17 10 2012

I married very young. In fact, I had only been 18 a month when I married for better or worse, etc. And I meant every single word of it.  So did he.  It has lasted a long, long time.

But when I was first married, I was determined to learn to cook and cook really good.  Everyone else seemed to know how, so I would too. I had some new cookbooks and so I spent a lot of time reading through them picking out what I thought sounded really good.  And easy.  And impressive.  Of course.  I worked full time and didn’t have a lot of time for cooking, but I was definitely determined.

On this day, I had read about blanched spaghetti.  Now that sounded truly marvelous since I had never even heard of it. So I decided I would have that for supper.  Didn’t sound hard to fix either.  I just put a pan of water on the stove and cooked the spaghetti.  Then it said in order to blanche it, all you had to do was pour cold water over it  Even I could manage that one!

So I prepared all the rest of the dinner for my new husband and I and then prepared the blanched spaghetti.  We sat down, smiling at one another as usual.  I was so proud of everything new that I did.  We ate in silence.  But we both enjoyed the meal.  Then he got up from the table and said, ‘I never ate cold spaghetti before.’  I said, ‘I didn’t either.  But I don’t think I will fix that one again.’  He smiled and agreed and we both went on about our business.  It was awhile before I understood what I had prepared. Just spaghetti that had been washed so it wouldn’t stick together after cooking.

I don’t recommend fixing blanched spaghetti for your supper tonight. But it sounded good back then.  Life was wonderful and  I wouldn’t have missed those times for anything in the world.

Since then, I have learned a lot about cooking and how to feed all those hungry kids and make them think it is a really good meal.  But I never tried blanched spaghetti again.  Don’t think I could sell any of them on that.

I have a really good cookbook out now.  It’s called Bet’s Cookbook and has a lot of original recipes and some not so original in it.  It tells exactly how to put together really good meals that don’t cost much and are easy to prepare.  My kids loved all my cooking and that is the best recommendation I could ever have.   If you might be interested in buying one of my cookbooks, please send $12 including postage to BET, P.O. Box 2249, Benton, AR  72018.  I have other really great books, too.  Look me up on Amazon sometime.

But don’t fix blanched spaghetti.



2 10 2012

I get so tired of seeing reports and reading about the abortion issue.  Over and over again, day after day for years now, I have heard about this one issue.  I am really sick and tired of hearing about it.

God set up this world in His own way.  I had nothing to do with it and neither did any other human being that I know of.  But there are always people who want to run everything, so they have been trying to change God’s Laws for a long time.  Most of this started in the 1960’s with the advent of the hippie class and their philosophies.  What they chose to believe was their business.  Not mine.  I have my own beliefs and I really don’t appreciate having someone tell me what I should or should not believe.

I believe in God and want to follow His ways.  Every single day of my life.  I have always felt this way.  And I try to do what I am supposed to no matter what it might be that day.   I firmly believe that abortion is murder.  Plain and simple murder.  Abortion seems to be a matter of out of sight, out of mind.  Cannot see the baby, so it is alright to kill it.   Maybe it would help if the mother were required to eat the baby after she kills it like some of the animals do.  Wouldn’t that be horrible though.  But then killing the baby is equally or more horrible.

And how is abortion any different than killing an old woman who has outlived her usefulness.  This could just as easily be done.  Pretty soon, people will be advocating that.  Saves money you know.

Of course advocates of abortion push the choice button.  What choice.  A woman has a multitude of ways to keep from becoming pregnant.  So why does she need a choice.   Obviously by the time she is pregnant, she has already made her choice.  And God is fully aware of the choice she has made.

When all is said and done, God will be the one who decides if her choice is a good one or a bad one.  She will have no choice in that decision. So, although I am 100% against abortion, I will not judge anyone.  That is God’s place, not mine.   God will take care of all that when it is His time.

Meanwhile, I am sick and tired of hearing all the rhetoric about how wonderful abortion is for everyone.  Just take a look at those holding up the signs advocating murdering a child.   Somehow, they all look the same.   Wonder if that is a side effect of abortion.


28 05 2012

We all live this really good life these days.  I don’t mean we are all rich or have everything, but if we try, we do have a comfortable life.  Before God allowed electricity to be invented, people lived an entirely different life than we do nowadays.  How would you like to go back to that time.  Not me.  I am spoiled and like it that way.

