1 10 2012

There are a lot of things going on these days that I just simply am  sick and tired of.  I noticed that we now have a shortage or an upcoming or at least they think we will have a shortage of bacon.  Well, so what!  We can live without bacon if we have to, you know.

In 1957, there was a shortage of a lot of things.  I know because I had just had a new baby and could not buy some of the groceries I really needed and had to drive all over the place to find them.   First, we had a shortage of coffee.  Oh my!  The world just about flipped over that one.  We all heard about how in Columbia, there was a shortage of something and this made us all have a shortage of coffee.  Well, people were hanging onto their coffee cups and whining a lot over that one.

Next, we had a shortage of sugar.  Of course this made the price go sky high.   And did I mention that by now, coffee was about tripled in price?  Well, sugar soon was, too.  No one could run their household in those years without that five pound bag of sugar.  Had to have that just to get up in the morning.  There were no sugar substitutes to lean on and no one ever considered just doing without it.  Absolutely no way we could exist without sugar.

There were a lot more shortages, in fact about 5 or 6  really standard items that we all depended on and that suddenly went short.  Meat was another one, if I remember correctly.  But I really don’t remember all the rest of them.  The result was that prices went up.  Isn’t that the intended result anyway?  Higher grocery prices and then everyone can explain why. Suddenly coffee went up and then sugar and then the meat.  Well, we all just had to adjust and lower our standard of living in order to buy groceries.  That was the intended plan all along anyway.

Now we have a shortage of gasoline for our cars.  Shame on us for having a car anyway.   We should all be out hoofing it everywhere and riding that bus that is never on time or the subway or the streetcar or thumbing a ride to WalMart.  Of course the prices on gasoline have been going up quite a lot.  But no one really explains why we have a shortage in the first place.  Could it just happen to be so that they – whoever they are – can raise the prices?  And then when the election gets closer, the prices begin to come down so that those in charge, whoever they are, can now say – Oh Lookie, the price of gasoline has gone down.  And those in charge take full credit.  How convenient.

Maybe if we could just drill for our own oil and provide for our own gasoline, maybe we could have a decent price on our gas.  But then, those in charge could not take credit for that one.

Well, I don’t know about you, but I am with Robin Williams who recently said we should offer all those oil producing nations $10 a barrel for oil and then they can like it or lump it.  If they decide to lump it, they can sell their oil to someone else in the world.  Meanwhile, we’ll just produce all our own products.  Wouldn’t that be nice?  Wouldn’t that be normal once again?  Maybe, just maybe if we vote for the right people this time around, we can see our country begin to progress once again.   Maybe we can drill for our own oil and run our own pipe lines and quit protecting those overpopulated bears and wolves and spiders and whatever else those environmentalists can come up with.  Wouldn’t that be nice, though.

I remember a normal time with no one trying to run everything their way.  I do remember that. Maybe we can have it again.  Sure hope so.



7 06 2012

I hear the phrase, Have a Nice Day at least once or twice each day.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we all really did Have a Nice Day.  I’m talking about if we all were really, really, really nice for a whole day.  Just think what that would do to this worn out old world.  I’m sure if you are like me, you are just simply sick and tired of all the stuff on the television and all the stuff in the newspapers and all that other stuff about how awful this whole world is.

People are killing each other wholesale across on the other side of the world.  Even in this area of the country, there are numerous killings every day.  And they are reported on the television constantly.   And right after that one is the story about the pornographic problems with grown people abusing children.  That is also on the television and in the newspapers constantly.  What is the matter with people.  Something most certainly is.  I mean, this is not really normal behavior.  Period.  And everyone knows this.  

So, to get back to the nice day, wouldn’t it be nice if we as individuals tried just for one whole day to be nice. All day.  To everyone we meet.  No matter who or where.  If you think this is a good idea, make a point of smiling at the people you pass in the grocery store and in the post office and even in the local WalMart.  And besides that, hold the door for the person behind you as they come in or out.  And then, speak nicely to the clerk.  You don’t have to carry on a big conversation, just simply smile and act NICE.  

