14 03 2012

I remember when women stayed home and cared for their families. My mother did this day after day and all the women at her time also did this unless they were without a man to take care of them.  This was the accepted norm for married life and family life.

I did the same.  I went to work as soon as I got out of high school and had no trouble finding a secretarial job.  Worked for a couple of years and then started a family.  Pretty much the norm at that time.  Very happy life, too.  Never had any desire to be a career woman.  No thanks!  That job at  home was completely satisfying.  I was my own boss and could do as I please just so long as I took care of everyone in the household.  This was fine and dandy with me.  As I said, I was very happy and very satisfied with my life.  I was surrounded by friends and neighbors and family.  What more could I ask for.  We lived in a small home and then a larger one and a larger one as our family grew.  This meant I had more to do to take care of all this family and I loved it.  Wouldn’t have traded it for all the careers in the world. I eventually joined all those other women in the carpool section, driving that station wagon everywhere, but I loved every minute of taking care of and listening to and loving all my children.

But then, those women who thought my life was demeaning decided to band together and convince all those unsuspecting young women out there that they had to have a college education in order to have one of those great careers.  This meant they would all make a lot of money and not have to stay home and take care of that boring family.  They wouldn’t have to cook anymore or do laundry or run the vacuum or feed the babies or iron or do any of that demeaning work.  But – they forgot to tell them that they would have to be at a job every day at a certain time and someone else would tell them what to do every day and they would have to have more clothes and more expensive food and have to put those precious babies in a place where someone else could have the joy of watching them progress and grow.  But this was all to be so wonderful.  Especially all that money they would make.  Oh boy!  Who could pass that one up.  Only most of them ended up making a minimum salary and still having to wash and iron and vacuum and feed their family at home, which also meant they had to still wash dishes and mop floors and do all that demeaning work they had left behind when they embarked on that wonderful satisfying career.  Oh Yeah!

And besides that, those particular dissatisfied women also insisted until they got their way that all the women could have that choice of whether or not they wanted to have those precious children.  They were in complete charge.  After all, it was their body, wasn’t it.  It was their decision to make, wasn’t it.  Oh, but someone forgot to tell them that this is called murder and you don’t murder another human being.  You don’t even harm one much less kill it.  And that precious, innocent human being didn’t even have anything to say about it.  But, those career women knew everything, especially how to kill those babies.  This was the way to go.  They just forgot to tell any of the other women that they would always feel that regret.  They might hide it for a long time, but it would always be there.  And that child would always be in the back of their mind.  Wonder what it would be doing today.  How old would it be now.  Would it be a happy person with a family of its own by now?  And the shame of knowing they did this.  And eventually, what will God say.

So, if you are a young woman reading this today, rethink your future life. Marry that man you fall in love with.  Plan to stay at home and take care of your family.  Plan to have that satisfying wonderful life that you can have if you will just work at it.  Hug those babies.  Welcome them when they come along.  Love your husband and provide that comfortable existence for everyone in your family.  Appreciate what God gives you and thank Him frequently.  He is the one in charge.  He is the one who makes those special decisions.  Recognize that and get on with your life.  It can be wonderful.  Mine was and is today.



10 03 2012

Today, I saw a young woman on the television news who has been and is wasting her precious life.  Anything for the handout.  Anything for the lazy, good for nothing life.The reporter asked her if she felt bad about taking food stamps.  Now, this young woman looked as normal as anyone else.  She had on a nice coat to keep the cold away from her body.  She had a hat on her head to keep her head warm.  And I am assuming that either someone gave those things to her or she got them free from a handout store.  Otherwise, she might have been sitting on the curb shaking from the cold.  But in the United States, almost no one has to shake from the cold.  They are provided the very basics of life everywhere.  And guess what – they don’t even have to work for it.

In her answer to the reporter she was proud of taking the food stamps.  She was proud of her personal life.  No telling where she lives or who she hangs out with every day.  She was proud on the television camera.  She smiled what would have been a nice smile until she showed her teeth and they were very dirty with several missing.  And she grinned even further and said, ‘well, it’s o.k. with me.  I have no income.’  Why does she have no income.  Does she have no job?  That is where the income comes from –  – a job!  Get a job!  Then you have an income.  Then you can be responsible for yourself and your own life.  Then you can live the American Dream.  You can learn and progress and become your own person.  And don’t let anyone pull the wool over your eyes that there is no job out there for her.  There are jobs everywhere.  These people just simply do not want to work.  That would mean they would have to get up, put their feet on the floor and move.  They don’t want to do that.  As long as someone else takes care of them, they don’t have to do that.

But she wouldn’t understand to get a job if it was written in stone and put in her hat.  She has grown up wanting to live this life.  She has wanted to be on the dole, to take from others, to be provided for.  The only thing she has to give up for that is her individuality.  And she doesn’t even know that.   She probably never will.  Her teeth have fallen out because she didn’t care.  She doesn’t care where she lives, nor how she lives, nor who she hangs with every day.  And caring is what matters.  Caring brings with it a personal pride in all facets of life.

