12 02 2012

Do you happen to remember the time of the litter bags and being called litter bugs because we had supposedly polluted this earth?  Well, look around you today and see what those litter bugs are doing to our society everywhere, every day.   When those who thought they were in charge began telling all of us who were just out there minding our own business and working every day – that we needed to watch how we lived, we listened.  They invented the litter bag which I think was the forerunner of the plastic bags we get in every store these days.  And now those same people are complaining about those bags.

Anyway, we all got a litter bag everywhere we went.  Every time I stopped in at the bank or the grocery store or the utility company or the drug store, I was given a free litter bag so that I would be ‘trained’ to put my trash in a litter bag and then remember to throw it in the trash when I got home.  We were all well trained every day all day long.  And then those who thought they were in charge began telling us what else to do with our lives.  They are still doing that every single day in some form.

Meanwhile, they and all their children evidently never saw a litter bag.  They are the ones who drop the trash at their feet as they walk through the post office, the bank, along the sidewalks of our town, and everywhere else.    Trash just falls all around them everywhere they go.  Just watch and see.  And then watch while they think it is o.k. to spit on the sidewalks and crush the cigarette butts beneath their shoes.  Even when there are cigarette butt receptacles within five feet of them.

Maybe someone should ‘train’ them or teach them about litter bags.  Maybe we could even tell them they are polluting the earth with their trash.  But they probably wouldn’t listen anyway since they think they are in charge and can do whatever and whenever they please.

All my life I had been taught to pick up my trash.  All my life I had made sure I never crushed a cigarette butt or spit on the sidewalk.  Bums did that.  Still do.

I guess they have forgotten all about those litter bags.  Maybe someone should give them one and ‘train’ them to pick up their trash.  Everyone is doing all they can for them, but they seem to be blind to cleanliness.  Even the post office sports recycle bins these days. Instead, these people just throw their trash on the floor as they look at their mail and walk.  I guess they don’t realize that someone has to be paid to pick up their trash.

Just remember to put your litter in the litter bag, especially that one that is hanging in your car. Remember them, too?  And then find a trash receptacle and put the trash in there where it belongs.  If you see a litter bug anywhere, point them to a litter bag and suggest they use it.  Sure would help these days.  Might even save our government some of that wasted money.


2 01 2012

Only the second day of the year and I’m already at it again!  Every day I seem to do the same things.  I catch up a little bit, then go by church.  Then I make it to the post office and run errands.  Finally, I come home and do whatever needs to be done around here.  Well, today, a lot needed to be done around here, so thought I would change the routine just a little.

After the holidays, needed to mop and clean and dust and swiffer and all that good stuff.   So I planned in my head to run by church and then come straight home.  I could go by the post office and run errands later in the day.  I went by church, said my many prayers and left.  I was feeling really great and anxious to get that cleaning done just as soon as possible.

So I started the car and was planning on what I was going to do when I got home.  Would mop first and then while the floor was drying, I would swiffer the other floors and vacuum a little and dust here and there.  Oh, it was going to be great to get all that done early and be through for the day!

So I turned the corner and went straight to the post office.  That car moved like a dairyman’s horse used to. It knew exactly where to go.  And evidently my mind did not.

Don’t know what I’m going to do with me.  I just gave up and read the paper and drank a cup of tea. No reason to worry about it all.  Will get done later after I read my mail.



29 12 2011

Well, I warned you that I would give my opinionated opinions just as soon as I got around to it.  So here I am.

Went to the post office this morning to get my mail.  Ha!  3 letters, more advertisement than letter.  Almost no one working at my local station and lucky if we get any mail on some days.  Never on Saturday anymore.

I see on the television and in the newspapers that this is due to the internet. Not so!!!  The internet may have cut down some on the volume but not much.  Instead, the reason why the post office is in such bad financial shape is because of all those many, many benefits they promised to the workers many, many years ago.  For instance, when I was a younger person, the only way to go was to get a job with the government or the post office.  Both are in financial straits now as a result.

The post office was a prime job.  Took a long time to get a steady job there.  Had to be bumped and bumped over and over again, but if you kept at it, you would eventually land that prime job.  Then you were set for life – and I do mean life.  You could retire after 20 years and still be a young person and have a whole new life while you were  being paid that grand and glorious retirement stipend.  Many, many people did just that and are still collecting.

Not only did they get the retirement pay, but while still working, they got the vacation pay, the sick pay, the long vacations, (longer each year).  This was long before everyone else even dreamed of having all these benefits, but after all, the postman was the link to the world for a lot of people.  So they were glad their postman had such a good life.

The postal union raised its head all these years and made sure the employees got ever more and more benefits.  After all, no one ever goes down in pay or benefits.  Instead,  when contract time comes up, it is always time to ask for more and more salary and benefits.

Meanwhile, there were lots of people working for the post office.  Took a lot of hands to sort and deliver that mail.  After awhile, there was a post office on every corner and the mail was guaranteed to be delivered by early in the morning  My husband ran his business for years, always having his mail in his postal box by 9:30 in the morning.  Just watch and see what time you get it delivered nowadays.  It sure isn’t 9:30 in the morning anymorel

One of the employees told me recently that they are so slow because people are retiring or quitting and are not being replaced – anywhere.  So, guess what.  The taxpayer pays and pays again.   The stamp costs more and there is less service to everyone.

