12 02 2012

Do you happen to remember the time of the litter bags and being called litter bugs because we had supposedly polluted this earth?  Well, look around you today and see what those litter bugs are doing to our society everywhere, every day.   When those who thought they were in charge began telling all of us who were just out there minding our own business and working every day – that we needed to watch how we lived, we listened.  They invented the litter bag which I think was the forerunner of the plastic bags we get in every store these days.  And now those same people are complaining about those bags.

Anyway, we all got a litter bag everywhere we went.  Every time I stopped in at the bank or the grocery store or the utility company or the drug store, I was given a free litter bag so that I would be ‘trained’ to put my trash in a litter bag and then remember to throw it in the trash when I got home.  We were all well trained every day all day long.  And then those who thought they were in charge began telling us what else to do with our lives.  They are still doing that every single day in some form.

Meanwhile, they and all their children evidently never saw a litter bag.  They are the ones who drop the trash at their feet as they walk through the post office, the bank, along the sidewalks of our town, and everywhere else.    Trash just falls all around them everywhere they go.  Just watch and see.  And then watch while they think it is o.k. to spit on the sidewalks and crush the cigarette butts beneath their shoes.  Even when there are cigarette butt receptacles within five feet of them.

Maybe someone should ‘train’ them or teach them about litter bags.  Maybe we could even tell them they are polluting the earth with their trash.  But they probably wouldn’t listen anyway since they think they are in charge and can do whatever and whenever they please.

All my life I had been taught to pick up my trash.  All my life I had made sure I never crushed a cigarette butt or spit on the sidewalk.  Bums did that.  Still do.

I guess they have forgotten all about those litter bags.  Maybe someone should give them one and ‘train’ them to pick up their trash.  Everyone is doing all they can for them, but they seem to be blind to cleanliness.  Even the post office sports recycle bins these days. Instead, these people just throw their trash on the floor as they look at their mail and walk.  I guess they don’t realize that someone has to be paid to pick up their trash.

Just remember to put your litter in the litter bag, especially that one that is hanging in your car. Remember them, too?  And then find a trash receptacle and put the trash in there where it belongs.  If you see a litter bug anywhere, point them to a litter bag and suggest they use it.  Sure would help these days.  Might even save our government some of that wasted money.