1 06 2012

In this past week’s Human Events magazine, the cover story if about Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl who has been a prisoner in Afghanistan for 3 years – 3 YEARS!!

The story goes on to tell that he is mostly passed over.  He was supposed to be part of a prisoner exchange at one time but that didn’t happen and he has been there in prison ever since. It would seem to me that someone, somewhere could have enough influence to get this young man out and home again where he belongs.

I know if I was his mother, I would probably have learned how to walk across that ocean or flapped my arms so that I could fly over there to get my young son and bring him home.

It is said that one person can make a big difference, so this is your chance – write an email to your Senator or your Congressman or your President or anyone else you think might make a difference in this issue.  Just one email from thousands of people could make a huge difference you know.  And then maybe Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl could  be brought home.

Dear God:  Bring this young man home.  NOW  Please!


31 05 2012

Well, since The Donald has brought up the subject of Obama’s birth certificate once again, I figured I might just as well jump in, too.  I had received the following email sometime ago and just held it here on my desk until I decided to pass it along.  You can check out all the details yourself.  I have not.

Obama’s birth certificate says he was born on August 4, 1961.  It lists his father and says his father  was born in Kenya, East Africa 25 years prior to this.  Kenya did not even exist until 1963,   2 years after Obama was born.  So his father could not have been born in a country that did not even exist at that time. When his father was born there, the area was called British East Africa Protectorate.  

Also, the hospital Obama was supposedly born in is listed on the birth certificate as Kapi’olani Maternity & Gynecological Hospital’  This hospital was not even named that at the time.  It was called KauiKeolani Children’s Hospital and Kapi’olani Maternity Home.  There was no Kapi’olani Maternity & Gynecological Hospital at the time Obama was born.  So why is it listed on his birth certificate.  The name was not changed until 1978 when the hospitals merged.  That is 17 years later. 

Also, it is said that in 1961 people of color were called Negroes.  So why does his birth certificate say he is listed as African American when no one had even said that term yet. 

As I said, check it out for yourself.  This came from   Maybe The Donald is really on to something.  I certainly hope so.  Vote Republican all the way down the list this time.  I certainly will.  Thanks.  



28 05 2012

We all live this really good life these days.  I don’t mean we are all rich or have everything, but if we try, we do have a comfortable life.  Before God allowed electricity to be invented, people lived an entirely different life than we do nowadays.  How would you like to go back to that time.  Not me.  I am spoiled and like it that way.

So when we were given the benefits of electricity, what would we ever use that for except for a light bulb now and then.  But then just look around.  Not only did people get a light bulb, but then other people invented all those ways to use those light bulbs.   Look in your own room or your own house and notice the lamps and the light fixtures and all those other necessary things of today.

And then think about the woman washing on a washboard and how after electricity, she could have a washing machine and after that, an automatic washing machine.  How fortunate for all of us.

And then, take a walk around your kitchen and look at all those marvelous machines that do everything in the world for you.  From the coffee pot to the garbage disposal and even the toaster.  Do you remember when all toast was made in the oven?    And it had to be planned so we wouldn’t heat the house up in the summer and we only had oven toasted bread in the winter.  That was a treat in itself.  Now, we just pop that bread  or whatever it might be in that slot in the toaster and it is done in a matter of moments.

But then in today’s world, we have these people running around telling us that we don’t need to use the electricity anymore.    I need to use my electricity. And I don’t see any reason why they should think they are in charge of how much electricity anyone gets to use. God gave us this great gift because it was in His time to give it to the world.  Simple as that.  God is in charge of everything, including even the most basic things.  He is the one who decides when we are given the computers and the internet and the automobile and all other amenities that we sometimes take for granted.  He is the one who uses the individual for His plans.  He knows what He is doing.  He will be the One who runs everything.  Not some person who decides they know what is best for this world.

It is God’s world.  I hope people will wake up and let God run His world.  All we have to do is live by His rules and this world can be a great place, one of peace and tranquility, and happiness for all.

You know,  I remember a time before all these problems arose during the 1960’s and that generation decided they knew what we should all do and how immorality should rein.  Remember the words – Forty years I loathed that generation and I swore in My anger, they shall  not enter into my rest.

Enjoy your electricity.   We are all so fortunate.  Thank You, Dear God for everything You have given to us.


27 05 2012

Well, another holiday weekend about gone and am I ever glad.  I never did care too much for Memorial Day which was called Decoration Day before.  It just never was my favorite time of the year.  Everyone was so somber and sad and I didn’t care much for that part.

My father was a printer at the local newspaper and there was a printer’s plot at the very old local cemetery.  So, every year, we had to attend this somber,  long memorial service for these dead printers.  The cemetery was so old that it had broken grave markers and everything smelled musty and moldy and old.  But my father was very respectful of those who had gone before him and so we went, like it or not.  And we better not have any other plans and we better not complain either.

