3 09 2011

Back in the 1950’s, there were no pantyhose.  In fact no one had even heard of such a thing.  Here I go back to old times.    But anyway, we women wore garters and they were truly awful.   Especially if you had skinny legs like I did.  Nothing was going to hold those baggy hose up anyway. But that ring of elastic was the best we had at the time.  And it was either too loose and the hose fell down or it was too tight and the veins in your legs quit working.  Take your choice.

And if it was hot weather and those hose stuck to your sweaty legs, then all was lost anyway because the wonderful marvelous hosiery probably had a run in it or maybe even two or three.  Then you had to start all over again, trying to pull those horrendous hose up your legs with that garter attached.  What a mess!  Of course you could pull on the hose first and then put the garter over them, but that was a massive operation in itself.  If you had a run, you could put nail polish on it and it wouldn’t run anymore, but then gossipy people might start talking about the red spot on your leg.  Have to watch out for all those kinds of people you know.

Then garter belts came along and they were a wonderful improvement if you could get the things to work right.  First you had to either pull it up over your body and make it fit right or clasp it in the front and turn it to the back.  By the time you were finished with that, you felt like you were playing in a band somewhere what with all the clacking and zinging going on.  But, when you once got all that straightened out, then and only then could you put the rest of our clothes on.  Then you attached the hosiery to that wonderful zinging garter belt and you were in business.  Of course by this time, the hose might have acquired a run or two considering all that you had been through.

Several years later, those wonderful pantyhose came onto the market.  At first of course they were just considered tights for little girls, but then someone – probably Mr. Swiffer- thought up the pantyhose using nylon hosiery and that was a marvelous invention – just like the Swiffer is today.  Not that you can compare the two of course, but I have written a blog you might like entitled Dear Mr. Swiffer.   and then another one about having a household blower to blow the rest of the dirt out of my house.

But back to the subject of the pantyhose – could get dressed in a zip and a zing and ready to go.  Great improvement over all those other massive problems.  And then, then, then came the knee hi’s.  Now that was a real step in the right direction.  But of course no one ever  owned pants or could wear pants even at home until the middle and late 50’s.  We all wore skirts before that so we had to wear the full length hose.  Period.   Was required.  Even in hot summertime,

But now with the pants suits and the ‘allowing’ of wearing pants outside the home, we were free to use the knee hi’s.  And today, I wear something called socks which I think I started out wearing when I was born.  But you know what they say – the more things change, the more they remain the same.

How about the no shampoo days.  Will tell you about that one next.  Meanwhile, you might really like my books about the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s.  Each of my books is $10 no postage.  Or 3 for $25.  Look them up on my website and order straight from me.  You will really like them.  Great reading, great fun and lots of living history.




9 08 2011

Hi again:  I think I have blogged about this one before but it still needs repeating a million times over.  The key word in this world is RESPONSIBILITY!!!!

There is nothing to compare it to.  I once knew a young father who taught his children the word Responsibility when they were very young.  And they were taught while still young to be responsible for all that they did.  This meant when they were old enough they picked up their toys, put away their clothes, took care of their belongings, and when age appropriate did their daily chores.

This also meant they learned very early to be responsible for their own behavior.  They didn’t have temper tantrums over every little whim.  They didn’t scream and yell at WalMart like so many of the children do.   As I said, they learned from early on to be RESPONSIBILE for their own lives and their own actions.  They still are.  They are very careful with their small amount of money.  They are very kind to others.  They do their chores without whining or complaining all the time.   And they take care of their belongings very well.  

Why don’t the adults of today practice a little responsibility in their lives.  I know the answer to that one.   It is because their parents never taught them to be responsible for anything they ever did.  That is why they do not take care of their belongings and in many cases do not feel it is necessary that they even have a job much less be responsible for doing that job right.  They are not responsible for providing for themselves, expecting instead to be on the ‘dole’ for the rest of their days.  

But the worse part is that they are not responsible for their own children.  They drag them from one place to another.  The children are fed by the community, clothed by the community and schooled by the community.   The parents do not feel any responsibility towards anything.

I personally think it is time we demanded some responsibility from this class of people.  It is time they provided their own food and shelter and clothing.  It is time they got a job.  Might not be what they would like, but then so what.  Most people have to start out doing some job they really don’t like.  That is how they get that magic word called ‘experience’.  Then that leads from one job to another over time.  And if that person is Responsible and wants to do better,  he will perform his job well no matter what it is.  This is called being Responsible.

High time we had some RESPONSIBILITY in this world.  

And we certainly could use some responsibility from our politicians and those in charge.   But that is another blog for another day.

Remember the Key Word is RESPONSIBILITY.   Tell it to everyone you know.  



