8 07 2011

I have not followed the trial of Casey Anthony, but evidently a lot of people have.  I do not know if she is guilty or not.  Since I did not have to judge her, I have not.  I don’t even know the whole story.  But I have noticed how the television has railroaded her from the beginning years ago in order to have a story to follow.  I have said several times over the last couple of years that the television had judged her from the beginning and she really didn’t stand a chance.

But then she was acquitted of the charges and that was that.  Now I see the people demonstrating with their placards raised high demanding that she pay for her crime.  In the first place, she is  ‘innocent until proven guilty.’   That is the law in this country.  And then she is to be judged by her peers which was done.  They decided she was not guilty and that should be end of that.  If the prosecutors did not prove she was guilty, then she was rightfully judged to be innocent.  That is the way it is done.

Now I see where she might be offered a book deal and will be released from prison.  She has been in prison for almost four years I think and I believe that is long enough for someone who is judged to be innocent.     And as far as a book deal is concerned, who cares.  If anyone doesn’t want to buy her book, then just don’t buy it.  Nothing to that.

I heard one commentator make the statement that the ‘whole country is in shock’ over her being acquitted.  How silly.  How really ridiculous.  I’m not in shock.  I have just been wishing the trial would be over soon so we could get back to hearing the real news on the television during news time.  I was never interested enough to follow the trial anyway.

Whatever  happened, happened.  I am sorry, but remember anyone in this country has the right to be judged as innocent until proven guilty.  That is the law.  Period.  And for myself, I really am glad of that.  We are all subject to being judged sometime in our life.  Hopefully, our laws do protect the innocent and punish the guilty.