So when we were given the benefits of electricity, what would we ever use that for except for a light bulb now and then.  But then just look around.  Not only did people get a light bulb, but then other people invented all those ways to use those light bulbs.   Look in your own room or your own house and notice the lamps and the light fixtures and all those other necessary things of today.

And then think about the woman washing on a washboard and how after electricity, she could have a washing machine and after that, an automatic washing machine.  How fortunate for all of us.

And then, take a walk around your kitchen and look at all those marvelous machines that do everything in the world for you.  From the coffee pot to the garbage disposal and even the toaster.  Do you remember when all toast was made in the oven?    And it had to be planned so we wouldn’t heat the house up in the summer and we only had oven toasted bread in the winter.  That was a treat in itself.  Now, we just pop that bread  or whatever it might be in that slot in the toaster and it is done in a matter of moments.

But then in today’s world, we have these people running around telling us that we don’t need to use the electricity anymore.    I need to use my electricity. And I don’t see any reason why they should think they are in charge of how much electricity anyone gets to use. God gave us this great gift because it was in His time to give it to the world.  Simple as that.  God is in charge of everything, including even the most basic things.  He is the one who decides when we are given the computers and the internet and the automobile and all other amenities that we sometimes take for granted.  He is the one who uses the individual for His plans.  He knows what He is doing.  He will be the One who runs everything.  Not some person who decides they know what is best for this world.

It is God’s world.  I hope people will wake up and let God run His world.  All we have to do is live by His rules and this world can be a great place, one of peace and tranquility, and happiness for all.

You know,  I remember a time before all these problems arose during the 1960’s and that generation decided they knew what we should all do and how immorality should rein.  Remember the words – Forty years I loathed that generation and I swore in My anger, they shall  not enter into my rest.

Enjoy your electricity.   We are all so fortunate.  Thank You, Dear God for everything You have given to us.


14 04 2012

I really do have to thank Almighty God every day for keeping me sane – if I am.  Seems like there is always something going on.  This past week has been one of those weeks and every day has brought new challenges.

For instance, I found out just this morning that it is not a good idea to put your blouse on  and comb your hair and spray it and all that good stuff and then find out that the blouse is on wrong side out.  Obviously, this called for me to have to redo my hair and turn the blouse right side out and get it on again.   Stupid!  But that was a good start to another interesting day.  As usual.

Also, just read that a clear conscience is a sign of a fuzzy memory.  Boy, is that one ever true.  If I ever have time before I lose all that fuzzy memory, I plan to sit down and think through my whole life and see just how many mistakes I have made.  There are a whole lot I am sure.  Some deliberate, some honest, some just plain mean, and some because it was always someone else’s fault.  That’s the best excuse always anyway.  Have to move that one up front and start using it again.  If the politicians can use that one, so can I.  Works for them.  Why not for me.  Always remember, it is someone else’s fault, no matter what it might be. Only problem is trying to convince myself and others that this is true.  May not use it after all.  Sounds like a lot of work to me.  My mother always said, ‘Tell the truth the first time and then you don’t ever have to worry about what to say the next time.’

Decided to see about moving to another place  this past week.   Did all the research, talked to everyone about it and then asked God to please help me to make the right decision.  I knew that somehow because of the feeling I would have, I would know what to do.  I met the owner and walked through the house.  Then I walked through it once again.  So far, so good.  Then I went outside and walked around and still had a good feeling about everything.  Then I walked back into the house and immediately I had an overwhelming feeling of loneliness.  Don’t know that I ever had that feeling exactly like that before.  That is not a normal feeling for me.  I am always surrounded by people and never have a feeling of being lonely.  But this was what that house felt like.  I could almost touch the feeling because it was so strong.  I turned and just said I was not interested and left the house.  But it took me quite awhile to get over that strange feeling that I had experienced while walking through that house.  I just knew absolutely that that particular place was not for me.