29 07 2011

I am not being judgmental in any way at all.  A friend of mine committed suicide this past week.  Everyone said the same thing when they heard.  They all said that it just made them sick.   They could not assimilate this information at all.   I had heard about it in the afternoon and that evening I called a friend and asked, ‘is this true?’  She answered that it was.  I was so in hopes she would tell me it was just a rumor.

But he is gone now.  No one can bring him back.  In an instant his life was no more for anyone of the many who were stunned.  It has been said that God never gives anyone more than they can handle.  I believe that.  God loves us and He takes care of all of us.  He asks more from some than from others.  But then how do you really know what God is asking of someone.  You cannot see on the inside and know what that person might be experiencing in his life.

My friend had some mental problems, depression, etc.  Could not handle his own affairs much anymore.  And he was fairly young for all this.  And then he developed some physical problems lately.   But then if he could have just waited a little longer, perhaps God had a plan for him.  Maybe God had something really special for him to do when he got a little better.  Who knows.

But then the homilist at the funeral said ‘Only God knows what he was experiencing at the time he shot that gun’.  So who really knows about any of that.  I just hope my friend knows that all these people are really sorry he is gone and will miss him dearly a lot of the time.  He was a very good person and helped a lot of people in his life.

I am so sorry he is gone.  I just wish he could have remembered that God never gives anyone more than they can handle.

What a waste!


21 07 2011

I’m sure you have heard of the Fair Tax.  If not, Google it on the internet and find out what all it can do for us all.

Mr. Huckabee sent me an email on his site that said he is going to Washington soon to testify before a congressional committee about the Fair Tax.  Hooray!  About time someone listened to some of that.   You can also look up Mr. Huckabee’s website and get on his mailing list.

The Fair Tax gets rid of the withholding from your paycheck.  Just think about that one for awhile.  What would it be like to actually get all the money you make in your check each payday.  I don’t ever remember a time when that was possible.  When I started  working, I was paying 25% of every dime I made because I was young, unmarried, and no dependents.  Sort of made a dent in that paycheck.   Ever since then, the withholding has always made a good dent in my paycheck.  And since the government is spending more than it is taking in, it seems to me  they are  pouring my money down a bottomless hole in the ground.

Nowadays, those in power and the media are touting the rich against the poor.  So anyone who has more than carfare in his pocket is considered rich and is hated by the poor and those who do not work and live deliberately on the poverty level are hated by the rich.  Some peaceful solution that is.

Support the Fair Tax after you investigate it.  It will help everyone and will put enough money in the coffers of government to pay all the bills without strapping our children and grandchildren and great great great grandchildren.  And it also will not destroy this wonderful country we have.

Maybe, maybe, maybe, someone will listen in that congressional committee and will actually promote the Fair Tax.  I sure hope so.  Would be wonderful for us all.  See for yourself.  And then make your opinions and comments well known.  All us citizens need you and your support.



17 07 2011

Just a thought.   But if the government insists upon taking from the rich and giving to the poor, what happens when all the money the rich have worked for and saved all these years runs out.  Then who will feed the poor.  Who will provide for them.   They don’t want to work, or at least most of them have no interest in working for a living.  This can be seen because they are out protesting things like in Florida and Wisconsin, so I am assuming they don’t have anything else to do.

All this rhetoric about the 2 Billion dollar jet airplanes that all the rich have.  Bull!  I don’t know anyone with any of those planes.  Do you?  Have you gone to the airport lately and looked around to see who has those planes.  I know when we used to go to the medical clinic, we would see all kinds of private jets parked at the airport.  But those belonged to princes and kings of other countries, mostly those oil rich countries.  They didn’t belong to any Americans that I ever heard of.  I know Nancy Pelosi has a jet.  Or at least that is what the newspapers reported for awhile.   And it was free, too.  She just got on it and flew home whenever she wanted to and it was all paid for by the taxpayers.  Wonder how she got on that list.

I remember seeing newsreels and movies about Russia.  I have also been there at one time.  They took all the money from the rich and distributed it to the poor if I remember correctly.   Only there wasn’t much to go around, so they ran out pretty fast.  So now, they live a 1920’s life there with no upgrades.  The people still depend upon the delivery man to bring milk to their neighborhood or bread or whatever.  They live in apartments with 12 other people, several families in each one.

But they had all the right ideas if you remember.  I believe their #1 issue was to distribute the wealth to everyone.  Except that a very few at the top seemed to have everything.  They had palatial homes and places by the sea, etc.  I read all about that, too.

Is that what the people here have in mind.  A perfect class structure where we are all the same except for that few at the top?  I think they usually call that a dictatorship.  That was what Hitler had in mind if I remember that one, too.  Oh Dear, here we are again, same old stuff, same old rhetoric, same old people, over and over again.   Better watch how you vote next time or you might find yourself getting your milk off a truck with no grocery stores anywhere.  Perfect regression.   Already on our way.



