12 06 2012

I was driving on the highway this morning and  was looking on the sides of the road as I passed.    If you really take the time to look, it is absolutely wonderful what God has allowed to happen in this country of ours. As I have said before, when we need something in this world, God brings along someone who provides it.  Happens all the time.

Just take a look at the trucks rolling down the highway in front of you or beside you. They are absolute marvels.  Some carrying huge loads of pipe, bigger than I am.  Others carrying tractors or other heavy machinery. Some of these trucks are absolutely huge.  Who made up this great plan? Who was it that allowed someone to be able to come up with the idea to build that huge truck and be able to transport that huge piece of machinery from one location to another.  Someone had to do this, you know.  It just didn’t appear one day. Same with the highway you and that truck are driving on.  Had to come from somewhere.

And on the sides of the highway, take a look at the buildings and how well they are built to provide whatever that owner needs.  For instance, one car dealer had a whole front of windows. That could not have been done many years ago.  And those signs on the highway, take a look at what holds them up and those huge pieces of pipe that allow that sign to remain steady no matter the weather.  Someone had to come up with that idea also.

We live in a wonderful country.  I know there are those who think we wake up every day and wait for the sun to shine and then expect them to tell us how to live.  What makes them think they could do a better job than has already been done in a lot of instances.  I am so proud of everything I see.  This is a great country and we have so many innovations here.  We are such a fortunate society.  Almost anything we could desire is available if we just get out and work for it.

Even the everyday car  is absolutely marvelous.  Who would have thought a few years ago that automatic windows, doors, locks, air conditioning and heat would be available at the flick of a switch.  And  now people talk on their phone installed in the car and all they have to do is push a button.  And then just push another button and the garage door opens and closes for you.

In another 10 years, we cannot even begin to imagine what a wonderful place this will be.  I haven’t even mentioned anything like those wonderful phones and computers and calculators, and all those other marvelous inventions.  Someone had to form the idea and then assemble each one of them for the first time.  And someone had to give them the idea in their head first.  God helps all that along.  He is the One in charge of our lives.  He is the One who provides everything for all of us.

Next time you have the privilege of seeing an earth mover digging somewhere, take a moment to think about it.   Someone had to have the idea for the machine. Another person had to put it together and another has to drive it.  Then before they do any earth moving at all, someone has to assemble all the facts and figure exactly where and how that earth is to be moved.  This in itself is more than my brain can handle.   This one job has to be done perfectly.  If not, then that building will not be on a lot correctly which would cause all sorts of problems.  Or that highway cannot be built correctly which would cause even more problems.  Or that sewer ditch will not be where it should be and we can only imagine what problems that would cause.  And then we could go on and on about all the things that depend upon this one job being done right.

So think about all this next time you go outside and that doesn’t even include anything inside your home or business or automobile.  Think how smart this bunch of people who live in this country are. Each and every one contributes or should contribute to this wonderful way of life.  I cannot even imagine anyone thinking they can tell all others how to do anything.  We all have our place in this life.  Take your proper place and you will find happiness and success in your daily life.

God will provide the drive and the interest and the proper place for you in this world.  Take advantage of His Goodness.



7 06 2012

I hear the phrase, Have a Nice Day at least once or twice each day.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we all really did Have a Nice Day.  I’m talking about if we all were really, really, really nice for a whole day.  Just think what that would do to this worn out old world.  I’m sure if you are like me, you are just simply sick and tired of all the stuff on the television and all the stuff in the newspapers and all that other stuff about how awful this whole world is.

People are killing each other wholesale across on the other side of the world.  Even in this area of the country, there are numerous killings every day.  And they are reported on the television constantly.   And right after that one is the story about the pornographic problems with grown people abusing children.  That is also on the television and in the newspapers constantly.  What is the matter with people.  Something most certainly is.  I mean, this is not really normal behavior.  Period.  And everyone knows this.  

