Evolution and oh, how I love my Swiffer!!!

11 12 2009

Dear Mr. Swiffer, whoever and whatever you are – just want to tell you about my experience with your products. I have been keeping house for many, many years, too many to count. I began when there was nothing else to use except a broom, a dust mop, and a terrible, heavy wet mop. I did my part, though. I swept the whole house very single day, I dust mopped in between sweeping, and I mopped whenever and wherever it was needed. It was not an easy thing to do to wring out that heavy, heavy mop. I would not say I was really good at housekeeping, but then with much practice, I got better. And the products also got better. Next came the big, heavy, lug around vacuum cleaner. Everyone had to have one of those monsters. I drug it all over the house several times a week. In between, I used that old dust mop. But my house was clean. Or at least it looked clean. Of course I could not run the vacuum when the children were asleep because the overwhelming noise woke them up. And I could not run it when they were awake because they were all afraid of it. So I cleaned house whenever they were gone somewhere or outside playing.  The noise is probably one of the reasons I can no longer hear well. Next came that whirling vacuum that spun around all over the house.  It had a big hose that got caught around every chair leg and under the tables. And the whirling vacuum got caught under the bed. I usually tripped over the hose at least once a day. But my house was clean, so no complaints. And my children were not afraid of the whirling vacuum and it didn’t wake them up when I ran it during naptimes. So things were better.

Along came the central vacuum system. This was wonderful except that mine did not work very well. I was always having to go back around with that handy old dust mop and pick up whatever the vacuum had missed along the way. I also tripped regularly over the hose. But this was progress, no doubt about it.

But then, you came along. I have never had so much fun cleaning house. I just push that combination broom, dust mop, vacuum, and wet mop  throughout the house and everything looks cleaner all the time. And then I dust regularly with those magnetic dusters that are on the market today. Well, I’ll just have to tell you, I think I have died and gone to heaven for sure. This product even gets the dust out of the corners and nothing ever did that before. And besides that, I no longer have to drag that heavy, dirty old mop around, trying to clean and then rinse and then wring it out over and over again. Nope, not anymore. Now I just put that mopping cloth on this apparatus and mop my kitchen.  No problem, no trouble, and besides it will also mop the bathrooms. All I need now is something that will push this combination broom, dust mop, vacuum and wet mop around my house while I read the paper and have my cup of tea. I would appreciate your working on this upgrade as soon as possible. Thanks again.