16 07 2011

I wrote you before, Mr. Swiffer, to tell you what a great invention you have come up with.   That Swiffer is just great.  Enjoy it almost every day.

However, I have another suggestion that would make housework even easier.  I have noticed that some of the dirt and dust and everything else gets shoved into the corners, especially around the door facings.  So, I was  wondering if you might try to invent a blower that could be used in the house. We could use this blower just like a leaf blower outside.  Except that it would have to be quieter so we wouldn’t wake up the whole neighborhood.  And, of course, it would have to have less blower output since we don’t want to blow the children out the front door or the plates off the table.

But, if you could come up with something like this, you might just have every woman in America buying the newer blower Swiffer.  Also, we need a bag of some sort on it so that when we blow,  the bag collects that dirt.

Then we can just blow our house out and go sit by the pool.  Or go to Walmart, Or take a shower, Or just goof off.

Think about this, please, Mr. Swiffer.  And invent it this year, especially for the Christmas Season.  Every woman in America would appreciate that for Christmas.  Just imagine how happy she will be  after she blows that tree and all the wrappings out the door.  Won’t that be great!  Can hardly wait. Thanks.


11 07 2011

For those of you who might be interested, I have a new book published on Kindle.  My other books are all on there, too.  I  think I have 6 altogether.  Anyway, you might want to check them out.  All under the name of Bet Hampel.   There is Bet’s Cookbook, a great way to feed your family cheap, good, nutritious meals.  I know how to do that having raised a whole houseful of kids.  And they are all very healthy, so must have done something right.

And then, there is my series of books.  First one is  #2503 which is about the 30’s and 40’s and growing up in a middle class everyday family.  And then In The 1940’s which is the story of that same family – which was mine – living through the pre-War, World War II and post War years.  Interesting, lots of living history.  Very enjoyable.

Then there is The Wonderful 1950’s which is the story of growing up and having a family of my own and all the changes, changes going on in those years.  Really great to know about all those wonderful things that came along during those years.

All these are full of humor and fun.  The Cookbook has lots of Tips for making things easier and cheaper.

I have another one called A Better World which makes suggestions for living life so that we can all have A Better World.  Not preachy, just interesting.

And now I have another one.  This one is called The Real Story and it tells the real stories behind what is often reported as the real story.  One of the stories tells about the 1957 Little Rock High School crisis – you know, the integration of the high school.  What is the real story and what has been printed are two different things.   Read all about it!

Second chapter tells about a recovering alcoholic and all the changes in his life and how successful he became.

Third chapter tells The Real Story about what has happened to our country and suggests remedies for changing things back to our normal, wonderful life style.

All are $7.95 on Kindle.    On you can order by mail.    All details about ordering are listed.

Anyway, give the books a try.  You will really enjoy them, I’m sure.  Thanks.  Bet


10 07 2011

All this uproar about the debt crisis is going on in Washington.  I catch a glimpse of the news now and then and the debt crisis is running almost all the time on every channel.  The two political parties seem to have two different stories to solve our problems.  So the question is – Who is lying?  Obviously someone is.  Or else someone is really, really demented.

One party tells us that everyone will be very happy.   All we have to do is tax the rich, give to the poor and everyone will be smiling all the way to the bank or the post office or maybe even the lottery store.  They think tax increases are wonderful and good for everybody except they aren’t paying them themselves and they don’t look for anyone else to pay any except those so-called ‘rich people’.  I even heard the other day  a comment made about  those ‘rich people in their private jets’, etc.  I remember that Nancy Pelosi had a private jet when she was telling us all how to live.  Wonder what happened to that one.  Does everyone of those poor people in Washington, D.C. have a private jet?  Is that where they get all this good information?  Meantime, they want to tax the businessman so he cannot progress anymore and he sure as heck can’t provide any more jobs for anyone because he has to use all that money he makes to pay his taxes.

Did you know that during Jimmy Carter’s time in office, the so-called ‘rich guy’ was paying 90% – yes that’s right – 90% of his income to the federal government?  How would you like to work hard at your job every day of your life and give 90% – 90% of it to the federal government.  I sure wouldn’t care much for that myself.

I had a friend who won $50,000 in the lottery recently and his comment was – ‘I only got $30,000.  I won $50,000.  Not $30,000.  But I had to give $20,000 of it to the federal government for taxes.  That just isn’t fair.’  Of course not, nothing with taxes is fair.  We all should realize that.  The guy on the bottom of the tax rung is not paying any taxes at all and yet he is the one hollering loud and clear for all to hear that the ‘rich guy’ should be paying more taxes.  How would he know.  He is just taking in all the free money he can.  He is not paying anything in, only taking out.

