21 07 2011

I’m sure you have heard of the Fair Tax.  If not, Google it on the internet and find out what all it can do for us all.

Mr. Huckabee sent me an email on his site that said he is going to Washington soon to testify before a congressional committee about the Fair Tax.  Hooray!  About time someone listened to some of that.   You can also look up Mr. Huckabee’s website and get on his mailing list.

The Fair Tax gets rid of the withholding from your paycheck.  Just think about that one for awhile.  What would it be like to actually get all the money you make in your check each payday.  I don’t ever remember a time when that was possible.  When I started  working, I was paying 25% of every dime I made because I was young, unmarried, and no dependents.  Sort of made a dent in that paycheck.   Ever since then, the withholding has always made a good dent in my paycheck.  And since the government is spending more than it is taking in, it seems to me  they are  pouring my money down a bottomless hole in the ground.

Nowadays, those in power and the media are touting the rich against the poor.  So anyone who has more than carfare in his pocket is considered rich and is hated by the poor and those who do not work and live deliberately on the poverty level are hated by the rich.  Some peaceful solution that is.

Support the Fair Tax after you investigate it.  It will help everyone and will put enough money in the coffers of government to pay all the bills without strapping our children and grandchildren and great great great grandchildren.  And it also will not destroy this wonderful country we have.

Maybe, maybe, maybe, someone will listen in that congressional committee and will actually promote the Fair Tax.  I sure hope so.  Would be wonderful for us all.  See for yourself.  And then make your opinions and comments well known.  All us citizens need you and your support.




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