23 01 2012

It’s been cloudy, foggy and wet all day here.  Makes me remember when I was a kid.  My father was gone to the big War and it was always cloudy, foggy and wet every day that year.  Or at least that was the way it seemed to me.  Seemed like every day was dreary.  I remember standing on the corner waiting for the city bus and being cold to the bone  And it wasn’t a whole lot different at home.  Mother tried very hard to make us all happy all the time.  But some days it was just a losing battle.  We all smiled and laughed and tried to have a good day or a good week or whatever.  But it was still hard.

We all missed Daddy a whole lot.  He was always the happy one in the family.  He sang and whistled until he just drove us all crazy.  And he could really tap dance and would do that occasionally. We missed Daddy and his smiles and his fun all the time.  But we really didn’t talk much about it.  Didn’t do any good anyway. Was still cloudy and rainy and foggy outside.

I remember a lot about those days and the challenges of the family unit.  Not only in my family but in all those around us.  Everyone was involved in that War.  It wasn’t just a War of a few people.  It involved the whole country and in fact the whole world.  Mr. Roosevelt talked on the radio and we all listened.  We read the newspaper until it had almost no print left.

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By the way tomorrow would be my father’s 106th birthday!


15 12 2011

There is not a day goes by that I don’t get something in the mail about the poor hungry children in our country.  Or I hear about them on the television  or see them begging on the newscasts.  Surely in this day and time, this is completely and absolutely unnecessary.  And it has absolutely nothing to do with the so-called recession.  This is a matter of responsibility on the part of the parents of these poor, neglected children.

Why aren’t the parents feeding their own children?  I fed mine. And I would have fed them before I ever had anything to eat myself.  Not so these days.  The children are dumped on the various government agencies and programs.  They are fed at school and food is sent home with them on Friday so they have enough to tide them over until Monday when they can come back for a free breakfast and a free lunch once again.  Where is the mother who is supposed to be cooking their food.   And where is the father who is supposed to be providing for the groceries in the home.   I know those parents are not all working 2 and 3 jobs every day.  That is very evident by their accepted standard of living.  So, why doesn’t the mother know how to care for her children.  And why doesn’t the father know how to provide for his family.

Something is badly missing from our society at this time.  The main word that comes to mind is responsibility.  These parents just bear children with no intent of providing anything for them.  The children come  to the daycares all day long.  This takes away any responsibility for raising  children.  They are fed at school and this takes away any responsibility for providing food for them.  They are given clothing from various agencies including a lot of volunteer agencies.  The family is given food to take home from another agency.  What do they do with the food?  Obviously someone eats it, but it doesn’t seem to be the children.

Is this the result of President Johnson’s Great Society?  You know, the one where everyone is given everything and they do not have to work or provide anything for themselves.  Seems to be working just great.  Except that it took away all the incentive to provide for self and your own family.

Surely there is some pride somewhere in these wasted lives.  Surely, some of these parents might wake up and realize they are the responsible parties and it is up to them to provide and provide and provide some more.  That is their job in life.  They need to get with it and provide for themselves and their  own children.

Then there will be no more Poor Children, Poor Starving Children, Poor Destitute Children, and Poor Children who are living in poverty everywhere every day.



14 12 2011

Was watching the television latest news this evening and the newscaster said that teen use of marijuana is the most it has been since 1981.  I don’t happen to remember much about the use of marijuana in 1981, but I certainly remember about the use of the drugs during the 1960’s.  So, this makes me wonder —

Where are the parents of these teens and what are they doing.  Evidently, they are not raising their children.  If they were, they would know that their teen was high on marijuana every day or pretty often.  Since these parents grew up in that world, they certainly can recognize all the symptoms of use.

Maybe they are just not around.  Or maybe they are not paying any real attention to their teen.  Or maybe they are using the drugs themselves.   No matter what the story is, the result will be the same.  We will have another generation that cannot perform as they should in their everyday lives.  They will not be responsible as adults because they are not responsible as teens.

