9 01 2012

I have noticed that the latest figures put out by whoever puts out those figures is that unemployment is down for the month of December and the financial outlook is much better. Now, just who do they think they are kidding.

I don’t pretend to be a very smart person, but anyone should know that for the month of December unemployment figures would be down simply because extra help was hired  on a part time basis in order to take care of the extra Christmas shopping.  Duh!!!

Then of course the financial outlook would be better for the same reason.  People are Christmas shopping!!! Duh again.

Just how stupid do those in charge think the American people really are.  I hope not that stupid.

Hope everyone remembers  this sort of thing when it is time to vote again.


13 03 2011

I don’t claim to know a lot about history except what I have lived through.  Those Democrats have about ruined us as a country for the last 50 years.  FDR started the Social Security of course.  At that time, everyone was supposed to be dead before they collected.  Most of know that by now.  At that time, all Social Security payments were completely free from all sorts of taxation and anything else that would deplete their intent.    Jack Kennedy didn’t have time to do much in his tenure in the White House.  But then Lyndon Johnson made up for any lost time.  He completely destroyed just about everything that was the true U.S.A.   He and his Democrat buddies in Congress together gave the store away.  I can see him now telling the country how wonderful he was with his Great Society program.  He had all the answers except one – who would pay the bills for all his giveaways.  Well, of course you know the answer to that one by now.  WE are paying the price every day in all that we do and in all those taxes we are paying and paying and paying and have been paying for a long, long time and will pay for an even longer time.

And then Jimmy Carter came along and added even more stupid programs to those that were already there.  The Dept. of Energy is his crowning achievement though.  We are paying for that  fiasco every single day, too.

And then Bill Clinton came along and he has done even more damage.  When he was Governor in Arkansas, he raised taxes 148 times.  But the media didn’t tell anyone about that one.  They wanted their darling Bill to be elected and he was.  Just get the American media on your side and you can get by with anything.  As long as there is a story there and they can bring in all their people and equipment and make a big deal out of it.

On the Republican side, I can’t say a lot good about Eisenhower.  He really wasn’t cut out to be president.  He was a good guy, I’m sure, and liked to play golf a lot, but that was about it.    George Bush was a great president.  But he was a victim of those funny Democrats.  They refused to pass any of is legislation so we had gridlock over and over again.  And the Democrats just laughed up their sleeves.  Had put one over on the American public once again.  Ha Ha.  So funny.

Then when George W. came along, they did the same thing to him.  And are still doing it every day when they can get the media to print something else.  But the Democrats and the media were all laughing so hard and that was all that mattered.  To heck with the taxpayer.  To heck with the government.  None of that mattered.  It was the gotcha’ atmosphere once again.

Pay attention when it comes time to vote once again.  Do not listen to the media.  Study the issues yourself.  Make up your own mind.  Then vote.  But by all means, vote.  I said earlier I think only those with a job should be allowed to cast a vote.  That would be too hard to enforce since there are so many tricks to the trade these days.  Maybe if only honest people could vote.  Wonder how that would work.   Oh well, something will come along to straighten out this horrible mess.  Always does.


12 03 2011

Well, I don’t know about you but I am sick and tired of all this STUFF going on everywhere. The national debt is just plumb disgusting.  When you think that all those people who have never been born yet having to pay off all this stilly STUFF  that these politicians have thought up just makes you sick.  And don’t think it is primarily because of the Republicans because it most certainly is not.  Those Democrats have about ruined all of us.

The so-called housing crisis started under Bill Clinton because he and his bunch lowered the rules for buying a house in order to get more of those so-called poor into housing.  Well, I’m sure that was a good thought but just look at the mess it has created.  And George Bush didn’t do anything to stop any of it either.  And then this Obama has made it far, far worse all the time.  And now the whole country is in debt up to its neck.  Stupid STUFF!!!

And now they tell us that gas prices and food prices HAVE to rise because it costs more to ship STUFF!  Well, that’s a hoot if I ever heard one.  Obviously, we have oil running out our ears around here and yet we are buying from people across the world and being told we need to not be so dependent on foreign oil.  The way I see it is God put that oil under this land for us to use so how come we aren’t using any of it.  Ridiculous STUFF!  absolutely ridiculous.

