25 07 2011

Do you know what is really going on with your money these days?  No, it’s not the scare tactics about the Social Security and the Medicaid.  In the first place, these things will not happen because for one thing if we are to be turned into a socialistic society, we must keep our Social Security and Medicaid.  Those are guaranteed to make everybody happy and that is the point right now.  You must be satisfied customers in order to vote the way you are supposed to in 2012.  So, you will be treated pretty nicely until after the election time.  But after that, better watch out if the same administration is still in power.

Right now, the squeeze is on about the interest rates being paid everywhere.  Simple economics will tell you that in order for this to be a capitalistic country, you must base it on capital.  That is the ultimate answer to everything in this country.  Like it or not, we run on money.  And that has been a great thing for everyone for many, many years.  But now you have the federal monetary people who know better than all those who came before them for over 200 years.  They know what is best for us.  Bull!!!!

They have cut the interest rate to absolutely nothing and that is supposed to save us all.  Only it won’t.  It will just cut out the capital in our capitalistic country.  If we don’t have investments, then we have no infrastructure to this country.  Our cities and counties and states cannot be build buildings, roads, schools, community projects, etc. etc. etc.  Without funds invested in the movings of this country, there is no progress.  Without a reasonable amount of interest paid on these investments, there will be no progress.  Period.   So we are at a standstill and it is not because of the debt ceiling or whatever they are calling it today.  It is because they have shut down all the supply of private money with which we fund everything that goes on.  No private money.  No progress.  No capitalistic country.  No nothing.

Jobs are being lost daily and the administration is still blaming George Bush.  In the first place, George Bush was a very good President.  The media harped on  him constantly for the last two years in office.  They did the same to his father.  Watch the media.  They pick and choose the candidate they want to win and then they ignore the others except for slaps now and then.  And they would have you believe the person they have chosen to win is an absolute saint.

Getting back to the money issue, when funds dry up, the whole country dries up.  Offices are closing at an alarming rate.  Banks are in trouble.  Groceries are ever higher.  People cannot buy automobiles, houses, clothing, etc.  Prices continue to rise while we have less and less money in circulation.  Now I am not talking about the printing of dollar bills.  That is being done at an alarming rate, but they have less buying power  all the time.

This is what Hitler did in his time.  Only he did it with inflation.  But the point was and is today that the money is worth less and has less purchasing power all the time.  When people can no longer buy groceries or pay for gasoline, then we will see a complete shutdown.  And it won’t be because of the debt ceiling.  It will be because the government has dried up all the funds in this country.

Watch how you vote next time.  Pay attention to what is being done to your life.  Pray and Pray some more.  And by all means vote when it is time in any election.  Make sure you know what the issues are and what the outcome will be in your life.  And then pray and vote.  Thanks.



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