15 12 2011

There is not a day goes by that I don’t get something in the mail about the poor hungry children in our country.  Or I hear about them on the television  or see them begging on the newscasts.  Surely in this day and time, this is completely and absolutely unnecessary.  And it has absolutely nothing to do with the so-called recession.  This is a matter of responsibility on the part of the parents of these poor, neglected children.

Why aren’t the parents feeding their own children?  I fed mine. And I would have fed them before I ever had anything to eat myself.  Not so these days.  The children are dumped on the various government agencies and programs.  They are fed at school and food is sent home with them on Friday so they have enough to tide them over until Monday when they can come back for a free breakfast and a free lunch once again.  Where is the mother who is supposed to be cooking their food.   And where is the father who is supposed to be providing for the groceries in the home.   I know those parents are not all working 2 and 3 jobs every day.  That is very evident by their accepted standard of living.  So, why doesn’t the mother know how to care for her children.  And why doesn’t the father know how to provide for his family.

Something is badly missing from our society at this time.  The main word that comes to mind is responsibility.  These parents just bear children with no intent of providing anything for them.  The children come  to the daycares all day long.  This takes away any responsibility for raising  children.  They are fed at school and this takes away any responsibility for providing food for them.  They are given clothing from various agencies including a lot of volunteer agencies.  The family is given food to take home from another agency.  What do they do with the food?  Obviously someone eats it, but it doesn’t seem to be the children.

Is this the result of President Johnson’s Great Society?  You know, the one where everyone is given everything and they do not have to work or provide anything for themselves.  Seems to be working just great.  Except that it took away all the incentive to provide for self and your own family.

Surely there is some pride somewhere in these wasted lives.  Surely, some of these parents might wake up and realize they are the responsible parties and it is up to them to provide and provide and provide some more.  That is their job in life.  They need to get with it and provide for themselves and their  own children.

Then there will be no more Poor Children, Poor Starving Children, Poor Destitute Children, and Poor Children who are living in poverty everywhere every day.