So, to get back to the nice day, wouldn’t it be nice if we as individuals tried just for one whole day to be nice. All day.  To everyone we meet.  No matter who or where.  If you think this is a good idea, make a point of smiling at the people you pass in the grocery store and in the post office and even in the local WalMart.  And besides that, hold the door for the person behind you as they come in or out.  And then, speak nicely to the clerk.  You don’t have to carry on a big conversation, just simply smile and act NICE.  

And then in your own home, try really hard to be extra nice for one whole day.  When the kids drive you crazy, smile or laugh at their jokes, or you might even have to sing to overcome the noise.  But do it!  When you drive, make a point of letting that car turn in front of you or allowing someone to pass you when they need to.  Just pay attention and let those little niceties cover you up for just one whole day.  

If there is someone at work that drives you nuts, try to be extra nice on that one day.  When you pay the parking attendant, smile and say thanks.  It doesn’t take a whole lot just to be nice for a whole day.  

Just make a point of being extra nice to everyone for one whole day.  Then you can really smile and say HAVE A NICE DAY! because you mean it.  

Might even do that again some day.  It might be sort of fun.  


28 05 2012

We all live this really good life these days.  I don’t mean we are all rich or have everything, but if we try, we do have a comfortable life.  Before God allowed electricity to be invented, people lived an entirely different life than we do nowadays.  How would you like to go back to that time.  Not me.  I am spoiled and like it that way.

So when we were given the benefits of electricity, what would we ever use that for except for a light bulb now and then.  But then just look around.  Not only did people get a light bulb, but then other people invented all those ways to use those light bulbs.   Look in your own room or your own house and notice the lamps and the light fixtures and all those other necessary things of today.

And then think about the woman washing on a washboard and how after electricity, she could have a washing machine and after that, an automatic washing machine.  How fortunate for all of us.

And then, take a walk around your kitchen and look at all those marvelous machines that do everything in the world for you.  From the coffee pot to the garbage disposal and even the toaster.  Do you remember when all toast was made in the oven?    And it had to be planned so we wouldn’t heat the house up in the summer and we only had oven toasted bread in the winter.  That was a treat in itself.  Now, we just pop that bread  or whatever it might be in that slot in the toaster and it is done in a matter of moments.

But then in today’s world, we have these people running around telling us that we don’t need to use the electricity anymore.    I need to use my electricity. And I don’t see any reason why they should think they are in charge of how much electricity anyone gets to use. God gave us this great gift because it was in His time to give it to the world.  Simple as that.  God is in charge of everything, including even the most basic things.  He is the one who decides when we are given the computers and the internet and the automobile and all other amenities that we sometimes take for granted.  He is the one who uses the individual for His plans.  He knows what He is doing.  He will be the One who runs everything.  Not some person who decides they know what is best for this world.

It is God’s world.  I hope people will wake up and let God run His world.  All we have to do is live by His rules and this world can be a great place, one of peace and tranquility, and happiness for all.

You know,  I remember a time before all these problems arose during the 1960’s and that generation decided they knew what we should all do and how immorality should rein.  Remember the words – Forty years I loathed that generation and I swore in My anger, they shall  not enter into my rest.

Enjoy your electricity.   We are all so fortunate.  Thank You, Dear God for everything You have given to us.


25 04 2012

Just in case you might be interested in this little tidbit of news, thought I would pass it along.  Read in my local newspaper the other day that there are 565 BILLION BARRELS of undiscovered conventional oil out there in the big world – excluding any that the United States has.  A barrel is 42 gallons.  And the world has 565 Billion barrels not counting what the United States has.  Just think about that for a minute.  How much oil do you think you might use in your lifetime.  I am not going to try to figure it up, but I’ll just bet it won’t be any number resembling those.  And I don’t think we will run out of oil anytime soon at all.  By the time we do, God will have provided something else to take its place.  This is His world and He will provide for everything here.

