2 01 2012

Only the second day of the year and I’m already at it again!  Every day I seem to do the same things.  I catch up a little bit, then go by church.  Then I make it to the post office and run errands.  Finally, I come home and do whatever needs to be done around here.  Well, today, a lot needed to be done around here, so thought I would change the routine just a little.

After the holidays, needed to mop and clean and dust and swiffer and all that good stuff.   So I planned in my head to run by church and then come straight home.  I could go by the post office and run errands later in the day.  I went by church, said my many prayers and left.  I was feeling really great and anxious to get that cleaning done just as soon as possible.

So I started the car and was planning on what I was going to do when I got home.  Would mop first and then while the floor was drying, I would swiffer the other floors and vacuum a little and dust here and there.  Oh, it was going to be great to get all that done early and be through for the day!

So I turned the corner and went straight to the post office.  That car moved like a dairyman’s horse used to. It knew exactly where to go.  And evidently my mind did not.

Don’t know what I’m going to do with me.  I just gave up and read the paper and drank a cup of tea. No reason to worry about it all.  Will get done later after I read my mail.



28 10 2011

Might sound goofy, but I am so glad I am me.  I have such a nice life and enjoy almost every minute.  If I don’t, then I will search in my goofy mind until I come up with something that once made me laugh.  Then I can laugh all over again.  Such is my goofy life.

Today, I was changing the sheets and airing out the covers.  While I was re-making the bed, I started laughing to myself about an incident several years ago.  I needed a new pillow, so made a trip to Walmart and bought  one.  When I got home, I tried it out and sure enough, the pillow was too  high and uncomfortable on my neck.  So- I could not jump up and down on it as that wouldn’t make it much smaller.  I could not walk on it to make it smaller.  Then suddenly, it came to me – I could roll over it with my car.  Now, only people with Goofy Minds  would think of that one.

I carried it down to the garage and pushed it carefully under the back tire.  Then I raised the garage door and proceeded to roll my car over the pillow, going back and forward a couple of times.   Sure enough – that made it just exactly the size I needed.  But – I had forgotten one minor detail.  I didn’t think to cover the pillow in a plastic bag.  And sure enough, there were tire marks on my new pillow!

Later on, I  was hospitalized.  (not for my goofy mind).   When I came home, I needed to have a caretaker for a couple of weeks.  Everything was going fine, but the caretaker could not find my pillow. I told the caretaker to just go in my closet and find the pillow with the tire marks on it.  She looked at me as though I had lost my mind.  And I guess I had.  What else can you expect from someone who has a truly Goofy Mind.  Always good for a laugh.

Still have the pillow and it still has the tire marks on it.  I laugh about it pretty often.  Makes me happy every time.


18 10 2011

Well, it’s that time again.  Gotta’ get that Fall cleaning going around here.  Started with it a few weeks ago – takes me awhile to get anything going.  Cleaned windows in a couple of rooms and then thought – to heck with this stuff.  Some of my grandchildren are always asking me if I have a job they can do – so here it is.  They can clean the windows.  Glad I figured that one out.  Haven’t done it yet, but the first day out of school, they will be here.  That will only cost me lunch and a few bucks and it is fine with me.  Besides, I will enjoy the day with them.

Just had one of the boys detail  my car really good so got that out of the way.  Now, just need someone to swirl the dust around a little bit and then to wipe the handprints and spots off the woodwork and stuff like that.

Maybe, just maybe, someone will offer to do that job for me, too.  Then I will have ALL my yucky FALL cleaning done.  Hooray!  Come to think of it, I may just skip doing anymore of this hard work and wait until right before Christmas.  Then all those grandchildren will want to do more jobs for me and I won’t have to do anything to get ready for company.

You know what they say – plan your work, so I’m planning mine.  Happy Fall to Youall!


6 09 2011

While growing up, my parents told me it was a great honor to get to help with the dishes.  So at the age of 7, on my birthday, I was presented with a dish rag and told this could be my job from now on.  I was so excited and so happy!  Could not believe I would get to do such a wonderful job.  And I got to do that job for about the next 100 years.   My grandmother and I washed the dishes three times a day for years and years and years.  Except when I was in school of course and then I don’t know who dried all that mound of dishes.  I was the official drier.  I got so proficient at the job that I could dry stacks of plates in a matter of seconds, sliding the top one under the bottom one and continuing to dry all the time.  Oh, I was really good!

By the time my children came along, we had what was supposed to be a dishwasher but I’m not sure exactly what it was.  It was installed in the corner of the kitchen cabinet and was small and round.  It supposedly ran on water pressure.  And it seemed to do a pretty good job.  We used that all the time we lived in that particular house.  The house was built in the late 40’s and I suppose this was a brand new invention at the time.  However, it never took off as I have never seen another one anywhere.  I guess all the houses in our subdivision had one, but I don’t remember discussing that with anyone.  Anyway, it washed the dishes and whizzed around and around after dinner each day.  We seemed to have more than our share of vomiting problems during those years, but then everyone did.  Those new viruses seemed to come around pretty often to everyone’s house.  But I have since then wondered if some of ours was because of that hot dog dishwasher.  Never will know of course.

