Ever So Thankful………

20 03 2009

I was driving this morning, noticing all the beautiful early spring flowers and budding trees. God really paints a pretty picture. And that reminded me how many things I need to thank God for every day. Just the fact I am out and driving this morning is one, the scenery is another, everything in my life many times over is another. So instead of always asking for something from God, I try to remember to say ‘Thank You’ and then ‘What would You have me to do for You today.’ Seems like there should be something I could be doing in return for this wonderful life. I’m sure God will let me know as the day passes by. Hope I do it all just right.

Just Ask

20 03 2009

Having had the flu bug lately, it is hard to get going in the mornings. Also hard to keep going long after dark, but I always know in the back of my mind that God’s Love and Mercy are with me at every step. He is walking with me, helping me along when i don’t feel like moving again. He is right there answering all my requests. All I have to do is ask. I just have to remember to ask. Have Mercy on me. Thank you, Dear God.

Oh, the Power of the Dollar

18 03 2009

With so much newsy news about the economy these days, people sometimes forget that money is just simply to be used for whatever needs there are. In my house, that has an entirely different meaning when it comes to dollar bills. My retarded daughter never could sleep well. I tried everything imaginable, discipline, begging, bribing, etc. Nothing ever worked. She just simply did not need to sleep. I finally offered to pay her a dollar each morning, if she slept all night until the alarm went off. Well that has worked miracles at my house. She now sleeps from 9 in the evening until the alarm sounds about 6. She feels better and I certainly do, too. This dollar bill has given us a whole new lifestyle. She crams that dollar in her pocket each morning, then puts it in an envelope in her desk before she goes off to school. At the end of the week, we count the dollars and then I take her to the dollar store each Saturday. There, she buys all sorts of goodies, coloring books, writing tablets, and various knick knacks. Then on Monday morning, she takes a bag full of treats to all her friends at school. They love it, she loves it, and I really love my good night’s sleep. Read all about my different life in my upcoming book, Sammie and I just as soon as I have it published.

Parenting Simplified

18 03 2009

In today’s world, parents are bombarded from all sides with information and instructions on how to parent.
Parenting is really a very easy thing to do. All you have to do is follow a few simple rules.

1. Respect yourself

2. Respect your child

3. Respect others

This will teach your child to respect you which will stop most discipline problems before they ever start
He will learn to respect himself and his life, therefore avoiding most trouble and troublesome situations
He will learn to respect others, thus having few problems in his life both as a child and as an adult.

Practice these rules in your life every day and watch your child grow into a mature, responsible adult. Read my book, A Better World, for more simple ideas on how to have a better life for you and yours.

Birthday Test

18 03 2009

Almost my birthday once again. When I think back over the many I have had before, one stands out above them all. One year, I asked God for a special gift. I wanted to know if I was doing a good job as a wife and mother. Well, beginning before breakfast, every time someone walked in the room where I was, they just ate me up. Something was wrong with everything all day long. Even when I would go off by myself for a minute, one of the children or my husband would follow me to tell me what was wrong, wrong, wrong with something I had done. By mid afternoon, I was about to give up and accept the fact that I was a terrible wife and mother when it suddenly struck me that this is exactly what the devil wanted me to think. He wanted me to think everything I was doing was wrong, but I knew in my heart that I was doing a good job. I am a great wife and mother. Happy Birthday!

Morning Coffee

14 03 2009

I lay back down for a minute after the alarm sounded this morning. Then I heard my retarded daughter moving around in the kitchen so thought I better check on her. When I entered the room, she was leaning against the counter, eyes downcast. She said, ‘I made a mess, Mom’. She had certainly done that! She had tried to make coffee for the two of us and coffee grounds were everywhere. They were piled on top of the coffee pot, on the counter, in the open drawer, on the floor. My first thought was to get mad and fuss at her. But then I realized she had done the best she could. So I just patted her shoulder and asked her to help me clean up the mess. How could I possibly get mad at her when she had done the best she could? God only asks this of each one of us, that we do the best we can every day. How could I ask more of her than God asks of me?
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Thanks, Bet

Life in the 40’s

14 03 2009

In The 1940’s, we were taught a lot about patriotism, love of country, and respect for each other. It was an honor to say The Pledge of Allegiance or sing the Star Spangled Banner at school each day. We really didn’t mind that items were rationed or hard to get. In fact, if we could not buy gasoline that week, we just stayed happily at home.  We learned to appreciate what we did have rather than bemoan the fact we didn’t have something else. To be together as a family was the most important thing in our lives whether it was listening to the radio in the evenings or sitting on the porch watching the world pass us by. We were a family together and that was the important part.