A man stopped me at a gas station one day and asked me if I felt guilty about driving a big car.   I said I most certainly did not.  Why should I.  I enjoy driving it and have been driving that sort of car for years and years and years.  He was a so-called green person and was driving an old clunker – which uses more oil and gas – and pulling a trailer – which uses more oil and gas.  More STUFF!  ridiculous STUFF!   Electric cars?  Had them in the 1930’s and 40’s.  As long as you only wanted to go around the block, they were a lot of fun.  Not for me.  Not for most people.

And why should our food prices rise.  We have enough food here in this country that we ship it overseas regularly in order to feed all those hungry people we see in the pictures and on the television.  So why should we be paying more for our food here.  Doesn’t make much sense to me.  Just more STUFF!  stupid STUFF!  In the first place, we have farmer’s markets all over the country.  Why are we shipping food in from everywhere else.  Mexican tomatoes that had food poisoning a couple of years ago.  Why not buy the local STUFF! Even Wal-Mart pushes the local STUFF!  So buy that.

Seems to me that one solution to all our problems would be to make it mandatory that a person  have a job before they can vote.  Used to be back when, a person had to own property in order to vote.  Now everyone votes, even those who have no idea what or who they are voting for.  Just follow the crowd.  Plug into the internet and do whatever you are told.   If they cart you to the polls, you vote for them.  If they provide a meal, vote for them.  Whatever works.   And now we have people everywhere who do not work, live on the handout, and vote for administrations who think that is the way  everyone should live.  So maybe if everyone had to have a viable job before they voted, it might solve some of these problems with STUFF and more STUFF and more STUFF!



9 03 2011

Do you know what it is like to live with an alcoholic?  Unless you have done so, you cannot imagine the life.  Although everything seems o.k. on the outside, nothing is really o.k. on the inside.  It may be that the alcoholic is a very nice person, never causing any problems at all.  But you can believe there are hidden things going on all the time.  For you see, the alcoholic really doesn’t care much for anything else except that alcohol.  That doesn’t happen overnight usually.  It builds up over time.

And gradually over time, the family takes less and less thought or love or even civility.  For as the alcohol becomes more important, everything else, including the family becomes less important.  That includes the wife, mother, father, children, or whoever might be considered a part of the family.  The alcoholic eventually has no desire to be with anyone else or anything else except that alcohol.  For here all his problems are solved.  Or so he thinks.

Meanwhile, he is compounding problems with his family and his work and his friends.  But he doesn’t care anymore.  All those people could just simply disappear from his life and he would be very happy.  Alcohol eventually becomes a matter of money.  If the alcoholic can get enough money to drink that day, he is satisfied with life.  If not, he will figure out some way to get that money, no matter what.  He might steal from members of the family or from his workplace or wherever he thinks he can get by with it.

Eventually, too, work ceases to exist.  And comes the day when he no longer has a job or is retired early or some other reason why the employer can get rid of him.  He doesn’t care about that either.  If he can manage enough money to drink, he will be set for life.  

I am writing a book now about living with an alcoholic.  Check out my books at    They are very good and pretty cheap.  The first one is #2503 which was the address where I grew up.  I had a normal, fun filled life and tell about that while giving lots of information on the history of the times.  Next is In The 1940’s which tells the story of World War II and the family’s life before, during and after that War.  Lots of daily living history in that one.  Then there is The Wonderful 1950’s when changes, changes abound and the whole world seems to change.  Fun and laughter in all the books.  Then I also have a cookbook entitled Bet’s Cookbook that gives lots of fun advice and good cheap from scratch recipes for feeding a family.  I had to learn how to do that since I didn’t have much money and did have a lot of kids to feed.  It was like King Henry VIII sat at the table with knife and fork in hand and said ‘Feed Me’!  So I had to learn how.  Look the books up.  They are available on    You will enjoy all of them.  Thanks. 


