15 03 2012

I have been thinking again.  Never pays for me to do that.  But I have been thinking for some time that I really did not understand the terminology associated with the 1% who supposedly have all the money in the world and the 99% who supposedly can’t get enough of that money.  Of course some people really sympathize with the 99% about that.  I do, too, if they try.  But that is the magic word – TRY!!!   And I do not think those that I see on the television screen have ever heard that word before.  They don’t even try to wash their hair nor bathe themselves nor brush their teeth, nor dress decently.  They don’t even try to obtain a nice place to sleep and would rather sleep with the rats on the concrete.

Now, as I said, I was thinking and it seems to me that the 1% are the ones who work and the 99% are the ones who refuse to work.

There are plenty of jobs out there for everyone whether they have a college education or not.  Employers are crying for decent help.  They tell me that when they interview someone, that someone is not interested in working.  They want a job, but they do not want to work.  They want the benefits but they do not want to earn them.  That seems sort of like the tail wagging the dog.  Sort of backwards thinking.

It was always my learning that first you get a job, then you work at it, then you progress, then you are allowed to have those special dreams about family, home, cars, etc.  If you can pay for them because you have a job and you work at it and you progress in that job.  Now, maybe I have it all backwards but it seemed to me that it has worked for generations of people before me and after me and is still working for anyone who is willing to get a job, work at it, and progress.  In other words, they have pride in what they do.  And in order to have that pride, they begin by having pride in how they look by cleaning themselves up and applying for a job somewhere, anywhere, anytime in order to get their foot in the door so that they can work at that job, and progress in their lives.

So that seems to me to be the answer to what the 1% and the 99% really mean.  The 1% works and the 99% does not.  What a shame.  That 99% misses out on all the fun in this life.  They don’t get to feel the exhilaration of a job well done and the pride of knowing they have accomplished anything of value, and the joy of realizing their individual dreams in this life.

I am so glad I have finally figured out the terminology on that 1% versus the 99%.  Simple, too.