2 10 2012

I get so tired of seeing reports and reading about the abortion issue.  Over and over again, day after day for years now, I have heard about this one issue.  I am really sick and tired of hearing about it.

God set up this world in His own way.  I had nothing to do with it and neither did any other human being that I know of.  But there are always people who want to run everything, so they have been trying to change God’s Laws for a long time.  Most of this started in the 1960’s with the advent of the hippie class and their philosophies.  What they chose to believe was their business.  Not mine.  I have my own beliefs and I really don’t appreciate having someone tell me what I should or should not believe.

I believe in God and want to follow His ways.  Every single day of my life.  I have always felt this way.  And I try to do what I am supposed to no matter what it might be that day.   I firmly believe that abortion is murder.  Plain and simple murder.  Abortion seems to be a matter of out of sight, out of mind.  Cannot see the baby, so it is alright to kill it.   Maybe it would help if the mother were required to eat the baby after she kills it like some of the animals do.  Wouldn’t that be horrible though.  But then killing the baby is equally or more horrible.

And how is abortion any different than killing an old woman who has outlived her usefulness.  This could just as easily be done.  Pretty soon, people will be advocating that.  Saves money you know.

Of course advocates of abortion push the choice button.  What choice.  A woman has a multitude of ways to keep from becoming pregnant.  So why does she need a choice.   Obviously by the time she is pregnant, she has already made her choice.  And God is fully aware of the choice she has made.

When all is said and done, God will be the one who decides if her choice is a good one or a bad one.  She will have no choice in that decision. So, although I am 100% against abortion, I will not judge anyone.  That is God’s place, not mine.   God will take care of all that when it is His time.

Meanwhile, I am sick and tired of hearing all the rhetoric about how wonderful abortion is for everyone.  Just take a look at those holding up the signs advocating murdering a child.   Somehow, they all look the same.   Wonder if that is a side effect of abortion.


18 09 2012

Every time I turn on the television set, I have to sit through this ‘program’ all about what Mitt Romney said about those poor, poor people out there.  Well, I don’t know about you, but I am sick and tired of all the hoopla about what he said.

He said 47% of the people are on the dole in some way and they will not be voting for him because they want to continue on the dole and they know that he will not continue to run the government as a nanny state. Period.  End of subject.

There is nothing wrong about what he said and I am glad he said it.  He has also said we won’t be killing the babies and the old people anymore.  And he said we all will learn something about responsibility for our own lives.  Hooray!  I hope to hear a whole lot more about all this. Finally, someone has the guts and the wherewithall to say it out loud. About time!

I am sick of hearing  about those ‘poor, poor people out there who don’t want to work and never will work.  They can’t afford a house to live in and have to live in a tent.   And I am sick of providing so they can do just that.  I am sick of hearing about those poor people who drag their children around with them and those poor children will never know any better.  It is enough!

So instead of trying to beat the system and living on the dole, they should learn a little responsibility like how to take a shower, get a haircut or at least comb their hair, shine their shoes and go out and get a job.  There are jobs out there.  Might not pay what someone wants and might not be the perfect job for that college educated whizbang person, but something is there.  And everyone has  to start somewhere.  Everyone that has a decent life had to start somewhere.  That is how anyone builds that good life and builds that business and builds that family.  Someone has to begin.   That is the first thing that has to be done.  Begin.

No one should want to be a part of that 47%.  Build a life.  Do it for yourself.  No one else can do it for you – ever.

I’ll be voting for Mitt Romney, that is for sure.  And hoping some of this madness will finally stop.  Been going on since 1960.  Time for it to be over.


9 08 2012

We have all heard a million times about hope and change.  Don’t really know what that means.  It took $68 to fill my car with gas this last weekend.  Guess that means I hope, I hope, I hope that changes soon.  Or maybe it means that I no longer get any change from my dollar bills.  Not sure which it means.  

I just hope that the change is that those who know the business start drilling for oil in this country so we can have some good, cheap gasoline in the next couple of years.  That shouldn’t be too hard to do.  There is enough oil below the ground to last us all the rest of our lives.   Why are we not using it!  It is time.  I am tired of hearing about the animals that we need to protect.   I’m sure you have seen the bears on the television screen who are so over-abundant that they are stealing candy from the candy store.  It is time to quit all this nonsense and get the good old U.S.A.back to being the country it has been for a long, long time.   Time for everyone to get up in the morning, put their shoes on and go to work.  Time to stop being important and go home and raise a family.  Time to start teaching the children what life is all about and that means responsibility, responsibility, responsibility.  