All children should be taught to care.  The parents are responsible for their teaching.  They are the ones who must teach their child to care about others, to care about himself, to take care of his belongings, to care enough to want a good life.  The parents are the ones who must show the way.  They must light the lamp and lead their children to CARE!  Only then will the children progress in life.  It used to be the norm that one generation wanted to see the next generation have a better life and this was handed down over the years.  My parents had a hard upbringing without enough food, warmth, or personal belongings.  They worked and provided so that their children and grandchildren could have a better life.  This was the normal way to live.  Until the 1960’s crowd decided it was more fun to lay around,  demonstrate when necessary and live on the dole.

This irresponsibility was what those parents handed down to the next generation and the next.  And we are still stuck with their unkempt way of life.  It is time for them to bathe, wash their hair, brush their teeth, dress appropriately, and get a job.   And get off the dole.  No more lazing around waiting for someone to feed them.  No more food stamps because they have no income.  It is time to CARE for themselves and their own children.  Now!  Before it is too late.  Now!  before their life has passed them by. And before life has passed their children and grand children by also.

Caring and Responsibility would go a long way towards straightening out the problems of our beloved Country.  Please Dear God:  Teach us all about Caring and Responsibility.   Thank You


9 03 2012

I know exactly what is wrong with the educational system these days.  It  seems that the biggest problem  is the fact that almost none of the children come to school ready to learn.   And it is not the school board’s fault – in most cases. It is also not the teacher’s fault.  It is the fault of the parent and the child.  The parent has not taught that child how to behave in a classroom.  As a result, we have money rolling out to pay extra teachers who have to be hired just to babysit the child who disrupts the classroom.  In some cases, children are even said to have problems with learning when all they really have is a problem sitting and being quiet so they and the others in the classroom can actually learn.

Children should be taught how to become normal human beings from their earliest times.  It is up to their mother and father to teach them all the basics of life in their first few years.  These basics are how to get along with others, how to mind their manners, and how to mind their parents.  This is always done lovingly, carefully, but insistently.  This does not mean that any child should ever, ever, ever be mistreated in any way.  Children learn mostly by the tone of voice of their parents.  And by a good example set by their parents. That mother can soon learn and teach that she is in charge and the child is to mind her.  Period.

Instead, that poor child is bundled up almost from the first day and taken to a day care facility where he is lumped in with all the other children and taught in a group setting. He learns some of the basics, yes, but he does not learn as much nor as carefully as he would if his own parents were teaching him.  I realize that in some cases, the day care is a definite necessity but in most cases it is not.  The parents can make whatever sacrifices are necessary in order for the mother to stay home and take care of that child.  So what if the mother does not have an important  outside job.  So what if she can’t get all dressed up every day and go out into the world.  And so what if she cannot deny her basic instinct and has to agree that her job is now in the home taking care of that child.   That does not mean staying on the telephone all the time or the computer most of the time.  That means the mother is to actually take care of her home and her family.  There are lots and lots of support groups out there now to help the young mother to stay at home and be happy doing so.

If money is the primary issue, then the parents can learn not to spend any more than they absolutely have to.  They can cook from scratch.  There are all sorts of recipes available for the mother to cook good, nutritious meals while saving lots and lots of money.  I wrote a cookbook that tells all sorts of tips and money and time saving ideas that the mother can learn.  It is available at BET   P.O.Box 2249, Benton,AR  72018   Price $10.  This book will make a good cook out of  almost everyone.

With a little practice, the family can learn how to cut costs on almost every item in their budget.  The mother can plan to return to the job market  after her children enter first grade.  I used to go to work part time now and then just to prove to myself that I wanted to stay home. My children needed me at home and I needed to be there for them. To stay home takes practice, but it is well worth that.

If you have a family or are expecting one soon, then by all means plan to take care of those children from the first day.  Teach them how to achieve success in their schooling and in their world.  Only you as a parent can do this.  Only you can prepare that child so he is ready to learn when he enters his school years.  Make his generation the one that finally gets a really good education.  Then we won’t have to spend all that money on baby sitting teachers. And we won’t have to be always searching for a new ‘program’ that will teach our children.  Just simply go home and take care of your home and family.  The whole educational system of our country is waiting just for you!




8 03 2012

It is raining pretty hard today.  And I am so glad.  I have been waiting to hear the rain for a long time.  To explain – I recently bought some new hearing aids and guess what — They Work!!!   I am so thrilled with this.  I haven’t heard some things in a while and rain is one of them.  Oh, it is so beautiful to listen to the rain.  I saw it was raining pretty hard so I opened the door and stuck my head out just in case I could hear it.  Then I shut my eyes and it sounded just like the rain is supposed to sound.  All the way back to my childhood.  I could imagine hearing the rain so many years ago, too.  So, Dear God:  Thank You for That.  I am so grateful to be able to hear the rain again.