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Thanks, Bet


14 03 2009

By now we had been through several more presidents and congress. As I said before, if it is a republican, the democratic congress makes sure nothing is passed and we have only gridlock. A democrat president gets everything he wants. Such was the case of Jimmy Carter and his administration. The country was in a real mess. Inflation was rampant all the time. We owned a $31,000 house and got a call one afternoon that someone wanted to buy our house for $95,000, sight unseen. I turned to my husband and asked if he wanted to sell and he said no because we would have to just buy another one.  The prices were obviously sky high.  We could all thank Mr. Carter for that. Taxes were 90 cents on the dollar for those in the higher income brackets. What point was there in even trying to work? Inflation! Inflation! Inflation! Lots of money, not worth anything.

Mr. Reagan came in a close second on getting his agenda through Congress because he was such a popular man and had a program of rebuilding America and everyone liked the sound of that. He did a very good job of uniting the country and getting things back under control. He was a Republican you know. 

When Mr. Bush, Sr. same along, he could not get anything done. The democratic congress stopped him cold on every single thing he tried to do. He even came on the television and asked the people to write their congressmen telling them to stop the gridlock and allow some of his programs to get done. My father, a die hard democrat from depression days just laughed at that one. You could write those democratic congressmen all day long and they would not move an inch anyway. It does no good to contact them on any issue and Democrats are still running the Congress. 

By now, because of the Democratic governments that had gone before, we had more and more government programs to contend with. Tax money was flying out the door, taking care of everyone and everything, the world over. A lot of people growled about this, but it did no good. We still had to pay higher and higher taxes.  Things didn’t change much since we now had a democratic president and a democratic congress.  A couple of the congressmen tried to make a change in all that, but they were stopped in their tracks. No progress was made again.

Then the second Mr. Bush came along.  He tried to get his programs through and did manage to push a few along the way. At first he had a majority in congress by one vote and then that one vote disappeared and that was the end of that. Even his ‘no child left behind’ program for the schools could hardly pass through. And that one was designed to just help people. Nothing subversive about it at all. Just make sure the children got educated.  Our public schools have constantly become dumber and dumber over the years.  A lot of the graduates cannot even read or write and most of them cannot handle their money, write a check, or even know how to take care of their own finances.  Credit cards have come on the scene and to most of the people, a credit card is to be used until the balance reaches its limit. And then it is simply time to get another card which is easily done. In fact, cards arrive in the mail saying that their credit has already been approved. Just put the card in your pocket and you are on your way – again and again.  Their debts pile up and up until bankruptcy is a way of life for a lot of them. And, as I said earlier, we have regressed at least three generations since 1960. What a terrible shame that is. We had so much. Before that time, you could get a good high school diploma from a public school and be equipped to get a job or even start a business. Now that diploma is not worth the paper it is written on. No education, no opportunity. It is now necessary to spend the next 6 to 10 years going to college for that same start in life you could have had with a high school education. Children of today need an education, a good one. And children don’t need to start out at the age of 3. Leave the family alone. Leave the children at home where they belong. The family does not need government intervention all the time. 

Over the past few years, there has been little honesty on the financial scene.  You can see that by where we are today. Some big corporations are the greedy, grabby people who take your money and run. A small utility company was family owned. The family had taken pride in running it in an honest manner, always keeping in mind their stockholders and benefactors. Now the young generation has taken over the company.  They build a five million dollar home on the lake and spent money like water. Then the stockholders pay the price when their stock becomes worthless. Some of those stockholders were retired people planning on that stock for their livelihood. The younger man who now owns the utility company does not care at all. Just put that money in his pocket and run. We have seen that scenario many times over in the past few years. Same old story, same generation of takers, thieves, etc. etc. etc.

Now the election is over and you hear that change is on the way. I have seen change over and over again and it is always the same. Change to have more taxes, change to give more money to those who will not work, change to help those who steal from everyone else.  Sure, change.  

The small businessman who is the backbone of our country, needs support, not change. He needs lower taxes, less regulation, and more opportunity. He needs tax breaks on his investments. He needs tax breaks on whatever he can pass on to his children. Then he will put the country to work and pay a fair salary and provide opportunity.  

It is time to pay attention to moral issues. If some will kill their own babies, what else will they do? If they will steal on the mailing of a letter, what else will they steal?  If they will lie to cover their financial problems, what else will they lie about?  And the list goes on and on.  

