Woodstock and Protests

19 08 2009

FlashbackI heard on the television news reports recently about the 40th anniversary of   Woodstock. The news reports all seem to think this was something to be proud of, something to remember. I thought it was something to be totally ashamed of, something to revile for everyone who had any sense of decency. But those who attended were the element of change at that time. They had no experience with life and yet they were making all sorts of noises all over the country for change, change, change. We all had to change to meet their standards which were immorality in its truest form.

I grew up on the Ten Commandments and revered them always. That element of change wanted nothing more than to tear down those Ten Commandments. They advocated God is dead, no one needed to worship a dead God. Steal anything you can get your hands on. The whole point is just don’t get caught. Adultery and all sorts of sex in any form is ok. No respect for the parents at all. No respect for the law or any sort of authority. Lie about anything  as long as you don’t get caught. Envy everyone, but make no efforts to have a better life. And these were the creeds that that element of society lived by during those years. Now they have reached the point where we are supposed to do whatever they tell us once again. They still make the mistake of thinking they are in control.

They do not realize that we conservatives who during their protesting days were busy raising nice families, going to church and worshiping God, while setting a good example every day with our honesty and respect for authority, commitment to our spouses and families, and teaching respect and dignity for our families and fellow men, we were and are still in charge. We are the ones who have taken the torch from our forebears and continue to build up and love our free country.

Now that we, the conservative element, have begun to raise our voices and protest the health care program being advocated by the current administration, we are being branded as radical, out of line, liars, and nazis. My, my, how the tables have turned.

We have been here all along. We were  busy minding our own  business, working, and doing all those things we need to do to have a decent life. Now we have simply had enough of their radical viewpoint. We are finally tired of that element of society that wants to tell us all how we should live – their way. And yet they do not know how to live a decent life to this day. At the time of Woodstock, they had hair down to their toes, no shoes, no shirts, in many cases, no clothing of any kind, drugs, drugs and more drugs, sex without end. No thanks! We want a decent, loyal, moral United States. You know, like we had before that radical group decided to tell us how to live. Enough!