Moderation, Spending, and Plans

22 10 2009

govI see in the papers and on the television that Obama’s bunch is now going to fix the finances of this great country. Seems that Barney Frank has a plan. It is called the Consumer Financial Protection Agency and would be set up as a branch of the government – as usual. It will be part of a broader effort to take over regulation of financial institutions. What in the world is going on with all this administration. First, they spend all the money they can get their hands on. Then they put banks out of business all over the country and now they want to fix everything with the financial world. Seems to me that they don’t know what in the heck they are doing, not now or ever. Of course this is their ultimate plan, to take over everything in this country including all the financial operations. They have their finger in the housing mortgages and now are investigating. What is wrong with that? They are what is wrong with that to begin with. Them and their no good loans made to people that they knew could not repay them. And ┬átheir heavy-handed ways of overseeing all the financial operations of the country. Take a look around you. Notice that the administration is beginning to run everything from loans, to the stock market, to everyday things such as your credit cards and your automobiles. And now Barney Frank states that this agency must be created because the Federal Reserve and bank regulators squandered their powers to police lending abuses. Oh my, just listen to that and to who is doing the talking. I did not know they were supposed to be policing the lending abuses in the first place. Who put all these people in charge. Lending abuses are caused by individual lenders to individuals who should not be approved for borrowing in the first place.

Obama states that individuals who have had mortgage problems are being abused by the financial sector. Not so. People who have suffered because of the mortgage crisis are those who did not have any business being in a mortgage they could not afford to begin with. Moderation in all things you know. Including your finances. So many people think they can have everything they see or desire.  But then when it comes time to pay their bills, they cannot do so. It is sad to see the people who buy the pretty shiny things they will never need and then say they cannot afford food for their families. A little personal responsibility would take care of that problem.

That is the same issue that we have with those who say they cannot afford health insurance. They can afford health insurance if they want to. That is their option. They do not have health insurance as a matter of choice. They think that if they do not buy it, it will be given to them. And this is what this Democratic liberal Congress is trying to do for everyone. Give everything to everyone, regardless of cost to everyone else. Won’t work and cannot be done. We already owe taxes through the next three generations. Enough!!! You have only to look at Canada and the many countries of Europe to see that we live far, far better than the people there have ever even thought of. Why jeopardize our way of life in order to satisfy a few individuals who – by choice- refuse to practice personal responsibility.

Vote Republican as soon as you get a chance. And pray, pray, pray every day for our wonderful Country and all our citizens rights. If this administration has their way, they will destroy all the rights we have so enjoyed for all our lives. It is happening right now every day. Pay attention!