The only feeling like that ever experienced by me was when I went to my grandparents house for a week when I was 4 years old.  My brother who was older  was also with me.  My grandfather worked for the railroad and we actually rode a train to their town and then they drove us back home a week later. I’m sure it was an exciting, wonderful trip, but all I wanted was to go home.  Back where I belonged.  I remember standing in the bedroom and crying to myself because of that feeling of homesickness or loneliness that I felt.  This was sort of the way I felt about this house I was looking at.  Except that this time, it truly overwhelmed me.  Just covered me up completely.

All this probably sounds stupid to some people, but I really trust in God to show me the way through my life.  I really depend upon Him every day to keep me on the path He has marked out for me.  And that new place was definitely not what He wanted me to do.  Oh well, just have to wait until He tells me what to do.

Meanwhile, I am still trying to remain sane in my everyday life.  Hope I make it.  Sometimes I wonder if I will.  First thing tomorrow is to watch for that tag on the blouse so I won’t put it on wrong side out or backward.  At least that will help get the day off on the right foot – if I remember which is my right foot.


8 04 2012

I was writing about those feminists yesterday.   You know they also gave us that wonderful Freedom of Choice that is purported to have solved all the problems in this here world.  Oh yeah!  Supposedly all the young women could choose whether or not they wanted to have children.  That way, they could have that wonderful sought after career and get all dolled up every day and have to go to work.  And they could choose when they wanted to have those children.  But nowadays a lot of them wait too late and then moan and cry because they are truly barren.  What a shame.

Well, I have some news for them.  I already had that choice for years.  My husband and I made that choice together in our bedroom.  We didn’t need any courts to tell us that was our choice.  We worked it all out with God and our choices were made for us by Him.  That way, we weren’t burdened by trying to plan every facet of our lives.  We were very responsible people and God knew all that.  He chose when and if to give us more children. We happily accepted whatever He gave us into our lives and always had a very happy life.  We didn’t think we missed out on a single thing.

But nowadays, these younger people all think they have to plan and plan and plan some more.  They really think they are in charge. They don’t know that if they would quit planning so much and trying to run everything, that God is just waiting for them to accept Him and to invite Him into their lives and then they would not have to plan everything themselves.  All that planning would be done for them and God would make sure that they survived just fine.

Isn’t it really amazing that those who put their trust in God don’t seem to be all worried all the time about how to live each day.  They are not always trying to stay one step ahead of  the daily grind.  Somehow, things always manage to work out o.k. for them.  And, as Rick Santorum has recently stated, ‘Get married first and then have children’.  That way, things will certainly work out much better.

If there are no ties that bind, then there will be no binding promises made.  There will be nothing to hold each other together as a family, so then one of both decide that they will just leave and leave the other person tied down with the  children.  If there were those ties that bind, everyone would stay put or they should stay put while they work out any problems and develop that  true and everlasting family.  All anyone has to do is live by the rules.

Place your life in God’s hands.  Let Him be the one who leads and guides you along. Ask for His help when you need it and thank Him for the help he gives to you.  And then live the most honest life that you can.  Don’t lie, cheat or steal.  Don’t curse God.  Don’t hurt others.  Stay true to each other. Don’t envy everyone else. Just settle down in your life and thank God for his many blessings.  And then get on with your life, whatever it may bring today, tomorrow and all the next tomorrows.  Somehow, some way, God will plan and work out everything for you just like it should be done.  You can count on that for sure.

So that Freedom of Choice was always there anyway.  You are free to make all your own choices.  We didn’t need some feminists to plan all that for us.  If we marry as we should and live as we should, there won’t be any problems to have a Choice over.  Try it.  It works every single time.  I know.  I have lived through lots and lots of trying times and still manage to somehow laugh at life and live a very good life.

You might want to read my book entitled The Real Story which tells of my husband’s alcohol problems and our life before, during and since that time.

Bet   P.O. Box 2249, Benton, AR  72018    Each book $10 plus $2 postage.  Thanks.


6 04 2012

I have read so much and heard so much lately about our rights that are being affected by the mandates with the insurance plans directed at us, that it makes me wonder just how everyone must feel.  As I have stated before, women have been targets for a good long while now.  My mother and grandmother were able to stay at home and do their primary job of taking care of family.  They also took care of neighbors if necessary and other families if necessary and all their relatives if necessary.  My father and grandfather and all uncles and other male relatives expected to go to work every day and make a living for all those at home.