And, as I said, that is EXCLUDING the United States.  So, why in the world are we saving our oil all the time.  I remember when those dumb democrats decided we didn’t need to explore and use our oil because we could use what someone else had first.  Then we could save ours.  Why!!  Why in the world are we doing any of this.  I am quite sure that we will have all the oil we could ever use in this world – ever.  We don’t need to be conserving our oil or anyone else’s as far as I am concerned.

What is the big deal in this world of ours.  Do these ultra smart people in this world today really think that they know what is best for all of us?  I don’t think so at all.  I think they are all pretty ignorant and don’t know which direction they are heading at any time.  Why are we supposed to live this half life where everyone has to save oil and electricity and water and everything else around.  Why not just enjoy what God has provided and get on with our lives.

I was at a gas station one morning filling up my tank and this hippie type came up to me and asked if I felt guilty about driving an big car.  I told him of course not.  Why should I.  Then he said I should be worried about using all that gasoline.  I told him I wasn’t worried at all and would let my grandchildren worry about that one. He stomped off as though I had insulted him.  And then he got in this raggedy old worn out station wagon with a raggedy old worn out trailer hitched to the back of it.  As he drove out towards the highway, he had smoke coming out of the exhaust of his car.  Who is causing the most damage here.  Me with my gasoline guzzler or him with his oil guzzling old rattle trap.  Makes you wonder just how smart those people are.

Also, the newspaper article said that according to the U.S. Geological Survey, the world has 5,606 TRILLION cubic feet of natural gas.  And just in case you were worrying about running out of that, the United States alone has 388 TRILLION cubic feet of gas on and off its shores.  The agency also estimates that right here in the United States we have approximately 27 BILLION barrels of oil and 388 TRILLION cubic feet of gas on and offshore.  And on our continental shelf alone, there are 398 TRILLION cubic feet of gas and 81 BILLION barrels of oil.

So hurry right out and buy one of those teeny, tiny little cars that those environmentalists say we need to have.  You know, those that won’t go very far so you won’t be able to travel anymore.  And while you are at it, be sure and notice our landscape being covered up with windmills so we can capture the wind so we won’t run out of electricity either.  Of course this is because we are going to run out of oil and gas to run our generators and we all need to cut down on electricity use too.  Oh dear, what will we do.  What will we do.  Chicken Little is running around the barnyard wringing her hands because the world is going to crash any moment.  At least it is according to those environmentalists who make up all these stories all the time anyway.

I still want to know what they are going to do when God stops the wind.  Are they going to run out, pitch their tents, and blow those windmills around?  They are not in charge of anything ever.  Period.  End of subject!

Wish they would give it a rest, get a job,  and run their own lives and let God take care of the rest of us.  Otherwise, they would  have us all living in caves again so we wouldn’t mess up THEIR world.  Dear God:  Thank You for taking care of us.  We sure do need You in this world.  Thank You!



1 04 2012

Have you happened to notice the high pitched almost scream that most babies to age 5 exhibit these days?  I can almost hear them in my sleep.  I know when I was raising all my children, they each had a particular sound.  They did not all sound alike all the time.  But today’s littlest ones all have the same shriek.  And it almost echoes off the walls of the grocery store, the local WalMart, and even in church.

This particular sound comes from the fact that they are all lumped together in the day cares and the preschools.  As they play outside on the playground together, you can hear this particular sound.  It doesn’t matter if it is boys or girls, they all still sound the same.  If you get a chance, listen and you will recognize it everywhere you go.

I was in church last night and a 3 year old was acting up a couple of pews in front of me. It wasn’t that in particular that bothered me. (I have had children who acted up in church before, so I know exactly how that mother felt).  But it was the fact that the little girl had that piercing scream all the time.  She had a pacifier in her mouth and every few moments, she would shift it to the side of her mouth and utter that scream.  It seemed almost necessary to her.  I assume she probably does that along with all those other children in her class wherever she is dumped for the day. Now I know there are single mothers everywhere these days and they must work to provide.  But that is simply not the way to live.  It is far, far better to get married and then have children and then take care of them as individuals.  Not lumped together dumped somewhere.  After the children start to school in first grade, then the mother can go out into the working world but not unless she just absolutely has to.