And then, I have heard all week about Rush Limbaugh’s famous words regarding the college student and her birth control pills.  I agree with Rush completely except that I would not have used that particular word to describe her.  I might have said nicely something about a lady of the night or something to that effect.  But what he said was true – she is requiring that we pay for her birth control pills so she can live this immoral life.  I do not agree with her that this is a woman’s issue.  This is not about women.  It is about her.  Other women do not and would not expect for these pills to be paid for.  She can just pay for them herself.  And so can all the others like her as far as I am concerned.  And I am sorry that the liberal element has such a strong phone bank that they can push hard enough for Rush’s sponsors to be intimidated to the point of dropping their sponsorship.  That is a shame that any element of society can do that.  I have seen those phone banks work on all sorts of issues and I do not agree with that stance at all.  That is called being a bully.  Read my blog about bullying.  You might just recognize that element.  They recently used it for Planned Parenthood. Always the bully.  Like a child who throws temper tantrums on a regular basis and always gets his way.  Same element.  Same results.  Terrible shame.  But Dear God:  Thank you for that element and their bullying ways also because they show the rest of us how we do not wish to live and remind us why.

And, Dear God.  Thank you for all those who stand their ground and insist that the President and his cronies have no say whatsoever over our personal lives. I realize they are trying every day to destroy our way of life.  I understand completely how they are going about all this.  It is a nick at a time on our armor.  Just a tad here and a nudge there.  Thank you for the Catholic Church making it clear that we have the right to follow our conscience and they have no right to tell us how to live.  Thank you again for that.  And thank you for all those who write their congressmen about this issue.  And thank you for those who continue to live by Your rules.  And thank you for those who remember You and how to follow You.  Thank you Dear God.




7 03 2012

Everyone knows or should know that the family is the nucleus of society.  This has been true since God created man a long, long time ago.  Somehow, man  managed to live this truth for a long time, too.  Until the 1960’s that is. That is when the family unit was sorely tried on every front and virtually destroyed by those who would destroy mankind.

As the years have passed, we have all seen the destruction of mankind on a slow but sure pathway. There is little if any respect for God and His Kingdom.   There is little  respect for most parents from their children.  There is  killing and maiming and the terrible, disgusting abuse of little children on a daily basis.  The family is still under siege every day from those who would deny its very existence. Almost any kind of destructive behavior is  heaped upon  the family unit.  I  think it is time to start saying out loud what we think about this terrible destruction of the nucleus of society. I think it is time for everyone to support rather than deny the existence of the family unit.

In your own area, start telling young families how proud you are of them and their way of life.  Tell them how much you hold them in high regard for daring to live a good life. Support the idea of a one income family.  The father should be the head of the household and the primary breadwinner.  The wife should stay home and care for her young children. She should be the one who is teaching her children their manners and their values.  She is the one who must build that home atmosphere for everyone in her family.   She is the responsible one for molding her family members into the people they  should be. Speak up.  Tell everyone what you think and how you feel.  Give them your support.  You might be surprised to know that sometimes a supporting word is all someone needs to get their life going in the right direction.

We don’t need government support.  We need human support.  And we need to thank God because we are able to maintain our family existence. And we need to ask God for help to continue to do just that.

God gave us the nucleus of society, this family.  He is the One who set up this family unit.  We need to support His Way most of all.


5 03 2012

Guess what!  Found the perfect candidate for President for the next election.  Got an email listing all the things he would have done if elected.

First thing – Would have issued an Executive Order that grants Obamacare waivers to all 50 states.  And then go to the House and Senate Republican leadership and get them to submit full repeal legislation.    Yay!!!!

Next –   Approve the Keystone Pipeline   Hot Dog!!!!

Then – Ask the House and Senate to submit Fair Tax legislation and guarantee a vote in both chambers within 100 days.  Hooray!!!!!

Fourth – Ask Congress to submit and pass a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution.  And then promise to travel to all 50 states to fight for its passage.

Fifth – Have a conference call with the four  Governors whose states border with Mexico and ask them to submit a comprehensive list within 24 hours of what they need to secure their border and then guarantee the federal government would help them complete the job within a time period.

Want to know who this person is that sent out this email?     It is Mike Huckabee.   Maybe, just maybe, if we all got together and begged and pleaded and then drafted him, he might run for that office and get this wonderful country of ours back on track.  Wouldn’t that be wonderful though?

Please, Dear God, Send us someone.  We sure do need him.


2 03 2012

Woke up this morning and the whole world had changed again.  Those daffodils/jonquils had drooped their heads and are getting ready to call it a day.  But in their place, the Bartlett Pear trees have all burst into bloom.  Lovely white blooms cover the whole town.  And sitting right below them are the Japonicas with their orange and red blossoms.  And the Forsythia has stretched out its arms in all directions with beautiful yellow flowers all over the place.  Even a few of the Azaleas are blooming now with various colors from red to pink and purple and even some of the white.  Mingled in with that are the red and purple leaves of the Barberries.

It is truly, truly beautiful outside today.  Thank You, Dear God once again.  You provide us with such overwhelming glorious color to make our world even better.

Think I will open all the windows and doors today and let some of that beautiful sunshine come right on in.  But then, I just remembered that the pollen will be coming in, too.  So guess I’ll just have to watch this beautiful world from inside the window.  But that’s alright.  It’s still beautiful and I appreciate being able to enjoy it.  Hope you do, too.