Usually, it was humid and uncomfortable weather and we had to get all dressed up special for this occasion. That meant Sunday School clothes all the way.  And then we sat on these very old benches that had rusty spots on them.  The whole day was just difficult to deal with.  But we were brought up to always have good manners and be respectful and kind.  So we smiled nicely and spoke to all those older people that we saw once a year.

A Preacher would make a small sermon and say a few prayers.  And then came the really special treat of  a quartet that sang several songs.  They were usually much older people who could not carry a tune in a bucket and they certainly had no harmony between them.  But they had a juice harp to sound out the note and then they would all sing, sometimes together.  We sat glued to our seats, not daring to look at each other for fear we might have to laugh or cry, never sure of which it would be.

When it was all over, we had to stand around while our parents talked to all their old friends and visited for awhile.  However, I wouldn’t mind getting to do that one more time.  Might be fun to see all those people again and sure would be nice to see my parents again.

Miss them all. And all those like them who worked so hard every day to have a better life for everyone.  And all those who taught us children all the manners and niceties of life and reminded us to be ladies and gentlemen no matter the situation.

I know this holiday is for remembering all those who have fallen in the quest to save our country.  And I respect and honor that myself.  I miss a lot of that patriotism that was so prevalent in that day and time too.  I still honor the flag every day at my home.  And I truly respect all this country has stood for all the years.  I miss the moral fiber that always held everyone together, the honor for the parents and the respect for Almighty God and the other things that made us all one big family belonging to this wonderful country.  I remember it all very well.  And I miss all that, too.  I hope we can all get back to that very soon.

Happy Memorial Day!


25 04 2012

Just in case you might be interested in this little tidbit of news, thought I would pass it along.  Read in my local newspaper the other day that there are 565 BILLION BARRELS of undiscovered conventional oil out there in the big world – excluding any that the United States has.  A barrel is 42 gallons.  And the world has 565 Billion barrels not counting what the United States has.  Just think about that for a minute.  How much oil do you think you might use in your lifetime.  I am not going to try to figure it up, but I’ll just bet it won’t be any number resembling those.  And I don’t think we will run out of oil anytime soon at all.  By the time we do, God will have provided something else to take its place.  This is His world and He will provide for everything here.

And, as I said, that is EXCLUDING the United States.  So, why in the world are we saving our oil all the time.  I remember when those dumb democrats decided we didn’t need to explore and use our oil because we could use what someone else had first.  Then we could save ours.  Why!!  Why in the world are we doing any of this.  I am quite sure that we will have all the oil we could ever use in this world – ever.  We don’t need to be conserving our oil or anyone else’s as far as I am concerned.

What is the big deal in this world of ours.  Do these ultra smart people in this world today really think that they know what is best for all of us?  I don’t think so at all.  I think they are all pretty ignorant and don’t know which direction they are heading at any time.  Why are we supposed to live this half life where everyone has to save oil and electricity and water and everything else around.  Why not just enjoy what God has provided and get on with our lives.

I was at a gas station one morning filling up my tank and this hippie type came up to me and asked if I felt guilty about driving an big car.  I told him of course not.  Why should I.  Then he said I should be worried about using all that gasoline.  I told him I wasn’t worried at all and would let my grandchildren worry about that one. He stomped off as though I had insulted him.  And then he got in this raggedy old worn out station wagon with a raggedy old worn out trailer hitched to the back of it.  As he drove out towards the highway, he had smoke coming out of the exhaust of his car.  Who is causing the most damage here.  Me with my gasoline guzzler or him with his oil guzzling old rattle trap.  Makes you wonder just how smart those people are.

Also, the newspaper article said that according to the U.S. Geological Survey, the world has 5,606 TRILLION cubic feet of natural gas.  And just in case you were worrying about running out of that, the United States alone has 388 TRILLION cubic feet of gas on and off its shores.  The agency also estimates that right here in the United States we have approximately 27 BILLION barrels of oil and 388 TRILLION cubic feet of gas on and offshore.  And on our continental shelf alone, there are 398 TRILLION cubic feet of gas and 81 BILLION barrels of oil.

So hurry right out and buy one of those teeny, tiny little cars that those environmentalists say we need to have.  You know, those that won’t go very far so you won’t be able to travel anymore.  And while you are at it, be sure and notice our landscape being covered up with windmills so we can capture the wind so we won’t run out of electricity either.  Of course this is because we are going to run out of oil and gas to run our generators and we all need to cut down on electricity use too.  Oh dear, what will we do.  What will we do.  Chicken Little is running around the barnyard wringing her hands because the world is going to crash any moment.  At least it is according to those environmentalists who make up all these stories all the time anyway.

I still want to know what they are going to do when God stops the wind.  Are they going to run out, pitch their tents, and blow those windmills around?  They are not in charge of anything ever.  Period.  End of subject!

Wish they would give it a rest, get a job,  and run their own lives and let God take care of the rest of us.  Otherwise, they would  have us all living in caves again so we wouldn’t mess up THEIR world.  Dear God:  Thank You for taking care of us.  We sure do need You in this world.  Thank You!