The other party tells us that we should leave the businessman alone and let him do his job and that we should all be grateful for what we have and that we are supposed to take care of what we have managed to accumulate in our lives.  And I know that here come the takers once again.  They want even more this time around.  Now we have universal health care which is not going to help anyone, anywhere, anytime.  Remember Nancy Pelosi and her private jet and how she ‘felt’ for all those people who needed health care.  She also does not have to depend on health care.  She has health care built into her job.

As far as I am concerned,  if I work for the money I earn, then I am entitled to keep it or at least most of it.  That is only fair for all.   And I know from experience in this cold, cruel world that you cannot spend what you do not have.  Period.  End of subject.  That is a dead end street.  If you do not have the money, you don’t go out and spend it.  Never, ever, never.  If you do, you will end up broke and forsaken and eventually forgotten.  And  you definitely will not have any money.  Unless you go borrow of course.  And you can only borrow so long and that is over, too.

So, think about the subject.  Who is lying.  Obviously those who want something for nothing.  And those who want to spend and spend and spend and tell you that if you borrow, it will all be o.k.  Lying, lying through their teeth.  Liar, liar, pants on fire!


5 07 2011

As the next election approaches, watch out for those little political tricks that make a big difference in how a candidate appears.  One of the major ones I remember is the debate between Bill Clinton and George Bush when Clinton was the new guy on the block running against George Bush, the President.

The debate was coming up and most favored George Bush.  But then, you must remember President Bush was older and Bill Clinton was the new dapper young man come to take on Washington.

At the debate, the two men were to sit on stools.  Someone made sure that President Bush’s stool was off just a tad.  One leg was shorter than the other three or perhaps even longer.  But the point was that the stool did not sit even.

So, when the debate started and President Bush sat down, his stool wobbled.  This made him look just a little  bit like he wasn’t too sure what he was doing.  The debate went downhill from that moment on.  No matter what the question was, the stool would wobble and President Bush was having to make sure he was sitting properly and he wasn’t going to lose his balance.

Point made.

Bill Clinton looked smart.  President Bush did not.  Bill Clinton looked young and able.  President Bush did not.  Bill Clinton could answer all his questions quickly and surely.  President Bush was busy watching his stool and making sure he was on sure ground.  He could not answer as readily nor as surely.

So watch out for those subtle little tricks.  Those people had many more and they used them to their advantage.  You know now what you got for your vote then. Make sure that those little tricks don’t make up your mind for you when the election comes up.  Be careful.  Your vote means a lot, especially this time around.


22 06 2011

I am certainly not a Theologian in any sense of the word and don’t want anyone to think that I know much, but thought you might enjoy having this little bit of information.

I grew up in a Protestant church where The Blessed Virgin Mary was never mentioned except at Christmas time and then in the same sentence with the Infant Jesus.  I became a Catholic at the age of 21 or so and did not and really could not accept The Blessed Virgin Mary as anyone very special in my life.  I respected her greatly, but really had no connective feeling towards her.  But in raising children and particularly my retarded child, I began to turn to The Blessed Virgin because I needed her.  I needed that connection because I knew She would understand what I needed and wanted for my children.   After all, She had already been there in Her life and just look what She had managed to endure as Jesus’ Mother.  So, after one particularly bad day, I found myself kneeling beside the bed of my sleeping daughter and begging The Blessed Virgin to please help me through this particular time.  And She did.  And She has ever since then.  So I have a very close feeling towards The Blessed Virgin now.

I am telling this for a purpose.  Just stay with me for a few more minutes.  Many years ago, our country,  the United States of America was Consecrated to The Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary.  This means our country was actually placed within Her Heart to be protected from all harm.  This might be hard to believe, but it is most definitely true.  I know most people feel that if that were so, why do we have so many problems here.  But problems can be allowed and we are still kept safe and protected.  After all, we really have not had a war here.  And most of the time, most of us live a pretty good life.

At the turn of the century into the year 2000, a lot of people expected a ‘big bang happening’ because so many people felt that at last Jesus Christ was coming.  Well, those of us who have studied some of  The Blessed Virgin’s apparitions know that She has been given the job of preparing us all for this Second Coming of Christ.  You have to really look for the changes, but they are there.  Look how many people have been recently caught and jailed because they have lied, cheated, stole, or committed crimes against their fellow man.  Every day you can read it in the papers, hear it on television, or on the radio that someone else has been caught for whatever they have done many years ago.  And that number is increasing almost every day.

So, my point is, don’t worry much about what is going on politically or nationally or even locally with regard to this country.  The Blessed Virgin is in charge of our country and She will keep us all safe from all harm.  Just watch and wait.  She is now in the process of cleaning house and preparing us all for that time.

Watch!  You will begin to see the changes.  Turn to The Blessed Virgin Mary with your requests and your prayers.  She will definitely help  you each and every day.  And then She will lead you gently on in your life.