Maybe that is what is meant by the term, Hope and Change.  Sure hope so.  We sure do need some change.


3 04 2012

Have you noticed all the younger women who are hooked on Social-ism?  I have.  I am not talking about the political word Socialism.  I am talking about those young mothers of those young children who think they have to be Social in this world  of today.  So many of them chase after the ‘belonging’ to a certain crowd or a special club or the right friends.  And they all think this is the answer to whatever it is they want in this world.

These young mothers all want what is put before them.  They would risk their very life just to have their picture in the right place and to pose with the right person.  Why.    This is all empty.  The so-called Social life is an empty promise for everyone.  But most of the younger ones do not realize this.

I was brought up on dances and teas and all those other proper social avenues.  I had the right friends and went to all the right places.  And then I turned my back on all of it.  I could see how empty it was.  The women who were so involved were chasing something that did not exist.  It did not matter to me what anyone had or where they went or who they were with.  It was the person who was important to me.  It was their very being that made me want to be their friend or to reject them as a friend.  I was not interested in all the Social-ism.

It was not the end of the world in my house if the children did not have a name brand shirt or a haircut like everyone else had. It was more important to develop that inner child, that personality that would carry them through their life.  I want always for my children to be honest, upright, good citizens.  I wanted for them good morals and happy lives.  I did not teach them to be ‘somebody’.  I wanted them to be that someone they could be proud of as they grew up.

When I see those mothers chasing after that empty air for their children, I want to remind them that all those ‘things’ are not what are necessary in this life.  It is the person inside all those ‘things’ that matters.

I, too, can  put on my silk blouse and my perfect shoes and beautiful skirts or pants and go out to lunch with all those Social-ism ladies. I can still be seen in all the right places with the right people.   But I would rather be home and fix lunch for my husband and youngsters.  I would rather be called ‘Mom’ by all of them than to be somebody important out there in the big world.  And I still feel that way.

All those who are chasing after that empty sack of promises need to know that it is not what you have but what you are inside that makes the difference.  And that will always be true.  Social-ism or not.



22 03 2012

Do you remember that from when you were a kid?  I do.  Seems like someone was chanting that now and then at some other kid  Never knew why particularly, but still remember hearing it.

A Democratic Senator was speaking at a luncheon this past week and made the comment that the gas prices would go down just as soon as the election was over.  Now, I would like to know exactly how this educated, smart Senator could possibly know this.  He continued that it was all due to politics.  Again, how would he know that. Seems sort of fishy to me that he could stand before people and make this comment when supposedly the oil crisis which has resulted in higher gas prices is supposed to be strictly because of prices elsewhere in the world.  And blamed on the big oil companies of course.  So how could the Senator have any say about it at all.  Could it be that the Democrats have raised the prices in order to promote their energy policies so everyone will think that if we just go more to the green stuff, then gas prices will come down.

I note on the television news today that the Democrats are pushing the green ideas right now.  They think that if they channel the sun and the wind and whatever else they think they are in charge of, then they can control the world.  They have forgotten that God alone controls the wind and the sun and all the other stuff of this earth.  And He will be the Only One who will decide exactly what and when we will be able to use it.  As I have said in previous blogs, God is in complete control of His world. And He has provided for us up to this point.  What makes all these so-called smart people think they are in charge of anything.

In the 1920’s and 30’s, who could have even imagined the IPhone.  Who would ever have thought of the airplanes we fly on today or the cars we drive.  Who could have imagined the computers and the fact that I can write on this machine and you can read it today.

Watch who you vote for this year.  The Democrats are deliberately trying to destroy our way of life so they can run all our lives and tell us exactly how and when we should live.  As I have also written before in blogs, learn about Hitler and then watch what is going on in your world of today.  You would think he was back once again.  His policies certainly are.

Be sure and vote for the Republicans – all of them – in your area.  I will vote straight Republican this year and forever more.  Never vote for a Democrat again.  Certainly not for that one that says the gas prices will go down just as soon as the election is over.  And that leads to another blog tomorrow.



21 03 2012

Again, I ask, Why Abortion?  Why kill the innocent babies who cannot possibly defend themselves.  It just all seems ridiculous to me.  And yet, we are all a part of this horror.  We pay taxes every day of course – those of us who do.  And our money is given to those free clinics that perform these horrible abortions.  So, without realizing it, we are all a part of this terrible affront to Almighty God.  And we have no say in the matter.

