During the 1960…

23 06 2012

During the 1960’s the whole world seemed to change.  We had been having such a nice life in the 1950’s that no one really noticed the changes at first.   And then everything was always for the best or at least that was what the media told us over and over again. 

For instance, families were literally torn apart.  I had one friend with a large family who had to leave their oldest son behind when they had to transfer to another Marine post.  Thus, that family was fractured, never to be the same again.

And then there were many others.  It was a well known fact that if you were moving up in the corporate world, you were moving, period.  Some families moved and moved and moved again.  Their grown children would decide to stay where they were and then the family had to go on.   This happened over and over again.   Or in some cases, the child moved on as soon as he was grown.  His company sent him elsewhere.   So he put down new roots and grew his life in the new locale.

This has resulted in broken families everywhere.  And this has hurt them all.  Grandparents are hardly known by their grandchildren.  Those family traits are forgotten or brushed aside with no knowledge at all.  There is no bonding, no real social structure.  Not only is this true of grandparents but actual parents themselves.  

Advice and help was handed down through the family structure over the centuries.  Mothers were taught by their mothers and grandmothers.  Young men followed in the footsteps of their fathers and grandfathers. 

But now all this was gone – and would be gone forever.  Thanks to the so-called progress of the 1960’s, we have become a country without much in the way of families anymore.  And that is a real loss.  No one can realize that until they have begun their own families and realize how important that time in the family unit  atmosphere was and always is.   

Dear God:  Help our families.  Thank You