You know, the real problem in every household in this country is not that there is not enough money and thus financial problems. It is not that everyone is so harassed and hurried.   It is that those poor children never have any opportunity to just stay home and be themselves.  They are regulated and motivated by others than their families constantly.  They do not know what it is like to have a serene, quiet day at home with just their mother and father.  Please, for God’s Holy Sake, give these poor children a chance at a normal life.  The only way they will get that is if the Mother stays home and cares for them.

The women’s movement such as it was and is was and is a disgrace to most of mankind.  Women are the ones who are the stabilizers in the home.  They are the center of that existence.  They are the ones who are supposed to be there.  They are the ones who are the backbone of that family.  It is the husband’s place to make the money and provide for the family.  It is the mother’s place to do those little necessary things that make up everyone’s life.  She is the one who nurtures and cares for everyone.  She is the one who makes sure everyone is happy and  satisfied in their daily lives.

I know that ever since the 1960’s when those who thought they knew everything there was to know decided to tell us all how to live and what to do,  decided that every young mother needed to get out and get a job and make money and provide and still do her job as a mother and wife.  Well, it has always been my thoughts that she already had a job as wife and mother.  She didn’t need to have another one.  And as more women entered the work force, the salaries of the men seemed smaller all the time and the prices went up on everything and suddenly that second job for the wife was a necessity and not an extra.  So here we are.  If you don’t believe that, check on the money situations of the late 1940’s and early 1950’s when women stayed home and the husband made the money.

We now have these poor children who have no home life.  We have a worn out harried wife and mother working two full time jobs.  And we have a husband who is supposed to provide more and more although the money he makes goes around less and less.

Mother, go home and care for your family.  Father, do the best you can and provide all you can for that growing family.  And women’s movement, get out of the way.  People want to live a normal life again.  And family, work at being a family.  Try very hard to stay together and to provide that pleasant life for all.  You will be so glad you did.  Everyone will be glad you did.

Dear God:  Help these families of today.   They all need you, but those poor children need You the most of all.


26 03 2012

Since I brought up the subject of the Federal Reserve and their terrible plans for all of us, thought I would continue with that just a bit.  People usually do not pay too much attention to whatever the Federal Reserve is doing because they don’t think it applies to them directly.  But it really does.  You just have to get used to the terminology and read between the lines like you have to do on everything these days.

We live in a Capitalistic Country.  Thank Heavens for that!  But – and this is a big but – if you take the capital out of the system, then you slowly but surely destroy the system by just simply starving it to death.  It is a long, drawn out death, but it will definitely occur unless something is done to stop it.l

Our administration such as it is these days is backing the Federal Reserve System while it does just this.  If you have no monetary interest being paid on money that is loaned out, then you stop the system from loaning – over time.  As I said, this takes a long time, but after awhile, no one pays any attention until all the Capitalistic System is gone.  What comes next. Have you ever even thought of that?  Remember the countries in Europe when they had no money at all?  I do.  I remember when they had to rely on us for their very existence.  But we were doing well since we had administrations that understood all of that and could control their actions.  Remember we could all go to the bank and buy a C.D.  And we made a little bit of interest.  This is what most people aimed to do as they got older and saved their money.  This was called their nest egg.  No interest on nest eggs any more.

Nowadays, the Federal Reserve says they pay no interest to keep inflation down. Well, as I said previously, just take a look at the prices that are slowly but surely creeping upwards on everything you buy.  Not in great amounts at once as it did under Jimmy Carter, but those prices are beginning to take a toll on everyone.  Clothing costs just a dab more.  Schools have raised their tuitions just a dab.  Groceries are inching up every week.  Gasoline is over the top already.  And everyone these days has at least one car and some have more than that.  And they cannot drive much because the gasoline is so high.  Oh, My!  Could that be the start of telling us where we can go and how we can get there?  Pay attention to your freedoms to go and come as you please.

