Blair Holt’s / HR 45

25 09 2009

gun knotWhile Obama’s health care plan has everyone up in arms, there are other things going on behind the scenes. One of these is the upcoming gun control plan. It is called the Blair Holt’s Firearm Licensing and Record of Sale Act of 2009. And if you think that is a mouthful, just wait until you hear what it has in the Act. First of all, the reason for the implementation of a system of licensing of firearms and a record of sale system for those firearms is because and I quote ¬†“It is the sense of the Congress that – firearms trafficking is prevalent and widespread in and among the States, and it is usually impossible to distinguish between intrastate trafficking and interstate trafficking; and it is in the national interest and within the role of the Federal Government to ensure that the regulation of firearms is uniform among the States, that law enforcement can quickly and effectively trace firearms used in crime, and that firearms owners know how to use and safely store their firearms.” How about that!

What this all means is that Congress knows better than anyone else exactly how to regulate firearms use for all of us. And they don’t want you to be able to move any firearms across state lines.

They are saying that we don’t have any right to move firearms anywhere anytime and so they want to register every gun in the country so they can keep up with it and its movements,

And then they want to tell you that you cannot have a gun anywhere around children and if you do, they will confiscate your gun and possibly fine you or charge you with a crime.

Blair Holt was the name of a young man who was shot on a city bus in a random shooting. So now, the Congress wants to give all authority to the Attorney General of the United States to insist that you must register all handguns or semiautomatic firearms and you MUST be licensed to have your gun. You must present along with paperwork, a current passport sized photo, a clear thumb print, and a statement that you are not prohibited by Federal law or by the law of the State of residence from obtaining a firearm. Then you will be required a certification verifying that you will keep any firearm safely stored and out of the possession of persons who have not attained 18 years of age. Then you will be required to take a written firearms examination which will test your knowledge and ability regarding the safe storage of firearms, the safe handling of firearms, the use of firearms in the home and risks associated with such use and the legal responsibilities of firearms owners including Federal, State and local laws relating to all this as well as ANY OTHER SUBJECTS AS THE ATTORNEY GENERAL DETERMINES TO BE APPROPRIATE.  Failure to follow these rules can cause imprisonment of 5 to 10 years.

And this is only the beginning.

The Attorney General will provide for submission of the application through a licensed dealer or an office or agency of the Federal Government designated by the Attorney General that will require a person to provide all the I.D. as listed above and require that a completed application be forwarded to the Attorney General not later than 48 hours after the application is submitted to the licensed dealer or agency of the Federal Government. Then you will pay a fee for this license the amount of which will be determined by the Attorney General.

Then, it will be unlawful for anyone to sell, deliver, or otherwise transfer a qualifying firearm to, or for, any person who is not licensed. And then, within 14 days after transfer, this must all be recorded. Within 9 months after this Act becomes law, the Attorney General will establish and maintain a Federal record of sale system that includes all this information.

A licensed manufacturer or a licensed dealer must comply with all this and maintain such records or supply such information as the Attorney General may require so he can track or keep records of all guns and their movements.

And to top this all off, the Attorney General shall issue regulations for all this as he determines to be reasonably necessary to reduce or prevent deaths or injuries resulting from qualifying firearms used in criminal activity. If the Attorney General issues a proposed regulation with respect to a matter, it automatically becomes binding within 120 days. No vote. No public comment required. He can make any new rules he wants to.

The Attorney General may issue an order prohibiting the sale or transfer of any firearm that he finds has been transferred or distributed in violation of this Act, or any amendment to this Act or any regulation he has made regarding this Act. This means complete control! Absolutely! Positively!

Also, the Attorney General shall keep complete records including investigations of any causes and prevention of death and injury associated with firearms; conduct continuing studies of such, and collect and maintain current production and sales figures for each licensed manufacturer. In other words, he will completely control the firearms manufacturing industry.

Furthermore, this Act will not override any state provisions except where the individual state’s laws are inconsistent with the provisions of this Act or an amendment made by this Act. Meaning, that if your State does not comply, then it won’t matter anyway. The Federal Government will just override the state law.

The Attorney General may certify a firearm licensing system by a State if State law requires the system to satisfy the applicable requirements of the Federal licensing system. Government control again.

Now remember, this Blair Holt Act is only going to be put in place because the Federal Government needs and wants to know where your guns are and will maintain a constant record of this. They need to know all this supposedly because they are going to stop crime with all this regulation.

What do you think about this one? Write your congressmen now!!!! t is imperative that you stop all this before it gets started. This Act can just be put into law before you even know it is being presented. Write your congressmen today!

You can get a copy of this Act on the internet by looking up Blair Holt Firearm Licensing and Record of Sale Act of 2009 at U.S. Open Congress. It is H.R. 45 in the House.