Now, I don’t know about anyone else, but I really don’t think it is my fault that the postal workers got so many benefits and salary raises over the years.  I really thought that was o.k. at the time.  But now – in this financial crisis – be assured that the reason is NOT the internet.  It is because they bit off more than they could chew many years ago and promised what they could not deliver.

They should have known better.  They were the delivery experts.


24 12 2011

Hi and hope all my friends have a wonderful Merry Christmas.  Will be back with my opinionated opinions just as soon as I get caught up from the Merry Christmas I am having here with all my family.

And, hope all of you know that 2012 is going to be the best year we have ever had.  Yay!!!


14 12 2011

Was watching the television latest news this evening and the newscaster said that teen use of marijuana is the most it has been since 1981.  I don’t happen to remember much about the use of marijuana in 1981, but I certainly remember about the use of the drugs during the 1960’s.  So, this makes me wonder —

Where are the parents of these teens and what are they doing.  Evidently, they are not raising their children.  If they were, they would know that their teen was high on marijuana every day or pretty often.  Since these parents grew up in that world, they certainly can recognize all the symptoms of use.

Maybe they are just not around.  Or maybe they are not paying any real attention to their teen.  Or maybe they are using the drugs themselves.   No matter what the story is, the result will be the same.  We will have another generation that cannot perform as they should in their everyday lives.  They will not be responsible as adults because they are not responsible as teens.

And, will we also have another generation that is only capable of sleeping in tents on the concrete and growing their hair long and not brushing their teeth and complaining all the time because they cannot find a job and cannot have a life because no one will give it to them.

What a shame that the parents do not care enough about their teen to stop this outrageous behavior now before it develops into more and worse habitual use of marijuana or other drugs in the years to come.

Time to wake up and come to the party that is known as adulthood and responsible parenthood.  Time to take the teens to task and shape them up while you still can.  Otherwise, just go out and buy a tent.



7 12 2011

There is so much talk against our wonderful Country these days.  Seems some people think this Country owes them a living.  The only thing anyone is entitled to is an opportunity.   Sure, you have to open the door to opportunity and in some cases, kick it open, but the opportunities are there for everyone.  You just have to find them for yourself.  That is the whole point in living in this free Country.  You can become whatever you choose to become.  Up to you.

But getting to Social Security – there is so much yak yak yak about how it got to the point of having problems and how to correct those problems.  No one seems to think much about how it got started and how it was set up.  According to the politicians, they are always going to fix it.  Only they never do. They just talk about fixing the problems.  And in so doing, they never face the real problem.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt was the President who devised and set it all up.  Remember, he was the one who fixed almost everything by putting a lot of people on welfare during the Great Depression years.  And then took credit for solving the Depression when it was actually World War II that solved the Depression.

I remember when Mr. Roosevelt set up the Social Security system and I remember my father fussing and fuming about all of it because he said – ‘When people live longer than 65, it won’t work.’  And he was right.  Can’t work.  Not enough money in to take care of all the money going out.

At the time Social Security was set up, most people were dead long before 65.  Almost no one lived long enough to retire.  So what they ‘contributed’ to Social Security stayed in the fund and built up over the years.  And then people started living longer.   Only the system did not change to accommodate this.  And so now we have people living to 100 and over and drawing on what they contributed many years before.

I don’t have the solution to the problem.  I just think it would be nice if we heard the truth now and then from the politicians instead of them acting like they can solve this problem that they didn’t cause to begin with.

Social Security will survive.  If and when someone looks at it honestly and comes up with a solution that will be fair to everyone.


6 12 2011

Tomorrow is a very special day – Pearl Harbor Day.  We live in the most marvelous Country in the world.  The good old U.S.A. is far and above any other place on this earth.

I have traveled to lots of places over the years.  Have been to Italy and Germany and Austria and Switzerland and all the Balkland countries and Finland and Holland and Russia and all points in between.   There is nothing to compare anywhere to our wonderful Country.  When visiting Russia it was like stepping back in time to the 1920’s.  Nothing was modern.  Everything was old and used and worn out.  Even the electric wires were strung everywhere out in the open like they used to be here when I was a kid.  Their museums contain almost nothing of any value.  And people watch the visitors like a hawk to make sure no one steals anything.

We have everything we could ever want here.  And we are supposed to be free to live a good life every day in whatever manner we choose.

No matter where I ever went or what I saw, I was always so happy when I put my feet down on American soil once again. Even if I had to wait in the airport in Atlanta for hours and hours in order to make connections to get home, I was still so glad to be here again.  It is just a marvelous feeling to be a citizen of this great country.

So tomorrow, if you think of Pearl Harbor, say a prayer for  all those who gave their lives in that horrendous war and thank them once again for all they have given to you.   As is said, Freedom isn’t Free.    And it most certainly is not.  Treasure it.  Thank God for it.  We are the most blessed people in the world.