4 03 2011

If you are to find peace in your soul, you must first of all forgive yourself.  You probably have not done much wrong anyway.  But people have a tendency to blame themselves for everything imaginable.  It might be problems at work or at home or with your spouse or with your children or just not feeling like you are a part of things.  But for your own peace of soul, set your guilts aside and forgive yourself  NOW!  You cannot progress in your everyday life if you are carrying resentments and/or guilts from years past. 

As I have mentioned before, if you want to find true peace of soul, go sit down in the nearest Catholic Church or Adoration Chapel, and visit with Jesus.  Tell him all about your life and the many things you might have done or feel like you have done.  Tell Him you are sorry for having offended anyone.   And tell Him you are sorry for having offended Him.  And then give Him your many sins.   Ask Him to let you know you are forgiven.  If you are Catholic, make a point of going to Confession very soon.  Talk to the Father in the Confessional.  Tell him what you feel.  He will help you to walk through your sins and lead you in the prayers.  There is nothing to be afraid of here.  You are asking for forgiveness from God.  And God is always willing to forgive if you just ask.

But you must ask for forgiveness.  That is all you have to do.  God will take care of the rest.  Give Him a chance.  Go visit with Jesus and let him lead you on in your life.  This is the only way you will ever find true peace in your soul. 

Forgive yourself and get on with your life.  God will help you every step of the way.  All you have to do is ask.


3 03 2011

So many people cannot forgive themselves for past wrongs or imagined wrongs.  My husband grew up in the Catholic Church when people were very judgmental.  If anyone stepped out of line, they were ostracized by everyone else.  It was the same way in my Protestant Church around the corner.  In my Sunday School class, there were probably about 8 girls.  If the teacher talked about ‘don’t go dancing’ or ‘it is wrong to play cards’, the other girls would all look in my direction and laugh.  They all did those things, too, but they singled me out as the one bad person in the room.  My parents were very good people.  But we kids grew up going to parties and dances.  And we played cards quite often at home.  In fact, I learned how to play solitaire from my mother and did so almost every night.  I loved it!  And I never saw anything wrong with anything that we did.   We were a family and we acted like one.  

In my husband’s experiences, people were laughed at if they went to Confession too often because then everyone was sure they were up to no good.  Or if they didn’t go at all, this meant something was wrong, too.  And not everyone was good enough to receive Jesus in Holy Communion.  As a result, my husband did not receive Jesus in Holy Communion for a great number of years.   He always felt like he wasn’t good enough to receive Jesus.  I had a different attitude altogether.  I had come into the Church as an adult and as far as I was concerned, I needed to receive Jesus in Holy Communion in order to help me be a better person.  And to also bring me closer over time to Jesus.  And this was what I wanted in my life.  I wanted to grow in Grace and I could do this by receiving Jesus in Holy Communion.  

Finally, after many years, my husband said, ‘looks like Father would ask me to come back to Church and Communion’.  I answered – ‘that is up to you, not Father.’  After that, my husband started receiving Jesus in Holy Communion.  And he, also, grew in Grace more every day.  That is the whole purpose, to help you to grow in Grace to be a better person.   And also to learn from Jesus how to be closer to Him.  

Of course, I also go to Confession on a regular basis.  I once read that it was suggested by The Blessed Virgin in one of Her apparitions   that a person  go to Confession once a month.  I have continued this practice for many years also.  Sometimes, I cannot get there within the month, but it is never longer than six weeks or so.  I am so glad I learned about that.  It makes such a difference in my life. 

From the time I became a Catholic, I received Jesus at every Sunday Mass.  When I was able to, I started going to Mass every morning during the week.  I also received Jesus then.  And as time has gone on, I have continued this practice every time I can attend Mass.  This is what keeps me close to Jesus.  I am so glad I have the opportunity.  What a great blessing this is.


1 03 2011

For many years, the Catholics were called Friday Fish Eaters.  However, no one was required to eat fish.  It is just that we were not supposed to eat meat on that day.   It was a form of penance to God for all the evils of the world.  And a remembrance for the death on the cross of Jesus Christ on that Friday so long ago.  It was a very good thing for the Church to recommend this penance.  

