5 07 2011

As the next election approaches, watch out for those little political tricks that make a big difference in how a candidate appears.  One of the major ones I remember is the debate between Bill Clinton and George Bush when Clinton was the new guy on the block running against George Bush, the President.

The debate was coming up and most favored George Bush.  But then, you must remember President Bush was older and Bill Clinton was the new dapper young man come to take on Washington.

At the debate, the two men were to sit on stools.  Someone made sure that President Bush’s stool was off just a tad.  One leg was shorter than the other three or perhaps even longer.  But the point was that the stool did not sit even.

So, when the debate started and President Bush sat down, his stool wobbled.  This made him look just a little  bit like he wasn’t too sure what he was doing.  The debate went downhill from that moment on.  No matter what the question was, the stool would wobble and President Bush was having to make sure he was sitting properly and he wasn’t going to lose his balance.

Point made.

Bill Clinton looked smart.  President Bush did not.  Bill Clinton looked young and able.  President Bush did not.  Bill Clinton could answer all his questions quickly and surely.  President Bush was busy watching his stool and making sure he was on sure ground.  He could not answer as readily nor as surely.

So watch out for those subtle little tricks.  Those people had many more and they used them to their advantage.  You know now what you got for your vote then. Make sure that those little tricks don’t make up your mind for you when the election comes up.  Be careful.  Your vote means a lot, especially this time around.



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