And then in your own home, try really hard to be extra nice for one whole day.  When the kids drive you crazy, smile or laugh at their jokes, or you might even have to sing to overcome the noise.  But do it!  When you drive, make a point of letting that car turn in front of you or allowing someone to pass you when they need to.  Just pay attention and let those little niceties cover you up for just one whole day.  

If there is someone at work that drives you nuts, try to be extra nice on that one day.  When you pay the parking attendant, smile and say thanks.  It doesn’t take a whole lot just to be nice for a whole day.  

Just make a point of being extra nice to everyone for one whole day.  Then you can really smile and say HAVE A NICE DAY! because you mean it.  

Might even do that again some day.  It might be sort of fun.  


1 04 2012

Have you happened to notice the high pitched almost scream that most babies to age 5 exhibit these days?  I can almost hear them in my sleep.  I know when I was raising all my children, they each had a particular sound.  They did not all sound alike all the time.  But today’s littlest ones all have the same shriek.  And it almost echoes off the walls of the grocery store, the local WalMart, and even in church.

This particular sound comes from the fact that they are all lumped together in the day cares and the preschools.  As they play outside on the playground together, you can hear this particular sound.  It doesn’t matter if it is boys or girls, they all still sound the same.  If you get a chance, listen and you will recognize it everywhere you go.

I was in church last night and a 3 year old was acting up a couple of pews in front of me. It wasn’t that in particular that bothered me. (I have had children who acted up in church before, so I know exactly how that mother felt).  But it was the fact that the little girl had that piercing scream all the time.  She had a pacifier in her mouth and every few moments, she would shift it to the side of her mouth and utter that scream.  It seemed almost necessary to her.  I assume she probably does that along with all those other children in her class wherever she is dumped for the day. Now I know there are single mothers everywhere these days and they must work to provide.  But that is simply not the way to live.  It is far, far better to get married and then have children and then take care of them as individuals.  Not lumped together dumped somewhere.  After the children start to school in first grade, then the mother can go out into the working world but not unless she just absolutely has to.

You know, the real problem in every household in this country is not that there is not enough money and thus financial problems. It is not that everyone is so harassed and hurried.   It is that those poor children never have any opportunity to just stay home and be themselves.  They are regulated and motivated by others than their families constantly.  They do not know what it is like to have a serene, quiet day at home with just their mother and father.  Please, for God’s Holy Sake, give these poor children a chance at a normal life.  The only way they will get that is if the Mother stays home and cares for them.

The women’s movement such as it was and is was and is a disgrace to most of mankind.  Women are the ones who are the stabilizers in the home.  They are the center of that existence.  They are the ones who are supposed to be there.  They are the ones who are the backbone of that family.  It is the husband’s place to make the money and provide for the family.  It is the mother’s place to do those little necessary things that make up everyone’s life.  She is the one who nurtures and cares for everyone.  She is the one who makes sure everyone is happy and  satisfied in their daily lives.

I know that ever since the 1960’s when those who thought they knew everything there was to know decided to tell us all how to live and what to do,  decided that every young mother needed to get out and get a job and make money and provide and still do her job as a mother and wife.  Well, it has always been my thoughts that she already had a job as wife and mother.  She didn’t need to have another one.  And as more women entered the work force, the salaries of the men seemed smaller all the time and the prices went up on everything and suddenly that second job for the wife was a necessity and not an extra.  So here we are.  If you don’t believe that, check on the money situations of the late 1940’s and early 1950’s when women stayed home and the husband made the money.

We now have these poor children who have no home life.  We have a worn out harried wife and mother working two full time jobs.  And we have a husband who is supposed to provide more and more although the money he makes goes around less and less.

Mother, go home and care for your family.  Father, do the best you can and provide all you can for that growing family.  And women’s movement, get out of the way.  People want to live a normal life again.  And family, work at being a family.  Try very hard to stay together and to provide that pleasant life for all.  You will be so glad you did.  Everyone will be glad you did.

Dear God:  Help these families of today.   They all need you, but those poor children need You the most of all.