Value human life.  Want honesty in government, not bigger programs and more taxes. Want the small businessman to have a successful business, not those who want to see what more they can squeeze out of the small businessman.  

Value family life and true marriage. Put God first in your dealings with others.  Be in favor of those who would allow you to run your own life, free of government intervention, those who want progress for us all in the careful use of our natural resources, those who will make you proud to be an American.     

Thanks, Bet 

History #4

14 03 2009

Well, we had been having such a great life that all the troubles sort of sneaked up on us.  Suddenly, only it wasn’t suddenly at all, the world changed. That media – you know the box in the living room – suddenly erupted with the most awful mess of noise and anger and problems that you could ever imagine. And right smack dab in the middle of all of it were the country’s children – those who had been showing off a bit too much and were now really showing off. Some were taking part in the peace demonstrations all over the country and of course the media was covering every single event. But they didn’t seem to be very peaceful with any of their demonstrations. They were all running around giving the peace sign to each other and demonstrating every chance they got. Now there were demonstrations being held everywhere for any and all reasons and the highways were full of young people hitching rides going from one demonstration to another. Walking the highways with tattered clothes, dirty faces, and hair, hair everywhere, they all needed a shave and a haircut.  What happened to the nice looking young people everyone had raised? They had all disappeared and they didn’t much care what the demonstration was about anyway. It was free meals and fun for all and even free sex. I heard one person state that you could just walk on the street, have your eyes meet with a member of the opposite sex and spend the afternoon having free sex. You didn’t even have to know their name. Now isn’t that something though. What a horrible sub life. And what had happened to the good life we all had? They were busy destroying all of it for all of us. These young people were demonstrating all the time and breaking all the laws of the land. This was covered in the media also.
But the most important thing to remember here is that, not only were these people breaking the laws of the land, they were also systematically breaking God’s Laws. Those Ten Commandments that had been given to mankind by God so many years ago were simply for the trampling nowadays. Mankind had existed all these years by following God’s rules, but no more. Everyone had forgotten that those Ten Commandments are what make civilization civil.  

First, it was the Law of taking God’s name in vain. You could hear this everywhere you went these days. Complete irreverence. Second was the honoring of God. Boy, that was a hoot. Who even took the time to think about God, except in a derogatory way? And then comes keeping the Sabbath Holy. Ha! No one even thought about that one anymore, unless they were demonstrating at a Church somewhere. And killing – it was in all the news reports about women having abortions. So not only did they kill, but they killed their own. And stealing was an obvious humorous privilege for these young people.  There were even books written about how to get away with stealing and they were popular books at that. Adultery was rampant, everywhere, and bragged about constantly. Coveting was a way of life.  Remember the Jones that we all had to keep up with? That was a way of life now. Honoring father and mother was a real disaster. Not only did they not honor their parents, they ridiculed them, argued with them, fought them at every turn, and eventually turned against them completely. I heard of one family that was traveling, pulled into a service station for gas. The young adult son got out of the back seat, crossed the highway, put out his thumb, a car stopped and he got in it. The family never saw the boy again, never knew what happened to their son.  

The pill came out about this time and everyone was excited, so much so in fact, that sex became even more rampant. Now no one had to be responsible for anything. Complete birth control, no responsibility, what a life. What a degrading disgusting life. Now all the young people really had the world on a string. They didn’t have to account for anything they did in their lives. Complete irresponsibility in all areas. Live as they choose. Find their own space. Do as they please. None of this would hurt anyone. Wouldn’t bother anyone. They could live any kind of life they wanted and they did.  Boy, how they did.  

My father was watching TV one evening, turned to me and said, ‘it took us all my lifetime to come up to the standard of living we have now.  And they – meaning the marchers and trouble makers – have taken us back down three generations’, and he was right.  

I had a distant relative who, during the depression years, wrapped himself in newspapers to ward off the cold and became a hobo, a bum.  He wanted to ride the rails in a boxcar, hitch the highways and live that supposed good life, free of ties and responsibility. Now, this generation of young people wanted to do the same thing. They wanted to walk the highways, ride the rails, cheat, lie, steal, live that supposedly good life of no responsibility, no ties, no problems, thus no real adult life. They didn’t even know enough to wrap themselves in newspapers because they never had been cold or hungry, nor had they actually done without anything. This was the generation that had everything. Their parents had worked constantly to provide that great wonderful life for these darlings and now look at them. They were wearing  dirty, filthy clothes, never washing, having dirty hair filled faces, yet knowing everything. They could tell you in a minute how to run the world. They had so little experience in life, yet they really thought they knew it all. You just needed to ask them and the media did, and their views on life were broadcast constantly throughout the country and the world every day all day long.

