16 07 2011

I wrote you before, Mr. Swiffer, to tell you what a great invention you have come up with.   That Swiffer is just great.  Enjoy it almost every day.

However, I have another suggestion that would make housework even easier.  I have noticed that some of the dirt and dust and everything else gets shoved into the corners, especially around the door facings.  So, I was  wondering if you might try to invent a blower that could be used in the house. We could use this blower just like a leaf blower outside.  Except that it would have to be quieter so we wouldn’t wake up the whole neighborhood.  And, of course, it would have to have less blower output since we don’t want to blow the children out the front door or the plates off the table.

But, if you could come up with something like this, you might just have every woman in America buying the newer blower Swiffer.  Also, we need a bag of some sort on it so that when we blow,  the bag collects that dirt.

Then we can just blow our house out and go sit by the pool.  Or go to Walmart, Or take a shower, Or just goof off.

Think about this, please, Mr. Swiffer.  And invent it this year, especially for the Christmas Season.  Every woman in America would appreciate that for Christmas.  Just imagine how happy she will be  after she blows that tree and all the wrappings out the door.  Won’t that be great!  Can hardly wait. Thanks.