23 02 2012

So many people, especially younger ones who have not traveled the world yet, do not realize what marvelous freedoms we enjoy every single day of our lives here in the United States of America.  As adults, we can choose to work at any job we please.  We can choose to further our education or not.  We can choose to live at home or go out on our own.  We are free to do all these things without having to get some kind of permit or license or permission from anyone.

Then we are also free to marry or not.  In many countries around this world, people are not free to do that.  And then we can choose to have as many or as few children as we want.  It is all up to us as individuals.  We never had to worry about a baby or an old person being slaughtered until the last few years.  Those are the most unprotected of our species and have no way of stopping that slaughter.  We can choose to hold that baby in our arms and promise him a future he cannot possibly imagine.  And we are free to help our parents as they age and make sure they have a dignified existence.  In a lot of countries of this world, these things are not possible.  In China for instance, you are only allowed to have 2 children.  I’m so glad I didn’t live there.  I have a wonderful family and would not want to have missed out on a single one of mine.

We can choose to live where and how we want to.  Even those who live on the streets have chosen that lifestyle for themselves.  We can choose to work hard, save our money, and progress in this life.  Or we can choose to do nothing and have nothing.  When we traveled to Russia, the guide told us that he lived in an apartment with 12 other people.  He and his wife had one child and they had to share everything they had with those  other people.  He talked of wishing he could have a life like ours.  He could not even choose where he would by his food.  He stated that the older the food was, the more valuable it became.For instance, the greener the cheese was,  the more it cost. And everything belonged to the state.  The people still had to buy their milk from a truck on the corner and their bread from a wagon on the next street.  I’ll take WalMart any day over a lifestyle like that.

We can get in our car, turn the key on, and drive to anywhere in this country that we want to go.  We don’t have to give our identification to anyone anywhere unless we are not a legal resident.  We don’t have to go through interrogation because we crossed a state line.  We are so fortunate.

We can also wear whatever clothing suits us.  And we can buy that clothing in any store we wish.  No one tells us how we have to look, where we have to shop, nor how many times we can shop.  We can send our children to any school we wish. We are free to make any friends anywhere that we please.  All these freedoms we take for granted each and every day.  But they are not available to most of the people in this world.

We are the most fortunate people in this world.  Remember that when you vote this coming election time.  Count up how many freedoms of yours are being threatened every day.  Put a list in your pocket to remind you.  Don’t let this election pass you by.  It is very important that you vote to keep your freedoms.

For instance, gasoline has skyrocketed in price this past year.  Think about that.  If the gas is so high that you cannot buy it, then your freedom of movement has been curtailed.  You cannot get in that car and turn the key and go anywhere. So you will end up living like the people in Russia or even England where travel is  restricted.  And soon, you will find yourself living in a ghetto like situation in old buildings, crammed together like rats simply because you could not afford the price of gasoline.  This would influence how you work, where you work, where you live, how you raise your children, where you shop, and what clothes you are able to buy.  That is only because of the price of gas.

Pay attention!  Be careful how you vote this year.  Be sure and vote for a Republican.  No matter who is running.  At least you will not lose your freedoms.  If you vote for a Democrat, you might just lose all that freedom.


12 02 2012

Do you happen to remember the time of the litter bags and being called litter bugs because we had supposedly polluted this earth?  Well, look around you today and see what those litter bugs are doing to our society everywhere, every day.   When those who thought they were in charge began telling all of us who were just out there minding our own business and working every day – that we needed to watch how we lived, we listened.  They invented the litter bag which I think was the forerunner of the plastic bags we get in every store these days.  And now those same people are complaining about those bags.

Anyway, we all got a litter bag everywhere we went.  Every time I stopped in at the bank or the grocery store or the utility company or the drug store, I was given a free litter bag so that I would be ‘trained’ to put my trash in a litter bag and then remember to throw it in the trash when I got home.  We were all well trained every day all day long.  And then those who thought they were in charge began telling us what else to do with our lives.  They are still doing that every single day in some form.

Meanwhile, they and all their children evidently never saw a litter bag.  They are the ones who drop the trash at their feet as they walk through the post office, the bank, along the sidewalks of our town, and everywhere else.    Trash just falls all around them everywhere they go.  Just watch and see.  And then watch while they think it is o.k. to spit on the sidewalks and crush the cigarette butts beneath their shoes.  Even when there are cigarette butt receptacles within five feet of them.

