Excerpts from My Book Entitled, In the 1940’s

27 04 2009

From Page 19

Sometimes society indicates that the rich man is the bad guy if he lives well. But if anyone stops to think that thought through, it is the so called rich guy in the private sector who provides the jobs to put the other people to work.  Nobody ever worked for a poor guy, you know. And not everyone can work for the government.

From Page 9

Way back when, Mr. Roosevelt put people to work by forming Government Programs and thus providing jobs.  This is a very good idea except for the fact that eventually someone has to pay the bills for all these programs.  This usually means a tax or two will soon be added for ALL of the working people to pay.  It is better to support the small businessman so he can provide jobs for others. It is better for  people to work than to provide give- a- way programs through the government.

From Page 10

One result of having a decent job is the dignity it provides for the worker.  Every worker needs this dignity in his life.  The  income- an honest day’s pay for an honest day’s work,  gives all members of the worker’s family a dignity, too.  Their dignity comes from being able to pay their own way and not having to be dependent upon others to provide for their needs.




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