And, will we also have another generation that is only capable of sleeping in tents on the concrete and growing their hair long and not brushing their teeth and complaining all the time because they cannot find a job and cannot have a life because no one will give it to them.

What a shame that the parents do not care enough about their teen to stop this outrageous behavior now before it develops into more and worse habitual use of marijuana or other drugs in the years to come.

Time to wake up and come to the party that is known as adulthood and responsible parenthood.  Time to take the teens to task and shape them up while you still can.  Otherwise, just go out and buy a tent.



6 12 2011

Tomorrow is a very special day – Pearl Harbor Day.  We live in the most marvelous Country in the world.  The good old U.S.A. is far and above any other place on this earth.

I have traveled to lots of places over the years.  Have been to Italy and Germany and Austria and Switzerland and all the Balkland countries and Finland and Holland and Russia and all points in between.   There is nothing to compare anywhere to our wonderful Country.  When visiting Russia it was like stepping back in time to the 1920’s.  Nothing was modern.  Everything was old and used and worn out.  Even the electric wires were strung everywhere out in the open like they used to be here when I was a kid.  Their museums contain almost nothing of any value.  And people watch the visitors like a hawk to make sure no one steals anything.

We have everything we could ever want here.  And we are supposed to be free to live a good life every day in whatever manner we choose.

No matter where I ever went or what I saw, I was always so happy when I put my feet down on American soil once again. Even if I had to wait in the airport in Atlanta for hours and hours in order to make connections to get home, I was still so glad to be here again.  It is just a marvelous feeling to be a citizen of this great country.

So tomorrow, if you think of Pearl Harbor, say a prayer for  all those who gave their lives in that horrendous war and thank them once again for all they have given to you.   As is said, Freedom isn’t Free.    And it most certainly is not.  Treasure it.  Thank God for it.  We are the most blessed people in the world.


17 11 2011

There was a letter to the editor of my hometown newspaper this past week that went into great detail about all the oil spills in Alaska and the BP problems in the Gulf.  Personally, I am very sorry about all this, but I think it is time to move on.  Why do some people think they have to beat a subject to death.  It is not necessary.  We can all watch TV, read the newspapers and listen to our radios.  Believe me, we all know about the BP Oil Spill and the Alaska Oil Spill.  And we are collectively sorry.  But as I said, it is time to move on.  Even the fish don’t care anymore.

Some environmentalists think they are in charge of this world and think we need them to tell us what to do.  It is amazing to me how many times they quote study after study that they looked up on the internet.  I could do that, too, except that I don’t need to.  I have lived through all these changes and all the problems and all the rhetoric about each issue.  And I still have the same attitude about all of it.   Sorry, but move on.

It is time to get on the right path.  It is past time for us citizens of the U.S. to start reaping some of our advantages.  Why should we be paying $3.35 per gallon of gas when we used to buy it for $.30 a gallon.  Yes, that is true.  When I was young, that was the charge for a gallon of gas.  And everything else was cheaper, too.  But then, we didn’t make all these horrendous salaries either.  My husband was very happy drawing $45. a week AGAINST commissions due him.  In other words, he either made the sales to cover that $45 each week or he could find another job.  Period.  End of subject.  You got out there and worked and did the best job you could.  If you wanted to progress, then you learned how to work and how to improve your performance.  And you did it on your own.  No one was out there telling you how to perform.  You figured it out for yourself and progressed or didn’t.  Up to you.  Have a good successful life or stagnate.  Up to you.  That is called Responsibility for yourself.  And most people had it and worked to learn it so they could own it for themselves.

But if I remember correctly, one of the first things those so-called environmentalists did was to start the ‘Don’t be a Litter  Bug’ campaign.  They weren’t even called  environmentalists.  That word would come much later.  You might remember we had litter bags in our cars and all the kids were taught to put their trash in a receptacle.  It worked well and most places were a little cleaner.  But then those same environmentalists have graduated to much larger issues, such as the oil spills and they no longer work on the Litter Bug campaign.

