10 01 2012

I’m always looking into things trying to learn what is happening in this world of ours.  There is a lot going on but you just have to be always listening.  I was told today that the #1 reason the Post Office is going to the dogs is because those in power are trying to get everyone to retire or quit.  So – that is the reason why the mail is not on time anymore.  And the reason why they are talking about no Saturday delivery.  And the reason why the post office lines are longer and longer and longer with fewer and fewer clerks at the counter. I was told that when anyone does retire or quit, they  are not being replaced.  Thus, we have a smaller workforce all the time.  How about that!!!

So now you know the real problems.  This is why everything is going to the dogs and in a hurry too.  They blame the internet and the shipping problems and whatever else they can think of.  But the real reason is because those at the top are doing their spring cleaning.  They are throwing out the old and going to get all brand new.    Wonder how that impacts the jobless rate these days.  The post office was always touted as a good place to work – if you could get on.

I know that is how corporations work.  They hire a young man, groom him, let him get out there and make a good living.  And then when he is about 40, they clean house and get rid of those 40 and over and hire another young man.  This is simple economics.  A young man can be hired for about half what a man with 20 years experience demands in the way of a salary.  So, the young man will get in there, dig a new road for himself and set the world on fire for all to see.  Then when he slows down or quits being so gung- ho about the job, they replace him with another young man.  Happens every day.

In the case of the post office, they are forcing out the older people who have been there awhile and hoping to replace them with younger ones who will walk faster, carry more mail, and work harder.  As I said, happens every day.  But with the post office, they have to make a production out of it because it is a public institution and everyone is watching to see what happens next.

An employee told me that she will hang in there and finish out the time for her retirement.  After all, that is why she came to work there in the first place as a young woman.  Now that she is older, she is being overworked and forced out and she said she ain’t going anywhere.  Good for her!

Well, next time, I’ll try to figure out what is going on in the automobile production business.  Stay tuned!