Now, with the recent  uproar over birth control, I quite  definitely do not care if that young woman who testified before all the world that she needed her birth control pills paid for by the government has her pills paid for or not.   If she attends college, she is not destitute, so I really don’t know of any reason why she should need a handout for anything.  But that is her business.  And I couldn’t care less about her moral stature.  That, also is her business.  Certainly none of mine.

In this world of today, anything seems to go.  So I do not judge anyone for anything.  Have enough trouble keeping my head on straight some days, so don’t need to take on anyone else’s life.  When I meet my God some day, I want to be as clean as I can possibly be.  I want to be welcomed with open arms.  And for that reason, I try to live a good, clean, decent life.

I hope and I pray that this Democrat administration will be defeated when we all vote.  I hope and I pray to Almighty God that we can get back on a moral path like we used to be years and years ago.  Before all these weird and strange rules became our way of life.  Life used to be revered.  Now it is a joke.  Morals used to be something to be attained.  Now, they are another bad joke.  Anything goes.  Live any way you please.  That is the motto of  today’s  world.   At least that is what is reported on the news everywhere.

But that is not necessarily  true..  I know a lot of young people who live very good, decent lives.  They strive to be good citizens and want to have nice families and good marriages.  They still believe marriage is a one time man and woman relationship.  They still believe in having babies and taking care to raise them with good morals.  They still go to Church and believe in Almighty God.  They still are the backbone of this country.

Don’t let the media confuse you and make you think that everyone is out to lie or steal or live an indecent life.  That is simply not true.  There are a lot of very good people out here in this country.  And they hope to vote for  Republicans in November.  Hope you will, too.


20 03 2012

I assume that everyone knows that from the White House down, this is a pro-abortion administration.  I have never quite understood this.  Why would anyone in their right mind want to destroy an innocent unborn human being.  What motivation can they possibly have.  Nothing is worth the life of another human being.  So why pick on the unborn child.  It has always just been beyond me.

Years ago, I wrote a letter and sent it to a lot of relatives and friends.  It began – Believing that abortion is murder – and gave the reasons why I felt as I did – anti- abortion.  I was absolutely amazed and still am at the mindset of some of my friends and relatives.  Sure was an eye opener to me.  Most of us grew up together.  Why the change of heart on this one issue.  What would make someone think it was justifiable to kill another human being.

In the Ten Commandments which all religion is based upon – it says – Thou Shalt Not Kill.  It doesn’t say anywhere that it is alright to kill an unborn child.  It doesn’t mention anything about choice or lifestyle or unplanned pregnancy.  Nothing else but Thou Shalt Not Kill.  So, I would be very afraid that if I supported abortion or ever considered doing such a thing that I would have to explain my actions before Almighty God.  I don’t think I would want to do that – never.

I was told after the birth of my first child that I could not conceive again and would never have any more children.   I was o.k. with that.  Didn’t matter at the time. Figured this was my life.  So be it.  I planned on not having anymore children.   And guess what – I had a whole houseful.  And I loved every minute of it.  You just never know what God has in mind for you.  Never even considered I had a choice in this matter.  If I was pregnant – again – so what.  We never actually starved.  Sometimes grocery money was a little bit tight like almost not there, but somehow, someway, we always managed to eat alright.  And the clothes wore and wore sometimes, but no one ever thought much about it.  My sons were buying their own clothes at 14, having part time jobs.  And all my children were handling their own checking accounts at 15 because they all worked somewhere for someone and made enough money to warrant checking account.

Sometimes when I sat on the bed sick as a horse for the first 4 months, I would wish I wasn’t pregnant again.  But I was and that was really o.k.  I would get over this nausea eventually.  Surely I would.  And then when I started dilating early each time and had to do nothing for the remaining time of my pregnancy, that was o.k., too.  All my kids learned how to wash dishes, make beds, run the vacuum, dust, answer the telephone and take pretty good care of themselves.  Never hurt a single one of them.  And then when each baby was born, they were all there willing to help out again.  Made for a very nice family.  Everyone was very responsible.  Maybe that was what God had in mind.

No matter what it took though, we were all willing to accept that new  baby and welcome it into our lives and our hearts and our home.  Why in this world would anyone ever consider killing such a precious child.

Dear God, Help all those who would do such a thing.  They really need Your help.  Thank You.