Even the shows on television were now ridiculing our country and all our officials. Even the president and his staff were up for constant ridicule. I assumed the persons on the television were much more capable of running our country, or ruining it.  

And the American people got the blame again for another war. We didn’t do our part. We didn’t do what we should have. When in fact, we were all sick and tired of war, war, war. We had war all our lives. We didn’t want anymore wars. We wanted peace. We wanted to go back to life as it had been just a few short years ago before the world changed so drastically. We wanted responsible young people, we wanted honest politicians; we wanted peace; and we wanted a level playing field for all. We wanted to be left alone and allowed to live our lives as we saw fit. We didn’t want to see or hear anymore about problems everywhere. Enough was enough!  

History #3

14 03 2009

Back in the late 40’s/50’s, time were a’ changing, that’s for sure. As I said on the previous page, new mothers were told not to nurse their newborns anymore. It wouldn’t make that much difference anyway according to the doctors and society in general. This meant that the mother didn’t have to worry about putting on all that weight after giving birth. Since she would not be storing that milk for the baby, she would have her figure back pronto. So all young mothers were now expected to look sleek and trim, constantly. Pants came into vogue and all the young mothers were expected to wear them now.

Suddenly, we started having shortages of everything. First were coffee and sugar and then bacon and numerous other things. There was always a reason for each one of the shortages of course, but the main reason was to raise the prices. Now everyone was beginning to shop, shop their grocery lists, going all over town to get the best prices on whatever was in shortage at this time. About the only thing there wasn’t a shortage of during these years was babies. Now that women no longer had the natural birth control that nursing gave them, they were having more and more babies with shorter time between those babies. And of course there was also no shortage of ball fields. So mother had the babies and the car to drive and the baseball fields to frequent. The husbands were out doing their share of the driving these days also. A lot of them had the latest great job – that of traveling salesman. They pulled out of their driveway on Monday morning and did not return until Thursday or Friday afternoon. A great life. They made great commissions and everyone was living the good life, all the time. Mother was worked to a frazzle, so was dad, but everyone was expected to do just that. No one complained much. Cooking out on the grill became a craze and so now when dad came home, he got to cook out on the grill over the weekend. While mother ran the washer, the dryer, and the dishwasher and bathed a few babies. Still no complaints. It was a great life out here in ever, ever land. And of course we all watched TV all the time, too. We enjoyed the sitcoms with their simple story lines and laugh tracks. We watched the game shows and rooted for the winners. We enjoyed seeing the variety shows which were on at the appropriate times. What a life! Why everyone even had a private line telephone by now, too. That was a great change for the better. That phone rang all the time, too.  

Now the media changed their news shows to include commentary, so not only did we get to watch the news and find out all that necessary stuff that was going on all over the world, but then we got to hear opinions about what was happening all over the world. We really had it made! Sort of.  

By now, we had been through several presidents, some good, some better, some worse. Truman didn’t have a clue about the atomic bomb, if you will remember the stories and yet he made a great president. Eisenhower was a war hero and was elected because most people revered him because of what he had done to help end that terrible war. We had also been through many so-called programs. We had another war or two and had not found any real peace in this world. The public was sick of the wars and not willing to put anymore effort into them. We wanted to live in peace now. It was time. We had all paid our dues. It was time to stop killing and get on with living for a change. but the politicians and military of the world didn’t seem to share these views so, we just kept on having wars.

And the politics just kept being the same old thing.  If we had a democratic president, we paid a lot more taxes and got a lot more government programs.  Same old stuff.  If we had a republican president, we had gridlock.  We always had a democratic congress that would spend that money if it was a democratic president and if we had a republican president and a democratic congress, the country would grind to a slow stall and we would have to wait it out, hoping that congress would finally do something to let us all get going again.  Same old thing.  Same old stuff over and over again.  Some of those senators and congressmen had been in the congress all their lives.  They were not about to give up their seniority nor their positions and so we were at their mercy over and over again.

The people who refused to carry their share of life’s burdens by putting in an honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay could count on the democrats to give them something for nothing.  The republicans demanded that honest day’s work to get the honest day’s pay; the democratic congress couldn’t let that happen.  Same old story today.  

More tomorrow.  Meanwhile, there is a whole other generation coming up in history #4.  

Thanks, Bet