14 04 2012

I really do have to thank Almighty God every day for keeping me sane – if I am.  Seems like there is always something going on.  This past week has been one of those weeks and every day has brought new challenges.

For instance, I found out just this morning that it is not a good idea to put your blouse on  and comb your hair and spray it and all that good stuff and then find out that the blouse is on wrong side out.  Obviously, this called for me to have to redo my hair and turn the blouse right side out and get it on again.   Stupid!  But that was a good start to another interesting day.  As usual.

Also, just read that a clear conscience is a sign of a fuzzy memory.  Boy, is that one ever true.  If I ever have time before I lose all that fuzzy memory, I plan to sit down and think through my whole life and see just how many mistakes I have made.  There are a whole lot I am sure.  Some deliberate, some honest, some just plain mean, and some because it was always someone else’s fault.  That’s the best excuse always anyway.  Have to move that one up front and start using it again.  If the politicians can use that one, so can I.  Works for them.  Why not for me.  Always remember, it is someone else’s fault, no matter what it might be. Only problem is trying to convince myself and others that this is true.  May not use it after all.  Sounds like a lot of work to me.  My mother always said, ‘Tell the truth the first time and then you don’t ever have to worry about what to say the next time.’

Decided to see about moving to another place  this past week.   Did all the research, talked to everyone about it and then asked God to please help me to make the right decision.  I knew that somehow because of the feeling I would have, I would know what to do.  I met the owner and walked through the house.  Then I walked through it once again.  So far, so good.  Then I went outside and walked around and still had a good feeling about everything.  Then I walked back into the house and immediately I had an overwhelming feeling of loneliness.  Don’t know that I ever had that feeling exactly like that before.  That is not a normal feeling for me.  I am always surrounded by people and never have a feeling of being lonely.  But this was what that house felt like.  I could almost touch the feeling because it was so strong.  I turned and just said I was not interested and left the house.  But it took me quite awhile to get over that strange feeling that I had experienced while walking through that house.  I just knew absolutely that that particular place was not for me.

The only feeling like that ever experienced by me was when I went to my grandparents house for a week when I was 4 years old.  My brother who was older  was also with me.  My grandfather worked for the railroad and we actually rode a train to their town and then they drove us back home a week later. I’m sure it was an exciting, wonderful trip, but all I wanted was to go home.  Back where I belonged.  I remember standing in the bedroom and crying to myself because of that feeling of homesickness or loneliness that I felt.  This was sort of the way I felt about this house I was looking at.  Except that this time, it truly overwhelmed me.  Just covered me up completely.

All this probably sounds stupid to some people, but I really trust in God to show me the way through my life.  I really depend upon Him every day to keep me on the path He has marked out for me.  And that new place was definitely not what He wanted me to do.  Oh well, just have to wait until He tells me what to do.

Meanwhile, I am still trying to remain sane in my everyday life.  Hope I make it.  Sometimes I wonder if I will.  First thing tomorrow is to watch for that tag on the blouse so I won’t put it on wrong side out or backward.  At least that will help get the day off on the right foot – if I remember which is my right foot.


10 04 2012

I wonder sometimes why people don’t just play it straight in this life.  Why not.  It doesn’t take a bit more effort to live a good life than it takes to live a bad one.  So why risk everything you own for nothing.  I was just  reading the latest sorrowful tale of a man who fell for a woman half his age and has now lost all he ever worked for.  Isn’t that just plumb stupid though.  Why risk it all for nothing.

Life can be so nice for everyone if they all just play it straight every day.  Rick Santorum and his family are a very good example for everyone to see.  They may not be what you want in a politician, but they do live a very honest life.  They stand up straight and look you in the eye and tell it like it really is.  Most people don’t want to hear that these days, but it doesn’t make it wrong.  In fact, it makes it even more right.

God, Himself, is the One who set the rules for living in this world.  It is up to each one of us to live by those rules.  Period.  Can’t change anything about them.  Rules are Rules.  Period.  Have to get up each morning and do the best you can.  Or at least try.  And that is what is said – that it is the trying that counts.

I know when I was growing up, my mother and father lived a good, honest, decent life.  They didn’t cheat or lie or try to steal from someone.  If they didn’t like someone, they might talk about it to each other, but they didn’t blab it all over town.  In fact, my father was one of the very few honest politicians in our state.  And proud of it.  Everyone that knew him knew first and foremost that he was honest.  No matter the consequences, he was always honest.  And my mother wouldn’t even talk to people who were out to get someone else.  She would be civil and nice but then wouldn’t have anything to do with women who didn’t take care of their families right or raise their children right or treat others the way they should be.  And she took care of her own business without trying to take care of someone else’s.  I remember all these lessons and have tried to follow them myself over the years.

It takes very little to just remember to be nice and pleasant and live a good life.  I’m sure you do just that every day.  Maybe if enough of us persevere for morality and honesty, maybe, just maybe some others will follow along behind us.  Dear God:  I hope so.  Maybe people will eventually learn.