Those at home might have included mothers, fathers, aunts, cousins, wives and children.  No matter, it was a way of life.  Women stayed home and took care of their primary jobs and men went out into the world and took care of their primary jobs.  And for the most part, everyone was pretty happy.

I have always blamed part of women’s problems on the automatic washer.  When that came out, women were no longer expected to spend a whole day a week doing the family wash.  And after the permanent press fabrics arrived, she didn’t have to spend another whole day a week ironing all those clothes for the family.  This left her with enough free time to actually watch that new fangled television set or to take her children for a walk or even to visit with a neighbor down the street.  This was a new freedom for most women.  And it was truly wonderful. Because, you see, the woman in the home is her absolute and positive own boss.  She can decide every facet of her life just to suit herself.  She might not decide to get dressed until noon if she wants.  And she might not have to wash dishes until she wants to.  And she can make up her own mind as to when and what she needs to do that day or the next or the next.   The results are all that matter.  As long as her home is clean and her children are clean and everyone is well fed and happy, then she is doing a great, grand and wonderful job as the wife and mother in her particular family.  She is free to cook what she wants to when she wants to.  And she can grocery shop when she wants to also.

Nowadays, some women are so cramped for time that they have very little choice about their lives.  They MUST cook this because of the time element.  They MUST grocery shop when they can squeeze in the time.  They MUST get up and at it early every morning, having no real time for themselves.  But then, they have been told and trained to be career women.  And someone forgot to tell them that they really had a primary job at home that should have and would have come first if they didn’t have to have a career.

But then, that is the way the world turned back then.  And now all young women think they have to  have a college degree in order to run out and get that all important job.  Then they can hurry to work every day and do whatever and whenever someone else tells them what to do.  At home, they could have done whatever they wanted to do whenever they wanted to do it.  But then, they wouldn’t have had that all important career.  Oh Darn!   Who cares anyway.

Except that the women of today think they must have that self -esteem packed away all safe and sound.  They have to have that competing language and that all important position in life.  I just wonder to myself how many young women would really rather stay at home and do their primary job.  How many of them would really rather just be a wife and mother if they had the chance.  I just wonder if the truth were known how many of them would gladly choose that primary job of caring for their husband and children over and above all that career choice.

Wouldn’t it be fun to  get up every morning and just be yourself every day all day long.   Wouldn’t it be fun to watch your children grow up instead of hustling them off to a daycare so that someone else can have this great lasting joy.  It would not be necessary to have a field trip every day.  Nor to be constantly hovering over your children.  It would be so wonderful just to let them be children and you be a mother and a friend and a wife to your husband.  Oh, that would be just great.

If only the truth were known.


5 04 2012

Since I am a thinker, I have been thinking of Our Lord Jesus Christ on this day and all that He endured for all of us.  I am most certainly not a theologian of any kind and cannot think as such.  But I have a deep, inner feeling towards Jesus and what He endured.  In the Catholic Church on this night, Jesus’ Last Supper is remembered and celebrated.  This is when He offered up His Body and Blood for all of us.  And then we, as Catholics are still so privileged to be able to receive His Body and Blood all these centuries later.   How fortunate we all are.

After the supper, Jesus went into the garden to pray.  He suffered there, too, because He knew what was waiting for Him.  In fact, it is written that His Agony was so great that His sweat became as drops of blood upon His brow.  He was then arrested and suffered that long, long night.  He was beaten unmercifully with His flesh being torn from His Body.  And then He was ridiculed with that cape upon His shoulders, the reed in His right hand, the slap upon His face and that Crown of Thorns upon His head.  Dear God, Forgive us all, Please.

After that, He was forced to carry that heavy cross and was beaten when He fell.  He met His Mother along the way and that meeting was horrible for both of them.  Forgive us once again, Dear God.

And then, He was nailed to that cross.  His  cross was lifted up and He hung there all the live long day.  Until 3:00 when He gave up His Life.  His Mother was forced to watch Her Son die that day.  Then She held Him in Her Arms until He was placed in that tomb.

Dear God:  Please forgive us all what we have done to you.

But then on that third day, He rose from the dead.  And we all have so much to be thankful for that He suffered for our many sins and opened the doors to Heaven for all of us.

Thank You, Dear God.  Thank You.  Help us that we might not offend You any more in this world.