So, is this the way it works out?  Do they just harp on something until they get their way and then they go on to something else?  If you don’t believe that one, just go in your local post office and look at the trash on the floor and hanging out of the receptacles.  And then go outside and see how much is thrown on the flower beds and the sidewalks.  Then go down one of your busy streets and look at the trash on the side of the road.  I pulled out a basket in Target the other day and there was a full cup of cola rolling around in the basket.  Wonder who could afford to buy that and then leave it in the basket.  Not me.  I am too responsible for that one. I cannot afford to waste my money like that.   And the receptacle was only 5 feet away.  I threw it in the receptacle myself.  Is that the kind of responsibility people  have these days?

Let’s get back to the basics.  Don’t be a Litter Bug.   Surely everyone could pick up their trash.  We don’t need anyone telling us how to pay more taxes so we can refuse to drill for our own oil.  We need those people to do the basics, like pick up the trash.



4 11 2011

Well, I’ve tried to stay out of the political situation.  Been sitting on my hands a lot these days.  But things do sort of get to me.  I grew up always being taught I was responsible for myself and whatever I did each day in my life.  I raised all my children in that same way.  Every single person in this world is responsible for whatever it is he or she does every single day of their lives.  Now people can choose to be ugly or mean.  They can choose to rob and steal and pilfer all their lives away.  Or they can  choose to be nice, pleasant, and honest in their daily lives.  I have chosen to be nice and pleasant and honest every single day.  Sometimes I have fallen from grace in my life.  Everyone does that now and then.  But then I have picked myself up, brushed off the bruises, and been responsible for   my daily life.  I think that is what people should do today also.

I am not a politician.  Nor am I too smart for my own britches.  But it would seem to me that these protestors such as they are today, would realize they are their own worst enemies.  If they wanted to work, they would be out trying to find a job.  No one is ever going to hire someone who does not know how to get up off the street and present themselves in an orderly manner.  For instance, if you were running a company, would you hire someone who did not bathe, nor wash their hair, nor get a haircut, nor shave, nor dress properly for a job interview?   I would not.  Neither would any company that I know of.

So, if they are out protesting and cannot get a job, then I would say that was their problem.  Not everyone else’s.  Not Wall Streets nor Main Streets.  Their fault.  Their responsibility to look nice and to present themselves in an orderly manner.  If they wanted to work, they would be dressed nicely, standing in a line to wait their turn at the next job opening, and being pleasant to everyone around them.  Otherwise, then, they are welcome to live on the street, forage for food, and hope for the best – from the government.  This is all they want anyway.  Free life with no responsibility for their own actions.


19 10 2011

I am sitting on my hands every day and trying to stay out of the political fray.  But some day I am going to just blow up.  I have never in all my days seen such a rift between the ideas of people politically.  I cannot understand some of what I read because it is so far out to the left.  How can anyone believe some of their statistics and some of their rhetoric.  At times, it just simply makes no sense at all.

For instance, this so-called Wall Street Protest.  What in the heck is that all about.  Get up in the morning, get dressed APPROPRIATELY, apply for a job and take whatever you can until you can get on your feet and get a better job.  I always just went out and agreed to work wherever I was sent by the employment agency and somehow I got a job when I needed one.  Might not be what I wanted, but it was a job and it paid me a salary and it provided food for the table and money for the rent.  That is what a job is all about.   It is not about how many degrees I have.  Nor how many benefits will be offered to me.

Benefits are not the most important thing.  In fact one employer told me one time that when someone came in and immediately asked what benefits were offered, his answer was ‘what will you do for me to make me money’.  That is what a person is in business for – to make money.  If he does not make any profit, he has to close his doors.  Simple as that.

Then no one would have a job at that business.  So, someone needs to tell these wanna’ be hippies that they need to get up in the morning, get dressed APPROPRIATELY, and go apply for a job.  Somewhere, doing whatever they need to do to get paid and be able to provide for themselves.

Well, there I go again.  Wasn’t going to say anything, but then I saw someone painted up with tattoos on the tv screen today protesting Wall Street.  Like they know what in the heck they are protesting anyway.  How do you protest a district or a building or a name.

Sure makes me wonder about the ideas in people’s heads these days.  So much for that.