17 07 2011

Just a thought.   But if the government insists upon taking from the rich and giving to the poor, what happens when all the money the rich have worked for and saved all these years runs out.  Then who will feed the poor.  Who will provide for them.   They don’t want to work, or at least most of them have no interest in working for a living.  This can be seen because they are out protesting things like in Florida and Wisconsin, so I am assuming they don’t have anything else to do.

All this rhetoric about the 2 Billion dollar jet airplanes that all the rich have.  Bull!  I don’t know anyone with any of those planes.  Do you?  Have you gone to the airport lately and looked around to see who has those planes.  I know when we used to go to the medical clinic, we would see all kinds of private jets parked at the airport.  But those belonged to princes and kings of other countries, mostly those oil rich countries.  They didn’t belong to any Americans that I ever heard of.  I know Nancy Pelosi has a jet.  Or at least that is what the newspapers reported for awhile.   And it was free, too.  She just got on it and flew home whenever she wanted to and it was all paid for by the taxpayers.  Wonder how she got on that list.

I remember seeing newsreels and movies about Russia.  I have also been there at one time.  They took all the money from the rich and distributed it to the poor if I remember correctly.   Only there wasn’t much to go around, so they ran out pretty fast.  So now, they live a 1920’s life there with no upgrades.  The people still depend upon the delivery man to bring milk to their neighborhood or bread or whatever.  They live in apartments with 12 other people, several families in each one.

But they had all the right ideas if you remember.  I believe their #1 issue was to distribute the wealth to everyone.  Except that a very few at the top seemed to have everything.  They had palatial homes and places by the sea, etc.  I read all about that, too.

Is that what the people here have in mind.  A perfect class structure where we are all the same except for that few at the top?  I think they usually call that a dictatorship.  That was what Hitler had in mind if I remember that one, too.  Oh Dear, here we are again, same old stuff, same old rhetoric, same old people, over and over again.   Better watch how you vote next time or you might find yourself getting your milk off a truck with no grocery stores anywhere.  Perfect regression.   Already on our way.




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