 In my case, however, the not eating meat was a big deal.  Half of my family was allergic to milk so we couldn’t rely on cheese like a lot of people could.  I live in an area where there is very little fish.  Those frozen fish at the grocery store at that time were almost all breading and no fish.  With all those hungry kids, it was almost impossible to fill them up on Fridays.  I finally settled on having lots of bread, a salad, and several packages of no meat spaghetti sauce over lots and lots of spaghetti.  That was the only meal I found that would allow me to get the dishes washed before they started coming into the kitchen ready to eat again.    

When the Church did away with the No Meat Fridays, a lot of people made remarks like ‘that wasn’t important anyway.’   Or the people had been taken advantage of for many years, etc.  

But as with anything else, times change and people change.  The Church has tried over the years to recognize the individual intellect of its people.  And since people had evolved to being quite a lot more independent and even more intelligent, the Church said it still recommended the penance of no meat on Fridays, but now, the people could decide their own penance.  So, we are all told to do something in the way of penance on Fridays in remembrance of the death of Jesus Christ on the Cross, but we can now choose to do what we would like to do for our own individual penance.  Lots of people still do without meat on Fridays. Others do other kinds of penance such as giving up a habit or doing a chore they do not want to do, or helping someone else, or attending Mass on that day.  Whatever is a penance to the individual is what that individual should do.  And this is usually done by the individual without any fanfare or notice by anyone else.  Which is the way it is supposed to be done.

There have been other changes in the Church over the last hundred years.  Some are highly publicized.  Others are barely mentioned.  But the one I like the best of all is the re-emphasis on the Adoration of Jesus in the Most Blessed Sacrament.  This used to be done in what was called 40 Hour Devotions where the parishioners came during a 40 Hour period to worship Christ in the exposed Blessed Sacrament.  Over time, this had almost died out.  There was very little devotion to the exposed Blessed Sacrament.  This Devotion is gradually being started up in more and more parishes all over the world.  And I, for one, am so glad to see it.  

Jesus should be adored.  He should be worshipped constantly.  He should be the center of all the universe.  It is time.  It is really past time for all this.  Visit Jesus in the nearest Catholic Church when and if you can find the time.  It is well worth your few minutes.  There is peace there.  There is hope there.  Because  Jesus is there.


28 02 2011

I have watched with much interest the demonstrations in Wisconsin.  Isn’t this ridiculous.  Reminds me of the hippy movement of the 60’s where everyone ran around protesting something.  Most didn’t even know what it was they were protesting.  They were just having a party.  Walking the highways, hitching everywhere, running in groups here and there.  Demonstrating as long as there was free food, music, and sometimes a bonfire.  Sheer morality no doubt!

Wisconsin looks almost the same to me today.  Everyone out screaming, shouting, a bonfire or two, and a big, big party.  Everyone is off work, not bothering to teach, and the senators have even left the state in order not to do their job.  Isn’t this the same scenario?  Sounds like it to me.  And I notice today that they are camping out in the state capitol although they have been asked to leave so the building could be cleaned.  Sounds like  hippy time to me.  They did the same things.  And I don’t know about you, but once around that block was quite enough for me.  Time to grow up, shut up, and get on with your job.

Democrats are spending money they do not have.  Republicans are saying that we don’t have the money to spend so you cannot spend what you do not have.  And the crowd is hollering ‘hell no!’  Makes sense to me.  Maybe all these people who are demonstrating can use their credit cards to pay Wisconsin’s bills with.  Why are they not willing to pay their fair share of insurance coverage and pensions.  Most people in this country do.  What makes them so different.

Oh, I forgot, it is their Union.  I know just a little bit about unions and their problems.  My father was a die-hard union man from the time I was born.  He never allowed anything to be bought or used in our home unless it had a union label on it.  As he got older, he became ever more union man.  Everything the union did was wonderful to him.  Yessir!  He supported them all the way every day.  He became the president of his particular union and that made him even more union oriented.  I went to many a union get together.  And there was always lots of rhetoric about how wonderful the union was for the working man.  My father was proud to say he was one of those working men.  