If the people in the Country cannot invest and make a little interest on their investment, then there will b e no investment.  Period.  End of that subject.  People will just hold onto the money they have and sit it out.  This means the Country will eventually come to a standstill.  Who are you reading about that is investing now.  Why, it is our Government.  They are the ones who are going to build the new roads.  They are the one with the stimulus cash.  They are the ones who are in charge.  Watch that!  They are in charge?  Why?  Usually, it would be up to the local people to invest in their own issues, schools, roads, etc.  Not now.  All the money comes through the Government. And remember, you are the Government and you are the one who is going to pay those taxes forever and ever to pay for whatever the Government chooses to spend your money on. Only you don’t have anything to say about it.

Please pay attention this year.  And don’t vote for anymore dishonest politicians.  Study up on each of them and find out exactly where they stand.  If they are not honest and above board on everything, then find someone else to vote for.   And by all means, Vote Republican!  It is very important this time around.  After this time, you may never get the opportunity again.  Just look at the disasters of the last few years and remember what can happen in the next four years.

Vote Republican!!!!


25 03 2012

The Federal Reserve keeps announcing that they will keep interest rates at the lowest rates – EVER – in order to keep inflation down.  Well, hate to tell them but it isn’t working.  Never has, never will.  The head of the Federal Reserve has been saying this same rhetoric for several years now and it still isn’t working.  Have you bought groceries lately?  Someone needs to tell him what a box of cereal costs now or the price of a bag of chips or any other of those regular groceries.  And take a look at that gasoline price today.  More today than yesterday or the month before or even several years before.  Wonder why if keeping the interest rates down avoids all this inflationary jump in prices.  Maybe we need a new head of the Federal Reserve.  One who knows what is going on in this world of today.

And then I read of the unemployment figures for the month or week or whatever it was the last time I read it.  These numbers are supposedly down.   Not so.  Not so.  Instead, that drop is just because so many people have run through all their benefits on unemployment and so they are not counted anymore.  The number of jobs is not up either.  Whoever makes up these figures evidently doesn’t mesh with the ones I see on the television set.

And how about that pipeline.  Seems it was stopped – permanently.  And now it is on go again part of the way and I understand from reading the papers again that the pipeline people are being told to hurry up and get this done.  What is it.  Go or not.  Hurry up or stop.  Hard to tell.  Almost like watching a fantasy movie.  Up and down, around and around.

It is also clear to me that those jobs that were supposedly manufactured for the anti-energy lobby have now disappeared also.  Oh, what are we to do.  When the windmills stop turning, are they going to hurry out  there and blow those blades around?  Sure makes you wonder about all this stuff.

Once again, those same people who put out all this rhetoric have forgotten that they are not in charge  anyway.   God runs this world and He will continue to do just that.  They can scurry around and act busy all they want.  I guess they call that walking fast and carrying a clipboard, but it just doesn’t work with most people anymore.  Either tell it truthfully or don’t bother the rest of us. We know better.   We can see through all this rubbish.

Just like the gas prices.  Watch and pay attention.  They are sky high now.  But before it is time to vote, the Democrats will somehow make those prices come down and then all their followers will be enthralled at how wonderful they are.    Of course those gas prices should never have been raised in the first place.  But now they will lower them just in time for the election.  Aren’t those Democrats just marvelous though.  Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire    Again and again.

And those jobs will just miraculously appear but only on paper.  And those unemployment figures will miraculously drop.  And that pipeline will be touted as the most wonderful thing that the Democrats ever did for us.  Just watch.  And then be sure and vote Republican.  Maybe then we can get some truth going in this country for a change.  I am sick of the lies.  Sure would be nice to know that we are being told the truth for a change.  Hopefully after the election, there will be a time of truth once again.