After we moved away from that house, we bought a portable dishwasher which we rolled in and out of the kitchen.  However, the propellor piece that was in the bottom that made the whole machine work did not have a cover over it and soon, a fork was dropped down there and it broke and then it wouldn’t run at all – for awhile – until we scraped together enough money to get it fixed.  After awhile, the lock broke on it and it would not run until the top was locked.  So my two year old daughter was lifted up and sat on top of the dishwasher for us while it ran.  She was very smart for her age and I never worried about her falling off.  She was quite content to sit there and be in the middle of all the commotion in the kitchen and I can still see her sitting there on top of the dishwasher proud as punch with the good job she was doing for us.

We were brok-er and brok-er during those years and could not buy anything new anyway.  We finally had to sell our  home and rent a house because we couldn’t keep our home.  Too much money going out and none coming in for awhile.  We drug that dishwasher with us of course and it ran for another couple of years.  After we got our feet back on the ground again, we moved to a better house which we eventually were able to buy.  There, we got another portable dishwasher and this one never had any problems.  And the lock actually worked too.  No more having someone sit on the top of it.

Next, we moved to a better house with a built in dishwasher.  This one worked beautifully until one of the kids sat on the door one afternoon and that was that.   After that, it was another dishwasher or else.  There were just too many dishes by that time for anyone to wash and dry.  Would have taken hours and hours.  And no one had hours and hours anymore.  Too busy driving cars and running all the time raising all those kids and driving those carpools and trying to prepare meals in between.

Next house had a new dishwasher and it got a run for its money for sure.  Then to this house and another new dishwasher.  So glad.  Just love those dishwashers.  Mine still runs twice a day. My daughter still empties it.  And we live a happy life ever after.



3 09 2011

Back in the 1950’s, there were no pantyhose.  In fact no one had even heard of such a thing.  Here I go back to old times.    But anyway, we women wore garters and they were truly awful.   Especially if you had skinny legs like I did.  Nothing was going to hold those baggy hose up anyway. But that ring of elastic was the best we had at the time.  And it was either too loose and the hose fell down or it was too tight and the veins in your legs quit working.  Take your choice.

And if it was hot weather and those hose stuck to your sweaty legs, then all was lost anyway because the wonderful marvelous hosiery probably had a run in it or maybe even two or three.  Then you had to start all over again, trying to pull those horrendous hose up your legs with that garter attached.  What a mess!  Of course you could pull on the hose first and then put the garter over them, but that was a massive operation in itself.  If you had a run, you could put nail polish on it and it wouldn’t run anymore, but then gossipy people might start talking about the red spot on your leg.  Have to watch out for all those kinds of people you know.

Then garter belts came along and they were a wonderful improvement if you could get the things to work right.  First you had to either pull it up over your body and make it fit right or clasp it in the front and turn it to the back.  By the time you were finished with that, you felt like you were playing in a band somewhere what with all the clacking and zinging going on.  But, when you once got all that straightened out, then and only then could you put the rest of our clothes on.  Then you attached the hosiery to that wonderful zinging garter belt and you were in business.  Of course by this time, the hose might have acquired a run or two considering all that you had been through.

Several years later, those wonderful pantyhose came onto the market.  At first of course they were just considered tights for little girls, but then someone – probably Mr. Swiffer- thought up the pantyhose using nylon hosiery and that was a marvelous invention – just like the Swiffer is today.  Not that you can compare the two of course, but I have written a blog you might like entitled Dear Mr. Swiffer.   and then another one about having a household blower to blow the rest of the dirt out of my house.

But back to the subject of the pantyhose – could get dressed in a zip and a zing and ready to go.  Great improvement over all those other massive problems.  And then, then, then came the knee hi’s.  Now that was a real step in the right direction.  But of course no one ever  owned pants or could wear pants even at home until the middle and late 50’s.  We all wore skirts before that so we had to wear the full length hose.  Period.   Was required.  Even in hot summertime,

But now with the pants suits and the ‘allowing’ of wearing pants outside the home, we were free to use the knee hi’s.  And today, I wear something called socks which I think I started out wearing when I was born.  But you know what they say – the more things change, the more they remain the same.

How about the no shampoo days.  Will tell you about that one next.  Meanwhile, you might really like my books about the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s.  Each of my books is $10 no postage.  Or 3 for $25.  Look them up on my website and order straight from me.  You will really like them.  Great reading, great fun and lots of living history.