In his particular union, they had a retirement home out west.  All the men contributed some of their wages to this home because some day they were going to live there, sit on the porch, and enjoy the beautiful sunsets.  My parents even drove out to see this wonderful place.  And as president of his union, my father promoted this retirement home and urged the men to donate to it over and over again.  Of course I’m sure they probably had to donate.  Most unions make sure of that.  But each man still had to earn that money before he could donate it.  Wonder how many hours of work their donations took. 

Then the union had a big regional meeting.  My father made lots of speeches.  They showed a film all about this retirement home to all the people there.  And everyone dreamed that retirement dream of going to that wonderful place – because they had all helped pay for it.  One of the big union bosses even came  from up east to attend this regional meeting.  After my father made a talk, this man also made a talk and he, too, promoted this retirement home and all its many benefits and again urged the men to donate their wages to this wonderful place.

Then, later on, I heard some talk that the big bosses from up east had somehow gotten their hands on the money for that retirement home and it wasn’t going to be there anymore.  This really upset my father because he had urged his men to support this with their hard earned money.  And they had because they always followed my father and his union promotions.  

After that, I never heard about the retirement home again.  And I never knew of anyone being punished for taking all that hard earned saved up money either.  

As for Wisconsin.  I think the teachers should pay their fair share of their pensions and health care and get back to work.  The ones who are suffering are the children who are not being taught.  But then, I don’t think any of the teachers have bothered to think about that.  They are too busy shouting and screaming and camping out in the state capitol and probably singing around a campfire somewhere.  Enough!  Get real.  Pay your fair share and get on with your life so everyone else can do the same.  It is time everyone owned up to their individual responsibilities including the teachers in Wisconsin.  

As for the Democratic Senators, what else can you expect.  Just look around at the Democrat’s track record and you will see easily what they are and how they try to monopolize all situations.  Another junior high, yukkity yuk stupid joke.  Wake up.  Smell the flowers.  Get to work and do your job.  It’s past time!


27 02 2011

It is constantly amazing to me how those Democrats can take a subject, turn it around and make it into an entirely different story.  Doesn’t have to even resemble the truth either.  They are happy with it regardless.

I was reading a column in my local paper written by a definite Democrat.  First thing he talked about was the fact that the Republicans were going to shut down the government.  Now, it seems to me that the Republicans have offered to work with those Democrats in a fiscally conservative way and the Democrats have refused.  Next item, he says the President and Democrat led Senate have indicated that the cuts are just too much, too fast, and jeopardizes the nation’s upward economic swing.  What upward economic swing.    What difference does it make it the cuts are too much or too fast.  They need to be made.  Sooner the better. 

He then  blames the last administration for the fact that they cut taxes and spent.  If I remember right, the taxes they cut stimulated the economy quite a lot.  Still had plenty of jobs, too.  And then he is blaming the Republicans because they have not created any new jobs yet.  Well, shame on them.  They have been in office about two months and have been haggling with the Democrats the whole time.   This columnist also tells how during the Bush administration, we were forced into high unemployment and a near depression.  Funny, but I don’t remember any of that.  Guess you have to be a Democrat to remember that one. The Democrats still think they are running the whole show and are not going to let the country grow, so here we are, as usual.  You might remember George Bush Sr. asking that the Democrats not maintain gridlock.  But they did anyway.  Then they did the same thing to  George W.  and that is why we had the slowdown and near depression we had at the time.  And those Democrats did it all while maintaining their same junior high yukking style, like the country boy putting one over on the city slicker.  Oh, how funny they are!  

And I remember George W. asking for the oil fields to be opened and drilling to begin.  But again, this was stopped before it ever got off the ground.  Democrats won again. Protect that environment even though it costs every American.  You can see that by the oil prices on today’s market.  And on top of that, we were to spend more money on ways to keep our country safe from that imaginary global warming.  Makes sense to me.  Of course it does.  Couldn’t drill in Alaska because of the bears.  Couldn’t drill anywhere else either because they always have a reason.  

