for you.  It is your turn to do what you should have done all along.  Get a job.  Go to work.  Feed your family.  Take care of yourself and your family.   It is your job.  Not the government’s job.  Not everyone else’s job.   Yours!


14 05 2011

Everybody wants things.  In fact wanting is one of those curses of life.   Always wanting something seems to go along with just being alive.  That is until you reach a certain age and then suddenly you really don’t want things much anymore.  You come to realize that things are not what makes your world go round.

By the time you have reached many years past maturity, things become less and less important.  People become more and more important.  You now have the house and the car and the other things that you have always wished for.  You have a closet full of clothes that you will probably never wear again.  And there is no more room in your life for another hobby or another computer or another anything.  Things have suddenly lost their value.

Somehow things have reversed.  Now you would like to unload some of those things.  Give away some of those clothes, get a smaller house, buy a more efficient car.  What happened?  Who knows.

It takes a lot of upkeep to take care of all those things you have accumulated over the years.  The house is too big, no more big family around to fill it up.  Something always needs a little repair.   If you have acquired a pool, it costs more and more to keep it up.  If you have a few extra rooms, somehow they have to be heated and cooled along with the rest of the big house you always wanted.  If you drive a big, fancy car, it takes a lot of gas these days and seems to go slower and slower compared to those zippy new ones you see on the road.  And those clothes hanging in the closet just take up a lot of room.  Some need to be pressed and who wants to do that anymore.  Easier to put on a pair of jeans to run to the grocery store than to dress nicely.

That beautiful yard that you worked so hard on seems to have lost some of its beauty this year.  Maybe it is just because you don’t want to weed or feed anymore.  Might be more fun to just out for lunch instead.  Those flowers are really pretty, but, oh well, you know.

So think about it before you invest a lot in those things you think you want.  That big house payment just gets bigger over the years.  And, as I said, upkeep is a real problem when you get older and cannot change all those light bulbs or wash all those windows.  At this time, you are not even interested in running the vacuum anymore.  Rather read a good book or watch an interesting tv show.

Life changes.  People change.  And those things change, too.  Remember that before you spend and spend on those things you think you want today.  You might not really want them tomorrow.