19 12 2011

An article in my local paper today stated that the state had spent more than a half million dollars to outfit a building with solar panels, etc.  It is a state owned building and the hopes were that  these solar panels would provide – 2 Percent to 3 Percent of the building’s total electricity over the long term.  Now, read that again.  The state spent a half million dollars to provide 2% to 3% of the building’s total electricity.  That would be like me buying a pair of shoes for several thousand dollars in hopes it would save me money over the next ten years or so.  Makes absolutely no sense at all.

Suddenly someone has the idea that we should   spend more money to buy less all the time.  I know for myself, I am getting pretty sick of someone  telling me what to do and how to do it.  We seem to have people who have made themselves in charge of God’s World  because they do not believe this is God’s World and He will provide all that we need – all the time.  Just because they do not believe that doesn’t mean that others follow their beliefs.

Look out the window once in awhile.  Somehow, God provides that sun to come up every day and set every night.  He also provides the clouds in the sky and the air we breathe and the water we drink.  I have not noticed that God put anyone else in charge of any of these wonderful things.  He is in charge.  It is God’s World.  Leave it alone.

God has been providing whatever mankind has needed for many, many years now.  He provides that oil for us to use.  So why is someone else telling us we cannot use that oil that God has provided for mankind.  He provides the gas we need and so we should be able to use it.  God did not say that anyone was in charge of saving any of it. I don’t believe in plundering God’s goodness.  But I also think that God knows what he is doing.  He has provided animals for their fur for warmth and their meat for food and others are telling us we cannot use these animals.   He knows what we need.  He provides.

For instance if we need something else, God will provide.  He knew we could not all ride a horse around all the time so he provided people who invented the automobile.  He provided someone to invent the internet and all its ramifications.  He knows our needs before we do.   And He provides for all of them as we need them.

Wake up!  It’s time to recognize where all the great, grand and wonderful things come from.  They come from God and he doesn’t need for a particular group to designate themselves as guardians of His World.   Instead of trying to keep mankind from enjoying the gifts from God, we should all be on our knees thanking God for all that He has provided to us.

This World belongs to God.  It is God’s World.  He knows how to run it.  He has been doing just that for a long, long time.  Let go and let God take care of His World.  All He asks in return is that you recognize Him and thank him for his goodness.  Surely people can manage to do that.