Maybe someone should ‘train’ them or teach them about litter bags.  Maybe we could even tell them they are polluting the earth with their trash.  But they probably wouldn’t listen anyway since they think they are in charge and can do whatever and whenever they please.

All my life I had been taught to pick up my trash.  All my life I had made sure I never crushed a cigarette butt or spit on the sidewalk.  Bums did that.  Still do.

I guess they have forgotten all about those litter bags.  Maybe someone should give them one and ‘train’ them to pick up their trash.  Everyone is doing all they can for them, but they seem to be blind to cleanliness.  Even the post office sports recycle bins these days. Instead, these people just throw their trash on the floor as they look at their mail and walk.  I guess they don’t realize that someone has to be paid to pick up their trash.

Just remember to put your litter in the litter bag, especially that one that is hanging in your car. Remember them, too?  And then find a trash receptacle and put the trash in there where it belongs.  If you see a litter bug anywhere, point them to a litter bag and suggest they use it.  Sure would help these days.  Might even save our government some of that wasted money.


6 02 2012

Look at those Occupiers on  your TV screen.  Those are the ones who did not know how to present themselves when they applied for a job – if they ever did anywhere, anytime.

Not only did they not know how to comb their hair, but they also did not know they were supposed to take a bath and put on clean clothes.  Hopefully, they will remember to brush their teeth and make that smile as nice as possible.

Most of them need to get a haircut, too.  And they might remember that pony tails on men went out of style a long, long time ago.  And women are expected to keep their hair out of their eyes.   No one can work if their hair is hanging over their eyes.  With their hair hanging over their eyes, they probably cannot even see to fill out the application properly.  It is very necessary that a person write legibly, carefully filling out each line the way it should be.

If a person really wants to get a job, there are lots and lots of jobs out there.  Some fields are literally begging for help.

But someone who is satisfied to sleep on the concrete with the rats crawling around them is not ever going to get a job.  Anyone can see that.  Anyone except them that is.  And they are still hollering loud and clear along with the chanting and singing and guitar playing and bonfires and marching, that there are no jobs out there.  But there are.

A person just has to make himself presentable and then present himself to an employer and assure that employer that he really wants a job and WILL work.  That is the key. A person has to be ready and willing to work at the job before he is going to be given that opportunity.

Try it and see.  If you want a job, then go get one.  It is really that simple.  Just present yourself and go to work!



14 01 2012

Continuing with my great start for the year 2012, I was really moving along.  Had a whole list of things to do this past week and had managed to get most of them done.  Hooray!  Right after the holidays, this was a great start.  I was even going to the big discount to do my supposed -to -be Monday shopping and it was only Friday.  See.  That’s what I said, moving right along.

I parked in one of those parallel parking spaces and rushed into the store.  Hate Friday shopping.  Crowds everywhere.   I even checked myself out at the do-it-yourself register and with everyone helping me, managed to get that done in the same amount of time that the checker next to me checked out 3 people.  Really moving right along.

And then I hurried out the door.  Had several other errands to run today.  I emptied the cart and put everything in the back seat.  Then I pushed the buggy down and parked it in front of my car where it would be safe.  Then I got all settled, put on my seat belt, started the engine, looked to the right to make sure that nothing was coming my way and then ran right into the cart.  The noise attracted several people and they just smiled and waved.  I didn’t know them but it was o.k.  I got out, looked at the cart and my car and didn’t see any damage, so everything was still o.k.  Just a little bit of fun to make my day.

Now this sort of thing is not a problem because of old aging.  This is something I have done all my life.  Just like when I tried dancing as a child, my left foot never knew what the right one was going to do next.  Figured it is just life in the fast lane that everyone talks about.

This sort of life has just made me have a great sense of humor and the ability to laugh at myself – a lot.   Never know what tomorrow will bring.  But you can bet it will be something out of the ordinary and I’ll still have another great day!  Happy 2012!  Here I come.