And then the Democrat  tirade finishes by talking about the poor who will be deprived if the cuts proposed by the GOP go into effect.  Like the Wisconsin scenario where those who are getting all the perks are screaming on the television sets because their Governor is asking them to make fair concessions.  And I noticed the big signs that say Tax the Rich.    And when those so-called Rich are taxed until they have no more money, who is going to pay the next tax.  Has anyone ever thought about that?  

It is time we had a little common sense in this country.  I have seen these entitlements grow and grow some more over the years.  Ever since the Democrats ruled when the country was going crazy in the early 60’s, we have had nothing but entitlements for everyone for everything.  It is time for people to be responsible for themselves and their own welfare.  Quit paying for everything for everyone.  Time people paid for their own perks.  Time to get back to normal in this country.

Time for the Democrats to quit making up stuff, go to work,  and get on with the real life.  Like the Republicans are trying to do.  


26 02 2011

Some people have asked me just why should it make any difference what religion you belong to or even if you belong to a religion at all.  Many people have the ready answer that they pray to God wherever they are and they don’t even need to go to church anywhere.  And that makes everything just hunky-dory.  But it really doesn’t.  

I grew up in a standard Protestant Church.  Almost everything was based on community, whether it was the Sunday School Class or the Wednesday Night Supper or the Young People’s Organization, or whatever.    Now, there is nothing wrong with fellowship as it is called these days.  I am a great supporter of fellowship in almost all situations.  But, I do not think it is absolutely necessary that I have a fellowship feeling towards anyone when it comes to religion.  

I don’t need to be with anyone else or to join anything in order to have a relationship with God.  I have that one-on-one every day.  And that is one of the differences between the Protestant religion and the Catholic.  Catholics go to Church to revere Christ.  Period.  There is no other reason whatsoever.  They go to worship Jesus in His True Presence in the Most Holy Eucharist.  This is the whole crux of the Catholic Religion.  Anything that interferes with this worship, this reverence, this adoration is considered to be absolutely and completely unnecessary.  That is why Catholics normally do not talk while in Church.  And why they appear anti-social sometimes.  They are supposed to be busy praying to Jesus there before them.  

There are numerous Masses offered in most Catholic Churches.  That is because not everyone can possibly attend at the same time.   So everyone has an opportunity to make sure they go to worship God at least once a week.  Many people go much more often than that.  But that is the simplest requirement.

We Catholics still have our social side, of course.  In some parishes, there are coffees between the Masses. Perhaps there might be dinners occasionally or other social functions to attend.  But these have absolutely nothing to do with the actual reverence of God, the actual worship of Him. We attend Mass for that. 

Each person is responsible for his own relationship with God.  It is up to him how he lives his life and how he follows the rules to assure the salvation of his soul.  No one is going to tell him how to live.  The Catholic  already  knows what is right and what is wrong.  He knows by simply following the Ten Commandments of Almighty God what is expected of him.   

He knows the requirements of making a good Confession once a year or certainly a lot more often.  He knows how he is supposed to act in his daily life.  He can choose to live as he pleases, but he also knows that he is the one who will pay the ultimate price for how he lives his life.  He knows his responsibilities towards his parish, his family, his job, his very life.

But with a direct relationship between him and His Almighty God, he also knows the rewards for living a good life and the penalties for living a bad life.  So, you see, in the Catholic Church, it is up to the individual to decide how he wants to spend his days.  It is not up to the fellowship crowd.  It is not up to the pastor.  It is not up to anyone else at all.  I personally wanted a relationship just between me and My God.  And this is what I have every day of my life.   I am so glad I do. 

When my life is over,  it is going to be just me standing before My God.  There won’t be a committee to back me up or a Sunday School Class to explain how good a person I am, or a group to say what I did in this life.  No fellowship at all.  Just me and God.  We are going to be the only ones there, I’m sure.  I sure hope I pass the test.